Create An Impressive-Looking Infogram In Minutes


You can't have failed to notice that the web is currently awash with Infograms.  Simple charts or other illustrations that are used to convey complex or shocking facts in a catchy way.  The amount that the world spends on defence, perhaps, when compared with how much each citizen donates to charitable causes.  Or the amount of trash thrown away, in comparison to the number of burger joints on each street.

Collecting the relevant information for your own infogram is relatively easy.  It's probably something you already know about, or might have read.  But how do you turn that data into a neat-looking graphic if you don't have the right design skills?

Easy.  Point your web browser at and sign up for a new service that aims to help you do just that.  Choose from a selection of templates on offer, enter your data in the spaces provided, and you're done.  I put together the example below in about 3 minutes flat.

Give it a try.  The results are excellent and the system is, for the moment at least, free to use. You'll need to sign in with an existing Twitter or Facebook account, though, so you won't be able to use the service unless you have at least one of those.  Assuming you do, you can post your finished infogram to one of those sites, or just download it for your own personal use.




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