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convert DVR-MS format

Is there a freeware program that can convert DVR-MS format used in Windows Media Centre to record TV programs? 

by mjt328 on 30. December 2008 - 14:02  (12767)

Haven't used it myself, but DVRMSToolbox may be suitable for your needs.

Download links:

Here are some basic use instructions I found through Google at

1. Download/ install the DVRMSToolbox.
2. Open C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Recorded TV to view your recorded tv files or the location where your DVR-MS files to be converted are located.
3. Go to the Windows’ Start Menu and click on DVRMStoMPEGGUI to launch it.
4. Enter the complete path of the input file in the appropriate text box. (You can find the name of the episode by selecting the DVR-MS file in My Computer or Windows Explorer and reading the information given in the status bar)
5. Enter the complete path of the destination file in the appropriate box. Make sure you give it the correct extension (mpg).
6. In the profile drop down list, choose which action you want the utility to perform. For converting to .mpg you will need to choose Convert DVRMS to MPEG. (You should convert it to MPEG if you plan to convert to DivX/XviD)
7. Click Run. Wait for this process to complete. You may be prompted to save a copy of the log to a file.
8. You should have your file ready.
9. If you plan to convert it to DivX or XviD format you need to install VirtualDub-MPEG2.
10. After installing VirtualDub-MPEG2, you need to open the MPEG video file in it (It may take a few minutes for it to parse the data) and follow this tutorial.