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Computer Programming For Beginners, Kids, and Adults

This program aims to bring "fun" back to programming by using a small, easy to learn programming language for beginners.
If you have any interest in learning computer programming, this appplication is aimed at kids, adults, and beginners is a good place to start.

Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy, approachable and fun for beginners.
It encourages everyone, from kids to adults to take their first step into the world of programming.

Some information about Small Basic:
- Small Basic derives its inspiration from the original BASIC programming language, and is based on the Microsoft .Net platform. It is really small with just 15 keywords and uses minimal concepts to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible.
- The Small Basic development environment is simple, yet provides powerful modern environment features like Intellisense™ and instant context sensitive help.
- Small Basic allows third-party libraries to be plugged in with ease, making it possible for the community to extend the experience in fun and interesting ways.

You might want to grab the Getting Started Guide when you download the program, its a great resource.
Aimed at kids and beginners, its well written, well illustrated and easy to understand.

Computer Programming For Beginners, Kids, and Adults
To install Small Basic, you'll need Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Addendum:   Since this article was published we have created at Gizmo's Freeware a list of easy-to-learn programming languages.

Signing off,


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by Michael. K on 17. August 2013 - 4:24  (110170)

Please ,i need a computer engineer online free for help me with a progam that i can't do,then i will to upload my program for him, and after he send me it by email.

by Anupam on 17. August 2013 - 7:54  (110171)

Sorry, but we do not provide such kind of help here.

by hanble on 18. July 2013 - 14:11  (109369)

I am looking for programing school for kids in Sanjose California

by rhiannon on 18. July 2013 - 20:02  (109388)

These classes are all online, they are taught on the internet. Anyone with an internet connection can take them.

by Mauro Castaldi (not verified) on 15. January 2012 - 13:19  (87206)

Don't be scared by the big amount of programming languages. Apart from syntax differences, the rules are almost the same... variables, constants, control structures and so on. You could start with Visual Basic (you can download the Express free edition from the Microsoft website), you will find a lot of info on the net, many forums and expert people ready to help.
Some languages are better than others in doing specific things (PHP for wen programming and so on) but you can start (and stay) with Visual Basic and you'll be fine. I am a programmer (VBA, PHP, SQL) and I learn easily any new programming language because of (almost) the same logic under the hood.

by PERRY (not verified) on 2. October 2012 - 11:27  (100105)

what about its relation with runtime errors and does it require translators?

by dipen45 (not verified) on 12. December 2011 - 10:59  (84875)

Although I'm BCA 3rd year student but I'm learing Logo programming language..I think its the great and perfect language for learning programming language, there is pdf version of book 'the great logo adventure" which is very interactive and very easy to understand, I just recommend it first..the logo and book can be downloaded from the site htt:// have a try guys..

by dipen45 (not verified) on 12. December 2011 - 11:03  (84876)

I'm looking for the simple and interactive c and java book just like "the great logo adventure"

by Nelly (not verified) on 16. October 2011 - 0:55  (81489)

i am beginner that knows nothing at all about programming, and i trying to learn, by looking through sites on the internet for tutorials. i have search most of the sites that deals with programming for beginner c++ e.t.c, but none of them seems to explain what i understand. they just say do this and do that, with code,which makes it difficult for to understand. can anybody teach me how to start from crash, but even getting to the code level. thanks

by A.R.Hlayhel on 17. October 2011 - 9:48  (81585)

to learn programming you need to code.

the following text is an extract from a free online book called,

"Learn python the hard way"

This simple book is meant to get you started in programming. The title says it's the hard way to learn to write code; but it's actually not. It's only the "hard" way because it's the way people used to teach things. With the help of this book, you will do the incredibly simple things that all programmers need to do to learn a language:

1. Go through each exercise.
2. Type in each sample exactly.
3. Make it run.

and the link to the book

by rhiannon on 16. October 2011 - 17:21  (81531)

You can try here:
Google Code University

and here:
Free Harvard Course on Computers

and both links here:
Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center

The Beginner Developer Learning Center
Small Basic and Visual Studio Express:

by Anonymous .thomas (not verified) on 22. May 2011 - 2:19  (72468)

I owned the trs-80 in 1976.
I haven't had a new computer since
the R.S.COCO, IN 1987.
don't want a comp. Wouldn't know what to do with it.
I had fun programing in BASIC for 15years. If I buy a new computer , is it programable. Would I need to learn a new language?

by bookjunky34 (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 1:53  (79923)

Yes, you will have to learn a new programming language. Not only that, but the BASIC of 1987 that you used was most likely IBM BASICA or Microsoft GW-BASIC. GW-BASIC went up to version 3.1. So, even BASIC changed, for the better. As much as I like GW-BASIC, you can't use it in the Windows environment, unless you have an old version of Windows (Windows 98 or older) believe me, I tried. You COULD restart the computer under the C prompt, however, good luck finding the old BASIC program. It's near impossible to get. And, beware of pirated copies, because most of those are not BASIC but a virus. If you have no desire to program for the modern computer era, but only want to tinker, I suggest looking for a used computer that is like a 486DX266 or older. They are few and far between now, but you may be able to find one with all the old software. But, if you want to learn a new language, there is a plethora of free tutorials online. I suggest the following:

by rhiannon on 20. September 2011 - 4:47  (79930)

@bookjunky34; Thanks for the updated information. :)

by bookjunky34 (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 1:54  (79924)

I have to make a correction on myself: GW-BASIC went up to version 3.22. Sorry about that.

by rhiannon on 22. May 2011 - 2:56  (72469)

I don't know the answer to that one - I'm sure someone will know if you ask in the site forums:
Gizmo's Freeware Forum

by Pete Wirfs (not verified) on 15. May 2011 - 5:19  (71914)

Someone said:
"Structured programming never uses a GOTO statement, that is a fundamental precept of Computer Science. Languages that use break or return to force loop exits are also a no-no."

If you are a raw beginner, don't let statements like this scare you. Basic is a fine language to start out on. It will wet you're appetite. Just be aware that it is of limited use. But in my opinion, all languages have limitations!

I've been a professional business computer programmer for over 30 years and in the business world there are still situations that are solved by non-structured programming languages.

I suppose it would be scary for a beginner to think about how many different languages there are and trying to make a choice of what to study. Study as many as you can, and don't fret if you can't memorize them all. I use more languages in my line of work than I can possibly memorize, so I always have the instruction manuals handy under my favorites!


by bookjunky34 (not verified) on 20. September 2011 - 2:02  (79925)

You are right, BASIC is limited. But certain claims about BASIC, such as, it does not support a mouse are not true. In QBASIC version 4.5 I found a freeware program on the now defunct website QBASIC.COM that used a mouse driver. It was great. I built a simple program around it. Unfortunately, I lost it to my Ex along with all the rest of my stuff. I also wrote a program in QBASIC that could "learn". I'm currently attempting to learn Java/JavaScript.

by TommyJava (not verified) on 20. August 2011 - 16:51  (78047)

I aim to be like you in 30 years time. There are soooo many languages to pick to start with. Do I wanna be a programmer or web developer. If I program what do I want to program??? Some adice would be helpful on which language to start with.

by Micro-BIOS (not verified) on 10. October 2011 - 13:33  (81188)

To start and choose something that´s not very hard and you can use it professionally, choose VB.NET

You can download VisualBasic Express 2010 (the free Microsoft tool) from here:

by Jorge Ruiz (not verified) on 23. March 2011 - 4:06  (68377)

Is your training material available in spanish?

by rhiannon on 24. March 2011 - 2:58  (68467)

@Jorge Ruiz
You'll need to ask the people who run the website:
Small Basic | Development for Beginners | MSDN
-Rhiannon :)

by Odion Dovey (not verified) on 20. February 2011 - 19:35  (66809)

Hi, i always have the interest in becoming a Programmer but it seems so difficult to learn, please can u just put me in some easy step to move forward to it. Thanks.

by Maria (not verified) on 11. December 2010 - 5:18  (62287)

I Love it!
I've looked for some easy self learning programming and this works out for me...Thanks for good freebie :)

by Noel (not verified) on 11. August 2010 - 1:06  (55763)


by Anonymous on 18. June 2010 - 1:11  (52362)

is their any application to write a program or any thing else please can you tell me for example i have a written program in my paper book now how to make that program in use in computer

by Anupam on 18. June 2010 - 6:10  (52372)

It depends on what type of program is it. There are many programming languages. The program you have written... is in which language?

by Anonymous on 9. June 2010 - 9:47  (51704)

I find Small BASIC to be very hard thanks to it's Microsoft BASIC.NET system. I am using QBASIC, FreeBASIC. Of course, open alternative for QBasic is QB64.

by Anonymous on 30. May 2010 - 8:27  (50605)

i am studying c++ and i dnt knw anything about it so can u pliz help me

by Anonymous on 29. April 2010 - 21:21  (48734)

hey im 12 and im wondering were to start in programing i dont reely know much but ive created a page befor were do i start?