Browse And Listen To Music Tracks Instantly

If you want to listen to some great music while you're wrapping the presents, here's an easy way to find some.  Just point your browser at for an instant dashboard from which you can choose from loads of tracks currently being streamed across the web.

Or go to the site's home page at for more choice and searchability, and a great way to discover new tunes and bands.

All you need is a web browser, and the service is free to use. Enjoy.

That's all from me for a few days, so have a good Christmas if you celebrate such things.  I'll bring you more hot finds next week.

Robert Schifreen
Hot Finds Editor and User Contributions Manager




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by cucko on 21. January 2013 - 11:04  (104696)

looks like a new DJ/Mixing project is on the way:!/bpm=128

works on latest chrome/safari builds for now.

by Zebedeeboss on 2. January 2013 - 5:41  (104159)

works perfectly well here - connected right away - Thank You

by phoneguy on 22. December 2012 - 16:58  (103875)

Worked fine for me. Clicked link then clicked on "Stations". I had to make sure that my NoScript wasn't blocking it. I am in the USA.

by trupayne on 22. December 2012 - 15:49  (103873)

No connection here as well...

by dav532000 on 22. December 2012 - 14:57  (103870)

Connected no problem for me, will take a look around later.

by Geekomatic on 22. December 2012 - 7:24  (103857)

Ditto- no connection to this site? Not even to

Maybe offline?

Oh well- happy holidays everyone!


by Sandeep Kashyap on 22. December 2012 - 3:28  (103855)

I've been waiting for the site to load since last 1 hr, but no luck.

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