Brilliantly Simple Utility Makes Typing Accented Characters Easy


Here's a really neat Windows utility which makes it easy to type accented characters into any Windows application.  Even if you're not in the habit of typing in a langauge that your keyboard doesn't natively support, it's still useful if you want to type certain words.  Here in the UK, for example, I don't use a French keyboard but it's still handy to be able to type café or rôle properly.

The program is called Holdkey and, once installed, it's incredibly easy to use.  Hold down the key which you want to type, for a couple of seconds.  When you release it, you get a list of possible options.  Press the number corresponding to the desired option and the correct character is generated.  It takes seconds to learn, and works very well indeed.

Stop hunting for complicated Alt codes.  Get Holdkey.  It's free, less than 1 MB to download, works on all recent versions of Windows, and VirusTotal swears it's free of malware.  Point your web browser at but make sure you choose the free version rather than Pro.




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