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Everyone has an answering machine right? If not they probably have voicemail provided by their cell phone carrier, voip carrier or telephone company right? Well maybe.

If you don't currently have voicemail there are many reasons you might want to consider setting up this service including if you're:

  • Living with your parents or with a bunch of roomies and you never get messages when people call or you just want some privacy
  • Trying to live on a pay as you go wireless plan or restricted minutes on your cell phone
  • Collaborating with a group and want shared access to a common voicemail box
  • Tired of having to call into access numbers and enter passwords from your phone
  • Wanting a dedicated voicemail for job hunting or any other reason you might want to categorize or prioritize the messages you listen to
  • Without a voice memo feature on your cell phone
  • Having lots of great ideas on different subjects and want to categorize your thoughts
  • Constantly on the go or spend a lot of time driving and want to dictate voice messages you can later email to people.

If you answered yes to any of these, and don't mind a USA based number then you are in luck since there are a number of internet services that provide FREE voicemail.

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Discussion is easily my top pick in this category. You can set up an unlimited number of "boxes" with a unique descriptive url.

[Acquired by Facebook in 2010. Service is no longer being used.]

In addition to the many other features of boxes, you get your very own voice mail box where a mp3 of the message is available moments after the call has ended. Once recorded you can add written comments, download the voicemail, send a link to it and rename it if you wish. Setting up a drop is easy and can be accomplished in as little as two clicks and the drops can be secured with a password.

If you enable their new feature you can invite others to access your drop and control playback while discussing the message on the free conference call that is also provided.

K7 Unified Messaging provides you with both a voicemail box and fax capabilities. This service also limits you to the 20 most recent messages. However, it can be configured to email you any new messages and faxes in industry standard formats with no special viewer required. They are a little more generous with the access requirements than Laser Voicemail, but you must access the service at least once every 30 days.


Laser Voicemail provides an easy setup of a private voicemail number. Setup and all access is done on the phone so a PC or web access is not even required once you have the setup instructions. It's easy to use and allows custom greetings. Since it is a phone only based system there is no website and no way to be notified of any new messages and you can't save your voicemails. You are limited to only 20 messages (it will just drop off the oldest when a new message arrives) and you must access your mailbox at least once every seven days or it will be deleted.

With all the services in this category the biggest drawback is that it is limited to USA based phone numbers and long distance calls will be required for people to leave you messages and you will get an obscure area code.

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If you live in the UK there is one option available to you called callin box.

Quick Selection Guide
Is a web service or web application
No limit on number of messages, no advertising, easy setup, no plug-ins or special software, will be saved indefinitely if you access the drop at least once per year.
Local USA based number, long distance charges will apply to leave messages, no notification of new message, can't customize greetings, no read/unread indication and no way to catagorize or sort.
Unrestricted freeware
Web based

This service has been acquired by Facebook and is no longer active as of October 2010.
More information here
And here.

K7 Unified Messaging
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Customized greeting, automatically sent to email.
Local USA based number, limited to 20 messages, if no activity in 30 days number automatically disconnected, supprted by advertising and long distance charges will apply to leave messages.
Unrestricted freeware
Web based
Laser Voicemail
Is a web service or web application
Customize greeting, no PC required.
Local USA based number, can't download or share, limited to 20 messages, if no activity in seven days number automatically disconnected, must listen to ads when retrieving messages and long distance charges will apply to leave and retrieve messages.
Unrestricted freeware
Web based


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by Saykat Jong on 2. March 2014 - 17:51  (114745)

It so very good

by dduetto (not verified) on 4. November 2012 - 10:01  (101846) support very nice service .. but there's a little problem about the start of record time sometimes if you get a call from robot u just hear recorded the bubye is there a better site had fast record?

by John Anonymous (not verified) on 8. September 2012 - 3:17  (98945)

I'm surprised Google Voice is not mentioned here, I've been using it for a number of years now since my voice mail service was a bit lacking. It can be a hassle getting everything set-up and working the way you want but once you do you can just call your selected new number to get your messages, it can send an e-mail where you can play the message, pause, rewind and save it as an email. It is one number people can call and can be set up to forward to any phone you add including a work number or whatever. This works out well if you travel a lot and cell service can be a problem, you can have it call your hotel number or other number they can reach you there, just remember to remove it once you move on! There are too many features to fully describe here, but if you combine it with Google Talk and G-Mail you can make calls even with your computer.

You can read more about it here:

I also installed "Talkatone" app on an out-of-service iPhone and can use it again to make calls via WiFi, it is a free VoIP service that can also be used for SMS messaging and works with Facebook and Google Talk as well. Quality will vary depending on you connection but will do as a back-up which is what I use it for when I leave my cell phone at work.

I think it is something you should check out yourselves and add to this list since it has more features then any mentioned here. When you set up your new number you can choose a number from any where you like which is nice since you can set it up so folks can call a local number from a land line with no long distance fees and talk as long as they like. I used it for family members all in the same area with me being a few states away.

by John Anonymous (not verified) on 8. September 2012 - 3:22  (98946)

Forgot to mention you can also record your own greeting with it which is another plus.

by Kelvin (not verified) on 28. August 2012 - 22:00  (98432) doesn't exist anymore.

Laser Voicemail: A phone only based system. There is no web site, no way to be notified of any new messages, and you can't save your voicemails.

K7 is great-if you live in one of the 3 area codes they offer. Otherwise everyone that calls you will be charged long distance.

So basically this Web site is pointless.

by jwalantsoneji on 30. May 2011 - 1:15  (72912)

Please remove from this page as its not in existence now.

by Evonne Seg (not verified) on 19. January 2011 - 17:29  (64860) has been closed down. They sold to Facebook.

by James Hurburgh (not verified) on 31. July 2010 - 13:14  (55249)

Does anyone know of a good free Voip phone. The only free ones have rubbish interfaces. Is there a Voip Phone category? If not maybe there should be.

by Anonymous on 19. August 2009 - 14:50  (31165)

Don't be fooled by the advertisers shown here.

by Anonymous on 23. June 2009 - 6:22  (24272)
I have been using it for years - works great!
Free faxing in the usa and canada (Works Great too)

Moderated: Only sending a fax is free. Receiving plus the multitude of other services on the page linked to are all commercial. Link removed
Thanks for the ifo about the voicemail service.

by Anonymous on 18. June 2009 - 18:30  (24107)

I love, but the lack of a greeting and the possibility of easy errors, combined with the inability for automatic forwarding to redirect to a number with an extension make it unsuitable as a voicemail replacement.

YouMail is free, and does everything I wanted and more. Customized greetings, a dedicated number without an extension to forward to, web/email/sms based pickup, visual voicemail. Alas, it lacks's excellent podcast RSS feature, and of course all the wonderful file sharing of drop.

For voicemail though YouMail, definitely.
Marc Meyer

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