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Lots of people use their computer for almost anything. So why not use it as an alarm clock, waking you up from your dreams? And what about reminding you to go for an appointment right away before it's too late while being engrossed in something else on a computer?

There are lots of alarm clocks on the internet, but most of them don't wake your computer from standby or hibernation. Why leave your computer running all night just for one important task: to wake you up?!

These are freeware programs which might be useful and interesting to you if you don't like that waste of energy either.

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WakeupOnStandByWakeupOnStandBy, like the name already says, it wakes your computer from standby or hibernation. You can set this program to run whatever you want after it wakes up. It's also possible to set it for different time schedules, using multiple instances of the program.

You could use it as an alarm clock by starting up internet radio or m3u-playlists. It works nicely in combination with another one of the developer's free tools, called Toff, which puts your system to sleep.


Alarm Clock of JusticeAlarm Clock of Justice is a computer alarm clock that can wake your computer from standby or hibernation to play a customized alarm. This includes any file type.

The program has a customizable snooze as well as a standard activated, volume-level control.

Not all soundcards support this volume control though, so you should test if your card supports it or you have to turn this option off.

Simple Alarm Clock, a really simple version from the same developer that just does what it's supposed to: Waking from standby/hibernation and running the file you want.


Free Alarm ClockFree Alarm Clock has a clean and simple user interface, combined with useful functions such as loop and snooze, repeat alarm, wake up the computer from a sleep mode, turn on monitor power and adjustable volume.

You can set as many alarms as you need, choose the sound for each alarm, label it and indicate in the text field the activities you need to do at the times you set.

This program has a portable version. You can download the zip file, extract it to a folder and run it right away without the need to install. All your settings are saved to this file Data.ini in the same folder.


Other alarm clocks (without waking from standby):

Marxio Timer "Program executes action specified by user (turn off, restart computer, hibernate, suspend, logout user, lock desktop, display text, play sound, run other application). It's run at time specified or when idle time elapses. It can also repeat actions after n minutes or start countdown seconds to execute action."

Note: The vendor's own download location is now offline. I checked the Softpedia link and this was still working as of 30th of December 2012.

Karen's Alarm Clock: Turn your $2,000 computer into a $20 alarm clock! Set up to five different alarm times. Wake up to a beep, any wave or MIDI file, even a track from your favorite audio CD. Great for travellers, or the executive who likes to sleep on the job. :)

Cool Timer: Simple, no-nonsense, handy timer utility with cool, customizable interface.

*Alarm Clock 1.0: It's an alarm clock for your PC, with a total of eight alarms--one for each day of the week, as well as an additional one-time alarm for use at any time. You can use the built-in sound (very obnoxious) or you can even have it play MP3s.

*Warning: Downloads from Cnet ( now require the use of a proprietary installer.

Talking Alarm Clock: lets your computer remind you of important dates and events. It uses Microsoft? Agent to show a talking animated alarm. The alarm can also play any sound you choose and includes a handy snooze button.

Alarm Clock by Tarry91: "Alarm Clock by Tarry91" is a professional alarm clock that does not require installation. You can configure multiple alarm events including recurring alarm and optionally launch a file or MP3 song when the time is up. Other features include a choice of GUI color, customizable alert messages and system tray support. No installation needed, copy the *.exe file to a folder of your choice.

Kukuklok: Kukuklok is an online alarm clock. It is free and has an unbelievable user friendly interface.

Kukuklok offers five different, very efficient alarm sounds, which guarantees that at least one of them will wake you up. It is really easy to set your time. Simply use the arrows to choose an hour and minute.

The clock is in 24 hour format, so you know when the alarm is going to sound. Another great feature is that the time is in your computer time, not the server time. Also, if your internet connection goes down, no worries, your alarm will still go off.


Programs to be reviewed:

Little Alarm Clock: Little Alarm Clock is an open source program that features a snooze button, automatic startup, audio file playback, and a simple user interface.

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Quick Selection Guide

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
small, fast, portable, commandline parameters, multiple instances
no snooze
828 KB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Free for private use only
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7

Requires ACPI

Alarm Clock of Justice
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
snooze, volume control, speech
large, messy interface, no support for multiple instances
2.2.2 beta
19.58 MB
Unrestricted freeware
Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Requires ACPI and .NET Framework 2.0

Free Alarm Clock
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Clean and simple user interface, loop and snooze, repeat alarm, wake up computer, adjustable volume, multiple alarms and sounds with labels.
1.61 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows 2000 to Windows 8


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by Virginia Cornett on 13. September 2013 - 14:41  (110691)

ok, i have moderate computer abilities. i don't have outlook and i do have a dell pc w/ windows. i need to set a recurring alarm to remind me about bills due on a certain date. is there any website or free download that would do this? just want to tell it "allstate due each month on 10th" or the like. any suggestions? tired of paying late fees or having services cut off! ;-)

by Anupam on 13. September 2013 - 15:31  (110692)

What you need is a reminder software. Look here:

by lilly (not verified) on 9. February 2012 - 1:28  (88550)

wow nice thx 4 the info

by Australia on 27. January 2012 - 9:08  (87874)

DS Clock 2.4
I have used this clock almost exclusively, for several years
A must have program if you prefer a digital clock, including date
Very clear display, no clutter.
No, it isnt as taskbar clock, because I prefer to minimise the taskbar to maximise screen space as I work on my PC. It is a freestanding time/clock application

by vsnaeini on 27. January 2012 - 5:02  (87864)

Talking Clock is the best I've used for Windows 7.

by MidnightCowboy on 6. August 2011 - 8:04  (77018)

We're grateful to member “bert” for telling us about these two options for using YouTube videos as an online alarm.

Please check out the FAQ before selecting a video because if it has been tagged not to display on other sites, it won't work as an alarm. There are also JavaScript, Flash and Cookie requirements to consider for a successful experience.

by JoeF (not verified) on 3. June 2011 - 11:57  (73157)

In my days before retirement I found Wakeup on Standby a brilliant little programme - never failed to boot the computer so I could check the running status of my commuting trains before I left home. Really easy to use and still sits on my PC for the odd occasions when I still have an early start.

by Black_Hawk on 4. June 2011 - 0:38  (73193)


Thanks for your suggestion. I will review that as soon as possible and post it.



by Drongo on 19. February 2011 - 6:30  (66706)

There's a new one which is the best of the bunch I think!

It's called Free Alarm Clock. It can be used as a portable app if you like AND it will sound the alarm even if it has to wake up your computer from standby or hibernation.

It's available at

by Anonymous Mr Moo (not verified) on 6. December 2011 - 22:39  (84534)

McAfee Site Advisor said this site is risky to visit!

by MidnightCowboy on 7. December 2011 - 4:43  (84551)

No ratings agent is 100% reliable but some give more "false positives" than others. My experience shows McAfee to be at the worst end of this. It's also important to understand what a "reputation" tag from McAfee means. This is not a discovery of malware on a site but a heuristic analysis of a variety of events connected with the site including traffic rate and linking patterns. Note also there is a comment from the site owner on the McAfee report page which is a month old, with no response.

I favor using Norton DNS and WOT (Web Of Trust) which both give a clean rating.

A more comprehensive approach is to scan the website URL with URLVoid and VirusTotal. Both give a totally clean result.

by rikishi19 (not verified) on 24. February 2011 - 1:07  (66990)

Does this one have the option to load on start-up in the background that you know of?

by Jojo Yee on 24. February 2011 - 1:36  (66991)

Yes Rikishi, it has an option to run at Windows startup.

by rikishi19 (not verified) on 24. February 2011 - 22:30  (67046)

Thanks. This does exactly what I need it to.

by Jojo Yee on 19. February 2011 - 9:13  (66710)

Pretty nice after a try. Thanks.

by rikishi19 (not verified) on 17. February 2011 - 22:02  (66640)

Which of these if any (if others are more suited please advise of these), would be best suited for my needs?

All I want is an alarm to go off at the same time everyday and for the program to load automatically on start up. My computer gets turned on every morning but I don't want to have to remember to set the alarm every day.

Simple, set once and forget app is what I'm after.

Cheers for any suggestions.

by Anonymous6566565 (not verified) on 25. January 2011 - 19:02  (65184)

one more - in the strictly timer class, here:

its portable but does require the NET 2.0 framework...

this one is unique, allows you to set up multiple timers and give each a name...simple interface but effective...myself i will use it to track how much time i spend on surveys from different companies to see which ones are worth the time...would be nice to have an automated tracker/timer that keeps track by domain but this seems to be the next best option...

by Anonymous 6y55yt (not verified) on 5. January 2011 - 23:33  (63885)

what about the free Vector Clocks? i saw on the PortableFreeware site...there are 10 different skins...kind of cool...what do you think Alan?

i'll see if i can find a few more portable alarm clock/timer programs because its kind of slim pickings so far in this category....

by MidnightCowboy on 6. January 2011 - 6:15  (63923)

Good find - hadn't come across these before:)
Excellent download advice on their web page too. If I had my way I'd forcibly engrave this on to every users monitor then the majority of infections would be eliminated without the need for anything else :D

by Anonymous 6y55yt (not verified) on 5. January 2011 - 23:39  (63887)

oops, they're not skins but 10 separate programs, each about 1.1 megabyte....pretty cool though...

by Mike C on 3. January 2011 - 8:34  (63733)

I, too, really like the simplicity of Alarm Clock by Tarry91

I did want to point out that after I ran it in Sandboxie the following file was left in my cookie folder and I don't know if it's nothing or something:*

by Australia (not verified) on 3. January 2011 - 2:25  (63720)

Alarm Clock by Tarry91 is fantastic, and very flexible. I recommend it strongly !

by Leetum (not verified) on 11. September 2010 - 13:15  (57645)

I found a live link for Tarry91 at Softpedia. I found nothing malicious after scanning with Malwarebytes, Super Antispyware and Avast. Here is a link to the download page. It gets a green from WOT.

by Anonymous 6y55yt (not verified) on 5. January 2011 - 22:48  (63882)

eh, there's nothing there....i uploaded to VirusTotal today and it was 0/41....

i was using Cool Timer but am looking for mostly portable apps now so i'll try this one by Tarry91 now....

by WAz Up (not verified) on 26. August 2010 - 5:55  (56739)

i tried this and it actually works thank you for help :)

by alandelaughter on 26. August 2010 - 12:24  (56754)

You're very welcome.

by Anonymous on 15. June 2010 - 15:19  (52169)

I also had my heart set on tarry91 alarm clock, but, sorry to say, Anupam's link takes me to the same tarry91 page after clicking the download link. No way to download the program from there.

by alandelaughter on 23. August 2010 - 8:03  (56552)

The Alarm Clock by Tarry91 link has been fixed.

by Anonymous on 25. May 2010 - 16:57  (50300)

DShutdown is flagged as a Trojan (12/40 at VirusTotal).

by MidnightCowboy on 25. May 2010 - 18:41  (50304)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This percentage too high to assume a false positive so I've removed it.

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