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LinuxLinux, occasionally referred to as GNU/Linux, is an open source and free operating system predominantly known for its use in servers, but has increasingly become commonplace in desktop, notebook and netbook computers in recent years after newer and enhanced versions of Linux distributions, Ubuntu or Linux Mint for example, are developed and offered free to users.

While you can get the Linux system and use it for free, you can also run on the system a wide range of free applications such as well-known and commonly-used software including Firefox web browser and the LibreOffice application suite.

Among various free applications, here you might find the best free software for Linux, including those products reviewed and recommended by our editors in the various sections.

Other programs that work as potential alternatives to Windows applications or even perform better than them are also listed here for the benefit of users who migrate from Windows to Linux or run dual systems on their computers.

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This list of Best Free Software for Linux now includes 145 applications in 97 categories. To read brief descriptions of the applications, click a page number from the Page Index or check out the new and recently updated apps below.


New and Updated Apps:

NewSimpleScreenRecorder | Back In Time | FlareGet | Dwarf Fortress | Great Little Radio Player | TORCS | OpenCity | PipeWalker | Master PDF Editor | Areca Backup


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by Anonymous on 24. November 2009 - 2:59  (37201)

good stuff, keep it up

by tunchi_1939 on 26. November 2009 - 15:07  (37335)

Dear Sirs: Thank you very much for your advise in programs for Linux. Many people, including me, are in the transition from Windows to Linux and we need information on free programs replacing those utilized in Windows.

by Jojo Yee on 26. November 2009 - 15:55  (37342)

You're welcome.

by Anonymous on 29. November 2009 - 18:03  (37523)

another audio editor for linux -sweep:

by Jojo Yee on 30. November 2009 - 13:38  (37553)

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out.

by Anonymous on 2. December 2009 - 3:56  (37667)

i like the Evolution mail client ans SMPlayer for media player (uses MPlayer)

by Anonymous on 6. December 2009 - 5:26  (37933)

Great list , hopefully you will keep adding to it , thanks

by LordRahl on 13. December 2009 - 4:49  (38483)

how about a good audio/video converter?

oh and Wormux, Battle for Wesnoth, Battle Tanks, Glest, FreeCiv, and Warzone 2100 are definitely some of the better linux games.

by Jojo Yee on 13. December 2009 - 8:34  (38508)

For audio and video converters, added three good contenders in the list. For the various games suggested, I'll try them out when I get time. Very good suggestions.

by Anonymous on 22. December 2009 - 15:41  (39161)

Songbird for music!

by Anonymous on 15. January 2010 - 11:55  (41100)

A great tool for adding additional hard drives and auto-mounting is Pysdm. Very useful for Ubuntu Desktop. For Ubuntu Server, Webmin is a great tool to remotely manage your server.

by Anonymous on 2. February 2010 - 22:07  (42644)

So what's the best Linux AV? Here's the Wikipedia page on Linux malware So now that we know that Linux does need AV after all (hackers are targeting it now thanks to its growing popularity),
I found these 3 that are free and not only find but also REMOVE whatever malware they find:

*Avira for Linux

Are any of these better than others?

by MidnightCowboy on 2. February 2010 - 23:28  (42652)

An AV won't protect you from hackers but when I was running Ubuntu I used BitDefender. The GUI is more like most Windows owners will be used to if this is an issue and it was highly effective. Its purpose is only to stop windows virus from spreading through a network (in windows pc). It also can be use to scan your windows partition if you have dual-boot system.

Free for personal use only.

There's also some good advice here:

by Anonymous on 8. February 2010 - 22:45  (43130)

Check out the games Hedgewars, and Teeworlds. Both are pretty fun. They are in the ubuntu software repo.

by Anonymous on 24. February 2010 - 0:36  (44313)

I prefer a directory music player, no play-list-mania.

In Windows 1by1 is perfect, a very convenient GUI (and I found the .dll's to play all audio formats).

The Linux clone for this is MOC.
It "text-based" so looks ugly (and you have to read the usage manual to know the hot-keys), however it plays all audio formats out of the box.
And starting to use it after installing is not very logical. You won't find an icon nor a menu item. You have to start it from the commandline with the command MOCP.
However when it runs, and you have selected a particular directory with audio-files, it plays as convenient as 1by1.

by Anonymous on 26. February 2010 - 8:57  (44525)

Ive tried Teeworlds, it says "Input Not Supported" and the computer hangs. Bad experience for me.

by Anonymous on 26. February 2010 - 8:59  (44526)

Forgot to mention I was running it on Ubuntu Karmic Koala. So now I have to remove the game.

by Anupam on 1. March 2010 - 17:22  (44804)

A video editor for Linux :

by Anonymous on 8. April 2010 - 18:12  (47251)

Multifunctional program
ubuntu tweak
Cleaning, simple adding ppa sources for various programs, configuring gnome for ubuntu

by Anonymous on 8. April 2010 - 21:53  (47264)

by Anonymous on 21. April 2010 - 15:23  (48138)

use vlc player
it has got the option "open directory" under file menu

by wuxia1911 on 19. May 2010 - 4:10  (49921)

Vuze is not a good bittorrent client. It eats up a lot of ram, is bloated with unecessary features, and is now blocked on many private trackers such as and Transmission and rtorrent are better clients for linux. Plus vuze has annoying ads.

by mistywindow on 19. June 2010 - 1:30  (52441)

I recently investigated all the free Linux HTML editors. I ended up with Quanta Plus. It's outstanding, with PHP support and a preview function.

Not to be confused with its ancestor, Quanta Gold, which is cross-platform but obsolete and commercial.


by Anonymous on 19. June 2010 - 12:43  (52457)

Firestarter is no longer maintained or recommended by those in the know.

Use either ufw, or if you need a GUI, GUFW.

by Anonymous on 24. June 2010 - 18:51  (53025)

Nice article, CD/DVD burning tool, you mentioned imgburn (windows based)and brasero. do you know there is a tool called K3B performs even better than Nero, By the way thanks for the useful info to new comers to Linux.

by Jojo Yee on 25. June 2010 - 13:27  (53106)

Thanks for your kind comments. K3b is a good application and will be included in the next update soon.

by Martin Baselier (not verified) on 7. October 2010 - 14:12  (59148)

An excellent list, there were even some applications I did not know of. A few additions:

Ex Falso:
Easily rename/move your mp3's based on the tags. I usually first change the tags with picard, and then place them in my music directory, on /artist/year_album/track-tracname. It's an incredibly flexible program which can even omit tags in the name if they're missing, suppose the year of the album is missing, you could just tell it to use only the album title.

A small, yet fully featured torrent client. Small system load and it can do anything you'd want: add more trackers, limit upload/download speed (on demand and scheduled), select the files you want to download, change priority of individual files/folders, block specific IP addresses (by using a remotely maintained block list), use encrypted transfers, etc.

Geekbox also might be worth a try:
It's supposed to be a very light weighted multimedia system, not as fully featured as XBMC, but it can be easily used from a live usb stick.

by joinfree (not verified) on 16. October 2010 - 15:14  (59635)

Good stuff. Is there a generic scanner driver for ubuntu/linux Os? I have flat bed scanner but unable to connect because there is no valid driver support.

by Jojo Yee on 19. December 2010 - 14:49  (62930)

Thanks for your good suggestion Martin. Transmission is now included in the list.

Ex Falso has not been added in the list as Kid3 seems to be much better in terms of tags support including lyrics and album art as well as other editing features.

Sorry I'm replying to your post later than expected as I've just got a chance to take a look at GeeXboX, which is not an application but an OS that can boot as a LiveCD. I'll need to check out more on this software.

by Jojo Yee on 19. December 2010 - 15:45  (62932)

If you've not got a solution, please check if this guide is helpful to you.

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