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Best Free Online Applications and Services

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7. Best Free Online Security and Privacy

Best Free Online Anti-malware

  • Virustotal , an online independent service to analyse suspicious files and detect viruses, worms, trojans and other malware by multiple antivirus engines. Detailed results from each antivirus engine are listed after it has scanned the file uploaded.
  • Anubis , a service for analyzing malware. Submit your Windows executable file and receive an analysis report about what it does, or submit a suspicious URL to find out the activities of the Internet Explorer process when visiting that URL. For analyzing Javascript, Flash and PDF files, try Wepawet.

Best Free Online Internet Safety

  • WOT (Web of Trust) "provides fastest ratings, uses green / yellow / red ratings and 'people' reliability icons, multiple rating categories to help you evaluate websites, fantastic warning screen to empower users to avoid potentially bad websites before interacting with them." (Review)
  • Online Link Scan helps you scan links for harmful threats such as viruses, spyware, trojans or other malware. It also shows you the host IP, any threat name and the overall result if the site is secure.
  • OpenDNS , "a web based service that in conjunction with your own system's network configuration redirects all your browsing through OpenDNS servers where it is filtered for content." (Review)

Best Free Online Private Note

  • Privnote allows you to write a confidential note and send a link to someone for reading it. The note is destroyed after reading once, no more worrying about your message being forwarded to and read by others.

Best Free Online Disposable Email Address

  • Spamgourmet forwards only a limited number of mails to your protected email address and eats the rest. Just register your username and protected email address, then give out any disposable email addresses in this form Adding trusted senders and more settings are available.

Best Free Online Email Address Converter

  • Scrim converts your email address into a short and safe link (for instance so that you can share it on the web to avoid spam robots and get less spam.

Best Free Online URL Expander (see also URL Shortener)

  • URL X-ray examines a shortened URL you gave and finds out where it leads to before you actually click on it. It helps surfing the net more safely. (See more choices in this Review)

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by wolferiver (not verified) on 10. August 2010 - 4:22  (55712)

I am a big fan of note taking software, and especially like those that use the web. That way my notes are available to me wherever I may, whether it's work, or on the road traveling, or at home. I also like my notes application to be dead simple to use.

I've started using something called Notey, which is simply a blank web page that you can fill up with little post-it style notes. You can over lap them or line them up on a grid, or just slap them wherever. It can't keep track of media, and you can only type an url into a note but it won't turn automatically into a link. It's simply a text note tracking application. But for some things, all I need is a text file.

I use it primarily as an idea board, to capture ideas whenever a thought occurs to me. My work computer is locked so I can't install applications or software on it, yet I have to find some way to record ideas or inspiration so that it's available when I get home. A notebook would work as well, but only adds to the junk I'm already carrying in my bag.

It won't work for tracking the notes for your dissertation, but I think it fills a niche.

by Sa3dany (not verified) on 10. August 2010 - 5:33  (55713)

Another website I use for online games is it gets updated every Thursday with a really good selection of games.

by memo (not verified) on 10. August 2010 - 5:45  (55715)

they're pulling the plug on wave :(

by Anonymouss (not verified) on 10. August 2010 - 6:44  (55721)

Sometimes getting a full white page when logging in again after logging out. Any ideas?

by crossleydd42 (not verified) on 10. August 2010 - 21:11  (55752) gives you 1GB of space free, not 250MB's.

by saschamaj on 11. August 2010 - 3:23  (55768)

I started out with RTM but have since moved to Toodledo for 4 reasons:
1. the ability to sort my tasks by "importance". A Toodledo algorithm that assigns a value to each task comprised by due date, priority and age.
2. The "hotlist", which is a customizable short list with the current tasks at hand. You can also "star" a task, just like in Gmail, to further mark important tasks.
3. The iphone app is only $3 and has full functionality without having to pay a monthly subscription (unlike RTM).
4. Browser bookmarklet that open your tasks in the sidebar, with full access to all functions.

by saschamaj on 11. August 2010 - 3:46  (55769)

While URL shorteners are now a dime a dozen, I have a suggestion that is my favorite: It boasts to create the "shortest URLs on earth", and does so, by using symbols and Unicode characters (such as Chinese symbols).
E.g. I shortened to http://✩.ws/tsa. If you don't like using symbols, since they can't be typed easily, you can use instead. The statistics are not as elaborate as with, but sufficient for the general user. All in all you'll save 3-7 characters compared to

by saschamaj on 11. August 2010 - 3:50  (55771)

Also, by inviting your friends to Dropbox, you and your friend each get another 250MB storage when he/she signs up. If you have a lot of friends signing up, you can increase your storage up to 8GB for free!

by saschamaj on 11. August 2010 - 4:09  (55772)

my suggestion for Best Free Meeting Scheduler:
When Is Good:
I have never seen a more intuitive web application. Super-easy marking of your availability days as well as very straightforward for your contacts, even the technically challenged. No sign-up required. You'll get a nice short link for the meeting to send out, that's it.

by Jojo Yee on 11. August 2010 - 5:23  (55778)

Thanks for your feedback and it's now updated in the list.

by saschamaj on 11. August 2010 - 6:10  (55781)

while I'm at it...
My suggestion for an Email service that let's you schedule your mail:
Deferred Sender
While LetterMeLater has the added feature to send recurring mails and set up groups, I find Deferred Sender easier to setup and more intuitive to use straight from any email application.

My suggestion for Best Free Disposable Email Address:
Big advantage over GishPuppy is that you can create a limitless number of disposable email addresses even when you're offline. You just add any word combination before your Spamgourmet username and that's it. E.g. you can email me at I can set how many times this address can be used (5 in this case), I can change this or make it permanent for trusted senders anytime. There's a "no-brainer" and an "advanced" mode, so this should work for everyone.

Another tip if you want to post your email address securely: That's so simple and effective, just try it out. Here's my email address: (I trust no spam robot will crack this.)

And finally there's PrivNote Interesting service if you want to send one person a confidential note. The link to the note can only be used once, after that the note is deleted. Remember, ALL of your emails can be viewed/archived by certain authorities (don't want to sound paranoid, but that's just a fact).

by Jojo Yee on 11. August 2010 - 7:54  (55784)

Thanks Sammysoul for the info. I'll look into your suggestions.

[Update: Privnote, Spamgourmet and Scrim are now added and grouped under "Security and Privacy" in the list. Thanks again.]

by saschamaj on 12. August 2010 - 3:43  (55832)

Great work Jojoyee! Even though I think the way you presented Spamgourmet, it sounds kinda bad.:( Only 3 forwards... In fact you can decide between 3-20, change it anytime, or even make it permanent for trusted senders.

by saschamaj on 12. August 2010 - 4:48  (55833)

One last suggestion, I don't want to take over the comment section...
for Best Free Bookmark Manager:
While having less users than, it has far superior features that I think everybody should be aware of.
Diigo has the same "social" functions as but additionally enables you to highlight text and even create sticky notes right on the website, to share or save your bookmark with a personal touch. You can always choose between private or public mode. You can also choose to see the public sticky notes of other users while on a site if you want, a potentially very helpful (or spammy) feature, similar to Google's Sidewiki. A snapshot of the site is taken, so you can still view it even if the page is offline/removed. A new feature is the ability to save frames/images, and take screenshots of any shape and edit them right on the page.
It's an extremely well designed service and integrates nicely with Firefox (bookmarklet, toolbar and combined Google/Diigo search engine).

by Jojo Yee on 12. August 2010 - 4:08  (55834)

Thanks for your kind comments. I've now rephrased it and hope that's better.

by Jojo Yee on 15. August 2010 - 4:41  (56051)

Appreciated your valuable suggestion. Diigo is now added in the list.

by Seedywee (not verified) on 24. August 2010 - 2:36  (56612)

Re Time Zone Genius: Doesn't recognize Salt Lake City and Adelaide, two cities important to me. Then if you start to search by country, it shows only four states in the US! Far better is WorldTimeServer at

by Seedywee (not verified) on 24. August 2010 - 2:39  (56613)

For Best Free Screen Capture Utility, you couldn't get anything easier than Snipping Tool, built right into Windows 7. Highly recommended!

by Jojo Yee on 24. August 2010 - 9:05  (56622)

Thanks for the feedback and good suggestion.

[Update: just added and hope that you'd find it better. In addition to the main list, a search box is available for entering a city name at the site.]

by Ashish sharma (not verified) on 3. September 2010 - 5:45  (57178)

I very much like the services given here all in one place it svery much good I find and search there is no other site like this that is in use or exist, I love all the things and the apps given here thanks for making this very good very attractive we can find all here just try to keep more adding here.

by mikecorbeil on 10. September 2010 - 18:36  (57585)

Another online alarm clock is and a user can set the alarm to go or sound off as a rooster, a classical or old-fashioned ringing alarm, an electronic beep, Slayer Guitar (like rock), or military trumpet. I usually use the oldest alarm clock sound, the rooster or cockerel, but wouldn't mind the Slayer Guitar one, if it was James/Jimi Hendrix (often spelled Jimmi). :)

by mikecorbeil on 10. September 2010 - 13:19  (57586)

Minor complaint:

It would be good to add a hyperlinked index for a short table of contents (ToC) at the start of this page, using only the section or category titles. This would provide readers a quick way of knowing whether there are any categories of interest for each reader, while also making the page's listings easier to use for everyone.

by Jojo Yee on 10. September 2010 - 14:14  (57590)

Thanks Mike for the suggestion. In the Index Table, the category titles, when clicked, serve as a tool to expand or collapse a sub-table of a category. The first line in each sub-table is a category hyperlink. Give it a try if that works.

by mikecorbeil on 10. September 2010 - 16:24  (57591)

I don't see an index table, the categories are all fully expanded, and when I click on the title of each category, nothing happens. When I passed the mouse pointer over the first couple of category or section titles that I checked, the pointer changed, but clicking on the title does nothing.

Clicking on "Quick Select Links (After clicking a link, use your browser's Back icon to return here.)" also does nothing.

Found the problem, partly:

I just tried loading this page in Maxthon2 and it seems that the problem is with Firefox. I updated to v3.6.9 this week. Might 3.6.9 be the problem, or is it something else about Ffx, or maybe an add-on? If an add-on, then I don't have a clue which one it'd be, because none of the add-ons that I have installed should cause your index to not appear.

Maxthon2 shows the excellent index that you're talking about and the links work as they would be expected to.

[Moderator's note : Unnecessary list of add-ons removed.]

by Jojo Yee on 11. September 2010 - 0:59  (57615)

Probably you need to wait for the page to be fully loaded before the category links appear. If the page stops loading half way, you might need to refresh it.

The Index Table is using a node feature comes with the CMS Drupal used by this website. I've this page worked perfectly on Firefox, Chrome and IE, and I believe it works for other browsers too.

by Jojo Yee on 11. September 2010 - 1:00  (57616)

Good suggestion. Thanks Mike.

by Anupam on 11. September 2010 - 16:14  (57655)

Jojo, after Mike posted the comment, I too noticed that the index was not showing for me on Firefox. I disabled AdBlockPlus, for the page, and the index was visible. Any work around for this?

by MidnightCowboy on 11. September 2010 - 17:32  (57659)

Yeah, use IE :D

by Anupam on 11. September 2010 - 18:00  (57662)

LOL. Pffftt.. neva! :D

by Jojo Yee on 12. September 2010 - 0:26  (57673)

I tried it on FF3.6 and FF4, both with AdBlockPlus 1.2.2 addon. They showed up the index table nicely for me. Can it be something to do with your filter list?