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Best Free File or Disk Catalog Organizer


A file or disk catalog organizer helps index files stored on hard disks, removable media such as CDs, DVDs, USB drives or network drives in a few seconds and create catalogs for searching files without having access to the original media.

Some useful organizers provide searching capabilities based on file name, date and size, filtering options, or searching duplicates or singles, etc. These organizers save your precious time and effort in finding the files you want instantly from a collection of even thousands of files on your storage media.

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CathyCathy is a tiny portable program that catalogs files on removable media, or on your hard drive. Once indexed, you can quickly search and locate a file by name, size, and date, with additional search fields for MP3 files. Multiple catalogs are supported and you can also search for duplicate files. There is also a handy directory listing feature that allows you to print the contents of any folder.

The real strength of this program is its speed; it can index hundreds of thousands of files without a problem. This makes it handy for sysadmins as well as users with large file collections. Cathy doesn't index the contents of files, just file names and other file properties. If you want to search contents use a desktop search program.


GentibusGentibus CD - "for the people" - is a very good name and choice if you're looking for a tool to organize your CD/DVD collection. The scan on CDs, DVDs or hard disks can be categorized and searched. The advanced search function will also find "Harry Po" if you're looking for "Harry Potter". Gentibus CD will find duplicates, quickly discovers image, audio, video and program files as 'super-categories' on its own, which comes in very handy when you're archiving a medium with mixed content. A very pleasing feature is that Gentibus CD will show you thumbnails of any pictures you might have archived on your CD/DVD so you will be able to search them somewhat as a virtual CD.


Visual CDVisual CD scans all the usual suspects in an explorer-like approach. The 'catalogs' contain the data of one medium, can be password protected and joined by favorites and also display the contents of zipped files. The search is very refined as you would expect in a competent file manager, complete with an 'extra' menu with very welcome features (dublicates, file splitter, thumbnail-maker, etc.) and the option menu allowing you to adjust the software to your needs.


DisclibDisclib is a terrific utility. I archive all of my projects to CD/DVD and keep them in a fireproof box for storage. But there are over 30 full discs now (half are DVDs), and many of them have multiple versions of the same project. Disclib keeps an index of the file/directory structure of every disc, so I can search through them all without having to swap 30 discs in my drive! Invaluable!

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Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Good speed, support multiple catalogs, search duplicate files, handy directory listing, print contents of any folder.
Does not index the contents of files.
66 KB
Unrestricted freeware
This product is portable.
XP(SP3), Vista(SP2), Win7 and above.

v2.31 released 28 January, 2013

Gentibus CD
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Find duplicates, discovers super categories, show thumbnails.
8.9 MB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
XP/ Vista/ 7
Visual CD
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Scan in explorer-like approach, can be password protected, displays contents of zipped files, refined search with welcome features.
2.33 MB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.

View the changelog here

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Archive and keep an index of file/directory structure of disks.
3.86 MB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 2000, XP


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by Epsilon on 29. April 2011 - 15:57  (71121)

I've been using 'Cathy' for several years but now Avast! always wants to Sandbox it. Avast! is probably overcautious. In any case, I thought I'd take a look at other software in this category and I started with Gentibus CD a few hours ago. So far, I'm impressed.

It's easy to use but has many filter options to choose from when searching your catalogs. The interface is well laid out and pretty much intuitive. It may not be as fast as Cathy (Cathy took less than a second while Gentibus CD took about 4 seconds in one of my test searches) but it just looks and feels better. Do I need to look at the others available here? I'll probably get around to it, but meanwhile I feel Gentisbus is very suitable for my needs.

by ohno on 19. September 2011 - 3:46  (79869)

What about looking at wincatalog lite, ive found it great

by Andys (not verified) on 7. April 2011 - 8:52  (69614)

Hi, looking for a catalog tool with following features:

1. Unicode filename support
2. UNC path support (I type \\server\share$\folder and it indexes it as a folder)
3. Windows xp-vista-7 platform

Every program I found in google doesn't have either 1. or 2. WhereisIt is very close but it cannot properly update network paths.

by InGearX (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 6:43  (76867)

is there any software that will organize data on a hard drive?

say move:

all audio into audio folder
all video into video folder
all pictures into chronological folders by date
and etc etc...

there might be something out there...

Please advise...

Thank you...

by MidnightCowboy on 4. August 2011 - 7:17  (76872)

This category currently has no editor. Please post your query here in our forum.

by MidnightCowboy on 7. April 2011 - 10:00  (69618)

Currently, this article does not have an editor. Please register and post your request here:

by Anonymous12345678 (not verified) on 8. March 2011 - 23:16  (67661)

Hi all, I'm looking for catalog software to catalog offline hard drives and flash drives but I would like it to be integrated into explorer. so when I open explorer or my computer I want to see all my drives, even the ones that I don't have attached. Alternatively I would use a stand alone program for this if it had a built in file manager utility so I could also manage/copy/move/delete/new folder etc. my online drives. It is not clearly stated if any here do that. anyone have any suggestions for what I'm looking for? Thanks.

by Donald Bock (not verified) on 11. February 2011 - 22:55  (66212)

Gentibus CD - "for the people" - is a very good name and choice if you're looking for a tool to organize your CD/DVD collection. The scan on CDs, DVDs or hard disks can be categorized and searched. The advanced search function will also find "Harry Po" if you're looking for "Harry Potter". Gentibus CD will find duplicates, smartly discovers image, audio, video and program files as 'super-categories' on its own, which comes very handy when you're archiving a medium with mixed content. A very pleasing feature is that Gentibus CD will show you thumbnails of any pictures you might have archived on your CD/DVD so you will be able to search them somewhat as a virtual CD.

This darn thing kept telling me my data access files where not installed despite installing the latest one.

by dalchina (not verified) on 17. December 2010 - 16:19  (62823)

CD Sync portable (freeware) suits me better than Gentibus.
1. It supports unicode - e.g. it handles Chinese filenames (Gentibus doesn't).
2. It has a surprisingly fast & comprehensive player
3. It opens the source of the indexed item in the default file manager (Dopus in my case) whereas Gentibus doesn't.
4. Better English - Gentibus has occasional French in the GUI

On the other hand Gentibus handles compressed files internally in a neat interface, and it has a neat way of finding image files in indexed compressed files.

(Finally looking to move on from EZcat..!)

by Fred Smith (not verified) on 11. December 2010 - 22:50  (62313)

Have been using 'Cathy' for a few months. Just discovered if you leave it running while you browse online it will eventually try to connect to internet. Why is this? It is seldom updated so it would seem pointless to have checking for updates. Also, there is nothing in the programs settings which permits you to disable this activity. I'm suspicious of any program that wants a connection but does not seem to require a connection for it to perform it's task. Strange. I found out it was trying to connect after I installed Outpost Security Suite 7 Free which popped up and asked if I wanted to permit or deny 'Cathy' connection to the internet.


by MidnightCowboy on 12. December 2010 - 6:29  (62335)

A lot of software makes connections for data gathering purposes which are not necessary for it's general performance including of course Windows itself.

The added problem with single author software like this is there is no privacy policy to refer to and even if there was, no guarantees for the content.

IMO if programs act in a way that you find suspicious I would uninstall it and use something else. That said, with the file itself tested clean and the connection now blocked there shouldn't be anything further to worry about.

by suvim (not verified) on 29. October 2010 - 0:13  (60388)

Hi techsupportalert team,

I am in need of a File search and Listing tool with features as given below -

1) Search for multiple file types
2) Search across multiple folders
3) Add/Delete new file types
4) Save the search result as a htm file - this saving the search results in htm format is very important for me.

So please if you could find such a tool for me I would be grateful to you.
One more problem is I have an old PC at home with Win98SE so the tool needs to work on Win9x.

Thank you,

by brunetu on 13. August 2010 - 11:55  (55929)

I've made a script that automatically adds information about all files on an inserted disc into an SQLite database, which I have more power of searching by using SQL. Faster too. So I'm not using this software, but

Recently (in the last year or two) I found (LineSoft) LS MyLib. This has all the search features of the software mentioned above and most other disc-cataloging software I've tried, except exporting catalog data into a stand-alone executable viewer (I've noticed this feature in a commercial piece of software perhaps), but it balances this disadvantage by being portable.

It can also categorize catalogs into categories and sub-categories in a tree-like manner. It reads MP3 ID3 info. It allows comments and manages debtors (which discs you have given to friends and when). And also very important for me, it is fast, customizable, has a nice neat organized user interface and it is also portable! Good enough for me, except I don't burn so many discs as I used to (I have hundreds).

[Moderator's Note : Reference to shareware/commercial product removed.]

by Dynodave68 (not verified) on 28. August 2010 - 7:41  (56878)

How can I get a copy of the SQL script you wrote?

by brunetu on 4. September 2010 - 9:36  (57252)


It is not an SQL script, as you can't traverse the file system from the dababase query language intepretor of SQLite. It is a short application written in Visual Basic .NET, which creates an SQL script which you can invoke from the SQLite interpreter.

In the future, it will work with the database directly, but for now it is a two-easy-steps process. I was planning to make a more useful user interface for it. Write to me at brunetu [AT] and I'll be more than happy to provide you with it.

Have a nice day!

[Moderator's Note : Link to site removed, as non-English sites are not allowed. Email address has been obfuscated, as its not safe to post email addresses on a public area like this.]

by Anonymous on 9. June 2010 - 19:48  (51764)

I've been using Disclib for a few weeks. The Help file is not great and you have to mostly figure it out on your own. It has a nice structure but continually stops working, so you should save every time you add a disk or a few descriptions or categories. You can comment on every volume, folder or file which might make finding the right disc easier.

by Anonymous on 21. June 2010 - 4:12  (52564)

Hi, Ive used Disclib for some time until I must have reached its limits. I have about 60 dvds cataloged and it just refused to add more. Its startup and search is also abysmally slow. I found Win Catalog Light (free prog) and its much better than Disclib. Pity it doesnt get a mention in the freeware list??

by Anonymous on 17. April 2010 - 11:31  (47841)

Am I asking the impossible? Or just tilting at the wrong windmill?

What I want is a cataloguer that will handle all my purchased audio CDs, so that when I insert one initially for the program to scan, the program uses the freedb online to collect the names of each .cda file and then stores that for future reference. So far the ones I've trialled don't do that. All the files on the audio CDs are stored in the database as Track01.cda, Track02, etc.

This won't enable me to make a later search for the disks on which there are songs by the same composer, or instances of the same song sung by different artists and so on. This is the functioality I need.

I can't figure how the existing method of simply naming the tracks generically could be of use to anyone.

I'm clearly in need of some advice here and would appreciate it.


PS. Like some others here I also use 'Everything' and find it brilliant and extraordinarily fast as a hard drive indexer.

by Anonymous on 20. April 2010 - 10:57  (48026)

Disk Explorer Professional 3.70 does exactly what you want and much more. It's the best and it's completely free.


by Anonymous on 18. February 2010 - 22:47  (43906)

If you like a little of nice gui and you dislike the look of cathy, try DiskGardenREv34.

by Anonymous on 21. May 2009 - 1:22  (22009)

InsideCAT Lite Edition (9.1 MB, Alas, no more than 100 discs.


by Anonymous on 26. April 2009 - 16:54  (20580)

Try this one:

SE Explorer

A two-pane file manager that looks to have some good features - a portable version, media player, image viewer, pdf viewer, file difference compare, etc.

by Anonymous on 17. September 2009 - 14:59  (32809)

Seem to be good ill try thanks for sharing

by Anonymous on 29. March 2009 - 7:17  (18807)

For searching i recommend two freeware tools.



Using Everything you may feel like searching in google suggest because results appear as you type. It takes a few seconds to build a very small data base file for you hard drive. Portable and free. Just a single exectuteabe.

Indexyourfile is not live search but it has many features, search inside files, preview of files inside indexyourfiles, thumbnails preview, you can make database of even network folders and has a many other customizations. again it is, Portable and free, Just a single exectuteabe.

by Anonymous on 17. September 2009 - 14:55  (32808)

thanks interesting i'll try; thanks for sharing

by Anonymous on 26. February 2009 - 17:14  (16835)

Spent years literally, searching for a decent cataloguer. Then saw the review here for Cathy. Asbolutely superb and portable too.

by Anonymous on 16. February 2009 - 16:28  (16149)

DKFinder ( is quite a cotender in this desktop search war. Check it out.

by Anonymous on 31. January 2009 - 14:08  (15021)
by Anonymous on 24. January 2009 - 22:27  (14626)

I looked at a couple of these utils.
I need a cd cataloguing program that automatically catalogues any cd inserted without you having to click an icon to read the disk's contents. Any cd that was already in the database would be ignored..
Any suggestions?

by Anonymous on 20. January 2009 - 0:55  (14244)

Site Advisor is warning against S1 cataloguer, Gentibus and WinCatalog