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Daily Shopper IconDaily ShopperWith the holidays ending, and the swathes of slashed prices finally fading away, how well can you smoke out your next fiscal fix to quell your bargain addiction? You could turn to larceny and purloin yourself a 100% off deal, however, it's more legal to use Daily Shopper, the mobile App of the Week. Daily Shopper tracks a significant amount of daily deals sites and puts all those bargains into a catalog.

First time setup gives a thorough list of daily deals website to “subscribe” to. After selecting the sites which interest you, the main display appears in all its discount glory. The main bulk of the page dedicates itself to showing the list of sites you subscribed to. Touching the arrow next to a site shows all the site's deals in a drop down menu. Selecting a product chauffeurs you to the product's page on its respective website. A flashing “NEW” appears next to a site if they updated their deals.

Daily Shopper functions fluidly. Due to a versatile array of sites, I can usually find a good one I'm looking for at 75% off if I wait a week or so. I used this app for about a month prior to this recommendation, and only encountered a single technical error which I easily resolved by restarting the app. Generally, this app attempts to offer deals valid for only a day. Thus, several of these sites will also have longer-lasting deals which Daily Shopper doesn't display. Daily Shopper displayed the incorrect original price a couple of times, unless those T-shirts really WERE $699 dollars!

To make bargain hunting easier, Daily Shopper provides some tools to more easily navigate what can be a long list of deals. The down arrow at the top corner scrolls the screen to the next deal site, and the adjacent new icon takes the screen to the next deal site which recently received new deals. Daily Shopper also has a search function, so you may search all subscribed sites for a specific product.

This app is regrettably for the iOS platform only at the moment.


Daily Shopper — Free iOS App of the Week

For iPhone and iPad

Size: 1.9 MB


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