Free AVG Rescue CD Helps Get Unbootable PCs Working

AVG have just released a free rescue CD that can be used to recover your computer when the system cannot be loaded normally, such as after an extensive or deep-rooted virus infection.

The AVG Rescue CD enables you to fully remove infections from an otherwise inoperable PC and render the system bootable again

This could also be handy for folks who this week were locked out of their PCs by a faulty update installed by BitDefender and Bullguard (which uses the same engine and signatures) which rendered many 64 bit machines useless.

The AVG Rescue CD aims to help people so affected to recover their system. Essentially, it is a portable version of AVG Anti-Virus embedded in a version of Linux so it doesn't need Windows to operate.

You can choose to download for use with either as a bootable CD or USB stick.  Apart from the AV program the software also contains a variety of useful system tools for restarting a PC such as such as a file manager and registry editor.

The AVG Rescue CD is completely free of charge. There is a FAQ and free forum for the product, but only people with an AVG commercial license are entitled to receive technical support. The AVG Rescue CD is currently only available in English. More information and download links here:

 A user guide for AVG Rescue CD is available here :

The user guide contains steps to make the bootable CD, and also step by step guide to create a USB bootable device. Some steps are to be given proper attention while preparing the USB stick, as a wrong step in choosing the proper disk may render Windows unbootable. So, please read the steps carefully. The user guide also shows how to use the Rescue CD, along with screenshots. Users are advised to read the user guide carefully, before attempting to create CD/USB stick, and also before using the Rescue CD.

Video tutorials on using the AVG Rescue CD are also available on this page :

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by svickers.vickers784 (not verified) on 16. November 2012 - 23:52  (102447)

thanks for help a merry christmas

by Anonymous on 4. April 2010 - 13:36  (46935)

AVG - jumping on the bandwagon with the rest... Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is an epic live CD...

by Anonymous on 1. April 2010 - 3:56  (46650)

Anybody try BitDefender? I've saved a few PC's with it and it seems to work well. It uses Knoppix to boot, so you can even get the internet access and update the program before you use it.

by Anonymous on 29. March 2010 - 1:16  (46386)

Dosent seem to work with full drive encryption :< wont mount any volumes( i may be doing somthing wrong but im pretty sure its beacuse the rescue cd dosent recognise the drive :C)

by Anonymous on 22. April 2010 - 2:25  (48161)

Yeah, you will have to either decrypt the drive first or find a way to add whatever encryption program you are using to the boot cd..

by Anonymous on 28. March 2010 - 18:21  (46368)

I downloaded both AVG and Antivir rescue disks, however I use Avast as my Virus program. In order to use either of these will I need to install their virus programs, since they may not be up to date when I need them?

Thank You

by Anupam on 28. March 2010 - 18:36  (46369)

You do not need to install their respective antivirus programs, in order to use the rescue CDs. The rescue CDs already have the portable version of the antivirus program, and will work independently.

The point about updating of definition is a good one. If you read the User Guide of AVG Rescue CD, you can see it talks about updating the definitions. The rescue CD is actually a Linux live CD, and so, when you boot with the CD, it will detect and mount the hard disks, and will also set the network connections. On starting the program itself, it asks about updating the definitions, so you do not have to worry about it.

You can also perform an offline update with the definitions file downloaded separately, and kept on the hard disk, or on a flash drive. The User Guide explains how you can do that. Please read the User Guide.

Avira, and other rescue CDs have similar options, to perform definitions update.

by Anonymous on 28. March 2010 - 20:13  (46371)

Thank You

by Anonymous on 27. March 2010 - 19:54  (46317)

Just wondering if anyone has compared this with the Antivir Rescue CD which I have been using for some time under Gizmo's recommendation. Is there any reason to believe that AVG is better, seeing as their regular anti-virus program doesn't compare favorably to Antivir's detection rates?

Antivir Rescue System available at:

by Anonymous on 27. March 2010 - 16:44  (46298)

Houston - Looking Good - so far. Easy Download & Extract to USB Stick & if No Crashes - gets my Vote for a Free Rescue Program.

by Anonymous on 27. March 2010 - 15:07  (46291)

Running Windows 7 64 bit ,Downloaded CD-ISO file burned CD with Image burn,
Set laptop to boot with Cd-ROM Program ran great pretty easy to navigate through menus.
I could not update /connect to internet did not spend much time on this. I am running wireless so sure more configuration is needed.
Just wanted to run the scan and reboot back to Windows
Program is a keeper
Thank You !

by Anonymous on 27. March 2010 - 13:20  (46288)

Has anyone looked at some other rescue CDs.
A list is at
How about Best Rescue CD ?

by Anonymous on 27. March 2010 - 11:28  (46285)

I d'l'd this and burned the CD. Booted from it to see if it worked, made no changes to Win installation. Rebooted computer and found that the exercise had deleted system files ntldr and
Took a while to restore things...

by Anonymous on 27. March 2010 - 2:33  (46270)

I managed to snag some images of the AVG Bootable USB media:

by Anupam on 27. March 2010 - 5:26  (46274)

Thanks, but these screenshots are present on the User Guide page too. The link is in the article.

by Chilli on 25. March 2010 - 16:53  (46204)

Thanks MidnightCowboy, will add it to my tool kit I take to people's houses now and again for extra work

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 10:15  (46177)

link not work!

by Anupam on 25. March 2010 - 14:31  (46194)

Its working very well... check things at your end.

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 9:44  (46169)

If you right click on the downloaded file and if you've been following Gizmo's top recommendations you should have an "Burn using ImgBurn" option.

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 9:39  (46168)

There are tutorials here

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 6:32  (46156)

Hi just downloaded this but cant open 'Read Me' file - no association - cant see it in file associations list! any advice - o/s vista home premium

by Anupam on 25. March 2010 - 6:40  (46158)

Right click on the file, and choose a suitable application like notepad in the application list, for "Open with".

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 7:45  (46160)

Thanx but there are no applications listed in 'open with'??

by Anupam on 25. March 2010 - 8:02  (46162)

Erm, that is a problem. Well, then open notepad, or any other text/word editor. Then using the file open menu, browse to the directory of ReadMe file, select it, and then open it :).

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 9:22  (46164)

success! thankyou for your assistance!

by Anupam on 25. March 2010 - 9:38  (46167)

Welcome :). Glad to help.

by magoo on 25. March 2010 - 9:45  (46170)

am I correct in assuming I now need to change the bios boot sequence so usb removable divice will boot first?

by Anupam on 25. March 2010 - 9:54  (46172)

If you have downloaded the rescue CD for USB stick, then yes, you will have to change the boot sequence in order to boot from the USB stick. Some older computers might not have that option though.

If you have downloaded the rescue CD for CD creation, then you should check to see if optical drive is up in the order for boot sequence.
You will have to burn the ISO file on a CD, using a CD/DVD Burner.

by magoo on 25. March 2010 - 9:57  (46174)

thankyou for that comfirmation

by magoo on 25. March 2010 - 11:13  (46181)

back again!!! 2 issues

1 when I run the batch file I get the following, 'syslinux not recognised as an internal or external command, opperable programme or batch file' then it says usb should now be bootable, but I cant get it to bootup,

2. I have two items in my bios bootup list

a) usb storage disc

b) removable device

which should i use?

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