Another Free Online PDF to Word Converter

You're probably getting slightly tired of hearing about another new utility for converting PDF files to Word format.  I know I am.  But this one is new, free, from the well-respected Wondershare, and accessible online with a web browser.  Most importantly, it actually seems to do a very good job of the conversion, as you can see from the Word file shown below.

The only limitation is that your PDF file can't be larger than 10 MB.

Check out for more, and to use the service.  There's no need to sign up or log in.




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by bluesjunior on 10. January 2012 - 13:41  (86935)

Can anyone tell me how to get the converted files to open in Open Office?. I go through the conversion process on one of my PDF files which appears to do the job but when I open the converted file in the folder it is just blank pages.

by Catherine Lee on 6. February 2012 - 9:13  (88382)

Hi Bluesjunior, this is Catherine from Wondershare Software. First of all, thanks very much for your interests in our products. This free PDF to word currently can't support Open Office (we are still working to it), instead, it supports libreOffice perfectly! :)

by Australia (not verified) on 9. January 2012 - 7:53  (86857)

Applications which convert PDF files to Word documents deserve a category on their own, in TechSupportAlert's "The Best Free Home & Office Software for PC"
However up until now, there have been no worthy nominations - most freeware and even commercial software attempts have been flawed
This PC based installable version 'PDF to Word' is a great find ! (I avoid online applications)
Thank you to r.schifreen, and VelvetElvis (for informing us of the PC based version)
In eight years of searching, this PDF converter finally is one worth considering !
Again I am referring to the downloadable, installed version. It converted many PDF files to very good quality Word documents
Some PDF documents with complicated formats were converted as Word documents with noneditable page size images of the document, which is ok.
I tried 6 different PDFs, and the conversions were of excellent quality, including excellent OCR !
The program crashed when trying to convert a 238 page, 49 000 KB document, but I just split the document with PDFTKBuilder (see 'PDF Tools' category on TechSupportAlert), and even this document was converted.
It is fast, excellent layout, easy to use, no nagware popups - perfect so far, and possibly too good to be true for what I consider a very useful function
Still to be determined is 1)Does it phone home ? 2)Is it time limited ?
If no such limitations exist, this qualifies in my eyes as one of the Freeware Finds of the Decade, not just 2012 ;)
If any other new freeware product in any category arrives for TechSupportAlert readers in 2012 as good as PDF to Word, with no drawbacks such as spyware or time/other limitations, I will be very impressed indeed. Thank you so much.
Your article needs to be renamed "A New Superb PC based Free PDF to Word Converter" and it needs to be listed quickly also in the "HOME and OFFICE" freeware category on this website

by irwanwr on 8. January 2012 - 15:32  (86825)

another worthy finding, shcifreen.
you haven't stop amazed me with your efforts.

by VelvetElvis on 8. January 2012 - 5:13  (86801)

Noticed too that there's a link on their site for a free PC-based version of the converter, which isn't limited in filesize like the web-based version.

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