An Amazing Array Of Sizes And Figures At Your Fingertips


Sizes ( is an amazing free fact-packed website.  Think of it as Wikipedia for everything related to figures and sizes.  

Want to know the size of a Queen-size bed as opposed to a King size?  Or how many volts they use in the electricity supply in Kenya?  Or the markings that indicate the ratings of an electronic resistor?  Or maybe the dimensions of a screw thread?  The answers to these, and millions of other questions, are here to be discovered.

A hugely useful resource that's definitely worth bookmarking.  

Head to for the search page, or for the tabbed indexes as shown below.



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Excellent, very useful, thanks for sharing Rob!

Nice find rob... thanks.

Bookmarked this beauty for future reference.


Wow. An amazing find, Rob: thanks for turning us on to it ...

In addition to the wealth of info they provide, I also appreciate their inclusion of a "How to Cite" Page (

Thanks again -

To be fair, I didn't find it. It was recommended to me by reader "imvm". Thanks to him/her, and everyone else who continues to send in suggestions. They're much appreciated, and all of them get read. Future suggestions via please