All Of Your Social Network Messages In One Place


If you're a regular user of social networking websites, you'll know how difficult it can be to keep track of everyone's status.  Even more difficult, though, is keeping track of personal messages that arrive for you.  Everything's stored in different places on each site.  

Fanmix is one of the neatest systems I've encountered which brings together your entire social networking field into one handy screen.  Once you've signed up at, and registered the accounts you use on systems such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Fanmix presents all your new incoming messages on an email-like screen which is reminiscent of Gmail or Hotmail.  A small icon next to each message's title shows you which system it comes from, then you just click the message to read or reply.

A system such as Fanmix won't cut the amount of time you spend on your social networking.  But it should make the whole process more pleasant, as you only need to check one web site in order to find out what's going on across your entire electronic world.

Fanmix is free to use.  You'll find it at




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