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These are some additional settings for features in Vuze that may prove useful.  If you want information on any features not listed here, please post in the comments below and I will try to post some information.
This is a work in progress and I will post more information when I have time.

The complete listing of Vuze help pages here at Gizmo's Freeware is located at

Vuze is one of the suggested clients in my Best Free Bittorrent Client Review. here at Gizmo's Freeware.

If you do not have Vuze, you can get it from the


To make sure that you can see all the options referenced here Vuze should be in Mode = Advanced.

The location for this option is at

(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options>Mode
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>Mode

Vuze Mode Setting Image

Additional Vuze Settings Help

IP Filter

The Vuze IP filter blocks the IPs entered within it.  Most commonly, the blocklist from BISS is used to block  IPs that are "known" to interfere with bittorrent.   There is some controversy over whether these lists are useful.  There is some evidence to support their use in this article and there is some evidence that they are not useful in this post.   I leave it up to you as to whether this is necessary for your situation.

Vuze offers a built-in IP Filter that has the ability to auto update itself.  You can also manually update.  It is located at:
(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options>IP Filters
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>IP Filters

There are two sources for blocklist download, iBlocklist (BISS) and eMule.  For iBlocklist It is suggested to use the Level 1 blocklist. 
IBlocklist BISS Blocklist Download
eMule IP Filter Download

1.  Auto   For IBlocklist, enter the URL provided at the page in the Autoload box in Vuze.  The file will automatically unzip and the new blocklist will be incorporated.  This is the easier option as it automatically downloads every 7 days (eMule comes out every 7 days) or you can press the Load Now button and update at any time without going to the site (Level 1 IBlocklist updates every couple of days).

This is for the Bluetack Level 1 blocklist at IBlocklist

For emule copy the download link and enter in the autoload box

2.  Manual   Save the file to a location you want (I suggest in the Vuze program folder as it will be easy to remember).  Then in Vuze at the location below, select the browse button to locate the file and then press the Load Now button.  Thereafter you can save to that location, overwriting the existing file and press Load Now. (Click on image if you need clearer picture)

Vuze IP Filter Screen

After this go to Tools>Options>Interface>Display and enable the IPFilter Status option to see the number of ranges blocked in the status bar.

Loading Torrents

 My suggestion for new users is to follow the Azureus-Wiki:  What to do Now?:  Best Way (page has been removed from the Vuze-Wiki) setup instructions.  This method sets a download to automatically start when you download the torrent to the default directory.  If you then wish to only select some files out of a torrent, you can save to a different location and open manually through File>Open>Torrent File and you will see a screen where download location and files to download can be selected.  The setup under the Files and Torrents options for the above Best Way would look like this:

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by jcar on 24. April 2013 - 21:53  (107316)

I want to share an external hard drive that contains my Vuze downloads between 2 Mac computers. I created the files on the external on one computer but the other computer Vuze copy can see the downloads even though I've input the right volumes. Is there a trick?

by mr6n8 on 24. April 2013 - 22:29  (107319)

I assume you mean "the other computer Vuze copy" can't "see the downloads"
I also assume the external is connected to the computer in question.

Since you have already added the torrent to that Vuze, you can try the context menu entry for the torrent (a right-click in Windows - not sure in Mac) Advanced>Files>Move Data Files and choose the directory containing the content. If that does not work, then remove the torrent from that Vuze and see below.

If it is completed, then you need to be in Mode of intermediate or advanced

Add the torrent to Vuze using File>Open>Torrent File (Ctrl+O)

This presents you with an Add Torrent screen where you can choose the save directory. You will need to set the "Add Mode" to "Seeding" (Only visible in intermediate or advanced mode)

If you choose the directory containing the content, Vuze should recognize it and adjust the %. There are some issues with Mac on resuming a partially completed torrent that might change this procedure a little even on a completed download.

BTW I am on the road and on a WiFi right now and may not be able to get back quickly if you have more Qs.


by jcar on 26. April 2013 - 21:09  (107355)

I'm still confused by all the options to choose from.

Usually on a Mac, you tell it where the directory is and it always remembers. In this case there are 3 different places where I can tell it where the Vuze/downloads directory on the external HD is, I delete the original Vuze/downloads directory from the user/library (created when I downloaded Vuze to the 2nd computer) and when I restart Vuze on the 2nd computer, it recreates the deleted directory and replaces all the parameters I changed back to the original directory location.

When I changed the directory location on computer 1 to the external HD, there was no problem. The downloaded movies appeared in the library.

No so with computer 2 using the same external HD...


by abhishek19a (not verified) on 26. August 2012 - 9:55  (98321)

I am behind a http proxy server with authentication required....all other applications work fine with the given proxy address and username and password but in vuze it only displays number of seeders and peers but never connects to any of them...utorrent is working fine with same proxy settings but vuze is downloading nothing...
my proxy address is and port is is a http proxy....what should be done in the vuze so that it download??

by Boydy (not verified) on 16. April 2012 - 12:51  (92168)

Vuze will only find files up to size of 341.9MB. How do i change the advanced search filter so it will search for larger files e.g. complete movies ??

by mr6n8 on 2. May 2012 - 15:38  (92902)

The file size filter is a filter of results obtained through the meta search.

You would need to add search sites, through Vuze search templates, to get better results and the filter will then show larger results.

Try Vuze Meta Search Adding Search Templates to add some sites and see what happens.

by Sakib (not verified) on 5. February 2012 - 13:49  (88344)

I dont understand sometimes my vuze can not connected to any seeds or peers why it happend pls tell me??????!?!!!

by mr6n8 on 2. May 2012 - 15:40  (92903)

I have been away from the site for a while, so this response is very late, but you should check Optimizing Vuze for Speed to clear communications through your Vuze port.

by anon123 (not verified) on 6. January 2012 - 19:31  (86716)

Hi, thanks for the nice guide.
I'm trying to use a socks proxy with vuze latest build and I'm getting this error Connection Error (SocketException:Malformed reply from SOCKS server)
But the proxy works fine when I use it with utorrent even with the same torrent and on the same tracker.
In utorrent, I've not changed the default settings except for number of connections, directory of download, etc.
These are the settings I used in utorrentv 2.2.1: socks5 proxy, use proxy for hostname lookups and use proxy for peer to peer connections. utorrent does say I'm firewalled but download goes fine.

In vuze i tried these settings:
socks proxy v5, enable proxyfying of peer communications, inform tracker of limitations, use same settings for peer and tracker communications, and allow more than one connection from same ip but I get error "Connection Error (SocketException:Malformed reply from SOCKS server)".
Can you please help me with this?

by mr6n8 on 6. January 2012 - 22:29  (86730)

Who are you using for proxy?

by anon123 (not verified) on 7. January 2012 - 13:51  (86760)

Sorry I didn't really get what you said. I use proxy because my network blocks bittorrent traffic. Did you mean which/whose proxy I use?
It works well with utorrent, but shows the error in vuze, so I think maybe there is some setting I need to change.

by mr6n8 on 7. January 2012 - 14:16  (86762)

Yes which proxy do you use?

by anon123 (not verified) on 7. January 2012 - 15:14  (86763)

hmm.. I tunnel through my ssh server. It works in utorrent but not vuze, so maybe its just the settings I use in vuze?

by mr6n8 on 8. January 2012 - 21:14  (86840)

I did just run across a couple things that may be at play here.

First I saw a guide on setting up Vuze for Open VPN and it indicated to not enable the inform tracker of limitation option, so you might want to try that.

Second, in Vuze, at Options>Connections (expand)>Advanced network settings is an option to "bind to local IP address...". I am not sure exactly how this works, but your VPN should be listed below and it might be necessary to activate this for VPN.
(scroll down a little to see info on Advanced Network Settings.

by anon123 (not verified) on 7. January 2012 - 15:15  (86764)

Also I wanted to add, it doesn't support udp. But I haven't put udp as prefer in vuze.

by mr6n8 on 8. January 2012 - 17:54  (86831)

Sorry, I have looked around the web on this and can find no answer. I found almost nothing on Vuze with proxies. There is (or was - I can not be sure if it was resolved) some issue on UDP trackers, but as you just said you are not using that.

The only things I came up with on that error were wrong version proxy used and invalid username/password. But, since you have it working in uTorrent those would not be issue for you.

by anon123 (not verified) on 8. January 2012 - 19:03  (86832)

Thanks for replying.
I'm pretty sure the proxy type, user name passwords those things I'm putting right. I guess I'll just use utorrent when I need proxy. The only setting for udp that I clearly saw was to put it as 'prefer' which I didn't do but there should be some more settings on udp. Can you tell me all the settings to completely turn off udp support for the trackers? If that doesn't work, I'll stick with utorrent when I need proxies.

by mr6n8 on 8. January 2012 - 19:54  (86834)

At Options>Trackers (expand)>Client are two settings for UDP tracker support.

Do you want to disable all UDP communications (DHT, PEX, uTP)?

by anon123 (not verified) on 9. January 2012 - 15:07  (86883)

Yes, I want only tcp communications.

by mr6n8 on 9. January 2012 - 17:36  (86893)

Make sure Mode is set to Advanced.

Options>Connection - under Peer Sources disable all but "from a tracker"
Options>Plugins>Distributed DB - disable the distributed database
Options>Plugins>Distributed Tracker - disable both options
Options>Sharing - disable "allow decentralized tracking when tracker is unavailable"

I do not know if you saw my post above where I found a couple things that may help with your issue.

by anon123 (not verified) on 9. January 2012 - 21:45  (86907)

Thanks, just one thing, if tracker is down, will vuze still use the cached peers if I disable all the udp connections?

"I do not know if you saw my post above where I found a couple things that may help with your issue."
I'm not really sure which post you are talking about. I only see the post where you said it could be because of wrong proxy type or password, username, but I'm sure I didn't make that mistake. Is there something else that I missed :S

By the way I think I wasn't much clear in the first post. This is what actually happens.
In utorrent:
I use the proxy settings and utorrent's default settings: All my trackers work well.
(though I connect to lesser seeds since my proxy doesn't allow udp but that's fine with me.)

In vuze:
I use the proxy settings and default vuze settings: All my trackers work fine except one tracker that works fine in utorrent with or without proxy and also works in vuze without proxy.
(I tried without proxy in another network which doesn't block bittorent)

This is what I think,
no matter whether I use uT or vuze, this particular tracker should get similar information about the proxy but since it works with utorrent but not with vuze, I think vuze sends it something it doesn't like? It does allow the proxy's ip 'cause it works with utorrent. There is a setting in vuze something like 'report the tracker about proxy's limitations'. I googled and found it simply lets the tracker know I'm using a proxy. I haven't seen such a setting in utorrent. Does utorrent not tell the tracker anything about the proxy? Could it be that this particular tracker assumes my proxy ip as my real ip when i use utorrent and allows traffic but vuze tells it specifically that it's an extra proxy and my tracker doesn't seem to like it?

I think from my first post, it seems, I can't use any trackers with proxyed vuze which is not the case :)

I saw settings like allow tor and i2p network along with public network. What do they do? I know what tor is but not sure what these settings mean.

by mr6n8 on 9. January 2012 - 22:12  (86908)

This is the post (forgot I could link directly to it)

And it does talk about the "inform" option. I saw a guide for Open VPN that said that option had to be disabled (I do not know why). Since it is only happening on one tracker, this may not be the issue, but worth a try (easy enough to change back).

On Tor, Tor should not be used for bittorrent. It puts a lot of stress on their network and I had a link somewhere about how Tor does not protect the IP in bittorrent.

I really know nothing about I2P. this is their home page:

It looks like they use a similar idea to Tor, routing through a number of user IPs (which means that at some point your IP will be shown for someone else's activity).

And yes I did get the idea Vuze was not working on any. Not much of a difference in my responses though.

by anon123 (not verified) on 10. January 2012 - 0:40  (86913)

yeah, I had missed that. I'll look into it. I appreciate all your help. Thank you very much :)

by onthequiet on 13. May 2013 - 12:37  (107711)

Hi, I'm having a very similar issue and I'm thinking the experience learned on this thread might help me out.

I was using Vuse over Tor with SOCKS 4a Proxy and everything was working fine. A few days ago it stopped working...

I am suddenly getting error message

"Connection Error (PRUDPPacketHandlerException:socks setup failed: SOCKS 5: udp association fails [reply=1] OK (DHT backup only)"

If I uncheck the Vuse Option "I have a SOCKS proxy", it works again. If I check it, it stops working.

It looks like (from the error message) that udp has suddenly become part of the equation?

Should I be:
a) trying to disable udp? or
b) changing some other setting to allow udp association to work again?

Thanks for any help!

by new (not verified) on 10. December 2011 - 22:01  (84776)

Hi! Thanks for the nice tutorial. I recently changed from utorrent to vuze and I'm having trouble with a particualr feature. utorrent by default didn't preallocate any space to the downloads. It allocated spaces only to the particular file that is being downloaded. But vuze allocates space to all files as soon as the download starts irrespective of which files is being downloaded, all files in the torrent get space allocated. My internal harddisk is not very big and vuze wastes a lot of space for me. Is there a way to get the default utorrent behavior in vuze?

My files options:
Allocate and zero new files: Unchecked
Append data to files as downloaded and reorder pieces: Unchecked
Enable incremental file creation: Unchecked
Truncate existing files that are too large: Unchecked
recheck each pieces when download is done: Checked (Should I uncheck this to prolong my harddisk life? utorrent does this by default?)
low resources recheck when seeding: Checked (Should I uncheck this to prolong my hdd life? does utorrent do this by default?)

Please explain this options to me and tell what which options should I use to have what utorrent does by default. Is there any other options related to files that I should know of or use to get same behavior as of utorrent.
Please help me! Vuze forums don't even reply to questions. I hope you help me.

by mr6n8 on 11. December 2011 - 0:08  (84784)

Most of those options are explained at the Vuze-Wiki on Files options

The append data to files as downloaded..etc, was an option put in for Mac OSX users and has to do with the non-support of sparse allocation in OSX.

I have all of those options unchecked and I would suggest he same for you.

As to the recheck after download done option, this to me serves no real purpose. All bittorrent clients check the pieces and this (and the low resources re-check) are extras that are unnecessary. I do not believe uTorrent performs these, though it does do a check as I said all bittorrent clients do.

As to your allocation issue, I think the only solution is to add the torrents in a stopped state (Tools>Options>Files(expand)>Torrents).
Then you need to set the files you do not want to "Delete".
Right-click on the torrent in the Vuze library and select "Show details". Then go to the "Files" tab, highlight the files you do not want and right-click on one select "Set Priority" and set it to "Delete".

To start the torrent, go back to the torrent in the library, right-click and choose either "Queue" or "Force Start".

Any Qs, let me know.


by new (not verified) on 11. December 2011 - 10:54  (84818)

Thanks for helping. That link was very useful.
Just a couple more things,
Allocate and zero..: This will preallocate space, so I will keep this disabled.
Enable incremental file creation: I found this allocates space from to the file from the first downloaded piece to the last downloaded piece. Will this cause too much wear and tear of my hdd if I use this?
What is the difference between set priority -> 'Do not download' and 'delete' . I guess 'do not download' is same as not selecting the file when opening the dot torrent in vuze. But what does 'delete' do?

by mr6n8 on 11. December 2011 - 12:09  (84824)

"Enable incremental file creation: I found this allocates space from to the file from the first downloaded piece to the last downloaded piece. Will this cause too much wear and tear of my hdd if I use this?"
No, it will not add any wear as space is created one way or the other. This just makes it a question of when. This may interfere with using delete (or do not download) as it might create space even for non-selected data. I do not know for sure.

Did you have the allocate options disabled when you saw Vuze setting aside space for the full download even when you only selected part of it when adding?

I just checked on mine and my Vuze does not do this. Only space for the selected files is set aside. As I said, I have all those options disabled.

'Do not download' and 'delete' - When I deselect a file while adding, it shows up as "delete" on the files tab (meaning no space set aside).

So the only time 'Do not download' is in effect is when you select it after adding and starting the torrent. Since no files were deselected when adding the torrent, the full space was set aside and will still be set aside with 'Do not download'.

'delete' will eliminate the space for deselected items, even after the full download is started. As I said, deselecting while adding the torrent is 'Delete' in my Vuze.

by new (not verified) on 11. December 2011 - 22:54  (84846)

These are my default options:
Allocate and zero new files: Unchecked
Append data to files as downloaded and reorder pieces: Unchecked
Enable incremental file creation: Unchecked

This is what actually happened. I added a 15GB+ torrent and selected queue at last when adding. After a few minutes, I opened 'My Computer' and saw my disk was minus 15 GB. I found vuze has allocated space to all the files in the 15GB torrent but it was at the end of the download queue. I deleted those files and vuze showed the torrent in red and said 'files missing'. But it also showed 0.0% done and 0.0GB downloaded. So it hadn't started downloading it then but still allocated space to it. If I recheck that torrent, it again creates files and allocates space.

"Did you have the allocate options disabled when you saw Vuze setting aside space for the full download even when you only selected part of it when adding?"
I didn't mean this. I meant vuze allocates space even if the torrent is at the end in the queue like I've said in the previous paragraph. As far as creating space for deselected files is concerned, I wanted to seed a partially downloaded torrent in vuze that I had downloaded in utorrent and it didn't allocate space to deselected files. Maybe 2 or 3 extra files got space allocated but I think it was because I was very precise when selecting the files.

If I choose to try the incremental download option, will it have any harm effects on my hdd or on the overall download?

by mr6n8 on 12. December 2011 - 1:13  (84855)

I understand now. Though you originally said Vuze was allocating space for files you deselected.

If the torrent was actually queued and not started, the space would not be set aside. If you deselect files before adding into Vuze, space will not be set aside for the files you deselected.

However, Vuze will allocate space once the torrent becomes active. Vuze does not have the "Pre-allocate" option that uTorrent does (which gives you the choice to not allocate).

"If I choose to try the incremental download option, will it have any harm effects on my hdd or on the overall download?"
Just be aware that this does not mean sequential downloading and the space is allocated based upon the lowest and highest numbered bit. So, if there are 300 bits and you get bit 1 and then bit 100 1/3rd of the space will be allocated. If the next bit were number 300, then all of the space would be allocated even though you only had the three bits.

On your 15GB torrent, you could have set all files to "delete" and there would be no space set aside.

But I am not sure why you would want that torrent in the queue as opposed to stopped. If you have space issues, then you are going to have to delete files from other torrents before starting that torrent anyways.

On that partial download that you wanted to seed, if you had deselected the files you did not have when adding the torrent to Vuze (and pointed the save path to the existing partially downloaded data), then the torrent would have started seeding and no additional space would have been set aside.

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