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Add Tabs To Word, Excel and Powerpoint (Windows only)

Finally, a free utility that adds tabs to selected Office programs.

Almost every time I've used Word for Windows over the years I've wondered why, oh why does a new window have to pop up when I open a new document? Why can't I have all my documents in one window if I want to? I'm happy to say that I now have all the documents I want open in the same window thanks to this free utility.
Wander on over to the article at Download Squad for details and the download link.
OfficeTab will work in in Office 2003 and 2007 (no word on 2010 yet), and runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7.

OfficeTab adds tabs to Word, Excel and Powerpoint (Download Squad)

Update: The link provided at Download Squad now has a paid version of the program that was not there when I downloaded it. The free version that I downloaded and am currently using can be downloaded from Major Geeks (link below).
There are now two download links on the developers page, one labeled and one labeled; however, both files are the paid version of the program. The changes on the site are new since I downloaded the program a week or so ago - when I looked at the site yesterday I didn't catch the change.
The paid version of the program is quite different from the free version which may account for the problems it seems to be causing in Word. The free version of the program is OfficeTab_v1.22_090913.exe and the file size is 1.05 MB. The paid version is SetupOfficeTab.exe and the size is 2876 KB.

Download from Major Geeks


Signing off for now,

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by Urbane.Tiger on 13. September 2011 - 4:57  (79505)

There are three editions of OfficeTab, they are available in 32bit & 64bit

OfficeTab - Personal Edition
Word + Excel + Powerpoint
no "fancy" features

I've been using the Enterprise Edition at work and the Personal Edition at home for about 12 months, both work as advertised.

There's a comparison chart and download links for all three versions on the following page

For me the site has never been in Chinese, there is no need for Google translate

{Moderator's Comment: Details of non-freeware versions removed.}

by rhiannon on 13. September 2011 - 22:32  (79552)

@Urbane.Tiger; Thanks for the update. :)

by majoMo on 8. May 2011 - 22:38  (71654)

It's fully free for home use now:

- Office Tabs [Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010].


- Office Tab Free Edition [Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 bit/64 bit)].

Using it with Office 2003. Working like a charm!...n

by rhiannon on 9. May 2011 - 3:02  (71663)

majoMo: thanks for the update. :)

by majoMo on 10. May 2011 - 11:35  (71724)

@rhiannon: And thanks for bringing to our knowledge this useful free utility. :)

by Bob on 10. May 2011 - 11:58  (71727)

hey, Tabs in Word, Excel and Powerpoint... Yes, this free Windows Office add-on really is *very* useful. :)

by Anonymous on 11. April 2010 - 21:48  (47446)

Well I've just downloaded OfficeTab from MajorGeeks and it is working beautifully in my Office 2003 SP3, no problems observed. Click on the new icon OK. Open another file OK.

Checked the ABOUT section and cannot see any mention on Freeware, Trial etc.
My guess is it is FREE :) and it works SMASHING for me :)

by Anonymous on 8. April 2010 - 23:05  (47271)

Just to add to the uncertainty, VirusTotal scan gives 4/39 for the file downloaded from MajorGeeks - a-squared, ClamAV, Symantec & Prevex flagged as malware of some sort.

by Anonymous on 2. April 2010 - 13:20  (46761)

Awesome Thanks

by Anonymous on 2. April 2010 - 4:05  (46731)

Dear All,
When I tried to install, I am getting the following error after all installation " MSCOMCTL.OCX????,??????? OFFICE TAB"
Can anyone suggest me the solution to it. I need this software

by terrawarra on 2. April 2010 - 9:32  (46745)

I'd love to try this one 'cos I use Thunderbird with tabs, Firefox with tabs so it only makes sense to keep the "tabs" ball rolling and get it on with "Office 2007".
After reading all the problems that some of you are having, I have to ask the question, "is it safe to download and install it now" ?
Any comments,.. yes, no ?

by Anupam on 2. April 2010 - 9:57  (46746)

According to the comments, people have had mixed success with the software. Only way is to give it a try :). It definitely is safe. Just download it from the MajorGeeks link, to be sure you are downloading the freeware version.

by terrawarra on 2. April 2010 - 10:15  (46747)

Thanks for your comment Anupam,.. MajorGeeks sure is the safe way to go so I'll give it a try !

by Anupam on 2. April 2010 - 10:29  (46749)

Welcome :). And do give the feedback :).

by rhiannon on 2. April 2010 - 4:57  (46734)

Without the full error message it's hard to know what's going on.
Have a look at this article at Major Geeks here and see if it applies.
Component MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not currently registered ...

by Chilli on 1. April 2010 - 15:16  (46693)

Does not work for me. Installed it, opened Word 2007 and cannot access any of the menus, cannot click on anything except write in the tab document. Could not even open a new document.

Uninstalled it and all back to normal.

Nice idea, but this tool just does not seem to work for me.

by torres-no-tan-m... on 1. April 2010 - 12:30  (46669)

Thanks Rhiannon for sorting out the confusion; I initially downloaded the file direct from the Chinese site but fortunately I decided not to install due to the postings here on Gizmo.

Have now installed the free version fom Major Geeks and it is working fine on Word 2007 but have yet to try it on Excel or Powerpoint.

I have the add on Ubit Schweiz AG also installed on Word 2007 and it does not appear to have any adverse effects thus far! ;-)

by Jojo Yee on 1. April 2010 - 1:52  (46644)

Thanks Rhiannon. This is good find to me, though I've not got a very good result after trying:

Tried on Excel and Powerpoint 2003:
When creating a new file, right-click ExcelTab or Powertab bar, click new and it works. It doens't work very well when you select File > New.

Tried on Word 2003: It doesn't work, can't see the WordTab bar at all. Could be due to that I've other add-ons such as PDF Creator, etc.

by rhiannon on 1. April 2010 - 3:21  (46647)

I'm sorry it's not working well. :(
It's fine for me on Office 2007 - no add-ons.

by Anonymous on 1. April 2010 - 0:02  (46639)

There seems some concern over whether it is freeware or not.

If it is just a trial, there is definitely a free alternative.

The one I use is definitely freeware, it's called OfficeTab 4.20 and it's available at

(Editor note: link removed, it pointed to the commercial version)

by ChronicChaos on 31. March 2010 - 20:37  (46617)

Thank you rhiannon! I've downloaded, installed, and configured this little gem. There is no registration to deal with for those who are confused. I am using Windows Vista with Office 2007. I followed the instructions as stated above by going to Major Geeks and actually clicked on "DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS". It will start downloading .....unzip and you will see OfficeTab_v1.22_090913. That is your installer. After going through the standard license agreement and installation, you will have a configuration window open up. It is simple and straight forward, allowing one to configure tab colors, shapes, layouts, etc....

And after all is said and done, if the setup is too complicated to comprehend, it even comes with it's own un-installer.

by Anonymous on 31. March 2010 - 17:53  (46607)

I couldn't get this work on Word 2010. Anyone had any success with it on 2010?

by TheMan on 31. March 2010 - 15:27  (46592)

I just downloaded the version from the MajorGeek link which is version 1.22 and installed it, in the license it does not state anything about paying for it and it installed with no problems and when I opened Word 2007 and Excel 2007 it opened the tabs for every document I wanted. In the settings that it asks to open just before done installing it has a lot of different setting for you and no where does it state or have an option to install a license number so this version sure appears to be free NOT shareware. Hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion.

by rhiannon on 31. March 2010 - 18:31  (46608)

The version at Major Geeks is the one I'm using. I've updated the article - it seems that the two versions for download on the developers page are now the same (paid) version, although they have different names. I downloaded the version I'm using from the developers page, and the versions that are there now are NOT the one I downloaded and am using.

I'm sorry I didn't catch the change when I checked the untranslated version of the developers yesterday. :(

by Anupam on 31. March 2010 - 15:42  (46595)

Thanks for posting your experience about this :). This will really help in clearing the confusions :). Thanks again, and good to read the software is working for you.

by Anonymous on 31. March 2010 - 13:11  (46583)

After reading all comments all over the place AND the license agreement on the install page, I decided not to install it. It seems the version downloaded from everywhere is actually trialware and not freeware. Second, there are comments stating it messes the original Office settings. Don't worth the hassle to install it. Thanks anyway.

by Anonymous on 31. March 2010 - 10:34  (46574)

I don't think it's free either. For those who don't want to visit a chinese text site, this may be a better link:
But it's still NOT free.

Moderator's Comment : Link killed, as it is a commercial site. Links for downloading free version of software provided below

by Anonymous on 31. March 2010 - 10:16  (46573)

I have checked the software and it is NOT FREE. Please, if it were FREE, let me know how I must get it. Thanks.

by rhiannon on 31. March 2010 - 18:32  (46609)

Check the article above for an update. :)

by Anupam on 31. March 2010 - 12:38  (46580)

There is some confusion about OfficeTab being not free. I searched over Google, and some sites said it was not free. But, indeed the product is free.

You can download it here from MajorGeeks, which says its a freeware :

Here is a LifeHacker article on the software. It also says its free :

And at last, here is the translated version of the Chinese site. You can see the download link on the page. You can download from there too :