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Add Tabs To Word, Excel and Powerpoint (Windows only)

Finally, a free utility that adds tabs to selected Office programs.

Almost every time I've used Word for Windows over the years I've wondered why, oh why does a new window have to pop up when I open a new document? Why can't I have all my documents in one window if I want to? I'm happy to say that I now have all the documents I want open in the same window thanks to this free utility.
Wander on over to the article at Download Squad for details and the download link.
OfficeTab will work in in Office 2003 and 2007 (no word on 2010 yet), and runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7.

OfficeTab adds tabs to Word, Excel and Powerpoint (Download Squad)

Update: The link provided at Download Squad now has a paid version of the program that was not there when I downloaded it. The free version that I downloaded and am currently using can be downloaded from Major Geeks (link below).
There are now two download links on the developers page, one labeled and one labeled; however, both files are the paid version of the program. The changes on the site are new since I downloaded the program a week or so ago - when I looked at the site yesterday I didn't catch the change.
The paid version of the program is quite different from the free version which may account for the problems it seems to be causing in Word. The free version of the program is OfficeTab_v1.22_090913.exe and the file size is 1.05 MB. The paid version is SetupOfficeTab.exe and the size is 2876 KB.

Download from Major Geeks


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