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$69 Software Giveaway: Video Converter Ultimate [Expired]

A couple of days ago I promised you a great free software offer.  As of today, that offer is now up and running.

Courtesy of Wondershare, you can pick up a free licence for their Video Converter Ultimate application.  It's a great Windows app, which handles DVD ripping, format conversion, and loads of other video-related tasks.  It normally sells for $69, but you can get a free licence if you act before September 25th.  Just head over to and enter your name and email address.  Your licence code will then be mailed to you.

Video Converter Ultimate runs on Windows XP and above, and is a 20 MB download.

Apologies if you're not already a Facebook user and  you don't wish to sign up.  You won't be able to take advantage of this offer.

 TIP: When registering your license make sure you follow the instructions and use the email address not your own email address.  

Got a Hot Find?  Let me know at


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by robert.schifreen on 25. September 2010 - 14:37  (58415)

Thanks to everyone who downloaded this and found it useful. As promised, I asked the company about the problem with the digital certificate, and they say that it was fully tested before release and is safe to install. There's some more comments at if you want to know more.

by Stardrop (not verified) on 23. September 2010 - 8:29  (58300)

I downloaded the latest version from the vendors site, then did what Thamza said, it works a treat. I thought better upload the file to Virus Total for a check, unfortunatly the file size I have is 20.8MB and they only except upto 20MB.

by Gert (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 23:42  (58283)

Thanks to Thamza - wonder why I didn't get that idea before :big smile:

Wondering even more:
What's the idea behind that strange email adress used for registration ?
I certainly don't get it !?

Now I have some HD ts-files to mingle with - CU ....


by BamBam (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 18:30  (58278)

Thanks Thamza! I do not need or want a face book account. Pressing the tab button worked perfect to get to the fill in fields. If it doesn't seem to work make sure you are looking carefully for the blinking cursor and use the enter key as your mouse won't work on the "Get the Key Code" button. I used firefox.

by mkakrag36 (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 18:23  (58277)

Installed Video Converter Ultimate on windows 7-It immediately updated which was strange-cut and paste reg.number uses keylogger-which can be normal BUT -no digital signature-A-Squared flags up an attempt to change browser settings-I become increasingly suspicious-Revo pro wont un-install it,I have to manually un-install.
Could be I'm over-reacting but even on just the function of the software it was not 5 times quicker as advertised,the interface English can be confusing not in itself a sign of a bad product but I don't expect any of my other legitimate software to change browser settings.

by Smithy99 (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 11:01  (58265)

Great offer thanks!

Registration email received promptly (several times), software downloaded and installed ok on WinXP and registered without problems. Then notified about v5.4.3 update - it downloaded and installed ok and the free registration code works with this update.

by Thamza (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 5:22  (58252)

I dont have a Facebook account but i got the key. Just go to the page and press Tab on your keyboard until the curser goes to the registration field. Good luck!

by Eelko (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 5:56  (58255)

Ha Thamza,

Thanks, works like a charm! In Firefox it works, not sure in other browsers.


by Hillbilly Taz (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:24  (58244)

Used nfs e-mail address and password. Receive error message. Won't let me register the software.

by Tommy Baggins (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:11  (58242)

Just downloaded to Win 7 w/no problems. Updated to 5.4.3 w/no problems. Thanks for the tip on this software Gizzmo's. Your site is top notch!

by RobCr (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:04  (58240)

I have an AVI movie, that I would like to convert to VOB, so that it will play in a lounge room DVD player.
When I tried to convert it, I could not find a place to specify AVI to DVD
Can anyone point me to where that setting would be ?

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:32  (58245)

After loading your AVI just click the "Burn DVD" button and this will start up the DVD burning wizard. You will be offered several image quality and blank DVD format options including DVD5 and DVD9.

Once you have selected the options, the DVD folder and VOB files are created automatically and written to the DVD.

This is a very simple and straight forward way to create DVDs from video sources. That's only one of several features that makes this product impressive and a great freebie.

by RobCr (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:46  (58246)

Thanks for that.
I took a punt last night, and it failed some hours later.
When it says it needs 12GB it means it.
Cleared more space, and took the same punt (as you described, I believe), and will know in 2 hours, if I get what I hope for.

by RobCr (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:59  (58247)

OOPs (again),
Brain is getting old.
I did try Wondershare, and I ended up with a MP4 file.
So then I tried DVDFlick.
My comments above relate to that.
When DVDFlick finishes (in a couple of hours), I will have another bash at Wondershare.

by RobCr (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:06  (58241)

OOPs, I meant AVI to VOB (with the related files that a DVD requires)

by Denis Gauthier (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 22:24  (58236)

What happens if I upgrade to version 5.4.3 ? Will this app remain free?

by jim1938 (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 20:26  (58229)

The place to get the code is blacked out and you cannot get the code?

by jim1938 (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 20:44  (58232)

You have to click like at the top of the page

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 2:15  (58243)

To get the key code you need to have logged into your Facebook account and clicked the "Like" button at the top of the page.

If you don't have a Facebook account and are not prepared to open one then you cannot access this free offer. Simple as that.

by David Cohen (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 4:29  (58251)

Bejeez Gizmo. I admire your patience - some people!

by rick_mo37 on 21. September 2010 - 20:12  (58227)

Wondershare is most likely related to several other companies, most are the same company but have different names- Sothink, Aimersoft, Imtoo, xilisoft, etc. SoThink is famous for the trojan involved in a Firefox extension a few months back. Aimersoft is famous for spamming forums with ads. These companies also seem somehow related to Iobit (many use an Iobit updater), which has its own disturbing past. It's rumored that some of these companies have cracked and rebranded versions of software from other companies, such as from SlySoft- Anydvd.

The particular download in question, Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate shows up without a valid digital signature, thus some installs have been flagged by Windows. The reason for the invalid signature is in question. This is not a program that doesn't have a signature, it's a program that has one which has been rejected by Windows as not authentic or not valid- possibly some other reason. I suspect I know the reason but have no evidence to support this program being a cracked version from some other company.

Otherwise, the product seems to be very advanced and useful. I would be hesitant to install this program on a computer used for financial matters. I would like to hear back from one of the moderators and their view of this product: its security concerns and probable ethical misdealings.

by MidnightCowboy on 21. September 2010 - 20:26  (58230)

As per Denzel Washington's famous line in the movie Training Day, "it's not what you know, it's what you can prove". Consequently we always try to deal with facts instead of rumours and unfortunately these are sometimes hard to come by. This isn't a cop out on our part, but just how the world is. That said, all over this site you will see advisories for folks to checkout everything they download by file source, Virus Total or whatever to satisfy themselves that (in their eyes) they've covered the risk. Any doubts, then the simple answer is don't download it.

by rick_mo37 on 22. September 2010 - 0:34  (58238)

The invalid digital signature is not a rumor. Do you know why the digital signature comes back as invalid?

by MidnightCowboy on 22. September 2010 - 7:56  (58259)

No idea. It could be a bug, and internal file error or something more sinister :) All I can do (which I have done) is to mail the vendor for an answer which I will post here if and when it arrives.

by C K Patel (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 18:02  (58222)

I downloaded and tried to install the software.

But Comodo Antivirus gave a virus alert. Thus decided not to go ahead with the software

by skwirlinator on 21. September 2010 - 16:31  (58212)

Thank You. I followed directions and had no issues. 90% of the software on my system is free because I am currently unemployed. I have been a reader of Gizmo for years now. I got this from my rss feed.

I immediately updated the software with no problems.

Again, Thank You!

by commenting on email (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 15:40  (58207)

For some odd reason, when you check email to get your code, you will have multiple copies or 3 different email messages from Wondershare... big deal though, just letting you know.

by Rodd Hall on 21. September 2010 - 13:46  (58203)

I hate to cry wolf, but ... I downloaded and installed this software today and from the minute I did, a weird thing started to happen on my system. I have the RoboForm password manager installed (which is great, by the way). One of the things it does in addition to password management is to save "Identities". An Identity can contain just about any personal information you wish to store there, including credit card numbers. Identities are stored under protection of a RoboForm "Master Password"; you have to enter this password in order to use the Identity information to fill a web form, and even to edit the Identity information. Anyway, as soon as I downloaded and installed Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and repeatedly whenever I have it running, RoboForm intermittently and randomly pops up a window asking me for the Master Password for one of my Identities that contains credit card info. I have used RoboForm long enough to know that it only does this when I (or someone else?) am trying to view or edit that credit card information; and I know for sure that I'm doing nothing on my system that should initiate a request for my Master Password. Maybe it's just a strange coincidence, but it makes me nervous. There may be some problem here, maybe not with the Wondershare software itself, but maybe somehow during the download process someone is tacking on some malware?

by SS (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 15:43  (58208)

did you, by any chance, do the upgrade on first-run? Just curious, maybe related maybe not.. i haven't found a list of the update's contents yet but it was 20mb.

by junl964 (not verified) on 21. September 2010 - 13:40  (58202)

Great software,thanks!