The $59 Pro Version Of This PDF Suite Is Free Right Now [Expired]

Debenu PDF Tools is a neat program which makes it easy to work with PDF files.  Just right-click on a PDF file icon and you can instantly convert it to text or a graphic, extract the text, split and merge PDF files, and more.

Also, there's a built-in PDF Previewer, so you can start reading a PDF file almost instantly, without waiting for a full reader app to load.

PDF Tools is available in a free version and also a Pro edition.  The latter normally costs $59 but is currently free of charge.  Your download of the free edition will include a serial number for the Pro one, which you simply enter on the Application Info option of the menu.

The program is a 7 MB download and, according to VirusTotal, is clean of malware.  It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and is where you need to go.  Just click on the Download Free button.



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by Jim J on 11. December 2013 - 4:58  (112892)

I downloaded the file and can not locate the file "debenu_pdf_tools_pro_license_key.txt"

I reviewed all files associated with the download and the only two text files are two one titled Registration and one titled Licence, which do not include any license key.

Any help in directing me to where I can find the file would be appreciated.

by MidnightCowboy on 11. December 2013 - 6:28  (112893)

This offer was from January and has now expired. MC - Site Manager.

by cathymcl on 15. February 2013 - 18:42  (105446)

Mine just came up and said my trial period has finished. Then ask if I wanted to buy!
Think your article was misleading as I clicked on like on their Facebook page first as well, and it led you to believe you got the program free, but it 's only for a week or so!! Why not say it's a trial!!

by mr6n8 on 15. February 2013 - 20:01  (105450)

It is for a licensed version, not a trial, for free.

When you unzip the download there is a text file called "debenu_pdf_tools_pro_license_key.txt"

This file contains the license key that needs to be entered to activate the free version.

Did you enter the license key in?

by exbioman on 1. February 2013 - 22:36  (105024)

Maybe it diasppeared, stopped functiioning because I don't use facebook on my computers?

by exbioman on 1. February 2013 - 22:35  (105023)

Installed properly and used it once. The program said computer needed to reboot and I shut it down. Wins 7 64 bit OS. Just saved a document from my Canon printer and tried to find the .exe file. Nowhere to be found. Inside the start menu, just the Debenu folder name, uninstall file in the folder, and weblink in the folder. It worked after installation.

by mr6n8 on 2. February 2013 - 13:49  (105056)

I also have Windows 7 64bit. I did not have to reboot after install.
I do see the same items in the Start menu.

Try right-clicking on a PDF file and see if it shows in the context menu. From what I can see, that is how it works.

Also, look at this post from Jojoyee for info on registering the license key:

I did nothing with Facebook and it is not necessary for this offer.

by wrigs1 on 31. January 2013 - 9:43  (104992)

Like some other posters install did not initially work - but right click 'Run as Administrator' on the intstaller's exe file installed the software for me (Vista with non admin user)

by jandbrare on 30. January 2013 - 4:01  (104956)

It hung up during install. Windows Explorer quit working. I couldn't boot to Windows 7. I had to completely restore my system using Acer Recovery Disks. Lost all my programs and data on my C: Drive. I may be able to recover most with the Windows Backup image on a USB drive, which was fairly currnet. Got my fingers crossed. My email and important data is in the Cloud. I will lose some recent images, videos.

A Disaster! I'll stick to PDF XChange. It's entirely sufficient and free all the time.

by Canuck50 on 29. January 2013 - 21:03  (104944)

Thank you Gizmo for another great program. I live on a limited Disability pension so getting free versions of programs that I will use is fantastic.

by LongHawl on 29. January 2013 - 17:36  (104936)

Found it to be rather poor to use. I like to delete the boilerplate pages from various account statements. You can't seem to do much of anything from the reader screen than read. To delete pages you have to go through several levels of menu and then - and this is just nuts - have to specify what to delete blind. The document is not displayed. You better darn well know exactly which pages you want to delete or you will end up with something other than what you intended. Frankly - real 1980's level programming.
Shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but this isn't worth the price. And I mean the free price. Will delete it and continue using PDF24 which does a MUCH better job for my needs.

by integralady on 29. January 2013 - 17:17  (104935)

Does not work ... install does apparently complete, but when you go to exec the program from the Start Menu, absolutely nothing happens (nor does the program auto-exec after installation is completed). Gives no indication that you have to reboot before program is available either. Never got anywhere near trying to supply the password, because although program appears to be there, it's a "no op". I am totally confused by this this ... IMHO it is a complete waste of time.

by play8oy on 29. January 2013 - 16:43  (104932)

Works fine with XP and registered just fine. Tq for sharing.

by john_oracle on 29. January 2013 - 16:31  (104931)

Installed (Windows7) and used the included PRO Key included in the ZIP file. Found the program only works by right clicking a PDF file. I chose a multiple page file that had tables and graphics. The program only extracted two paragraphs of text.

Second attempt at a one page file with multiple columns. Extracted only the first six lines in first column.

Third attempt was a TV manual with the first two pages being a table of contents. Program extracted 75% of first page only.

Will uninstall if no one has a solution. Thanks,

by lowndesw on 29. January 2013 - 14:45  (104928)

Having trouble with the install. I don't see anywhere to enter the key code. When I download, I get a Chrome extension (with the key code) and a zip file that directs me back to the download web site. Round and round. It HAS to be something really simple I'm missing here.....

by smeyer52 on 29. January 2013 - 14:40  (104927)

repeatedly failed to install, downloaded twice, no go both times. Win 7 x64, HP elitebook with 4Gb RAM. Would appear to get half-way through install and then display "finished" screen. Will not run from the exe file, uninstalled without problem.

by j.miller on 29. January 2013 - 14:19  (104925)

I downloaded and installed but it does not run. When I try opening the exe file it does nothing? I am running 32-bit windows 7.

by MikeR on 29. January 2013 - 14:19  (104924)

Just to add my tuppenceworth: nice find, and thanks for the heads-up, Rob. But it's perhaps worth noting that when you click on the Downloads Freee button, the DL page appears with this specific information:

General requirements: Windows XP, Vista and 7. 32-bit and 64-bit versions supported.

There's no mention at all of Windows 8. Bafflingly though, after you've installed the software, it opens a 'thank you for installing' page with links to 'overview' and tutorial. Clicking on the Overview link opens the appropriate page, at the bottom of which is stated:

System Requirements, Desktop:

Windows XP, 32-bit, 64-bit
Windows Vista, 32-bit, 64-bit
Windows 7, 32-bit, 64-bit
Windows 8, 32-bit, 64-bit

I hope the developer's software turns out to be somewhat less confusing in use than what the developer itself is saying about it . . .

. . . and rather better thought out than the website links provided to new users, because I'm darned if I tell anhy difference between the 'overview' and the 'getting started guide'.

Hmmm. Not really impressed with this developer's presentational skills so far. . . but perhaps the actual software will make me genuinely 'like'.

by dwainwood on 29. January 2013 - 13:56  (104923)

Just ignore the Facebook reference and click the download link. Works well for small pdf files, but so much with large drawing pdf files (95mb)

by jragle on 29. January 2013 - 13:15  (104922)

For the bottom of the download free web page, general requirements do not mention WIN8. I suspect this free d/l version doesn't support WIN8. The other PRO d/l might be a slightly newer version that does support WIN8. But that's just a guess on my part.

by Sgluber on 29. January 2013 - 11:57  (104919)

Thank you, rob! :-)


by chrisjbo on 29. January 2013 - 5:46  (104903)

Nice find, but you should have mentioned that one has to 'Like' it on Facebook before one can download the Pro version for free. Not everyone, like me, is on Facebook.
However, I managed to download without liking it on Facebook, but the question I have now is, where do I enter the license key that came in the zip file?

by Jojo Yee on 29. January 2013 - 7:24  (104908)


Liking it on Facebook seems to be optional. After installing the program, try this:

Right-click a pdf file, then from the context menu, select Debenu PDF Tools Pro > Application Info > Register License Key.

by Canuck50 on 29. January 2013 - 21:00  (104943)

Thanks for the information Jojoyee. Followed your directions and everything is working fine. I even added these to my Document that I create for each new program.

by pepitito on 29. January 2013 - 4:45  (104902)

Thanks Rob.

Works OK in XP.


by texastechy on 29. January 2013 - 4:12  (104901)

downloaded and installed win7. pretty simple features but it does work, extracts text from pdfs as .txt files, extracts images from some pages or even all pages, and will extract a complete individual page intact. not sure it's worth $59 new but a useful program.

by cfstonge on 29. January 2013 - 1:47  (104898)

Having troubles with it in Windows 8 despite what the website says

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