50 GB Of Free Online Storage

I've mentioned lots of cloud storage services recently.  One common feature that almost all of them share, is that a basic free account gives you 2 GB of storage.  ADrive is different, as it gives you a full 50 GB.  Plenty of space to ensure that all your important files are backed up to your other computers and to the cloud.

Check out www.adrive.com for more.




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by misamkhan on 20. June 2014 - 15:45  (116849)


by goutham on 23. January 2014 - 10:37  (113923)

realy very good

by gillop555 on 31. October 2013 - 2:14  (111904)

thank you,,,,very much,,,,and god bless you,,,,,

by mcb62 on 26. January 2013 - 11:22  (104835)


by Noel (not verified) on 20. April 2012 - 14:18  (92330)

Take a look at Bitcasa, offers unlimited storage. I haven't yet understood their business model so I am hesitant to backup my data. If anyone knows, drop a line or two as its very tempting to use their service.

by MidnightCowboy on 20. April 2012 - 14:42  (92332)

Bitcasa is a "catch me" because it's only free while in Beta.

by Bob Monroe (not verified) on 27. March 2012 - 18:35  (91281)

About a month ago, when cloud storage was a topic here, I posted about ADrive.com and their 50 FREE gig of online storage. The storage site has been and continues to be free with a few minor catches:

First, the free web interface limits the size of each file upload to two gig or less. Unless you are trying to store videos or one massive archive, two gig is plenty for file uploads. The key is to upload in segments instead of one massive data dump.

Second, you have to bypass the trial stuff and look for the "Personal Basic" account if you want the storage free.

I've used this free service since 2008 to store all my graduate work research without having a single problem of data loss. If Adrive is good enough to keep all my research safe, I think it should be acceptable for you too. It's Free 50 gig!

by Billy Bob (not verified) on 26. March 2012 - 2:31  (91153)

Hardly free in the true sense. You MUST accept advertising content on the web site and undisclosed amount of email advertising. Plus you may find affiliate content delivered as well.

As well as this aspect, you are limited to 2GB file size. You MUST use a web page to transfer files, AND you are at their mercy if there is a policy change or service outage.

Bit too shaky for me I'm afraid. See you down at the local computer shop to buy a 1TB drive for $99AU.

by A__nonymous (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 17:34  (91137)

I don't like this at all. The second page of the registering process wants credit card details even though they aren't going to debit my card because it's free. If it's free why do they want my card details?

Is there some link not to have to do this and still register?

by A__nonymous (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 18:08  (91143)

I should have read further down in the comments before posting. The link to the non-credit card sign up is further down the page, not visible on the screen unless you scroll. Sites that do this leave a bad taste in my mouth.

by Anonymous Dal (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 15:39  (91128)

There is nothing to download for this wonderful service. Just register your username and password, etc. and voila! You get to use up to 50GB of free cloud storage on ADrive completely free of charge. I use their service once in a while and they have never let me down. Not new, but continues to be wonderful as far as I am concerned.

by Anonymous Dal (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 15:05  (91125)

This service is not new. How it got into your Hot Finds list is beyond me. I have been using this service fo the last 2+ years and it is both very good and reliable. Kudos to the ADrive folks!

by io (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 13:58  (91123)

It does work. If you sign up for the personal basic, it will say "2GB" in the description. But once you have registered you will see that it gives you 50GB. At least, it did for me.

by m0rpheux (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 3:22  (91098)

adrive is nice but first there site doesnt look that profesional before they redo it plus any other free back up service would offer an app to upload your file this doesnt u need to use there java upload system wich sucks

by pvilan (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 1:09  (91093)

I began using ADrive, 3 years ago.
During these years, I have tried dozens of storage sites (most of them with much less capacity offered than ADrive).

Conclusion: I now use only ADrive.

Is user friendly, with all the needed features (not common in other sites) and 50 GB.


by Australia on 24. March 2012 - 21:32  (91086)

Use of the cloud has to come with a warning. Its not hard to be burned by the cloud. Even Hotmail let me down in the past when they changed their policy to a optional pay-for-use service a few years back. I didnt use my email for the set period they dictated, so it was all deleted.
Saving 50GB with anyone, even reputable services or services that have been around for years, puts you at the mercy of policy changes. 50GB is a lot of files to have to download again to your computer when the service then announces policy changes, or even worse, that the service is being terminated

by pottster on 24. March 2012 - 20:23  (91082)

50gb of free storage has been a long standing. no catches. offer from this site. Have used them for a number of years. Highly recommended.

by epopuI on 24. March 2012 - 17:16  (91070)

Forgive me if I'm wrong but there seems to be a bait and switch here. 14 days trial period and then $6.95 per month or $55 per year. etc. Not at all clear.

by Anupam on 24. March 2012 - 17:19  (91072)

I think you are looking at the Personal Premium plan. Please look at the Personal Basic one. Comparison table here :


by Anonymous max (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 10:05  (91113)

I don't know if i am dumb but where is the download for the free version, every one i try directs me to a paid version
Regards Max......

by sirpaul2 on 25. March 2012 - 15:14  (91126)

They're using the old 'scroll down to select button' trick.

Scroll down on the 'Sign Up' page, and select the 'Personal Basic' button in the left column.

by Anonymous max (not verified) on 25. March 2012 - 16:28  (91130)

Thanks sirpaul2 finally found it (on another site) certainly not obvious though!

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