50 Fantastic Bing Tricks And Tips

Stuff you may not know Bing can do

I like Microsoft's new search engine called Bing. It may be the background images - some of them are terrific. Maybe it's because it works with WOT (World of Trust)  so I can see site safety ratings.


Whatever it is, I'm taking Bing more seriously since I ran across these tips and tricks. I mean come on, with a name like Bing, it's hard to believe it's a real search engine - Bing? Bling? Bingo? you get the idea.
Take a look at these 50 tips and tricks - some of them are features that most search engines already use, some are unique to Bing.

Don't know if you would like Bing? Try Bingle, it displays search results from Google and Bing side by side. Still not sure? Check out Blind Search . It displays the results from three search engines side by side so you can see what results you prefer. The kicker? The results don't list which search engine (Yahoo, Bing or Google) provided which results. Pick the column of results you like and click on vote for this search engine to see which search engine results you liked the most. I end up choosing about half Bing and half Google. Blind search doesn't display more than the default number of results. If you like many search results per page you probably won't want to use it often.

50 Fantastic Bing Tricks for Students & Librarians


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