10 Terrific Right Click Tools for Windows

These 10 free programs add practical features to the right click menu

This is a nice round up of tools for customizing the right click/context menu. Some of these features can make tasks (especially repetitive tasks) easier and faster.

I like the image resizer. If you use gmail, flickr, google docs or need to unlock a program you'll definitely want to have a look at these programs.
(note: the Send to Google Docs and the Open ++ link weren't working as of this writing)

Killer Tech Tips: 10 Kick Ass Right Click Tools For Windows

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by PsychEroc on 1. September 2009 - 20:14  (31999)

More are listed on this site at Best Free Right-Click Context Menu Extensions

by Anonymous on 30. August 2009 - 13:57  (31907)

I really like the FileMenu Tools, but then I have used TotalCommander since (WindowsCommander) days. Thank you for the link.

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