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Do we really need Windows registry cleaners?

In early 2012 I wrote this short article describing the impact of registry cleaning on Windows XP performance. I never published it because I was primarily settling the question for my own satisfaction. Secondly, I shelved it when I started working on a longer article that provides more detail on the scenarios. I never finished that other article so now I'm publishing this shorter article because it will still be useful to the many Windows XP users.

Windows 7 Startup Components


This article supports the Windows 7 Startup article.

I have documented the Windows components that are important to the Windows 7 Startup article. This article contains three diagrams to describe the Windows environment created at startup:

Windows 7 Startup

Want to know what happens when Windows starts?

Windows Startup Terminology


This article supports the Windows 7 Startup article

Understanding the Windows 7 Startup article requires an understanding of the terms used here.

Deeper into the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is doubly obscure as it is both unknown to most of us and hard to understand. This is as it should be. The registry is a fundamental part of the Windows Kernel and its operations are relatively complex. If Windows is working properly then we, as users, should never see the Registry or any of its components. This article is not written for registry beginners, nor those wanting to edit the registry. Instead it provides a deeper understanding of the organization and management of the registry.

Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 & 17.1 - Cinnamon Edition]



Linux MintLinux Mint is one of the top free operating systems widely used in the world and currently receives the highest hits at DistroWatch.

Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation [Ubuntu 14.04 - 14.10]


Installing µTorrent (or BitTorrent) As A Portable


This guide will help you to install µTorrent (or BitTorrent) as a portable application, either on your Windows computer or for a USB key or other portable drive.  µTorrent and BitTorrent are owned by the same company and are identical bittorrent clients (other than name and color).  So this guide applies to both clients.

How to Create Recovery Discs or USB Keys in Windows 8

Anytime you have a new Windows system, one of the first things to do is create a bootable repair disc or flash drive. Windows 8 has two approaches to creating emergency recovery media, one new and one left over from Windows 7. They are not obvious but here is how to find and use them. First, I’ll show the new way.

Nifty Way to Automatically Run a Windows Script or Program Whenever You Turn Off the PC

Have you ever wanted a way to run a program or script automatically when the computer is shut down or when a user logs off? At the end of the day you may want to do some computer housekeeping or back up some regularly used files. Although automatically running a program at startup is easy, how to run something at shutdown is less obvious. It turns out that many Windows versions have a built-in way to do this and this is how it works.

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