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This category is reserved for finds by our Editor Rhiannon Dent. Items should consist of at least two paragraphs. The first should be a "teaser" paragraph. This paragraph will be automatically published in our RSS feed. It should state the nature of the find and the benefits without mentioning the product name or providing a product link. For example: "For months I've been looking for a good way of deleting 'undeletable' files. Finally I've discovered a free utility that does the job reliably and simply." The second paragraph should at the very least, expand the benefits, name the product and provide a product link. For example: "Unlocker is a tiny 230KB utility that works with Windows 2000 and XP. Vista users are out of luck. Just right click on the 'undeletable file', select 'Delete with Unlocker' from the context menu and next time you boot the file will be gone for good." You can have a third paragraph if you wish; indeed as many as you like. However there must at least be a second paragraph after the opening "teaser" paragraph.

American Southwest: Bisti Badlands (Wallpaper of the Week)

This weeks wallpaper comes to us from the desert southwest. From chocolate to cream, the layers of stone form hoodoos and other fantastic shapes in stone. Time and erosion have carved the area into steeply eroded badlands, a world of undulating rock formations and fossils. Low gray and white clouds in a blue sky complete the picture. Desktop icons stand out pretty well on most parts of the image.

stone formations under blue sky in the Amercian Southwest

Check Your Online Etiquette using this Online Etiquette Encyclopedia (Website of the Week)

 Make sure your online etiquette (also known as netiquette) is up to date by using the guidelines at this site.

The words Emily Post in light blue on a white background

Freeware Game of the Week (Get ready to Cry with Fear!)


Jun 12 - Jun 18

You wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What has happened?
This is your struggle to find the truth and answers to your questions. Answers for the darkness and fear that is making your pulse race like violent blows against your head.
What are "they"? Where do "they" come from? What the hell has happened around here?
Are these the indulgences of insanity?

Finds of the Week: Make Word Paste as Plain Text, Online Proofreading Tool, Worst Tech Habits, Windows Services, Adding Browser Search Engines, Non-alcoholic Drink Recipes

Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Make Microsoft Word Always Paste in Plain Text
Great tip for those of us who have to use Word and need plain text. :)

Dim Red Forest (Wallpaper of the Week)

This weeks wallpaper is on the dark side. A dim forest with deep orange rays of the sun slanting through the forest. The forest is mirrored in a pool of water. Shades of red, orange and brown are the dominant colors. Desktop icons show up very well with this wallpaper. 

tree trunks and limbs along a pool of water, dark reds and brown are main colors

Available Resolutions:
Too many to list, see site.

Purge your PC: Decide What PC Programs Get Booted (Website of the Week)

Purge your PC of program clutter and bloatware using this practical site.

site logo with text saying Should I Remove it? in black on a white background

Don't have a clue what you should remove or keep? Ever open up the Windows Add/Remove Programs app and are just utterly overwhelmed? Check out Should I Remove It, a site that lists friendly and not so friendly programs and software publishers.

Finds of the Week: 25 Google Fonts for Design, Create Windows 8 Bootable Media, Back Up Evernote Notebooks, Download Official Windows 8 User Guide, Guide to Laptops, Recycle Bin Tips

Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Steampunk (Wallpaper of the Week)

This weeks wallpaper falls under the "Steampunk" category. Done in varying shades of textured brown and yellow the image features gears, chains and a time piece. There's not much high contrast in this weeks wallpaper and desktop icons are visible but not prominent.

image of gears, chains and timepiece done in browns

Feed Your Brain at Today I Found (Website of the Week)

Today I Found Out is a site whose focus is on learning something new every day. There is a large array of quick facts, articles, infographics etc. that should satisfy the mildest to most intensely curious of souls.

Text reads Today I Found Out on a red rectangular backgrouns

Finds of the Week: Free Prints & Photographs, Haiku Generator, Troubleshooting Computer Problems, Backing Up Gmail, Transfer All Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa, Shutting Down Windows 8

Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

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