Best Free Antivirus Software

How to Make a Quick and Easy Online Antivirus Check of a File or App Before Downloading it

Do you like to download things from the Internet? Do you try out a lot of different programs? These days you can't be too careful about what you get from the Internet. Here is how to make those downloads safer.

Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET has Been Updated

A previous tip described the very useful security software from Microsoft called "Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit" (EMET). Microsoft just released a new version 4.1. EMET is designed to help prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. It hardens your system against various exploit techniques by making programs run in a restricted mode.

Best Free Internet Security Suite

Best Free Software for Mac OS


Mac OSWith the advent of "iDevices", OS X has arguably become one of the fastest growing user bases in the last decade. Not only for graphic design and audio/video editors anymore, OS X, with its simplistic design, has caught the appeal of many more common users who want a system that just works.

How to Create Strong Passwords that You Can Remember the Quick and Easy Way

How to create strong passwords that are hard to crack but still possible to remember is the subject of much discussion (for example, here). Long, random combinations of various types of characters provide resistance to hacking but are cumbersome to use. So various schemes for constructing strong passwords that are more easily remembered abound.

How to Install Comodo Firewall


This guide was written for version 7.0 of Comodo Internet Security (CIS). This guide will work equally well for configuring Comodo Firewall, but the screenshots are from CIS.


Best Free Windows Store Apps


Best Free Windows 8 AppsWindows 8 is a watershed that brings great changes to Windows apps.

Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage

Best Free File Encryption Utility

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