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Wake Up To Your Favourite Youtube Track

Online Music Alarm ( turns your PC into a musical alarm clock.  Start by typing the name of a song, and the site will present you with a list of entries for that song on Youtube.  Choose the one you want, then type in one or more times.  So long as you leave your web browser open, your chosen songs will then load and play at the time you selected.

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Comparing TrueCrypt and AxCrypt As The Best Free Encryption Utilities

For a long time, I've been recommending TrueCrypt as my favourite data encryption program for Windows.  You may have seen a recent posting on our web site at which now recommends a relative newcome called AxCrypt.

As someone who uses encryption on a daily basis, I thought it might be a good idea to compare the 2 products and offer some advice on which is best for you.

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Windows Utility Alt-Tabs Through Your Apps Automatically

Ever wanted an easy way to keep an eye on a number of programs that are running on your PC? Or have you ever wanted to set up a rolling demo to show friends, family, colleagues or clients a selection of programs that are running?

OK, so it's not the sort of thing that every PC user needs to do, all the time. But occasionally, such a facility can be useful.  Especially if you want to monitor those programs in full-screen mode rather than as minimised windows.

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Manage Your iPad Files From Windows Without iTunes

If you're lucky enough to have an iPad, you'll know that the recommended way to copy files to and from it is via iTunes.  Trouble is, while the iPad itself is a wonderful device, iTunes is a bloated, inefficient app that mainly exists in order to try to sell you downloadable content for your device.

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A Simple Utility To Report Free Drive Space And Memory

If yesterday's memory-related Hot Find was slightly too complex,and you'd prefer a simpler reporting tool, then take a look at Memory Watch.  It displays a constant readout of your physical and virtual memory usage, and free space on any selected drive.  You can see the entire output, and options, in the screen shot below.

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How To Diagnose Slow-Loading Web Pages

If you're a regular reader of Gizmo's, you're probably the resident internet expert among your friends, family or company.  And you probably get asked for your advice at times on why a particular web site is running so slowly.

Sounds familiar?  If so, some simple free online tools can help you find out the cause of the problems, and they're very easy to use.

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Dashlane - A Very Impressive Password Manager

I've recently been trying out a relatively new password manager called Dashlane, and I have to admit to being rather impressed.

To get Dashlane, head to and download it.  The basic edition, which has all the features you're likely to need, is free.  It runs under Windows and supports popular browsers such as IE, FireFox and Chrome.  The installer is a 1.5 MB download, and VirusTotal reckons it's clean of all malware.

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Simple, Portable Freeware Scans Pages To PDF

The other day, I needed to scan a bunch of printed papers into a PDF file that I could send electronically.  I didn't have anything installed on my PC that could do the job, so I was about to dig out my copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional, which can do it admirably.  But although they're very capable, Adobe's products are huge, and I only wanted to scan a handful of pages.  I didn't need all the other functionality that comes with the suite.

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Skype - The Forgotten Free Desktop Sharing App

A few days ago I wrote about free apps for sharing a Windows desktop.  If you like using such thing, here's another one.  You've almost certainly heard of the program in question, but you may not be aware that it has such a feature.

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Force Your Browser To Open Your Home Page On Each New Tab

Some of the leading web browsers have changed the way they operate recently.  They still let you specify a home page, which will open up when you start the browser.  But when you open a new tab, you get the browser's own choice of page rather than your specified home page.

The latest edition of Google Chrome, for example, is guilty of such behaviour, as are some versions of Firefox.

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