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Assign A Frequently-Typed Word or Phrase To a Single Key

When I'm not bringing you news of interesting freeware for Gizmo's, one of my other jobs is as a system administrator for a collection of servers running Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.  Consequently, just about every sentence I type into Google or an email message tends to include the phrase "Sharepoint 2010" somewhere in it.

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Free Speech to Text Conversion Facility In Your Browser

If you have never tried using automatic dictation software, then here's an easy way to do so.  Use your web browser to visit and you're ready to start speaking.

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How to Make YouTube Run Faster

The trouble with modern web pages is that they are often very information-heavy behind the scenes.  Even a relatively simple news story page might involve a download of half a megabyte by your web browser, in order to retrieve all the text, images, Javascript code, adverts, comments, navigation areas, and so on.

When you're trying to watch video clips, speed is crucial.  If your internet connection isn't fast enough, the video simply stops until your computer catches up.  

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Play The Original Wolfenstein Games In Your Browser For Free

In these days of photo-realistic 3D games, it's hard to remember programs such as Castle Wolfenstein that started off the whole genre 20 years ago.  If you want to relive your childhood, or you want to see what those original games were like, or you just want to play a simple, fast, fun 3D shooting-based adventure game, point your browser at  

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Watch 6301 Full-Length Documentaries From Your Browser

If you've ever wished that YouTube was more serious, or in-depth, or intellectual, then here's a treat for you.  A web site from which you can want thousands (6301 to be precise) full-length documentary programmes on everything from money to health to music to sexuality.

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Do You Use Mobile Apps? Then I hope You Haven’t been Missing Out on This

Here at Gizmo’s Freeware we’ve been putting a big effort into finding you the best free mobile apps.  However this site is now so big you may not have noticed all the goodies we’ve got for you so here’s a quick sample of what you can find on the site:

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Organise And Search Your Photos By Metadata

Within the file that makes up a digital photo, there's a lot more data than just the pixels that make up the picture.  Most cameras also store lots of extra information in there, such as the image settings, camera settings (focal length, zoom, exposure time, aperture etc), and more.  If the camera has access to a GPS feed, perhaps from the smartphone to which it's built in, the co-ordinates of the location are often stored too.

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Get Ten Free Full-Length E-Books From Microsoft Press

If you want to supplement your collection of technical e-books, or you need in-depth information about Microsoft technologies, you may be interested in a set of works from Microsoft Press which are being offered for download free of charge.  

There are 10 books on offer, and you can see the titles in the screen shot below.  Topics include Windows Phone 7, SQL Server, Office 365 and Windows Server, as well as Visual Studio.

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Microsoft SkyDrive Finally Gets Its Desktop App

Until now, the main difference between the way that you use Dropbox and Microsoft; SkyDrive is that the latter is only available via a web site.  There's no officially supported way to mount your SkyDrive as a virtual drive in Windows 7, to which you can copy and save files.

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Free Tool Analyses Email Header To Show Route Taken

Although internet-based email is incredibly useful, it does have its problems.  It's not secure by default, so you need to encrypt confidential messages.  There's no automatic mechanism to find out whether a message was received or read.  And perhaps most worryingly of all, it's easy to send fake mail that appears to come from, well, anyone.  Hence all that spam that seems to have been sent by a collection of people with unbelievable names.

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