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A Handy Cheat-Sheet For Google Power-Searching

If you want to become a Google Guru, and use some of the advanced tools in the search engine to help you find stuff better, you might want to consider sitting through one or more of the official Google online courses.  For example, the Power Searching course at comprises a complete set of videos that show what you need to do.

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Free Programming Courses For Kids

Like many industries, IT developer training is rapidly moving to an online model.  One of the leading players in this area is Pluralsight, which bills itself as providing "hardcore developer training".  Think Youtube, but consisting of professionally-produced training material for techies, at around $50 a month for all you can eat.

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Eight PDF Files You Don’t Want to Open

One of the largest sources of malware infections is PDF files with scripts buried in them. The embedded JavaScripts have instructions to download and install various types of malware. The Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are the major targets for this kind of attack. Although Adobe seems to issue an unending stream of updates, many PC users still get infected. Here is a tip to help avoid malicious PDF files.

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How To Write Down Your Passwords Yet Remain Secure

Everyone knows that you should never write down you passwords.  But what if there was a way that allowed you to write them down and yet remain secure?

According to the people behind a service called Password Card, there is.  It works along the same lines as a couple of commercial offerings that have been around for a while, but this is free.

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How To Keep Your Passwords Safe

Yesterday at I talked about how to choose an uncrackable password.  Today, as promised, I'll cover the thorny problem of how to keep all your passwords safe and secure.

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Want To Find Out How Password Cracking Works?

I've covered a few security-related products and services recently, and I know from our usage stats that this is a topic which many of you are interested in.

So, to end this brief run of security postings, here's something about a freeware program with a difference.  The difference is that I'm not actually suggesting you download and run it.  Instead, increase your understanding of the program, and others in the same genre, by reading an excellent article.  Let me explain.

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Browser-Based Text Editor Even Extracts Text From A Web Page

There are lots of excellent browser-based text editors that allow you to edit and manipulate text without the need to install any software on your PC.  But I happen to like a lot, as it has a great feature up its sleeve.

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Need To Trim An MP3 File? Do It Online.

You've downloaded an MP3 file from the web, or recorded a track onto your PC.  Or maybe you've extracted the audio from a YouTube video.  You have the MP3 file, but there's some stuff at the start or the end, or both, that you want to remove.

Do you need to download and install an audio file editor, just to trim the ends of an MP3 track?  Thankfully, no.  You can do it all online, for free.

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Play This Train Simulator In Your Browser For Free

The idea of a PC-based train simulator is nothing new.  Microsoft used to produce one, before selling it to another company.  And there's a free product called BVE, which has loads of features but which is notoriously difficult to download, install and configure.

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