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A Simple, Free Hard Disk LED Simulator

Sometimes it's useful to know whether the hard disk LED indicator on your computer is flashing.  Because if it is, that will explain why the computer might be running slowly, or why it might be an idea not to restart the machine right now.

Trouble is, not all computers are fitted with a hard disk activity LED any more.  And even if yours has one, maybe the system unit is under your desk and thus the indicator isn't easy to see.

This Small, Simple Slideshow Tool Looks Good

If you want to show off a set of digital photos to friends, family or colleagues, the slideshow feature built into Windows isn't exactly impressive.  You can download additional programs to enhance the experience, and these contain lots of fancy transition effects, but the programs are often slow, bloated, large, and full of features that you don't particularly need.

Turn A Digital Photo Into An Amazing Painting

Here's a novel twist on those web sites that offer to turn your digital photo into something that looks like an oil painting.  Psykopaint ( offers similar features, but instead of an automatic conversion you have control of a magic paintbrush.  As you paint over your image, the effect gradually reveals itself.  By manipulating the brush over certain areas of your picture, you can achieve a very natural, unique appearance for your finished picture.

A Must-Read Article If You Use 3G Data On A Smartphone or Tablet

Do you have a smartphone or tablet?  Do you use a mobile 3G broadband internet data connection?  Have you ever wondered why your mobile broadband connection is so slow, or why you're using up your monthly data allowance so quickly?

A Great New, Intelligent Search Engine

The more you use the Web, the more you realise just how much the internet knows about you.  Mostly this is because of the tracking cookies that lots of web sites use, and which seem to manage to talk to each other in order to show you adverts that you'll be interested in.  For example, if you look up information about power supplies on one web site, you'll see adverts for power-related things on dozens of other sites that you visit subsequently.

Relaunched Cloud Storage App Still Offering 10 GB of Free Space

Back in September I told you about, a Dropbox-like startup that was offering 10 GB of free storage space for new accounts, rather than the 2 GB offered by Dropbox. 

Alien Arena 2011--for both Windows & Linux (also Mac OS)

Robert is gone on vacation for a little bit and we've had no new Hot Finds! for a couple days, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post a new game that I just became aware of.  A special thank you to Jesforkicks for mentioning this game in one of his posts.

Alien Arena 2011--for both Windows & Linux (also MAC OS)

Publishers Description:

Would You Qualify For Mensa Membership? Take A Fun, Free, Online Test

Mensa is an international organisation of some 20,000 people, all of whom have an IQ that's higher than the average.  Have you ever wondered whether you would qualify for Mensa membership?  Although it's not an official IQ test that you can use to gain entry into Mensa, the organisation has a free "mental workout" on its web site that you can try, in order to guage your own skills.

Powerful, Free Command-Line Tool To Manage Your Hard Disk Content

When you buy a new PC nowadays, it typically comes with a hard drive of at least 500 GB.  Terabyte drives are not uncommon, and are easy and cheap to add when you need even more space.

New Online Service Makes It Easy To Add Photo Effects

I love discovering new web sites that allow you to add special effects to digital photos.  They're fun to use, there's nothing to install on your PC, and each site offers effects that none of the others does.

My latest discovery is Picfull (  I used the site to transform a perfectly ordinary picture into something that looks much more interesting.  The results, which took me all of 10 seconds to achieve, are below.

Gizmo's Freeware is Recruiting!

Gizmos Needs YouShare your knowledge of free software with millions of Gizmo's readers by joining our editing team.  Details here.

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