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Hot find

Create Realistic Concert Tickets, Record Labels, Signs, Cans And More

Here's a fun site which helps you produce some great looking images. Says It (www.says-it.com) makes it easy to create fake items such as a record label (shown below), concert tickets, signs, soft drink cans, and so on.  Just select the type of item you want, type in your required text, and the image is generated in just seconds.  

If you want to keep the image, just take a screen grab.  It's free.  Alternatively, you can order your image on a mug, t-shirt, fridge magnet, key chain etc for a few dollars via the site.

Create Instant Soothing Music On Your PC

If you've often fancied yourself as a composer of "new age" music but you never really knew where to start, an online site called Circuli can help.  It's an experiment in instant composition, and you don't need to know anything about music theory in order to use it.


At work, I do a lot of data mining, and one free tool that I recommend is Formulize which is an incredible powerful scientific data mining software package.

For those who are not sure how data mining works here is an example

Online Collaborative Mind Maps for Free

Mind42 (www.mind42.com) is an online service that allows you to create mind maps from within your browser.  Unlike traditional computer-based mindmap programs, this online solution allows you to collaborate with others.  So if you're trying to come up with a new plan for a business, maybe, or a family event, you can talk to someone on the phone and also work jointly on the mindmap at the same time.

Mind42 offers a number of paid-for monthly subscriptions.  However, the basic, free package offers unlimited mind maps and should be all you'll ever need.

Two Free Services To Help Manage Your Life

Using a computer to manage your to-do list is often a better solution than using paper.  Things stay neat, even if you change a current entry or delete an old one.  And unlike a paper notebook, you can back up the computerised one easily.  Plus, if you use a web-based online system, your entries are available from any computer you use.  Or, of course, from your smartphone if you have web access.

I've recently been trying out two web-based systems which help to manage your to-do list.  

Hosted App Keeps Track Of Your Programming Progress

If you enjoy programming, either for fun or as a profession, you probably use a scrappy old notebook to keep track of how the project is progressing.  Which parts have been written, which are still needing to be done, details of bugs that need fixing or have been fixed, ideas for new features, lists of important dates such as when you intend to get the first version finished, etc etc.

Turn A Folder Of PDF Files Into a Proper Electronic Library

The web is awash with programs that can help you to organise your collection of digital audio files.  Media players such as Songbird and Winamp are a great way to search and play your audio, rather than simply scrolling through the list of files with Windows Explorer.

For photos, too, there are programs such as Picasa to help you organise and view your shots.

Practice Your Logic With This Free, Fun Game

BonusBall is a free game that closely resembles a well-known game called Lines.  You can download BonusBall from http://www.games-kid.com/bonusball.html, and it runs on Windows XP and above.

The game is easy to learn, easy to play, but requires some thought in order to master it.

Get a $39 PDF to Excel Converter For Free

Programs to convert PDF files to text or document format are pretty common.  However, PDF To Excel Converter is the first program I've encountered which claims to be able to convert PDF files to Microsoft Excel format.

Relax At Your PC With This Sound Effect Generator

Atmosphere Lite is a free Windows program that generates realistic background sound effects on your PC.  Whether you're trying to get to sleep, or simply want to relax while reading some information on screen, the program offers a huge number of effects and combinations.

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