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A Whole New Genre of File Manager?

If you've used a computer-based calendar or diary before, such as Outlook or Google, you'll be familiar with the sort of view shown in the screenshot below.  But take another look at the picture, because this isn't my calendar.  The program I'm using is called Nemo Docs and it's actually a file manager.  I can view the files that have recently been edited on my PC by day, week, month or year.  Needless to say, double-clicking a file opens it for editing with the default application for that file type.  You can also filter by file type,

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A Quick Way to Change or Check your DNS Setting

A DNS server is that great big internet-based lookup table which turns textual addresses such as into numerical ones such as  Without DNS, you'd have to type those numbers into your browser's address bar, so it's clearly a Good Thing.

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Another Great Free Program for Teaching Maths

Last month I brought you details of Microsoft Mathematics, a free program for anyone who's trying to study or teach maths.  Almost 21,000 of you clicked on the link to my story, making it one of the most popular Hot Find items ever.

So, if you liked that one, here's another program which is aimed at the same type of people.  IE, those studying maths, or trying to help schoolkids who are.

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A Desktop Client for Youtube

As anyone will tell you, the benefit of cloud computing means that all your information is held online and can be accessed from any computer or other device with nothing more than a web browser.  You don't need any special software installed.

Which is, of course, one of the reasons why Youtube has been so successful.  You can access it from any computer or smartphone, with no need for a dedicated client application.

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An Amazingly Smart Image Resize Tool That's Free

Take a look, if you will, at the 2 images below.  It's pretty clear that, in the second one, the image has been cropped in order to bring the main subjects (the 4 people) closer to the foreground. 

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A Fascinating New Take on The PIM And Mind-Map

I'm always on the lookout for the ultimate Personal Information Manager.  I don't quite know what I'm looking for, although I know I haven't found it yet.  Treepad ( probably comes closest, but I'm still not 100% happy with it.  When you're planning a big project, there's still no tech solution that can beat shuffling a pack of blank cards around a desk, or a load of yellow sticky notes on the wall.

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A Handy Windows Troubleshooting Tool that's Free For Non-Commercial Use

One of the most useful features of Windows is the Event Log.  It automatically records details of any problems that your computer encounters, and should be your first port of call if you're investigating any sort of unexpected behaviour from your PC.  You can normally get to the Event Viewer by right-clicking on My Computer and then choosing the Manage option.

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Free Browser Add-in Records Image And Text of Every Page You Visit

If you're conducting a research session on the web, sometimes it's really useful to be able to go back through the pages you've visited.  The standard browser history feature helps, of course, but it only stores the addresses of the pages you visit, rather than their content. So if you suddenly realise you need to go back to that site which was offering 25% off printer ink, and you can't quite remember its name, it's not easy.

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Get A Free Licence For This Printer Ink Saver App

Preton Saver is a handy utility for anyone who uses Windows with an inkjet printer, especially if much of the stuff you print is not for long-term storage and doesn't need to look pristine.

It's a simple utility which helps you save ink, and can also keep a running count of how much ink (and money) you've saved.  Best of all, you can get a free licence if you'll be using the program for non-commercial (ie, domestic) purposes.

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Security Software That Will Wow You. I Guarantee.

Every now and again, I come across a bit of free software that makes me go "Wow!".  And here's one such example.

Prey ( is an automatic tracking system for mobiles and laptops.  If you only want to track a handful of devices, it's totally free to use, and the software is open source.

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