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As any regular reader of these pages will know, I'm a loyal Windows user.  I'm not particularly keen on Apple's products, because I just don't really get on with them.  I prefer Android to iPhone, and I don't really like Mac OSX.

I'm no fan of iTunes, either.  But I do have to admit that one particular feature of Apple's online media store is absolutely wonderful, and well worth exploring.

A Fast Search-And-Replace Utility That Copes With a Folder Full of Files

As a PC power-user, you probably sometimes need to perform a search and replace operation across a collection of text files.  For example, you might have a collection of batch files that make reference to drive D:, and you need to change everything to E: instead. 

Communicate Online With Extra Privacy

While sites such as Twitter and Facebook make it so easy to communicate with groups of friends or colleagues online, there's also a serious privacy issue.  Mainly, the lack of it.  It's easy to search through the entire posting history of any user, or merely to check the directory to see if that user has an account on the system at all.

A relatively new system called Cloaklet aims to change that.  It promises total privacy.  All of your messages are encrypted, and the only person that can read them is the person you send them to.

Use This Free Online Timeline Generator To Plan Or Document

I'm always interested in exploring new ways to present information.  One method that is gaining in popularity at the moment is the timeline, and there are various software tools around that can help you create them.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to get started in creating a timeline is to head to a web site called  Once you've signed up, which is free, you can create your own timelines.  Just enter the dates/times of a series of events, and they'll be displayed on a timeline that you can scroll and zoom in your browser.

Got an E-Book Reader? Want Hundreds of Free Books?

If you've been reading the technology pages of your favourite news website over the last few days you'll know that the e-reader market is hotting up.  E-books are changing the way that we buy, sell and read books, and Amazon has even said that it now sells more Kindle downloads than paperbacks.

Study The Origin Of Words With This Etymology Dictionary

Have you had a glass of punch recently?  Have you ever wondered why it's called punch?

It actually comes from a Hindi word meaning "five", because the original recipe for punch comprised 5 ingredients.  The Punjab area of India actually has the same derivation, as it was once the place where 5 rivers met.

I Love This Whitelist Cookie Manager For Google Chrome

In this Internet age, I accept that the web doesn't come for free and that advertising is necessary.  I don't begrudge web sites that include ads.  But I'm beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable about the way that some sites, and some ad-serviing networks, work together to target those adverts so precisely.

This Global WiFi Hotspot Database Has 100 Million Entries

You're out and about.  You have a smartphone or an iPad with you, and you want to use the internet.  Cellular reception is slow, patchy and unreliable, so you really need to track down the nearest wifi hotspot as soon as possible.

The solution is a handy web site called

Free Fiction Planning Software Makes A Great General-Purpose Organizer Too

StoryLite is a free application which is mostly aimed at those who write fiction (by which I mean novels and short stories, rather than expenses claims!).  But it's actually a great general-pupose organizer too.

It's basically an electronic whiteboard onto which you can write sticky notes and move them around.  What makes this program particularly handy is that you can zoom and pan the screen, which means you can fit loads more information on it.

Create Your Own Animated Cartoon, Just By Typing

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