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Web Server for Windows Media Centre Reaches v1 Milestone

Like millions of people, I use a PC running Windows Media Centre instead of a traditional set-top box or PVR.  It means that I can watch and record TV programs, just like everyone else, but I can also use the machine for more conventional web surfing too. It's the ideal living-room companion.

But the one feature that Media Centre lacks, in my opinion, is a built-in web server to allow me to schedule recordings over the internet when I'm away from home.

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Browser Add-On Shows Exactly Who's Watching You Surf

I've not been a major user of Firefox for the past year or so, since I discovered the wonderful Google Chrome.  But over the past couple of days I've been an avid Firefoxer, solely because of an absolutely wonderful (and extremely concerning) add-in called Collusion.

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Clever Utility Lets You Share Your Scanner Across Your LAN

Do you have more than 1 computer in your home or office?  Does one of those computers have a scanner attached?  Would you like to be able to access the scanner from any machine on your network, simply via a web browser, in a way that lets you scan images and save them to PDF files?

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This Online To-Do List Has Android/iOS Client Apps Too

Using a computerised system to manage your to-do list often makes more sense than using paper-based organisers.  You can keep things much more neatly, rather than crossing out stuff when it's been done.  And you can back up the data for safety and security.  And if you have the right sort of portable device, such as an Android smartphone or an Apple iPod/iPad, you can access your information from anywhere.

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A Simple Online Speed Test For Your Browser

Once upon a time, a web browser simply displayed textual content, and also had the ability to change the layout of that content via HTML markup codes.

But today's modern browsers understand a lot more than HTML.  They're nothing short of a full software execution and development environment, thanks to technology such as JavaScript.  This is a scripting language that allows a web page to transform itself from a page of static text into a full in-browser app.

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Get A $60 Bootable Troubleshooting Tool Free.

I wrote last week about a $60 troubleshooting tool for Windows, which comes in the form of a bootable CD, and which you'd shortly be able to get for free.

Well, that time is here.  And my grateful thanks to the folks at Wondershare for the offer.  The product in question is LiveBoot 2012, and you can read all about it at (but ignore the download links on that page, as you won't find your free licence code that way).

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Get Ready For A Top Troubleshooting Tool

If you like to be able to fix your PC when things go wrong, or you get called upon to fix friends' and neighbours' machines, then a vital part of your tool kit should be a bootable recovery CD.  Such a tool means that you can repair or investigate problems, even if Windows is refusing to boot.

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This $30 File Manager Is Now Free

Ever since the days of Norton Commander, which ran under MS-DOS, there's been a big market in add-on file managers for PCs.  While some people are content with using Windows Explorer, others want the added power of a dedicated file manager.

One popular file manager for Windows, namely Multi Commander, has recently changed from a shareware model to freeware.  The registration fee, of up to 26 euros (around $30) has been dropped, and you can download the full program from

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