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This 4-In-1 File Explorer Makes Moving And Copying Files Simple

The standard way to move or copy files and folders in Windows is to use Windows Explorer.  But there's a fundamental flaw in its design which Microsoft consistently seems to ignore. You open Explorer and select the files you want to move or copy and then, well, what exactly?  You either have to open another instance of Explorer, or move within the open one, in order to paste the stuff you just selected.  It works, but it's messy and complicated.

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Search For A Specific Word Or Phrase On Your Entire PC

I've never been a fan of the search facility that's built into Windows.  It doesn't always find what I'm looking for.  Plus, if you want to be able to search the full text of all your files, rather than just the filenames themselves, you need to turn on indexing.  Which slows down your computer and takes up valuable hard disk space.  Which is fine if you use the search feature a lot, but not so useful if it's something you need only rarely.

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Quickly Grab The Current Screen Colour For Any Pixel

You're sitting in front of your PC using a photo editing package, or designing a web page, and you want to create a coloured object.  Maybe a border or outline, or a block of colour somewhere.  Or a shape to use for emphasis in your picture.  Or maybe just a solid background for the entire picture.  You know what colour you want to use - it's the one over there, on some other part of the screen that isn't actually anything to do with the window that contains the image editor.  

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Want The Latest Winamp? Get It While You Still Can

In the days before iTunes, Winamp was one of the best-known names in computer music.  It was the preferred MP3 player for millions of people, and there were even some built-in radio stations that were integrated with it too.  It was so popular that AOL bought Winamp for some $80 million a few years ago, presumably with the intention of turning it into what iTunes eventually became.

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CryptoLocker: Beware This Major Threat To Your PC

Computer criminals have a new weapon in their arsenal.  No longer do they need to send out phishing emails in the hope that you'll fall for the scam and hand over your bank details.  The new technique is a lot less subtle, but much more lucrative.

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A Free App to Make Your New PC Cleaner and Faster

Unfortunately, when you buy a new PC, one of the first things you have to do is clean off the third-party junk software (more colorfully known as crapware) that the PC manufacturer has loaded on it. The manufacturers get paid to stick a lot of trialware and other largely extraneous stuff on new PCs. It clutters your desktop and hard drive and slows things down with unwanted processes automatically running in the background.

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Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET has Been Updated

A previous tip described the very useful security software from Microsoft called "Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit" (EMET). Microsoft just released a new version 4.1. EMET is designed to help prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. It hardens your system against various exploit techniques by making programs run in a restricted mode.

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Get The Release Version of Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 7

Microsoft released the final version of IE11 for Windows 7 today.  The browser, which was introduced with Windows 8, is now also available for Windows 7 too, though not for XP or Vista.  

If you're running Windows 7 and you want to try the most up-to-date version of IE, head to to upgrade.  As always, it's still safe to install browsers from multiple companies at the same time, so any existing installation of Chrome, Opera etc won't be affected. 

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My Favourite App For Joining MP3 Files

I've recently been recording some audio onto my PC, and the finished result occupied 10 separate MP3 files.  Having separate files for each track or song can often be a good idea, of course, if you might want to listen to each one separately.  But in some cases, it's useful to be able to merge separate MP3 files into one, to simplify your listening and the storage of the file.  And so it was in this case.  Which meant that I needed to find some Windows software that could do the job.

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Save On Expensive Ink And Paper With A Free Browser Add-On

CleanPrint is a free add-in, available for most major web browsers, that changes the way you print a web page.  Instead of clicking the normal Print button, click the CleanPrint button in your browser's toolbar instead, if you want a simpler and cheaper printing option.

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