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Hard Disk Space Finders. My New Top Choice.

I wrote a couple of months ago about my quest to find a good, free program that could help me free up space on my PC.  I wasn't looking for an automated tool for deleting files.  I simply needed to know where my valuable disk space was being used most heavily, so I could target those directories and folders myself.

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Free Tool Analyses Email Header To Show Route Taken

Although internet-based email is incredibly useful, it does have its problems.  It's not secure by default, so you need to encrypt confidential messages.  There's no automatic mechanism to find out whether a message was received or read.  And perhaps most worryingly of all, it's easy to send fake mail that appears to come from, well, anyone.  Hence all that spam that seems to have been sent by a collection of people with unbelievable names.

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Free Browser Add-On Adds "Send Later" Button To Gmail

If you use Google's Gmail service for your mail, have you ever wished that you could prepare a message and then have Gmail send it tomorrow, or next week, or at any specific time in the future?  For example, you might need to prepare a Happy Birthday message for a friend before you head off on holiday, but you don't want the message to arrive too early.  Or maybe you want to schedule a reminder message to a client, a month from now, that an invoice is still overdue.

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50 GB Of Free Online Storage

I've mentioned lots of cloud storage services recently.  One common feature that almost all of them share, is that a basic free account gives you 2 GB of storage.  ADrive is different, as it gives you a full 50 GB.  Plenty of space to ensure that all your important files are backed up to your other computers and to the cloud.

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Get A $30 MP3 Audio Extractor For Free

MP4 to MP3 Converter is a Windows program that can extract the audio from a video file and save it in MP3 format.  It works with MP4 files, WMV, and lots of other audio formats too.

The program normally costs $29.95 but is currently being offered free of charge for the next 3 weeks.  It runs on Windows XP and above, is a 3.5 MB download, and is clean according to VirusTotal.

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Introducing The 5 MB (Yes Really) Hard Disk

I don't often do this, so forgive me if you will.  But if you're about to pop down to your local computer shop this weekend and hand over around $150 for a terabyte of hard disk, this fascinating Youtube video will make you realise just how far we've come in the last half-century.

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Unleash The Artist Within You With This Free Painting Program

Freehand Painter is a powerful, simple, free program that turns your PC into a set of brushes and paints.  Choose from a pallet of colours along the bottom of the screen, and choose your brush size and opacity from the selector on the left.  There's a variety of other settings that you can choose too, to create the effect you're after.

Although Freehand Painter works just fine with a mouse, it'll be even easier to use if you have a touch screen or a graphics tablet.

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Microsoft OneNote. Free For Android, iPhone And Windows Phone

OneNote has always been the black sheep of the Microsoft Office family.  It's far less well known than Word, Outlook, PowerPoint or Excel.  And yet this note-taking app, originally developed for the first generation of tablet PCs a decade ago, is actually a good, solid, useful product that's recently been updated and bundled with Office 2010.

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Want To Drive A Train? This Top-Class Sim Is Free

You're probably aware of Microsoft's Flight Simulator, and possibly their less-successful Train Simulator.  But did you know that there's another train sim product which, once you manage to get it going, is just as good as the Microsoft offering and yet completely free of charge?

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