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Get Tips On How To Improve Your Writing

Next time you need to write a long email message or some other document, or maybe a letter, try running the text past Hemingway before you send it.  Not Ernest, of course, but the free web-based text analysis tool that shares his name.

Get A Top-Of-The-Range $59.95 DVD Ripper For Free If You're Quick


Digiarty are running one of their regular software giveaways for the next 10 days.  Not for the first time, the subject of the giveaway is their WinX DVD Ripper, which lets you copy your DVD movies to your phone, iPad, smartphone or PC as a simple, playable, unprotected file that doesn't require custom DVD player software.

Unusually, however, the current giveaway involves the top-of-the-range Platinum version of the software, which normally sells for $59.95.  But if you act before April 28th, you can get it for free.

Firefox and Chrome Browser Extensions that Check for Heartbleed

The Heartbleed bug is a very nasty Internet problem that affects us all. Dealing with it is complex and not clear-cut at this time but one thing that many Internet users want to do is check sites to see which ones might still be subject to the bug.

Compose Music Directly On Your PC. No Paper Required

Once upon a time, writing music involved the use of music notation paper (with those familiar 5 lines), and lots of pencils and erasers.  Nowadays, you can do it much more easily on a computer, using software that's really just a musical version of a word processor.  

Start with an empty sheet of notation paper, then drag notes onto the page at the appropriate point.  You can move the notes around with the mouse if you make a mistake, and you can hear your work in progress at any time just by pressing the Play button.

Select Your Mood. Get The Soundtrack. Brilliant!

Listening to music can often help with whatever you're doing.  But some jobs are best suited to a specific type of music.  If you're studying, for example, you want instrumetal tracks that help you concentrate.  If you're playing sport, you'll want something else.  

Heartbleed Effect: Passwords You Need to Change Now

It's a pain but we are all going to have to bite the bullet and change passwords at sites that may have been affected by the Heartbleed securty exploit. Some helpful people have been compiling lists of sites where a password change is indicated. For example, a list of some major sites showing those which need a changed password is at Mashable.

How to Check if a Website has been Affected by Heartbleed

A very severe security problem with widespread implications for the entire web has been revealed. Here are sites with information about Heartbleed and ways to check if websites that you use might have been vulnerable.

Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now.

Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows XP as from today.  There will be no more security patches or other bug fixes.  

The official recommendation from Microsoft is that everyone with a PC that runs XP should throw it out and buy a new one.  However, that's unlikely to happen.  And why chuck out a perfectly functional computer if it's still working OK, just because Microsoft says so?

A Major Update For This Free Online Shareable Whiteboard

Just over a year ago, I wrote about a web system launch called Stormboard which enables you to create an electronic whiteboard of sticky notes. Recently, Stormboard has undergone a major overhaul and now looks better than ever. 

Dead Space - Free Until May 8th!

This offer is too good to be true. :D Origin has introduced a new service called "On the House." Various Origin games will be available for free as a part of this offer. The best part is that no subscription at all is required, so these games are well and truly free. The first game to be featured on "On the House" is the original Dead Space, which will remain free until May 8th.

Gizmos Needs You

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