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New Chromium-Based Browser Includes Add-Ins As Standard

Google's supremely popular Chrome browser is actually based on an open source browser called Chromium. This is not unusual in the browser world. Firefox has spawned at least a dozen so-called forks, with names such as Iceweasel and Flock.

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Polls, Surveys, Meeting Arrangements. All Sorted.

Xoyondo collaboration system windowWeb-based collaboration systems are very common nowadays. Every area of the market is covered, from commercial products like Microsoft SharePoint to hugely popular systems like Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets.

It's been a while since I've come across any such system which is sufficiently novel to impress me, but Xoyondo might just be it.

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Suspicious Windows 7 Update? It's Only Microsoft.

Windows rogue update imageMicrosoft rolled out an update to all Windows 7 machines yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a test update that was never meant for public circulation. The company says it's harmless, and is in the process of releasing another update which should delete the first one.

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Get A Top Quality HTML/CSS/PHP Editor For Free

CodeLobster HTML editore windowWith so much of the web based on cloud-hosted content management systems nowadays, editing or creating a web page is often just a matter of logging into your site and changing things directly in your browser. But if you do any web development work, you'll need a program editor capable of handling standard formats such as HTML and CSS (style sheet) files.

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PC Crashed Recently? This Free Program Will Tell You Why

Crash dump analyzer logoWhen Windows crashes, it creates various memory dump files and other diagnostics to help Microsoft and other interested parties discover the cause. As a user, it can be difficult to find that information and to decipher it, so you probably just press the restart button on your machine and then resume where you left off.

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The Best Tool To Edit Or Explore The Windows Registry

Registry editor windowIf you've been using Windows for a while, you've probably had cause at some point to edit something in the registry. This is the database of settings which Windows uses to control just about every aspect of the operating system and its applications.

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