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A New Release Of My Favourite FTP-Enabled Editor

PSPad has long since been one of my favourite text and code editing programs.  It's a very good text editor, with features such as line numbering, multi-language support, a spelling checker, file comparison, and more.  It's also code syntax aware, so if you use it to edit programs such as HTML files or PHP scripts it will colour-code your lines correctly in order to help you spot errors.  

The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used

There are numerous software products to simply capture a screenshot. But how about a program that lets you screenshot, edit, upload and share instantaneously in a highly configurable environment? ShareX is an open-source advanced screencapture tool, with a very extensive feature list that does this.


Automatic Notification If A Website Changes Its Privacy Policy

Every major website has a privacy policy which sets out what they do, and don't do, with the data you provide.  And with information about your visits to the site.  As technology, and the needs of the business, progress, privacy policies get updated.  So information that was previously private may not be so private any longer.  Trouble is, not all websites inform their users when their privacy policy changes and, even if they do, you may not notice.

600 Free e-Books, Including A Physics Classic

Apologies if you noticed my absence over the past few days.  I've been unwell (nothing serious), but am now pretty much recovered and ready to resume posting some new hot finds.  Today, I have some great free ebook resources to share with you, courtesy of subscriber Anna Merikin.

Get A Free License for MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Edition [Expired]

MiniTool are well known within the tech industry for the quality of their software.

Reclaim Some Of The Disk Space Which Windows Stole

If you've been trying to clean up your hard disk recently, and looking for ways to free up space, chances are you've been using a programs such as one of those listed at to help you.  For what it's worth, the program I prefer is WinDirStat, which you'll find listed on that page along with many others.

A File Comparison Tool That's Really Easy To Use

A couple of days ago, one of my web sites stopped working.  Where once were lovely pages of information, there was now nothing but a blank screen.  After investigating the server for a while, I tracked down the problem to a particular config file.  If I changed the config file back to the previous version (of which I luckily had a backup), the site worked just fine.  Put back the current version, and it stopped working again.

Having Trouble Playing A Video File? Find Out Why.

While most versions of Windows can play most of the popular video file formats, sometimes there are exceptions.  You might download a video from a web site and find that your PC simply refuses to load it.  

All you need to do, of course, is to find out which encoding formats were used to create the audio and the video tracks.  You can then search the internet for suitable players.  But finding out which encoders were used can sometimes be tricky.

A Free Library Of 12 Million Photos For You To Use

As part of a long-running project called the Internet Archive, millions of books that are out of copyright have been digitized and put online.  However, although the text was put through an OCR system and made easily available, the OCR systems were programmed to ignore any areas of the pages which contained pictures.  

Which resulted in a huge searchable archive of text from 600 million pages, but no easy way to look through the pictures that were on those pages.  Until now.

This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE


Gizmo's Freeware is Recruiting!

Gizmos Needs YouShare your knowledge of free software with millions of Gizmo's readers by joining our editing team.  Details here.

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