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Interested in Geo-IP? Here's 3 Million Free Data Records To Get You Started

If you run a web site, or indeed any other service that's connected to the internet, it's often useful or interesting to know where someone is connecting from.  As a server operator, you generally have access to the IP addresses of incoming visitors via various log files.  But if you want to know who's behind an IP address, or where they're based, things can often be difficult.

Get $49 Worth Of DVD Copying Program For Free If You're Quick

It's been a while since our friends at Digiarty ran one of their special free offers, so it's good to see that they're doing one in time for Halloween.  The company's WinX DVD Copy Pro, which has some good DVD copy schemes, so you copy a DVD, or back it up, or convert to MPEG2 and can watch them on your portable device or PC, is currently on sale, reduced from $49 to $19.

But if you download it via you'll do even better, as you can get it totally free of charge.

Free System Monitoring Tool Is Now 3 Times More Useful

I make no secret of the fact that I'm rather a fan of PRTG, the computer and network monitoring product from German outfit Paessler.  Install it on a spare PC or laptop and it creates a web-based system that keeps a constant eye on all your devices, and also provides a neat web interface that you can log into in order to see the details.

Free Tool Tests Your Hard Disk Speeds

I was recently faced with a problem on my network.  Copy large files between the 2 local hard disks on my PC was WAY faster than copying the same file across the network to a different PC.  This is obviously to be expected, but before I could start trying to solve the problem I needed a decent diagnostic tool.  Something that would allow me to guage the speed of copying a file between any 2 given drives on my PC or to somewhere else on my LAN.

This Free File Converter Even Handles Multiple Zip Formats

If you're a regular and frequent computer user, you'll need to use a file conversion utility.  However, most of us don't need to convert files very often, so such a feature is generally best done online instead of via an installable program.  Unless the data you're converting is particularly sensitive, of course.

My recent favourite discovery is a site called Convert.Files which lives at

How To Protect Yourself From The POODLE Bug


In recent months, security bugs with names such as Heartbleed and Shellshock have been causing problems for millions of computers worldwide.  The latest such bug has been named POODLE, and is the result of a security weakness in an obsolete version of SSL that is still supported by most web browers.

A Handy Tip To Help Find Useful Online Information

Whatever you want, or need, to know about, the internet is probably your best place to start hunting for information.  But while many people will try to advise you on what are the best search terms to type into Google or Bing, there's actually more to effective online searching than merely coming up with a good set of keywords.

Think Of It As Your Own Personal Twitter Or Facebook Clone

One of the internet's great strengths is allowing groups of people to collaborate and communicate across time and geographical boundaries.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great, but sometimes they're too social.  Maybe you'd prefer your own closed, private space on a system which worked in a similar way to other established social networks but which was only open to those whom you specifically invite.  Family members, perhaps, or your social circle, or those in your company or department.

The Endless, Free, Online Newspaper

Pressreader is a web site that provides an endless stream of news stories from the world's top resources.  Don't bother downloading the app unless you particularly want to.  Just point your PC web browser at and start reading.  As you press the cursor keys, or move your mouse wheel, the screen scrolls to reveal an ever-increasing number of stories.  So whether you've got 2 spare minutes or 20, if you want to catch up on news you'll find everything you need.

Check out for more. 


Time To Review Who You've Granted Access To

You may have seen the recent news story that 7 million Dropbox accounts have allegedly been hacked, and their passwords posted online.  Dropbox claims that most of the posted accounts were old and their passwords had already expired.  Dropbox also reminded us that their own systems had not been hacked.  The problem, we are led to believe, lies in the servers of those third-party programs to whom we all-too-easily grant access to our information.

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