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This Dedicated Gmail Client Is Fantastic

Kiwi Gmail clientA lot of people use Gmail. I do, too. It's great, but having to access it via a web browser instead of a dedicated program can sometimes be inconvenient. Browsers take up lots of RAM, for example. And it's annoyingly easy to inadvertently close your mail when closing your browser, even if you didn't really mean to close the Gmail tab.

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Become A Graphic Designer In Seconds

Crello Graphic DesignCrello is a really neat web site that lets you become a graphic designer in seconds. Well, not exactly But it does have hundreds of ready-made designs for posters, flyers, cards, blog posts etc that you can customise with your own text and then pass off as your own work!

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Got a Gmail Account? Want A Free Non-Technical IT Security Course?

SecuritySmartOne of the projects I'm involved with when I'm not writing this column is IT security awareness training provided by a company for staff internally and within other companies. It teaches them how not to become a target for ransomware, for example, and the benefits of installing Windows patches in a timely manner.

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A Better Way To Copy Files

TeracopyWindows has never been particularly fast or flexible at copying files. Copying a large file from one drive to another, or even from one location to another on the same drive, is much slower than when performing the same operation from a command prompt. Even before the copy starts, Windows spends ages discovering and calculating how much data it needs to move.

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A Really Easy Way To Jump To Folders

Direct FoldersIt's hard to believe that in the early days of MS-DOS, before Windows was even thought of, there was no support for folders or directories on a disk. Every file was at the same level of the hierarchy, because there was no hierarchy!

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Further Vital Updates For Windows XP and 8.0

Windows security updatesMicrosoft has taken the unusual step of releasing further security updates for operating systems which are officially unsupported, and for which we were told new updates would not be released. This includes Windows XP and 8.0.

The updates are specifically for security, and address issues which could potentially be used by "nation state" hackers.

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Scan And Quickly Find Any Music Track On Your PC

Song DirectorWindows comes with a music player app as standard. If you don't like it, there are others freely available too, such as Apple's iTunes. Trouble is, neither of these programs is particularly good. iTunes is huge and unwieldy, and is best kept away from your PC if at all possible. Windows Media Player is OK, but it's not particularly easy to use.

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Another Of My Go-To Tools Gets An Update

AIP network scannerIn bringing you this column every week, I evaluate a lot of software. You get to hear about the good stuff, but there's a lot more that I don't mention on these pages because it doesn't pass my tests. So anything which I write about, and which also ends up staying on my own computer long-term, must surely be among the best of the best.

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This Web Site Has 100 Bugs. Can You Hack Them All?

beeboxEver wanted to try your hand at being a computer hacker? Or, as they are often called nowadays, a penetration tester or an ethical hacker? If so, here's your chance. And you won't end up in jail if you succeed, either.

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A Welcome Update To My Favourite Text Editor

EmEditorI often find myself editing text files such as programs, batch files, scripts, reports, logs and so on. While many people swear by Notepad++, my favourite text editor is EmEditor. Mainly because it handles large files and is very, very fast.

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