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Try This Arcade Of Free Browser-Based Games

Free browser-based gamesI'm currently exploring a product called Construct 2, which is a development environment in which you can create games that work in any web browser. Once I've looked at it a little further, I may write about it here. Especially as it's available for free in certain cases, so you can generate your own games for no cost.

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A Better Hard Disk Health Diagnostic

Crystal Disk hard disk health diagnostic toolA couple of days ago I wrote here about a way to quickly check the health of your hard disk. Although the technique works just fine, it gives you only the information about the current status. And although the status might be reported as healthy, this can be misleading.

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Browser. Or Someone Else's.

Web browser diagnostic toolIf you're having a problem on the internet, you need to know which browser you're using before you can start tracking down the cause of the problem. But you may not necessarily know all the details.

If you're trying to help someone track down a web-related issue, you need to know about their browser. But they may not necessarily know all the details.

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Is Your Hard Disk Failing? Find Out Instantly.

Windows disk status toolYour hard disk, whether mechanical or solid-state (an SSD), holds all the files on your computer. Without it, the PC won't start up. Hard disks do sometimes fail, in which case you'll need to buy and fit a replacement. And, of course, copy all your programs and data onto it. Plus Windows itself. Which is why it's always sensible to keep good backups.

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Cybercrime. Watch It Happen In Real Time.

Kaspersky cybercrime mapIf you watch TV news reports about cybercrime, you may occasionally catch a glimpse of a high-tech control room where boffins sit watching fancy displays that show the current real-time state of global security. If so, and you like what you see, then here's a treat for you.

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Thousands Of Sounds, Downloadable For Free

Freesound.orgFreeSound is a huge repository of sound files, that you can browse for free. All the sound files are free too, so you can download them and use them for whatever you like. Maybe you need a sound effect for a presentation or video, or you want to customise your PC's sounds, or perhaps you just want a novel ringtone for your phone.

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Tails. For The Ultimate In Online Privacy.

Tails bootable systemThe lack of privacy is a major problem on the internet. People can, and do, manage to track and monitor what you're doing. Sometimes these people are advertisers and large companies, while other times they're hackers and criminals.

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Easy Tool To Help Your Website Rise Up Google's Results

SEO optimization toolIf you or your business have a web site, you'll probably have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It's all about the techniques you use in order to persuade search engines such as Google to list your site higher than others when people search for particular keywords or phrases.

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