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Hundreds Of Free Office Document Templates To Download

Free document templatesHere's a really nice web site from which you can download around 1600 templates for use in documents and spreadsheets. Whether you need a job application letter, a resume or CV, an award certificate, an invoice, a flyer for your church, a title page for your essay, or just about anything else, you'll find it here.

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The Site That Makes It Easy To Be A Graphic Designer

Snappa graphic design templatesEver looked at a newspaper ad, flyer, product leaflet, poster or glossy brochure and wished that you could produce work that looked as good? If so, and you want to try your hand at being a graphic designer, then look no further than a really neat online service called Snappa.

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Convert To or From PDF Quickly And Online

ZonepdfIt's been a while since I wrote about a utility for converting PDF files on these pages, so here's one that's new to me. ZonePDF is an online service that does lots of handy conversions. For example, give it a big PDF file and it'll convert it into a zip file of images, with one image for each page of the original PDF file. Choose from 3 different image qualities.

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Is Anyone Looking At Your Files? A Canary Will Tell You.

Canary tokenHas anyone been looking at the files on your computer? Or on your cloud drive? Has anyone been browsing parts of your web site that they're not supposed to, and which you thought you'd secured? Has anyone managed to find your contacts database online?

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Amazing! Listen To Elevators Talking!

Kone elevator communicationsThe Internet Of Things knows no bounds. Everything, it seems, is going online. And if you're one of the world's best-known manufacturers of elevators, that includes your products. And now, to show just how much these devices communicate, the company has made 4 functional elevators in the real world accessible online.

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Want To Learn Hacking? Hacking For Dummies Book Is Free

Hacking For Dummies bookIf you're into computer security, or you would like to be, Hacking For Dummies is a really good book. Although the title is clearly designed to generate attention, it would be better described as a textbook on ethical hacking and penetration testing, rather than plain hacking.

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A New Browser To Rival The Best Of Them

Vivaldi web browserIt's been a while since anyone has launched a new web browser that has attracted my attention. Sure, there are regular announcements from various organisations, but they frequently amount to nothing. One, for example, was launched a couple of months ago and claimed to offer enhanced security through its built-in free VPN.

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Access Your PC Remotely Via Any Web Browser

UlteriusBeing able to remotely access your PC over the internet or LAN is really useful. If you're away from your computer and you need to check a file, it's the perfect solution. Or maybe you need access to a program that's installed on your PC but isn't available on the computer you're currently using while away from home or from the office.

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Tidy Your Desktop With A Tabbed Launcher

sTabLauncherThe Windows taskbar (that's the thing at the bottom of the screen) is a bit of an issue for many people. While it's handy to be able to add icons for your commonly-used programs to it, there's simply not the capacity for it to be useful. You can't categorise the icons, for example, to make them easier to find.

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