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Are Your Hacked Details Circulating On The Internet?

Hack check resourceThere are hundreds of millions of hacked account details in circulation on the internet. Partly as the result of high-profile attacks such as the ones against Sony Pictures and Ashley Madison. But these are just the tip of a large iceberg, and the list of stolen credentials is growing by the day.

What about yours? Has anyone stolen a password that corresponds to your email address? Is there a way to check?

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Ever Wondered Just How Good Your Password Is?

Kaspersky password checkerWeb sites are continually reminding us that it's important to choose a strong password. But what makes a password strong? And just how long might it take a powerful computer to crack a strong one, compared with a weak one?

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A Task Manager That Learns About Your Faults

The trouble with project management software is that it insists on playing by the rules. You enter a task, you give it a deadline, and the software keeps track of things to ensure that it gets done in time. But there's no wiggle-room. No easy way of saying to the software "I'm running a few days late, so please adjust everything accordingly".

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A Great Resource For Choosing And Understanding Passwords

Password choosing guideYou wouldn't use the same key for your house and your car, right? So you shouldn't use the same password for all of the important online systems that you join.

But how do you choose a good password? How often should you change it? Is your current password strong enough? How can you tell?

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The Five Wallpapers our Readers Liked Best

Over the years we've published many great free wallpapers but here's a list of the ones that you, our readers liked the best. Just click an image to see the original article.

My favorite is the last - Tidescape. It graced my desktop for many months and still retains a special place in my memory. Which one do you like best? Do let me know in the comments.


Superb Mountain Sunset: Rated 93%

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More Free Books From Microsoft. Download Yours Now.

Microsoft ebooks imageMicrosoft has added some new titles to its collection of free books that you can download. The series, which has steadily been expanding for the past 4 years or so, now has hundreds of books available. The latest ones cover Windows 10, and include one by renowned journalist Ed Bott on the 10 most useful Windows 10 utilities.

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This Site Featuring Science GIFs is Truly Mesmerising

The idea of displaying interesting scientific phenomena using animated GIFs sounds bizarre. Doing this on a Twitter feed sounds preposterous.
But dear readers, you need to believe me; the result is simply stunning.  Not just stunning but fascinating, entertaining and educational.

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