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Manage Your Tasks With Todoist For Free

Todoist free todo listTodoist ( is an online system that helps you manage your tasks and to-do items. Keep track of what needs doing today, this week, this month, or yesterday! And to ensure that you always have your information to hand, you can access the system from your PC as well as using a dedicated Android or iOS app.

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What you can truly achieve with Microsoft Virtual Academy!


Microsoft Virtual Academy


If you are into IT and Computer Sciences fields then you have probably heard of Microsoft Virtual Academy. Well if not, then you are probably missing out on one of the greatest services that Microsoft has ever offered in history.

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Compare Text Or Files Online To See What Changed

Diffnow.comSometimes I need to be able to compare 2 files. Often it's because a program or script has stopped working, and I need to compare the current version with the previous one in order to see what changed.

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It Looks Like You're Trying To Draw A Ladder. Would You Like Help With That?

AutodrawIf you're a long-time user of Microsoft Office you might remember the awful "Clippy" feature that used to be part of the product. Clippy was a cartoon character in the shape of a paperclip (which, incidentally, is known in French as a trombone. Isn't that neat?)

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Got A Web Site Or Blog? Get Amazing Heatmaps To Analyse Visits.

Hotjar heatmapsThose who work in the professional field of web development know all about heat maps. They're a way of visualising precisely how someone looks at a web page. Given the right equipment, you can generate these heat maps by tracking a visitor's eye movements. Without such kit, you can generate very useful and fascinating heatmaps by tracking mouse movements.

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Want Windows 10 Creators' Update Right Now? Really? OK, Here's How.

Windows 10Microsoft has started rolling out the latest major update for Windows 10. If you currently use Windows 10 and haven't had the Creators' Update yet, you'll be getting it soon as part of your normal update procedure.

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Get An Android Paid-For Weather App Free If You Hurry

Weatherlive Android appI rarely write about non-Windows programs on these pages, but I reckon it's time for an exception to the rule. So here's news of a neat weather app for Android that shows you the current weather and forecast in your location. It looks nice, works really well, and the $2 price is reduce to zero for the next 4 days.

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This Chrome Add-In Ties Your Gmail To Your Social Media Accounts

Discoverly Chrome add-inDo you use Gmail for your email? If so, do you find yourself corresponding with people who also have a presence on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Or do you find yourself corresponding with someone and then wondering whether that person is already on social media?

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An Update For The Freeware Program I Use Every Day

GreenshotDespite what you may think, I don't actually have much software installed on my PC. As a Windows user since version 1.0 arrived in 1988 or so, I'm aware that less is more. The fewer installed apps you have, the better your computer runs. My goal is to have the list of apps on the "uninstall a program" screen run to just a single page without any scrolling required.

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Hundreds Of Free Music Tracks For Your Projects

Free music tracksIf you need a stock photograph for a project such as a web page or leaflet, there are plenty of places online where you can get them. But what about music? What if you need some background sound for a corporate video, an online slide show, a YouTube unboxing video, or similar?

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