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Free Online Index Card App Helps You Organise Your Info

Online index card app imageIf you're a long-time reader of this column then you'll know that I'm a huge fan of information management software. Something that helps you create lists of things and then manage those lists by arranging items in order. To-do lists, with separate columns for stuff that's been done and stuff that hasn't, is just the start of it.

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Microsoft Releases More Free Books

Microsoft has continued to expand the MVA, or the Microsoft Virtual Academy, with the recent addition of some new books. These are full-length books, published by Microsoft Press, on "serious" IT topics such as SQL Server, cloud, Azure, Windows 10, and much more besides.

They're all downloadable for free in PDF format, or even in Mobi format so that you can read them on your Kindle. Or in the Kindle app if you have a device for which one is available.

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Links in our newsletter not working for you? Here's a simple fix

Some users have reported that clicking the blue article titles in our daily email newsletters results in them ending up with a "OOPs - We can't find that page" message rather than taking them to the article they want to read.

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The Easiest Photo Collage Creator For Great, Quick Results

By combining 2 or more digital photos into a collage you can create a really nice combined image that would look great as desktop wallpaper, a printed poster, or on the front of a greeting card. 

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Avast Free Antivirus 2016 Edition

Vendors of commercial paid-for antivirus and security suites must be a pretty worried bunch right now.  Windows 10, with more than 100 million users already, comes with Windows Defender as standard and by all accounts it's a fairly good product. 

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Snake Is Back. Play The Original Phone Game In Your Browser.

Today's mobile phones are powerful laptop PCs that have multiple gigabytes of RAM and can run highly complex apps.  But it's only a few years ago since things were very different.  At that time, a phone was, well, a phone.  You used it for making calls and sending text messages, and not much else.  No internet, and no apps. 

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TrueCrypt Is Dead. Long Live VeraCrypt!

If you have confidential files stored on your PC, it's a good idea to use some form of encryption.  This will ensure that, if the computer is lost or stolen, no one can read your private data.  This is obviously especially important in the case of laptops, as these are more attractive and available to thieves than normal desktops.

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On-Screen Hard Disk Activity Indicator

Hard disk activity monitorAlthough I use a desktop PC rather than a laptop most of the time, the PC unit itself is some distance away from the screen. In another room, as it happens. Which makes it pretty much impossible for me to see the LED on the unit which indicates that the hard disk is being accessed.

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Enterprise-Grade Security Software. For Free.

I've been a fan of Sophos's antivirus software for a good many years.  I worked until recently at a company that used it on literally thousands of PCs and it worked pretty well.  I also used it on my home PC and never had any problems.

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