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Excellent Free Media Player VLC Gets Substantial Cross-Platform Update

VLC media player is one of Gizmo’s top choices in its category and is my own favorite. VideoLAN has just released  version 2.2.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux and there are quite a few new or improved features. There are also major cross-platform updates with releases for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Here is a list of new features from the VideoLAN press release.

Sync Your Files Without The Cloud

Goodsync ( is a Windows program which works rather like the Dropbox software, except that it doesn't just sync your files to Dropbox.  

Print My Fonts!

Apparently I have 270 fonts installed on my PC.  I'm sure I don't need all of them, and I really should get around to uninstalling ones that I don't use.  The reason that I know I have 270 fonts is because of a handy program called Print My Fonts.  It's the same program I intend to use to reduce that number.  It's a handy, free, portable utility that lists all your fonts.  You can then choose a sample sentence (the default, as shown below, refers to Anton eating cheese, for some weird reason).

Free Training Courses for Kids

Pluralsight is a well-known company that provides online training courses for techies.  Think of it as a subscription-based version of Youtube.  Sign up, pay the monthly fee, and you can watch technical training videos that cover hundreds of subjects.

How To Specify The Start Position In A Youtube URL

Have you ever copied a Youtube URL, pasted it into an email message or twitter comment, and sent it to someone?  If so, have you also found yourself explaining to the recipient that they'll need to skip forward to 2 minutes and 10 seconds for the good bit to start?  If so, here's a really handy tip which needs no extra software and which works with all browsers.

Got a Lenovo Laptop? You Need to Read This.

Computer maker Lenovo has come in for some major criticism in the last few days, after it was discovered that many of their laptops were bundled with a nasty piece of adware called Superfish.  Superfish injects additional adverts into the "Ads By Google" panel on many of the web pages you visit, which presumably earns Lenovo some additional cash.

Get $200 To Spend On Azure, Plus Free E-Book

If you haven't yet heard of Microsoft Azure, it won't be long before you have.  Azure isn't a product as such, like a piece of software.  It's actually a series of datacentres around the world, which Microsoft claims to have spent some $15 billion dollars in establishing.  Those datacentres contain, between them, over a million servers, and you can rent one by the month or by the hour.  Whether you want to run a web site, or a complex database, or you just feel like trying out the idea of having a Windows PC in the cloud, Azure lets you do it.

A Superb PC Troubleshooting Tool

Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open?  It's a useful way to find out what's running on your PC, what each program is doing, and why your machine is running slowly.  And the best way to find out all this data has always been Process Explorer, a free utility from the Sysinternals team at Microsoft.  The program is now up to release 16.04.

Build Furniture With Friends Online!

This is one of the strangest games I've ever written about.  And from someone who worked on the world's biggest gaming magazine back in the 1980s, that's some achievement.  It's called Home Improvement, though it also seems to be known as Furniture With Friends.

Microsoft OneNote Now Unlimited Freeware

A year ago, Microsoft decided to take on the big players in the online notes business.  The likes of Evernote were now up against Microsoft OneNote in the battle for the best cloud-based notes app.  And with OneNote having been a well-loved component of Microsoft Office for a long time, users loved it.  No longer did you have to pay hundreds of dollars for OneNote - you could now download a free version.  However, it was only really capable of storing notes online in the cloud.  If you wanted to use it to its full potential, you still needed to buy a copy.

Gizmo's Freeware is Recruiting!

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