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Turn A Set Of Photos Into A Fabulous Slideshow Video

Stupeflix photo slideshow serviceStupeflix is a really neat online system that lets you upload a set of digital photos. It then turns them into a really professional slideshow, complete with animation effects between each slide and also a backing music soundtrack. You can download the finished video to put on your own website or to share with friends, family or colleagues.

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Make It Easier To Configure And Tune Your PC

Ultimate Settings PanelEvery time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, they seem to make the configuration option screens even harder to find. Windows 10 is no exception, and you probably find yourself continually using the search facility in order to work out how to change something as simple as the display resolution.

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Improve Clarity And Focus Of Your Digital Photos

Reshade imageUpsizing or upscaling a digital photo means zooming or printing it beyond the level of detail that's actually present in the photo. For example, you might have an image that's 2000 pixels wide, but you want to print it at a sufficiently large size that the paper can accommodate 3000 pixels.

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This Digital Audio Workstation Software Is Free

Zynewave Podium digital audio workstationA digital audio workstation, otherwise known as a DAW, usually takes the form of an electronic keyboard (of the piano kind) combined with a screen and some software to allow you to create and edit music. You can also get DAW software for Windows, which you can connect to a keyboard and/or a microphone in order to record songs and tunes.

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Complete The Set. Get A Free Drawing Package.

DrawPlus illustration package for WindowsI've written over the past few days about how to get a free photo-stitching program from Serif Software. Plus, I've told you where to get a free edition of their publishing package. So to complete the set, today I'll tell you about their illustration software. Again, it's a starter edition and completely free.

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Photo Stitching Software Is Completely Free

PanoramaPlus photo stiching softwarePanorama Plus, from Serif, is software allow you to stitch together multiple photos in order to create a larger image. Just take a series of photos from the same viewpoint, then import them into the program and it will automatically locate any overlapping sections in order to work out which photo goes where.

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Gizmo's Exclusive: Get This $29.95 Sync Tool Free If You're Quick!

EaseUS EverySyncEverySync, from EaseUS, is a backup tool that makes it really easy to keep your important documents and other files safely backed up. It works by synchronizing one or more folders from your PC to another location automatically. Use it to copy files from one folder on your PC to another, for example, or between 2 PCs on your network.

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740,000 Free Images That You Can Search And Download

Pixabay image libraryWhen you need a picture for your flyer, brochure, website, Windows desktop and so on, there are plenty of places on the internet that you can find them. But unless you have the permission of the copyright owner, you can't legally use that picture.

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