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Pixar Renderman. Was $1300. Now Free.

Since the company was formed more than 25 years ago, Pixar has used an in-house product called Renderman to help add digital effects to its films.  Those blockbusters include: Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and many more.

Pixar also sold (and continues to sell) Renderman to anyone who wants to use it, and recently cut the price from $1300 to $495.  A good reduction, but still not quite right for Gizmo's Freeware.

Create Your Own Captions For Any Youtube Video

You've probably seen those videos which consist of foreign-language clips that have been complemented (or frequently ruined) by someone's attempt to add hilarious captions to them.  Many of them seem to feature a particular scene from a film called Downfall.  If you've ever thought that you could do better, here's a great web-based system which makes it easy to add captions to any video that's already on Youtube.  Just type in the video's URL, and then enter your captions in the boxes that appear.  

Get Your Free Upgrade To Autoruns 13.2

Autoruns has always been one of the most useful programs to keep in your troubleshooting toolkit, so it's worth knowing that an update to this popular utility was released last week.  Version 13.2 includes various fixes and additions since version 13 was introduced a couple of months ago. 

Create Random Files For Disk And Internet Testing

If you're trying to sort out a problem with a PC, and especially if it involves trying to diagnose a problem with disk or internet speed, then there's one thing you're going to need pretty quickly: a large file or two, with which to test the system.  You can then try copying that file from one part of the suspect drive to the other, perhaps, or sending it by email to yourself, or whatever other action might help to diagnose the problem.

Display Incoming Tweets As Toaster Popups

A few months ago I wrote about a brilliant Windows freebie called Twittalert, which I regarded as a must-have for those who use Twitter and Windows.  It's a background notifier utility which pops up a small window (known as a toaster, apparently) each time your Twitter feed gets a new message.  Which means you don't need to keep firing up a separate Twitter client or web browser to see what's been happening.

Another Way To Keep Tabs On Your LAN

A few days ago I wrote about a program from Nirsoft, called Wireless Network Monitor, which provides a display of who (or which devices) are connected to your network. has the original story.

The Best Free System Monitor Gets Another Update

It's always good when the best program for doing a particular task also happens to be free.  And so it is, and has long since been, the case when it comes to finding out what your Windows PC is doing with its time and its CPU power.  For tracking down the cause of a slow computer, Process Explorer from Sysinternals (part of Microsoft) has long since been the best tool for the job, and yesterday's update to version 16.05 makes it even more useful with additional columns of information.

Freak Attack: Patch Is On The Way

This month's "Patch Tuesday", when Microsoft releases its regular set of security fixes for Windows and other products, is more important than most.  Among the 14 bug-fixes is a cure for the much-discussed Freak bug, which can allow hackers to intercept information that you view or type into a secure web site.

If you haven't enabled automatic updating on your Windows PC, now is the time to do so.  Your machine should then pick up the fixes automatically.


Android Free Game of the Year 2015


There are tons of games available at Google Play Store and with each passing day the list just keeps growing. The task to find a good game isn't that easy so I've compiled a list of 5 must play Android games that came out in 2014 which I found great. If you think I've missed something that was special to you, do post it in the Comments section and don't forget to Rate this article. 


Want A Constant Readout Of Who's Connected To Your LAN?

Do you know who's currently connected to your network?  Are you sure it's just your PC and your router?  What about all those other IP-capable devices in your house?  And what about all those other IP-capable devices in houses in your street or your block?  Are they connecting too?  

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