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Using Foxit Reader? Look Out For Important Patch This Week

Foxit ReaderIf you're using the freeware Foxit Reader to view PDF files, you're not alone. More than 400 million people across the world use it, in preference to viewing PDF files in their browser or using the hugely bloated Adobe Reader.

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F.Lux Gets A Big Update And It's Still My Favourite

Flux screen brightness controllerI'm back. Did you miss me? Apologies for the lack of posts over the past 10 days or so. I've been moving home and office from the UK to Portugal. The PC seems to have survived its trip in hold baggage, so we should be back to a normal update schedule from now on.

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The Easiest Way Yet to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube Video DownloaderOver the years we've featured lots of different ways of downloading YouTube videos to your computer. Most of these solutions work really well but they either involve downloading software or visiting specialised websites. 

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Got An iPad? Try This Instead Of iTunes On Your PC.

WinX MediaTransIf you use an iPad or an iPhone, you probably know all about iTunes for transferring files between your iDevice and your computer. Trouble is, iTunes on Windows isn't very good. It's huge, slow, and difficult to use.

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Use An SSH Server To Access A Faulty Windows PC

SSH serverYesterday I told you about a terminal program for connecting to computers across the internet or your local network. One of the protocols it supports is SSH, which is a secure and encrypted way of remotely accessing a computer's command line.

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Technical? Looking For A Good Free Terminal Prog? This One's Great.

MobaxtermConnecting to one computer from another, across your home network or the internet, requires a program known as a terminal. Depending on whether you want full Windows graphical remote access to the other machine, or just a command line, you will need to choose what sort of terminal program you need. Or rather, which language or protocol your program supports.

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The Gimp Isn't Just For Linux

Gimp image editorOne of the most fun things to do on your PC is to edit photos. At the very basic level, this means cropping an image or resizing it, or perhaps making it a little darker or lighter. If you're happy with such activity then Microsoft Paint, or the new Paint 3D that arrives with the Windows 10 Creators' Update, will suffice.

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Find Any Word, In Any File, On Your PC. Fast.

AstroGrepWindows has a built-in search facility. You can use the search box in Windows 10, for example, to search for a word or phrase in any of your files. However, the feature relies on an index that Windows builds when you first install the OS and which it continues to update all the time. Which can slow down your PC.

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