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Get Reminders By Email On A Schedule You Specify

A handy website called Memo To Me lets you create reminders that will be sent to you on a schedule that you define.  For example, if you need to be reminded every Tuesday evening at 6pm to put the cat out, with a follow-up warning at 7, the site can do that.  Or if you need reminding that March 3rd is the day of your friend's birthday, it can do that too, by sending you a reminder each year in time to send a card.

Another Free Browser Extension For Full Text History Search

Yesterday I wrote about All Seeing Eye, a free extension for Chrome which lets you search the full text of every web page you've visited.  There's actually another similar extension which does the same thing, albeit in a slightly different way.

Wonderful Browser Addon Lets You Search Text Of All Visited Pages

The built-in history feature built into all web browsers can be very useful.  If you need to revisit a page that you looked at yesterday, or a month ago, just search through the history listing and you'll probably find the correct URL listed there.

However, the browser history would be much more useful if it stored not just the URL of the pages you visit, but also the text that was on the page too.  And if it let you search that text, to find precisely the item you remembered reading without having to know the site that it was on.

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Sims 2

My Favoured Youtube Downloader Of The Moment

It's often useful to be able to download a Youtube video in order to view it offline.  While the web is full of programs and sites claiming to offer such a facility, they are sometimes expensive.  And those that are free tend to disappear without warning, so the system you used last week no longer works today.

Livedrive Users, You Need To Read This.

If you, or someone you know, has signed up with the Livedrive cloud storage network then there's something you need to know.  Livedrive has started closing people's accounts without warning.  Not everyone's account, of course.  Just a few.  And when those people contact the company to ask why, they're told that they were breaching the terms of their "umlimited storage" package by, er, storing too much stuff.

Budding Muso? Get The Chords To Any Song On Youtube

Here's one of the neatest ideas I've seen for ages, courtesy of a new web site at  Search for the name of a song or band, and the site will bring up the relevant video from Youtube.  It'll also automatically analyse the track, work out which chords are being played, and show you them in guitar, ukulele or piano notation.  So you can play along.

Keep Track Of Stuff With A Free Cloud-Based Database

Internet-based services mean that it's no longer essential to install apps on your own PC in order to do common tasks.  And if you want to store information that can be accessed from just about anywhere, cloud-based computing can make a lot of sense.  

Free Program Displays Your Gaming Frame Rate

The key to good gaming on a PC is a decent frame rate.  The faster your PC, and its graphics card, can update the screen, the smoother the gameplay.  And while it's possible to find plenty of PC benchmarking programs around that will tell you the maximum frame rate your machine can manage, such results aren't always useful in real life.

Smarten Up Your Documents With 100 Brilliant Free Fonts

I often come across collections of free Windows fonts for download, but many of them are of poor quality so I tend not to write about them on this site.  But as a welcome change, here's one that's really good.  At you'll find samples, and download links, for 100 superb free typefaces that you can download for your PC.  Just grab any files that you want, right-click on a download, and Windows should offer to install it for you.  

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