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Troubleshooting Tool Monitors File Changes In Real Time

Folder Change ViewWhen you're not using your PC, Windows is far from idle. Programs are running all the time, including dozens of so-called services which run continually in the background. Even if you're not logged into Windows, the operating system is still busy.

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Free Ransomware Decryption Utilities

Ransomware removal toolsSecurity company Trend Micro has published some free tools which claim to be able to remove ransomware from a computer and recover any encrypted files. Not having any infected computers to hand, I've not been able to test these. But it might well be a good idea to add this to your list of things to try if you're unlucky enough to be affected.

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What's Hiding In Your Windows Logs?

Splunk Light Windows log analyzerOne of the most useful features to assist in troubleshooting a Windows computer is the event log. Almost everything that Windows does behind the scenes, including any potential problem that it identifies, gets recorded in the event log. It's not unusual for the log to grow by a few thousand entries every day.

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A Complete Publishing Program Online For Free

Lucidpress online publishingSometimes, a word processor just isn't good enough. You want to produce a flyer or advert, or brochure, or book cover, or newsletter. You need a fully fledged publishing program rather than a word processor. But products such as InDesign from Adobe are very expensive and incredibly difficult to use.

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Got A Blurred Photo? Here's How To Sharpen It Up.

LimeRelight photo sharpening toolDespite our best efforts, sometimes a digital photo turns out to be a little less sharply focused than we'd like. Maybe the camera was shaking, or the shutter speed was set incorrectly. If so, before you delete the photo from your disk or camera and accept that the shot simply isn't usable, try uploading it to a site called Lime Relight.

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Test Your Web Site's Security Before Someone Else Does

Web site security checkI've been trying out a service called Tinfoil Security recently. It's basically an automatic hacking system that will try to break into your web site by trying all the tricks that real hackers do. Thousands of them. And if any of the tricks manage to succeed, you get a report so you can plug the hole.

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Just Get Flux. Your Eyes Will Thank You.

Flux screen brightness adjusterDuring the day, when your office or other room is lit mostly by the sun, the natural light has a blue tint to it. As does your PC's monitor. Which is all fine. Your monitor is comparatively bright, and is visible comfortably in daylight.

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Retrieve Videos From Your Web Browser Cache

Nirsoft Video Cache ViewIf you've ever clicked on "delete offline content" in your web browser and paid attention to just how much disk space gets freed up, you'll know that browsers like to save local copies of almost everything you have viewed. Not just text pages and images, but entire videos too.

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What's New In Windows Anniversary Edition

Windows 10 Anniversary EditionIf you use Windows 10 you'll probably be aware that the days of having to buy or install new upgraded versions of your operating system every couple of years are finally over. There will be no Windows 11.

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Search And Destroy Malware And Spyware

Spybot Search & DestroyWhatever security or antivirus software you use, it's often useful to have additional tools at your disposal. And it's been a couple of years since I last wrote about one of the best-known additional tools so it's high time I covered it again.

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