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How to Get a Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 10

When Microsoft abandoned the Start Menu in Windows 8, there was a rush by software developers to create programs that would bring back something like the Windows 7 Start Menu. Our pick from the numerous free offerings was the well-known Classic Shell.

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Check Any Web Site's Encryption Safety

If you're about to type private information (password, bank account details etc) into a web site, it's always a good idea to take a glance at your browser's address bar first. Does the address of the page start with https rather than just http? If so, it means that the site is encrypted and so it's much more difficult for a hacker to be intercepting your data.

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Test Your Company's Email Server Security

Here's a techie tip that will be of interest if you run your own email server. To be fair, most people don't run a mail server - they use the one provided by their company, or they use systems such as Gmail. But some companies and enthusiasts like to operate their own mail server. If you're such an enthusiast, the golden rule is that you must ensure your server isn't an "open relay".

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Start Learning Windows 10 With A Free Book

Windows 10 book coverThe final release of Windows 10 will start to hit PCs at the end of July, and will be available to almost everyone as a free upgrade. A good place to start understanding some of the new and different features in this version is to check out a book by well-known journalist Ed Bott, called "Introducing Windows 10 For IT Professionals".

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Free Windows 10 for Mac and Linux Users?

Windows 10 start windowMicrosoft seems to be doing something I never expected to see - giving away Windows for free. As you probably know, Microsoft has said that licensed Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. But now they have gone further.

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Index And Search Your PC With Simplicity

I sometimes need to be able to search my entire PC to find the particular file which contains a word or phrase. Not just in the filename, but somewhere within the content of the actual file. And while Windows does in theory contain such a feature, I've always found it less than intuitive when I need to use it.

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Watch The World Get DDoSed In Real Time

Digital Attack DDoS mapHackers have a variety of tricks and techniques in their armoury, and being able to initiate a DDoS attack is a much-used one. Rather than attempting to guess usernames and passwords in order to steal data from remote systems, DDoS attackers initiate a Denial Of Service Attack by hitting the server so often that it simply crashes under the strain.

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Improve Your Security: Check Your Router Hasn't Been Hijacked

DNS, or the Domain Name System, is the part of the internet that converts (which you can understand but which your browser can't), into an IP address of (which your browser can understand, but which you probably don't want to).

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Time Machine For Your PC Protects From Mishaps And Malware

Most of the time, Windows behaves itself. Sometimes, of course, it doesn't. Maybe it's the PC's fault, or maybe yours. Or perhaps a cyber criminal somewhere in the world. But it's a fair bet that, at some point, you'll find yourself saying "I wish I could put the computer back to how it was 1 minute ago". Or 1 hour. Or 10 days.

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