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Explore The Sky With This Stunning Planetarium Suite

StellariumStellarium is a complete Windows application that lets you explore the components of the night sky. Pan around the screen to control your virtual telescope to look at tens of thousands of planets and stars.

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Time To Update Your Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CDIf you ever find yourself needing to diagnose a sick PC, one of the most useful tools is the Ultimate Boot CD. As the name implies, it's a complete bootable operating system (based on Linux, naturally) with a whole host of pre-installed troubleshooting tools for when your computer won't start up properly into its installed OS.

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An Update For Every Techie's Favourite Tool

Microsoft Process ExplorerEveryone who needs to troubleshoot a problem with a crashing or slow PC needs to know about Process Explorer. Think of it as a hugely more powerful version of the Windows Task Manager. It shows you what all the programs, services and processes are doing on your computer, so that you can find the source of a problem.

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Organise Your Brain With This Online Tool

WorkflowyWorkflowy is a tool that claims to be able to help you organise your brain. In truth it's an outliner application, and a very good one at that. It's easy to use, has loads of features, and is fast. Even better, it runs completely in your browser and saves its data online, so you can access your notes and other stuff from wherever you happen to be.

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Free Again. This $59.95 DVD Ripper.

WinX DVD RipperIt's that time of year again, when Digiarty runs its special giveaway of its DVD ripping software. The program, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, allows you to copy a DVD disc to your computer, smartphone or tablet so that you can watch it offline.

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A Great Vector Drawing Program. Online And Completely Free.

Vectr vector drawing program onlineVectr ( is a vector-based drawing program. If you're not familiar with vectors, this means that you draw each shape or line individually and you have continual control over the location, size and position of each shape.

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Another Great Free Survey Creation System

eSurv survey creation systemA couple of days ago I wrote on here about a free online system for creating your own surveys, polls, questionnaires and quizzes. It was very popular, so here's another similar system that you can also try out. Again, it's free to use.

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Produce, Distribute And Analyze Your Own Online Surveys

QuestionPro survey serviceAn online survey, quiz or questionnaire is a great tool to gather information. Use it to find out what customers think about you, or even just to find out from your friends or colleagues about which restaurant they'd all like to go to on Friday.

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Create Your Own Animations And Movies

MoovlyHave you ever browsed a product's website and been impressed with the animated movie on their home page which helps you understand what the product does? Have you ever wondered just how easy it is to make those movies, with effects such as moving text and animated characters?

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Try The Internet Typewriter

Online word processorAre you fed up with word processors that have way too many features? Do you simply want to write stuff and not worry about endless formatting options and all the other bells and whistles? Would you like to be able to access your writing from anywhere via the internet using nothing more than a web browser? And do you want it all for free?

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