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This Digital Binder Is A Real Challenger For Microsoft OneNote

gDoic digital binderI've long since admired a program called the gDoc Digital Binder. It's a personal organizer, rather like the filofax paper-based system of old (apologies to anyone who still carries one). Unlike Microsoft's OneNote, Digital Binder actually resembles a ring binder on screen, with pages that you can turn.

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Wonderful Sound Effects To Help You Work Or Relax

mynoise sound effectsI recently came across an amazing web site through which you can listen to a huge choice of relaxing sound effects, designed to help you work or concentrate or relax. There are literally hundreds of sounds, based on folk instruments, water and weather, nature, choirs and chants, and loads more.

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Test Your Hearing With Just A PC And Headphones

Hearingtest serviceThere are quite a few sites online that claim to be able to test your hearing (or rather, your hearing loss). However, many of these are produced and maintained by companies who make or sell devices to help you hear better. So there's a chance that the results may not be totally impartial.

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A Clone Of Windows. Free And Open Source. Seriously.

React OSIf you want to set up a basic computer to run little more than a web browser, perhaps to repurpose an old slow machine, Windows is probably your first choice. That's the case for most people. Why Windows? Because it's been around for 30 years and everyone knows how to use it.

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A Distraction-Free Text Editor For Uncluttered Writing

WriteMonkey text editorModern Windows applications seem to use up most of your screen space for their menus and other options, leaving you little room to actually use the program. When you're writing something, such as a letter or other document, this can be distracting. Surely it's better to have a screen that's clear of clutter, so you can concentrate on your words and see of many of them as possible.

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Create Your Own Word Cloud For Free

Tagul word cloud creation serviceA word cloud is a fun way to turn a collection of words into an illustration. It works, as you can see from the example here, by using combinations of font sizes in order to arrange the set of words into an image. You can then use it to illustrate your web site, letterhead or school homework, or use it as your Windows or smartphone wallpaper.

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Need A Personal Information Manager? Here's A Free One.

Essential PIMUsing a PC to manage your personal information isn't as easy as it should be, because there are far too many programs to choose from. In my experience most PIM products are either way too complicated, or difficult to use, or both.

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Keep This Free Bootable Rescue CD To Hand

Ultimate Boot CDIf Windows is suffering from serious problems, sometimes the only option to fix a computer is to boot into another operating system. For just such occasions, one tool that you should keep to hand is a CD to which you've burned a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD software, otherwise known as UBCD.

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Disposing Of A PC? Nuke The Drive First.

Dban disk wiping toolIf you're about to buy a new PC, you'll probably end up wondering what to do with the old one. You could pass it to a friend or family member, of course, or give it to a charity. Or just throw it away, or send it for recycling.

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A Fantastic Set Of Free Network And Webmaster Tools

Free network and webmaster toolsIf you run a web site, or you're trying to fix a problem for someone who does, then you need a decent set of troubleshooting tools to hand. You'll want to check that the SSL certificate is working properly. You'll need to know that the site is accessible, at an acceptable speed, from various locations around the world.

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