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Download A Full Diagram Creation Program For Free

Diagram creation programIf you like drawing diagrams and flowcharts to help visualise structured hierarchical information, then yEd is a program that you should try. It's a diagramming tool that is both flexible and powerful. Use it to create network diagrams, table plans, work or study plans, project outlines, and just about anything else.

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Search And Read Millions Of Scientific Papers

Scientific paper searchWorld Wide Science is an online portal that lets you search millions of academic papers and journal articles that cover subjects such as IT, medicine, physics, chemistry and lots more. If you want in-depth knowledge about a particular topic, this is the place to find it.

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Much More Than Safe Mode, From Windows 10's Magic Restart Menu

Windows 10 restart menuSince the very early days, Windows has had a "safe mode" startup option. This loads a minimal set of features and drivers, which means that there's a good chance of an otherwise unresponsive system starting up. You can then, so the theory goes, fix any problems (such as removing broken device drivers) before restarting again in full-on mode.

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Post To Twitter When You Can't Be There

Twuffer Twitter posting serviceIf you're a user of Twitter, have you ever wished that there was a way to post something to the system automatically at a specific time and date? For example, a friend who lives in a far-away country has a forthcoming birthday and you want to tweet a greeting, but time zone differences mean that you can't be around at the best time.

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Top Commercial Antivirus Product Free For Home Use

Sophos antivirusIf you haven't heard of Sophos antivirus, it's probably because you don't work for a large company. Unlike most other security software vendors, Sophos mostly sells to the corporate market and doesn't bother trying to sell copies to individual home users.

It does, though, give copies away. For free.

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The Latest In Online Dog Identification Technology

Dog identification serviceIt's been a while since I brought you news of something frivolous in the online world, so here's something to make up for recent omissions. WhatDog is a web site that will identify the breed of a dog from a photograph. There's even a downloadable app, if you need to be able to identify dogs while you're away from your PC.

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A Word About Opera's Upcoming Free VPN

You may have read recently that the latest version of the Opera web browser now includes a free VPN.  This means that, with a click of a button, you can change the IP address which web sites use to identify you.  

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Need An Office Software Suite? This One's Free.

Free Office windowWith so much top-quality freeware available nowadays, there's no longer any need to shell out for Microsoft Office in order to get a quality word processor or spreadsheet program. There are a number of perfectly good alternatives that you can download and install free of charge.

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Loads Of New Free Fonts For Your PC

Font imageIf you're bored of all your printed documents looking so similar to each other, it's time to try out a new font or typeface. Windows comes as standard with a large selection (just use the Font or Format menu in whatever program you're using, to choose one) but sometimes it's nice to have some additional choices.

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