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If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming

Although there are companies queueing up to offer you free cloud-based storage, sometimes the free offerings just don't provide enough space.  Which is why, for the past year or 2, I've been a paying customer of Dropbox.  Having used the free 2 GB service and decided that I was happy with it, I took the plunge and subscribed.  Which got me 200 GB, for a reasonable $19.99 a month.

Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad

When I wrote in this column last week about a text editor called EmEditor ( I received many comments about my story, both from those who like EmEditor and from those who prefer a different program.

Ever since I've been writing about IT, which I started doing on April 6th 1983, people's preferences for text editors have probably been the strongest-held opinions, even surpassing those for web browsers and operating systems.

Want To Develop Android or iPhone Apps? You Can, For Free.

If you have an Android or iOS device and you've been downloading stuff from the relevant app stores, you may have stopped to wonder whether developing your own app is possible and how much it costs to get started.

This Collaboration Tool Was $19 Per Month. Now It's Free.

Slideshare is an online system that allows people and companies to share PDF files, videos, documents, and PowerPoint presentations.  It's widely used by businesses who want to make conference presentations available to customers online, and is ranked as one of the top 200 most popular web sites in the world.

Slideshare has always offered free accounts, which allow access to basic features.  "Pro" accounts, which started at $19 per month, gave you more features, as well as being able to keep track of who had viewed your presentations.

Free Activity Monitor Reports On What Your PC Has Been Doing

If you ever get asked to fix the PC of a friend or colleague which has been having problems, the first thing you need to ascertain is what the friend or colleague has been doing on the PC recently.  Equally, if you allow someone to use your computer, you might also want to know what they did with it.

Windows keeps all information about recent usage on hand.  Trouble is, it's spread across various log files within the system, so it can take a while to pull all the information together.

The Fastest Text Editor I've Ever Seen

Sometimes a full-featured word processor is too much.  You want a simple text editor, for viewing and editing text files such as program source code, HTML, system logs, and so on.  

There are hundreds of text editors available, including the simple "Notepad" utility that has shipped as part of Windows from day 1 and which still exists in Windows 8.  There are also loads more available for download on the internet.

Create 3D Models And Animations Completely Free

Clara is a product for creating 3D models and animations on your computer.  If you're an experienced user of 3D design packages then you can create your own models from scratch.  Alternatively, if you're new to the scene then you can start by editing one of the many sample models that are included, such as the ladybird in the screenshot below.

Increase Your Browsing Speed And Privacy With Ghostery

Have you noticed that web pages nowadays take longer and longer to load?  Even if you have a decent ADSL or fibre broadband connection, there's still a noticeable delay while certain pages load.  And it's worse on particular sites.

Severe Problems with Windows August Updates

Many people are reporting that some of the monthly updates issued by Microsoft on August 12, 2014 are causing severe problems. For example, some Windows 7 64-bit systems are getting system crashes. There are also font problems with some systems. Microsoft is withdrawing certain updates and is recommending that they be uninstalled.  The Microsoft advisory with details is at this link.

Create A Browser-Based Game Of Your Own

Ever played an online browser-based video game and wondered how you might go about creating one of your own?  If so, then here's something that might interest you.

PlayCanvas is a complete development system designed for creating browser-based (HTML5) video games.  As a beginner, you can get started just by dragging and dropping items (as well as cameras and lights) onto the page, and then specifying what happens to them.  As you get more advanced, you can program your game from scratch in Javascript, which is the main language that PlayCanvas supports.

Gizmo's Freeware is Recruiting!

Gizmos Needs YouShare your knowledge of free software with millions of Gizmo's readers by joining our editing team.  Details here.

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