Do we really need Windows registry cleaners?

In early 2012 I wrote this short article describing the impact of registry cleaning on Windows XP performance. I never published it because I was primarily settling the question for my own satisfaction. Secondly, I shelved it when I started working on a longer article that provides more detail on the scenarios. I never finished that other article so now I'm publishing this shorter article because it will still be useful to the many Windows XP users.

Windows 7 Startup Components


This article supports the Windows 7 Startup article.

I have documented the Windows components that are important to the Windows 7 Startup article. This article contains three diagrams to describe the Windows environment created at startup:

Windows 7 Startup

Why You Have Less Space on Your Hard Drive Than You Thought

It’s a common question, “Why do I have less space on my hard drive than I thought?” Now that multi-terabyte drives are common, this question may not seem important to some but the increased use of SSDs and partitioned drives makes it very relevant. Here are some answers.

What is “Freeware”?

Gizmo’s is all about freeware but just what is “freeware”? Not everybody means the same thing when they tag some piece of software as “freeware”. You will often see something labeled freeware when it really isn’t. In this article, I will describe various kinds of software that are often called freeware and try to clear up some of the confusion.

True freeware

What I call real “freeware” comes in these two varieties:

Free Arts & Crafts and Hobbies Video Instruction

This is a listing of 8 sites that legally offer video instruction on Arts & Crafts and Hobbies.

There is a separate listing of written materials in these genres.

Free Arts & Crafts and Hobbies eBooks and Written Instructions


This is a listing of 42 sites that legally offer free ebooks and written instruction on Arts & Crafts and Hobbies..

There is a separate listing of sites offering free video instructions in these genres at

How to Manage Windows File Associations the Really Easy Way

6 Great Alternatives to iGoogle

UPDATE: iGoogle will be shut down in a few days. You still have a little time to export your iGoogle information. The deadline for the demise of iGoogle, Google's start page, is getting closer (read how to export your igoogle feeds). While nothing will completely replace iGoogle, there are some alternatives out there.

6 Free Google Reader Alternatives

As you may have heard, Google Reader will be closing its doors on July 1st, 2013. Those of us who use and depend on RSS feeds are scrambling for alternatives. I've selected six that are web based that have (mostly) apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Gizmo's Freeware is Recruiting!

Gizmos Needs YouShare your knowledge of free software with millions of Gizmo's readers by joining our editing team.  Details here.

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