Best Computer Security Sites

Computer security has become a major problem for most users but you'll find plenty of help and advice at these top sites.

Good Spyware Resource Site
The current spyware/adware/scumware plague is reaching near epidemic proportions. This free site offers an excellent set of protection/removal tools and many other resources.

Good Malware Prevention and Removal Site
Here you can find excellent advice on how to configure your system to reduce the chance of spyware infection plus detailed information how to remove an existing infection. Most of this information is available elsewhere but the site owner Shanmuga has done an excellent job compiling the information and making it accessible. Well worth visiting and bookmarking.

How to Remove Spyware (And Other Nasties) from Your PC
This practical guide is as good as I've seen but it's not suitable for newbies.

Help for Spyware You Can't Remove
Some spyware just keeps on re-appearing on your PC no matter how many times you remove it. When this happens, download HijackThis from this page and follow the instructions. The page also shows you how to post the output from HijackThis to the Tom Coyote web forums. These folks should be able to help you permanently get rid of the problem. It won't cost you a cent either.

Run Online Virus Scan from Both Internet Explorer and FireFox
I've mentioned elsewhere the excellent Trend Micro online virus scanning service but lamented the fact that the service utilized ActiveX and consequently could only be accessed through Internet Explorer. Thanks to Terry Smith who sent me a non-ActiveX link where you can run the Trend scan using FireFox or indeed any browser that supports Java. It's well worth bookmarking as this is one of the few online scans that will also remove infections rather than just detect them.

Spyware Removal Utilities That Are Actually Spyware
A few issue back I mentioned a number of bogus spyware removal utilities, many with names deceptively similar to well known legitimate products. This site has a more complete list with over 100 entries. Many of the "free" apps generate large numbers of fake "infections" to alarm users into purchase. Others are simply spyware applications. Proof positive that scumware comes from scums.

Free Service Tests a Suspicious File
Got a program you'd like to run but not sure if it's kosher? Then upload it to this site where they'll run it through 13 different virus scanners and let you know the results.

How to Test Your Email Security
A while back I mentioned these two sites that will send you a series of email messages, each of which tests for a specific known email vulnerability. The messages are quite safe so don't be alarmed if your virus scanner gives a warning. In fact, only get alarmed if your virus scanner doesn't give a warning!

How to Improve Your Internet Security
This site offers some excellent security advice for experienced users. I particularly liked the suggested settings for enhancing  the security of Internet Explorer.

Home of the Hacks
Trying to keep track of the security problems with various software products?  This page will help you. While visiting, check out their user survey of the top security tools.

Computer Security Tips
The International Computer Security Association has a Web site with lots of papers, pointers and other useful information for anyone involved in IT security issues.  Well worth a browse.

Popup Stopper Wars
How well does your popup stopper rate? Find out by running the tests at this site. The site also rates a range of freeware and commercial popup stoppers. The top performing free product was EMS Free Surfer, a product I'd never heard of. <= EMS Free Surfer

Great Security Resource for End-users
If you haven't the patience to answer beginners’ questions about computer security, you can refer them to this excellent resource site. Experienced users should check it out, too.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Database
OSVDB is an independent security vulnerability database that is free for all to use. It's large, up-to-date and comprehensive in its operating system coverage.

Spam Haters Unite
The coalition against unsolicited commercial email has a site where you can find tips and techniques for blocking spam.

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by JoeRS on 2. April 2013 - 11:21  (106743)

Very useful tools. Thanks for sharing.

by Foodnut (not verified) on 7. December 2011 - 20:43  (84594) deserves a mention. They have security guides on protecting everything from wi-fi to iPhones to Windows PCs.

by Castle_Rock on 30. November 2009 - 4:24  (37544)

the "Free Scumware Check" has been discontinued, remove the link.

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 11. April 2010 - 23:58  (47449)

Thanks for letting me know. The item has now been deleted.

by Anonymous on 4. October 2009 - 15:57  (33927)

May I suggest The site has a tab for security issues, and provides early and accurate information on many interesting security issues and developments.

by Stonefish on 23. March 2009 - 5:01  (18354)

Complete Computer Security Information

A multitude of links to articles and websites about protecting your
computer and data from hackers and all types of malware. Includes
discussions and links to free and commercial antiMalware software
and many tips covering many potential security problems.

Site had very high Google ranking until Time-Warner forced it's recent
move to:

by Anonymous on 1. February 2009 - 15:10  (15068)

Secunia and GRC ShieldsUp! have both been mentioned here. I use them both (secunia is installed and runs in background. Regular visit to ShieldsUp!) and value them.

by Phobos on 28. December 2008 - 20:09  (12643)

Here is a place to get secure passwords that you'll never remember.
Ultra High Security Password Generator

by Anonymous on 6. November 2008 - 21:23  (10157)

What about Shields Up?

by luckyjim1968 on 3. November 2008 - 23:49  (10033)

As usual some good pointers from Gizmo and team; but remember "old advice is no advice"' especially when it comes to security.

Some of the sites referenced here need some serious updating: "...Firefox version 1.5 is scheduled for release at the end of November, 2005...".

That comment was noted as being an update to the original article, so I don't know how old that was!

by cmbdrvg on 7. October 2008 - 4:20  (8795)

Microsoft has a password checker site that uses a colored bar to rate your password as you type it.

and another article that goes into more detail about how to go about thinking up a password you'll be able to remember.

The Microsoft site will call secure a 9-character password that has only upper and lower case letters and numbers. However, this site not only gives instantaneous feedback with the color bar, but also requires a much more complicated password. The same password that Microsoft gave the green light to got a 0% score from them.

by Anonymous on 16. April 2010 - 20:48  (47810)

"The same password that Microsoft gave the green light to got a 0% score from them."

This is because there is a bug in it. Add up the pluses, deduct the minuses and you won't get 0%. Not to be trusted!

Also, it only checks passwords up to 15 characters long, gives no rationale for the rating system and does not check against a dictionary.

by Anonymous on 6. October 2008 - 15:14  (8773)
by Anonymous on 9. March 2009 - 9:56  (17452)

Brilliant , Thanks.

by Anonymous on 16. September 2008 - 13:45  (7836) will definitely fit into that category. Great guys there.

by Anonymous on 16. July 2008 - 19:22  (4333)

It's probably not listed since Secunia also has a program you can download, that has many more settings.

by abhishek on 26. April 2008 - 5:09  (271)


I am not sure if fits into this category. It is a site which lists bugs found in softwares and also has an online scanner which scans your computer and checks if you have the latest updates for softwares on your system.



by abhishek on 26. April 2008 - 5:13  (272)

In fact, re-reading the article makes me feel that this site should fit into multiple categories :)

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