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Best Free Windows 64-bit Programming Editor


Notepad++ "is a popular and widely-used editor loaded with features to make the users' programming more productive, including syntax and brace highlighting for many languages, search and replace using regular expressions, macro recording, and playback. It is also highly configurable through plug-ins, has a wide range of themes and offers multi-language support. Other features include color source code printing, auto-completion, multi-document and multi-view, drag and drop, syntax folding, bookmark, ASCII art display and more." (Best Free Programming Editor)


Bluefish "is a lightweight yet powerful editor running … designed for experienced programmers and web designers, and works as a general-purpose editor as well with the IDE. This program provides options to write websites, scripts and programming codes in many programming and markup languages. Its user interface is complete with toolbars, dialogs and user-customized menus to facilitate insertion of markups and codes. … Other useful features include cold folding, customizable syntax highlighting, advanced search and replace, multiple projects support, integration with external programs to handle advanced text processing or error detection, auto tag closing and matched code highlights for HTML and XML documents, in-line spell checker which is programing language aware and so on." (Best Free Programming Editor)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Color Picker

Color Cop

Color Cop "impressed me with its combination of simplicity and effectiveness. It comes with a compact and powerful user interface which takes up very little screen space. A color grabber is provided to drag and drop at any pixel of the screen, and RGB and Hex codes are presented instantly. The front interface provides a built-in magnifier and an active color palette. If you want to adjust a picked color, you can click the ‘custom’ button and call up Windows’ default color mixer. When you right click on the interface a menu pops up with extra features. In this way, the interface is cleverly made small but powerful." (Best Free Color Picker)



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by Gem (not verified) on 18. October 2010 - 3:35  (59684)

What's the best FREE duplicate file cleaner for Vista 64 bit? With so many to chose from, I need help! Thanks in advance...

by bodis on 18. October 2010 - 5:31  (59688)

There is a separate thread on duplicate file cleaners:
Top 2 choices seems to work with 64 bit systems although Duplicate Cleaner website states that they protect Program Files of 32 bit system. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder has 32 and 64 bit version.

Hope this helps

by Gem (not verified) on 19. October 2010 - 1:07  (59714)

Thanks, bodis. I will check it out. :-)

by Bodisson (not verified) on 13. October 2010 - 21:05  (59484)

Currently using under W7/64 Enterprise (6.1.7600):
- 7-zip 9.16.beta
- Namoroka (Firefox 3.6.3)
- Lanikai (Thunderbird 3.1.2)
- InfraRecorder
- Miranda 0.9.6 (requires run as administrator for some reason...)
- Comodo antivirus with Defense+ 5.0.163652.1142

Looking for:
- torrent (not satisfied with Halite)
- print 2 PDF (using Nitro PDF which has 64 bit printing engine, but program itself is 32 bit)

I'm open for suggestions... and someone might profit from this post...

by morrig on 9. October 2010 - 11:10  (59303)

Here's a little tool for getting rid of nag screen on update for Avira-
As to 64 bit browsers the IE9 Beta is very good and runs Flash,where's Firfox couldn't ? But Firefox(32 bit)just keeps drawing me back with it's add ons.

by michael clyde (not verified) on 19. November 2010 - 20:21  (61403)

thanks for the avira nag screen thing. i have the same problem with f/fox x32, i can't stay away long enough to give anything else much of a shot.

by OM (not verified) on 22. September 2010 - 3:18  (58249)

Goood .....great piece of work...helpes me a lot ....keep up the good work

by rik on 22. September 2010 - 3:51  (58250)

Many thanks, Rik

by johndi (not verified) on 16. September 2010 - 22:11  (57962)

Adobe released a preview version of x64 flash

Rik, What does this mean for switching to x64 browsers now? What is the situation to java etc.?


by rik on 19. September 2010 - 17:15  (58117)

Switching to a 64 bit browser still isn't a realistic option for many (me included.) I'm keeping a close eye on developments and will post anything interesting that I come across.

[Edit] Some sites will refuse to accept requests from 64 bit browsers, online banking being a prime example (at least here in the UK.) With things moving forward I need to retest things and will post an update as soon as I have it.


by KristenSanFran on 8. September 2010 - 23:31  (57483)

Forget to past the information that I was talking about.

If you want to correct the Disk Cleanup shortcut in the Start menu, follow these steps:

1.Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then click on System Tools.
2.Right click on "Disk Cleanup" and from the context menu click on "Properties."
3.Change the Target to %SystemRoot%\system32\cleanmgr.exe.
4.Click on OK. If a UAC prompt appears, click on Continue or provide the appropriate credentials.

If you've automated Disk Cleanup, the correct path to use in your script is:


by rik on 20. September 2010 - 17:41  (58153)

%WINDIR%\sysnative\cleanmgr.exe will ensure that the correct version is executed as noted in the article. Thanks for your input, Rik.

by rik on 11. September 2010 - 1:06  (57617)

This has been reported on elsewhere, but this guide sums it all up very neatly. Nice job. Rik

by KristenSanFran on 8. September 2010 - 23:30  (57482)

I was not thinking and made the following change, and then realized that it was for Windows 7 with 64 - and mine is 32.

Of course i did not write down the original string - could someone post that for me? thanks.

by rik on 11. September 2010 - 1:23  (57618)


It would help if you posted what you changed as I cannot see it.



by Ezra (not verified) on 4. September 2010 - 18:42  (57274)

As for a defrag program, I don't see IObit Smart Degrag or Auslogics Defrag in the list - they do a nice job.

by MidnightCowboy on 4. September 2010 - 21:28  (57282)

The Iobit website is caution rated by WOT (Web Of Trust). We do not support or recommend products from any vendor whose site carries such a rating. The reasons for Iobit acquiring this status are well documented here and in other forums, and they will not be featured until the rating changes.

by Ezra (not verified) on 4. September 2010 - 18:41  (57273)

This triggered the spam filter when I posted it all together, so I'm trying separately. The Free Registry Defrag has also been a great program to use, but not on Windows 7! I used it and about 50% of the time, I had to reinstall. On XP and Vista it's terrific.

by Ezra (not verified) on 4. September 2010 - 18:39  (57272)

I have had nice results with the Comodo System Cleaner. It needs to be configured carefully, but works very well.

by Kevin57 (not verified) on 3. September 2010 - 18:38  (57221)

I don't know if it's been mentioned but there is a nice audio player called Small Player at I like it anyway, very simple and clean.

by rik on 5. September 2010 - 1:14  (57287)

Thanks, I'll take a look.


by Tom S. (not verified) on 1. September 2010 - 14:32  (57104)

Tried Free Registry Defrag on a win7 pro x64 machine. It worked and did not hose my machine, I thought. However, after performing the defrag the boot time for the machine slowed down to a crawl. Fortunately I had done a restore point so I was able to put the machine back to where it was. This is not a 64 bit application (as far as I can tell) and even though it works it has a major side effect. I would not use this application for win 7 and I would take it out of the Win7 section of the site.

by rik on 5. September 2010 - 1:50  (57289)

Tom, thanks for posting this. I will follow it up.


by mehman on 26. August 2010 - 16:11  (56760)

Online armor is now available for 64 bit windows. How about including that in firewall section of this list.

by rik on 27. August 2010 - 13:31  (56815)

I'm not struck with what is being offered. Better to wait for the dust to settle, I wouldn't recommend this.


by Mike H (not verified) on 14. July 2010 - 0:13  (54227)

I do not like the new Win.7 folder/file search. I've been looking for a 64 bit replacement program that's FREE and easy to use but most of all FINDS ALL the files you are searching for, not just one or two but ALL. Anybody know of such a program for Windows 7- 64 bit program?

by rik on 14. July 2010 - 18:05  (54283)

It would help if you could be a bit more specific about your requirements. You say ALL files but do you mean just names, dates, or content as well?

Rik - Category Editor

by kendall.a on 14. July 2010 - 1:45  (54228)

While I don't pick a top Windows 7 search program, you might want to look over this page for some ideas:

by Alan C. (not verified) on 10. July 2010 - 12:42  (54048)

Any freeware Blu-Ray player for Windows 7? MPC Home Cinema x64 won't do it. I've just bought a drive and now discover it's impossible to watch a B-R movie!

by Tommy123 (not verified) on 5. July 2010 - 21:35  (53799)

I'm currently using Spybot Search & Destroy and Spybot resident, don't really have any idea of how much it covers but i do regular scans and the resident runs constantly, is there anything you would recommend instead or as well as? Don't want too many different protection programs that do the same thing!

Recently my computer keeps restarting itself randomly but spybot isn't finding anything and I don't have a clue what's going on!? Any suggestions? I think someone mentioned about Spybot updates causing computers to crash?
(sorry but not read all the above messages haven't got all day!)

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