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Best Free Windows 64-bit Icon Tool


SillySol's Iconoid allows you to change the colour of text associated with your desktop icons. You can also save and restore the position of desktop icons and, optionally, hide and restore icons by clicking on the desktop.

In order to use Iconoid to change the colour of text you must first turn off drop shadows for icon text.  This must be done via Control Panel, System, Advanced System Settings, and then click on the Settings button under Performance.  Right clicking on Computer, and then choosing Properties, will only change settings until you logoff or the PC is rebooted.


IcoFX has become a commercial product but the free version remains available although it is unsupported.

IcoFX "has a wealth of tools and is equipped with more than 40 image effects. … The program allows you to create icons for your programs, setup files, or favicons for your website or blog. It also allows you to convert your favorite images to icons, or icons to images. Conversion between Macintosh and Windows icons are supported. Other features include supporting Vista icons with PNG compression, true color, transparency (alpha channel) and batch processing capability. IcoFX allows you to create icon libraries, extract and patch icons inside the executable files. However, on some executable files which I tried, the former seems work better than the latter." (Best Free Icon Editor and Replacer)


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by Anonymous on 12. January 2010 - 5:46  (40869)

Very nice explorer alternative for windows 7;

by rikmayell (not verified) on 12. January 2010 - 8:20  (40872)

Their site shows that the application is only available as an 'alpha' release at present. Rather than do them an injustice I'll await until a stable release is available and have a look then.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 13. January 2010 - 17:47  (40970)

Comodo is the most annoying firewall I have every used. And it really slows down the system. Nothing fast about it. I got rid of it.

by rikmayell (not verified) on 13. January 2010 - 18:30  (40971)

By annoying, I assume you mean it keeps reminding you that you are doing things that are not in your best interest?

Correctly configured, CIS should not slow down your system.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 13. January 2010 - 19:12  (40973)

Phrase Express x64 version. Very nice.

by Scoffer on 13. January 2010 - 21:01  (40977)

Almost right. Still a bit quirky.

I'm using W7 Ultimate 32bit version on an AMD dual core 2.2GHZ, 2GB RAM, 1GB video. Lowest rating 4.8.

The new Registry/File search is near impossible to configure, understand or use for the average user. This drastically needs to be simplified.

Way too many useless and "Pretty" things that hog resources or are just simply annoying (unless you like this sort of thing).

XP compatiblity mode still needs work. There's a few XP programs that just won't run under W7 yet.

"Look for solution online" has never found any solution to date (this leads to the next issue).

"APPCRASH" on W7 (as with Vista) is a growing problem on some large resource hungry programs such as games, video streaming, chat/video programs and graphic designing to mention a few.

The inbuilt firewall and anti-malware programs seem to be a much higher quality than previous versions, but the Firewall is still lacking basic configuration parameters such as user configurable Application or Site/URL blocking. Hence, I installed my old favourite, Comodo Firewall.

All said and done, when it works, it is a superb and faster performer overall, notwithstanding some of the above things that I feel should be addressed. It appears more stable and less intrusive than Vista, but not quite as easy to use as XP. Also on a positive note, all drivers to date work perfectly on my PC, and updates are extremely fast in comparison to XP.

Yes, a good system, but it still needs work. Maybe Windows 8 in another 3 odd years will get it even more right. As long as they don't change it once again to something like XFAT which will no doubt make your current programs even more incompatible.

Fingers X'd

by Anonymous on 14. January 2010 - 3:21  (40990)

Go back to windows 98 then

by rikmayell (not verified) on 14. January 2010 - 5:31  (40995)

Yes that just about sums it up 'Almost right. Still a bit quirky!' Many of us who put up with Vista would probably add 'Where would we be now if?' Not that, that helps much :(

I've always used third party Registry/File search tools and to be fair haven't tried those in Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. I'm happy to take your word for it.

Despite Microsoft's claims, many of the 'useful extras' cannot be removed, and it takes some digging to track down exactly how to turn off the eye candy you don't want.

I've never liked the XP compatibility mode supported by the Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows 7. Far too resource hungry, wide open, or should I say host / guest security, etc, etc. Running real Windows XP in a virtual machine is a much better bet.

The only time that 'Looking for a solution online' worked for me was during the first beta. I seem to remember Explorer crashed and a report was sent. Some hours later I received details of a fix which, of course had to be run from the command line, but it did resolve the issue. Since then, nothing.

Application crashes have never been a particularly big issue for me. I run office tools, lots of development tools, and tools to carry out remote linux server management. The only application that seems to give me grief from time to time is Firefox. Removing it and then installing again fixes the problem, I can't find anything relevant on line, so I'm reluctant to point the finger of blame.

Again, I don't use the built in security software. Like you I use Comodo Firewall and have Avria and SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes added to that.

Overall I'm very happy with it compared to Vista, but who knows what the future holds? Sometime back Microsoft were talking about a fully relational database based file system for Windows, to tie in with the work on Windows Management Instrumentation, that has given us Powershell. This I think though is unlikely given recent trends in this area of computer science (high availability / high performance file systems.)

Fingers X'd

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by rikmayell (not verified) on 14. January 2010 - 7:19  (40997)

Good Tool.

Personally I would use AutoHotKey or AutoIt. They achieve the same thing but offer a greater degree of flexibility. This of course assumes that you want write your own script, or modify one you have downloaded. Obviously not everybody has the time, energy, or inclination to do that.

I plan to add an odds and ends section to the review. When I do I'll make sure Phrase Express gets a mention.

Many thanks,

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 14. January 2010 - 9:41  (41003)

G'day Rik,

Here's a couple that I use regularly and I haven't seen on this site.

FreeFileSync is a folder backup utility that I rely on to migrate software projects between home and work on a USB stick.

It is available in 64 bit and portable versions and supports various modes - update, mirror, automatic and user-defined. Filters available, simple interface and fast.

Worth a look.

Also 64 bit TrueCrypt (portable option in installer) makes very effective encrypted file-based containers. It can also encrypt entire drives and even your operating system (though I'm not brave enough for that mode :))

(Live links - these are well trodden paths.)

Thanks again for a great site.


by rikmayell (not verified) on 16. January 2010 - 15:10  (41240)

Hi Alan,

I've had a look and both are 32 bit applications, better covered elsewhere. I want to stick to new 64 bit freeware.

Best regards,


by Anonymous on 16. January 2010 - 20:52  (41248)

W7 has been 100% steady so far. and i've thrown alot at it. surprised? well, Win xp is pretty good, so not really. it doesn't need much work, except for the usual OS patches, which haven't been that common so far. xp compat mode has been good. if something won't install, it asks to use compat mode and then it installs! so far, no probs at all! the inbuilt firewall is v. customisable and it is effective as a firewall, it's not designed to be a hips.

by Anonymous on 17. January 2010 - 17:59  (41328)

Very helpful article. Thanks :P :P

by Anonymous on 17. January 2010 - 21:19  (41345)

64 Bit "Lock hunter";

by rikmayell (not verified) on 18. January 2010 - 6:21  (41400)

Thanks. Another one to add to a Useful Tools / Utilities section which will be added as soon as I get chance.


by Anonymous on 18. January 2010 - 23:50  (41480)
by rikmayell (not verified) on 19. January 2010 - 6:57  (41502)

This is a 32 bit application and there are 64 bit alternatives. Thanks anyway.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 19. January 2010 - 19:07  (41557)
by rikmayell (not verified) on 20. January 2010 - 6:23  (41583)

Thanks but this is a 32 bit application and there are 64 bit alternatives such as AutoIt, although I'd admit that is much more complex.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by rikmayell (not verified) on 22. January 2010 - 7:28  (41731)

Please can I ask that if you are going to post details of something that you think should be included in the review, ensure it is a 64 bit application.

Many thanks,

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 23. January 2010 - 13:10  (41834)
by rikmayell (not verified) on 23. January 2010 - 13:23  (41835)

I posted this as a 'Hot Find' a couple of weeks ago but thanks anyway.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 25. January 2010 - 6:48  (42001)

winrar is also 64 bit, and while not technically freeware, it is a very good proggy, and only nags after the trial period, as noted in your zip file comparison article...

by Anonymous on 25. January 2010 - 14:28  (42020)

Thanks very much for your invaluable guidance over several years, this is the first niggle I have had to remark on.
This concerns Avira AntiVirus Personal which I loaded on your recommendation after starting to find that AVG was apparently no longer up to the job and my OS moving to Windows 7.
It was not long after the installation of Avira that I started getting blue screens it seemed to be something to do with Avira's random times for updates sometimes conflicting with some of Windows 7 applications, in particular Windows Explorer and worst of all with Windows Backup which, because it takes a long time to work through, nearly always seems to meet an Avira update head on with the on screen electronic equivalent of a train smash followed of course by the inevitable blue screen. Please excuse the drama but that is the most succint way I can put it in my ignorance. I have had no option except to uninstall Avira and look elsewhere with my fingers crossed.

by rikmayell (not verified) on 25. January 2010 - 16:00  (42025)

I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with Avira. I am concerned that Avira might have only served to help show a problem with your system that is probably being caused by something else. As a precaution I would urge you to check your system for viruses and other malware. Assuming the system is clean check the event log to see if it contains any useful information. Please remember that the forum is available for detailed help with any problems that you are having.


by rikmayell (not verified) on 25. January 2010 - 16:04  (42026)

WinRar is a fine product, but as you point out it isn't freeware. We at Gizmo's can't be seen to encourage people to use it beyond the trial period now can we?

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 26. January 2010 - 5:17  (42085)

PDFXCHANGE Viewer is not showing japanese character

by rikmayell (not verified) on 26. January 2010 - 6:36  (42092)

I think you should report this to the developers as it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by mehman on 30. January 2010 - 5:34  (42405)

How about considering Puran defrag? Its free and is a native 64-bit application.

The download link is
On this page look for Download Details - Puran Defrag Free Edition as the page also lists a paid version.

by rikmayell (not verified) on 30. January 2010 - 5:58  (42406)

Hi Mandeep,

I'm waiting for the conclusion in the category Best Free Disk De-Fragmenter. I also believe that there has been some activity on the forum related to this product. The outcome of that debate might also prove useful.

Once I have the above information I'll consider adding something appropriate to this review.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

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