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Best Free Windows 64-bit Browser

Now is a good time to try a 64-bit browser. Just don't get rid of your 32-bit browser until you are sure that you can do without it.

64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 include both the 32 and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer, version 8 in the case of Windows 7, version 10 for Windows 8. The 32-bit versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera also work without a hitch under both operating systems.

For a many months I have used all the browsers. I rate them similarly to the 32-bit versions (see Best Free Web Browser). Although my personal preference is for Firefox and its derivatives, your preference is likely to be determined by what you use in a 32-bit version. On my systems, the 64-bit versions seem smoother and faster than the 32-bit versions when running on 64-bit Windows but they are usually no faster than their 32-bit versions running on 32-bit Windows.

The issues are the same for all 64-bit versions, they use more memory and they may not be able to run your favourite 32-bit add-on or plug-in. However, the main roadblocks to using 64-bit browsers have been removed:

Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a fast version of Firefox optimized to run on newer hardware. Speed is increased by optimizing the compiled program through removing support for older processors, utilising the features of newer processors, and configuring some features differently. The main difference you will notice is that the user interface is slightly different retaining some of the older placements.

Compatibility is maintained by using only 'unmodified Firefox code' but removing some 'less useful' features which don't affect the ability to display web pages correctly. Useful features that are removed are: accessibility features - if you need them you won't want this browser; and parental controls - see Best Free Internet Safety Checkwhich describes how parental controls improve browsing safety. You will also lose crash support because Pale Moon does not have the same infrastructure as Firefox.

Pale Moon installation was easy but a separate utility has to be downloaded to migrate my Firefox settings. One benefit of 100% Firefox source code is that I can use Firefox Sync which synchronizes Firefox history, bookmarks, etc on different platforms. I'm using it to synchronize 32-bit Firefox, 64-bit Firefox and 64-bit Pale Moon so I don't lose any of my work while I'm evaluating them.


Waterfox, like Pale Moon, is an optimized 64-bit version of Firefox that doesn't remove major components. It appears to be faster than Pale Moon but has one annoying feature:"Waterfox uses the same profile that Firefox does. If you uninstall Waterfox make sure you don't have the remove personal data box ticked!".


Opera might well be my main browser if it wasn't so aggressive at making itself the default. With smaller market share, I guess that they try harder to overcome conservatism and inertia that keeps Opera off more desktops.

Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer 64-bit is a very good browser, I don't using it much because I have had more problems with the websites I rely upon and work on. Even so, I enjoyed using it as it was also noticeably smoother and faster than the 32-bit version.

Google Chrome

Even with four 64-bit browsers to choose from, 32-bit Chrome Chrome is still a very attractive product with features that you might consider essential like multiple user profiles.


  Best Free Windows 64-bit Email

Microsoft offer no real 64-bit solution for the latest versions of Windows:

  • Windows 8 Mail is a Modern UI application but it is very limited. If you use it, you will have to complement it with webmail or another email program.
  • Windows 7 does not include an email client.
  • Windows Vista 64 has a 64-bit version of Windows Mail which makes it Microsoft's only competent 64-bit email client.


Thunderbirdis our recommended client for the 32-bit Windows desktop but Mozilla's only 64-bit version is the unsupported beta Earlybird. It is good enough to use but be warned that you may strike problems although I haven't ... yet.

Unfortunately, moving from your existing email client to 64-bit Thunderbird 3 can be quite a challenge. Users moving from Thunderbird 2 under Windows 7 and Vista 64 will need to use two third party freeware products, MozBackupand MailStore Home. Migration from Outlook is relatively simple under Vista 64 using the import function. This approach doesn't work under Windows 7 due to changes in the registration of MAPI entries which no one appears to want to acknowledge or address.


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by rikmayell (not verified) on 28. October 2009 - 3:12  (35346)

It is difficult to list what simply isn't available.

Beyond what I've listed, Start64! covers commercial software and device drivers and the listing at Vista Forums gives details of numerous utilities.

Developments in the web field, browser, email client are being hampered by the points that I've identified. Further, the lack of free 64 bit development tools is holding back many from migrating their applications. Finally, some developers have decided simply not to bother to migrate to 64 bit, Infranview being a classic example.

I always on the look out for new or updated software and would be more than happy to include any suggestions.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 27. October 2009 - 16:42  (35314)

ccleaner, their website says that they now support Win7 x64

by rikmayell (not verified) on 28. October 2009 - 3:16  (35347)

Thanks. They actually state that they've improved 64 bit support, although granted Windows 7 is also mentioned separately. I will be looking into this claim of 'improved support' and will report back.

Thanks again.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 15. October 2009 - 17:35  (34729)

Thanks for your info, i will take a look about it
petites annonces

by Anonymous on 13. October 2009 - 2:15  (34480)

Thank you for this feedback !

Black Hattitude

by Anonymous on 11. October 2009 - 15:58  (34346)

I like windows 7 :)

super cul

by rikmayell (not verified) on 11. October 2009 - 18:34  (34355)

Yes, so do I:)

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 11. October 2009 - 11:38  (34326)

Wow thanks a lot, really useful !

But Null FTP is not my favourite FTP client. I love Filezilla, really better in my opinion. vente privee

by rikmayell (not verified) on 11. October 2009 - 18:33  (34354)

Thank you.

I can't say Null FTP is my favourite FTP client either but it is the only freeware 64 bit client I've been able to find.

32 bit Core FTP Lite and FileZilla are superior in many ways but no 64 bit versions seem to be on the horizon.

The main thing you lose by using a 32 bit client is shell integration, although personally I've never missed this.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by mikedutch (not verified) on 11. October 2009 - 0:49  (34297)

MyDefrag also supports defrag of SSD disks which is very important since SSD wears out.

by rikmayell (not verified) on 11. October 2009 - 18:50  (34356)

In terms of results MyDefrag is definitely the product to beat.

Many though, prefer faster, less optimum results, coupled with a better user interface, so 32 bit disk defragmentation tools will suffice.

All of these tools use the Windows defragmentation API so can process any device that can be mounted locally using the normal file system drivers. This will include SSD, memory sticks, and so on, but exclude network drives that are available, but not mounted, locally.

If you have any further information or references on maintaining SSD I would appreciate it if you would pass them on.


Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 9. October 2009 - 21:21  (34248)


No mention of AVG Free? Not recommended anymore? Many associates I know still use this app as their Anti-Virus app of choice.


by rikmayell (not verified) on 10. October 2009 - 0:58  (34256)


AVG Free is covered in our main review of anti-virus freeware. I will add a mention and also a link to the review so that people are aware that there are other alternatives.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 3. October 2009 - 1:12  (33808)

Dear RikMayell,

I am so glad that you are a contributor here. I have learned so much from your comments and explainations of different products.

Please keep up the great work!


Dennis S. Primm

by rikmayell (not verified) on 3. October 2009 - 11:56  (33838)


Thank you for the positive feedback, and for taking the time to read my contributions.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 19. September 2009 - 14:05  (32960)

Nice to see 7-Zip and PeaZip! Both are also available as PortableApps' portable applications (PeaZip has also a natively portable package) in order to bring those applications on a thumbdrive and similar.

by Anonymous on 14. September 2009 - 19:32  (32587)

I just come accross this site, I belive that I will get solution to my problem.
Im using Vista with sony laptop and I want window 7 or XP on the system, how do I do this?
1.where can I download the sofware "turn vista to window 7"?
2. How do I pertition my hard disk?
Thanks for your assistance,

It's not wise to publicly list your email address, you could end up receiving all sorts of things!

by rikmayell (not verified) on 15. September 2009 - 8:03  (32615)


Questions like this are best posted in the forum, you need to register but that only takes a minute or two.

In answer,

1. To move from Vista to Windows 7 you will need to purchase the appropriate upgrade license for the Vista that you have. The product is already Released To Manufacturing (RTM), and is due to be made available to the general public on the 22nd October. I'm fairly sure it's available to preorder from many of the on-line sites.

2. To create a new partition on your existing C drive proceed as follows:

(a) Open the Control Panel, double click Administrative Tools, Computer Management, and select Disk Management from the left hand pane of the Computer Management dialog box.

(b) Right click on the partition you want to shrink in order to free up space and select Shrink Volume from the context menu.

(c) Windows will tell by how much the partition can be shrunk, adjust this as a appropriate and then click on OK. Note that if the value reported by Windows is very low it's likely your existing partition is nearly full or is badly fragmented. If this the case refer to:

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter


Best Free Disk Space Analyzer

(d) Once the shrink operation has completed you can use the Disk Manager to create new partitions or, if installing an additional OS allow the installation routine to do it.

Hope that helps.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 22:17  (32061)

re: Firewalls

I am quite satisfied using Privatefirewall 6 from PrivacyWare,Inc; both in Win Vista and Win 7, since OnlineArmor Firewall does not work in Win 7. It's worth a look:

by rikmayell (not verified) on 3. September 2009 - 15:52  (32094)

The overall response in this forum thread

suggests Comodo Internet Security is a better bet. I am more than happy with CIS and will continue to recommended it as top pick for Windows 7 / Vista 64.

Remember though that it's what works for you that really counts.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 4. November 2009 - 5:42  (35767)

I agree having had difficulties with OnLine Armor but being very pleased with Comodo even though you have to work a bit harder for a while.

by MidnightCowboy on 4. November 2009 - 10:06  (35797)

Agreed. I ran CIS (full suite) extensively on Vista Ultimate x64 and it was faultless. I recently changed to Bullguard so I could be running this during the site offer period and day by day now issues began to arise. I'm not blaming Bullguard because I have been in contact with their tech guys and we've narrowed it down to a software conflict. Unfortunately I need this PC fully functional for my site work here and just don't have the time to nail this down. Consequently Bullguard went yesterday and CIS came back on. I wasn't too impressed with the additional 100mb+ required to reload the AV database but all in all my PC is exactly back to how it was before. You could not have said this about CIS even a few months ago on any system which just demonstrates how far this software has progressed.

by MidnightCowboy on 9. September 2009 - 17:41  (32412)

I second CIS which unbelievably for me has so far given less issues on Ultimate 64 than it did on XP! I was previously a great fan of Privatefirewall but something appears to have been "lost" during the upgrade process. The real key with CIS is not to wind it up too tightly unless you can't possibly live outside of a maximum security environment. This will reduce the chances of hitting any instability a lot. I do activate the Protocol Analysis but otherwise I don't ask it to do any more than I really need.

by Anonymous on 30. August 2009 - 4:27  (31894)

Auslogics freeware should be mentioned.

by rikmayell (not verified) on 30. August 2009 - 12:37  (31901)

Auslogics main business is shareware although they do, as you point out, offer cut down freeware versions of some of their products. All Auslogics software is 32 bit and, in my opinion, none of their products offer any benefit over others identified in the review.

If you feel a particular product has been unfairly left out then post the details and I'll be happy to check it out.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 24. August 2009 - 18:02  (31447)

Comodo Internet Security (CIS)

Fails to install on Windows 7 RTM, ive tried every possible install method, i dont have UAC or driver signing mode enabled so this shouldnt cause an issue.

Win 7 RTM 64bit

Just so other folks know.

by Anonymous on 12. November 2009 - 20:25  (36513)

Two Questions.

1. Is your PC in good condition prior to installation of CIS or any other security program be it antivirus or firewall?

2. Where did you downloaded it from?

by rikmayell (not verified) on 13. November 2009 - 12:49  (36560)

These problems with Windows 7, CIS, and other security products, which occurred during the transition from release candidate to final product, have long since been resolved.

If you find you are unable to install a security product under the release version of Windows 7 you should ensure that your PC is free from malware. Check here for help on how to do this. If your PC is malware free check with the supplier of the product for further information or post in the forum where someone will be happy to try and help.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 28. August 2009 - 12:23  (31725)

I installed it on Win 7 RTM x64 without a problem.

by rikmayell (not verified) on 25. August 2009 - 12:19  (31488)

This problem seems to come and go, I've never been able to pin down the exact cause.

To workaround the problem:

1. Create an icon on your desktop that points to the CIS installation routine.

2. Right click on the icon and select Properties.

3. Click on the Compatibility tab and select 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)'

Ensure that 'Run this program as an administrator' is selected under Privilege Mode and then click on OK.

If you double click on your newly created icon you should find that CIS installs okay. After a reboot it will function normally.

Rik Mayell - Category Editor

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