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Best Free Windows 64-bit SoftwareHere are the top freeware picks for 64-bit Windows in their various categories. This list will continue to grow as we add new categories and new products. Go to the page index for the category you are interested in or read more about 64-bit Windows by following the links in the related articles. Normally the products will a review in the corresponding freeware categories so I will provide an excerpt from that review. Other comments will usually relate to 64-bit compatibility and operation.

The primary goal of this article is to find the best native 64-bit applications ( ) in each category. Where there is no 64-bit application in a category there will usually be a link to a review of 32-bit applications that includes some which are compatible with 64-bit Windows ( ). These 32-bit applications will usually run slower (due to emulation of the 32-bit environment) but are either the best in their class or have features that will be particularly useful to many 64-bit Windows users.

Although we do mention Windows XP Pro 64, all testing has been under 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

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This list of the best software for 64-bit Windows has 50 categories with 83 products consisting of 57 native 64-bit applications and 26 compatible 32-bit applications. To read brief descriptions of the items, click a page number.


What's New: Starting a major rewrite. Phase 1 is to include our recommended 64-bit software, add some new categories, and remove most 32-bit software, page by page.

18 July 2014 Page 2 - Home & Office: Items added or updated:
Calculators & converters: NewMicrosoft Mathematics
Project Manager: NewdotProject;Newweb2project
Genealogy or Family Tree: NewGramps

16 July 2014 Page 2 - Home & Office: Items added or updated:

Office Suite:NewKingsoft Free Office Suite , SSuite Office - Excalibur Release LibreOffice . IBM Lotus Symphony
Word Processor: Jarte , PolyEdit Lite , AbiWord
Desktop Publisher: NewScribus
Non-Adobe PDF Reader: PDF-XChange Viewer
PDF Writer: Bullzip PDF Printer , Nitro PDF Reader
PDF Tools: NewjPDF Tweak ,NewPDFsam ,Newi2pdf , PDFill PDF Tools
Electronic Book Reader:NewCalibre
PIM: Essenital PIM , Pimero Free
Reminder & Todo List: Rainlendar Lite
Calculators & converters: Speedcrunch , Convert


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by Anonymous on 15. June 2010 - 15:37  (52173)

I have 32 bit vista and have .net framework 3.5 waiting in the wings to be downloaded. I'm not sure if I need it not b/c when i got my computer 2 years ago it came with .net framework 2.0 already installed. I'm running ie8 and mse and they are running fine. do i really need this extra 3.5 framework on my computer! Thanks

by rik on 15. June 2010 - 15:51  (52175)

The .NET framework is like any other core piece of software and I always keep it up to date. At the risk of boring you with the obvious, take an image of your PC before installing .NET 3.51 SP 1. I doubt you'll have a problem but 'least said soonest mended.'


by Anonymous on 15. June 2010 - 15:58  (52176)

Thank you for this prompt and charismatic response. I like the similes and metaphors you inject in your responses. Please don't ever think your work and time is done in vain on this website because i've learned a lot these past few months reading your posts :)

by rik on 15. June 2010 - 20:20  (52192)

Thank you for your kind words. If I can help one visitor from falling into one of the many holes I've fallen into over the years then I'll have done something right.


by Anonymous on 18. June 2010 - 13:37  (52398)

Hi All
What software would i use to whipe out compleate hdd with secure files on them. I have several old computers that have lucked files on them including an okd laptop The hall have windows xp on them right now. I sure would appreciate it if someone could hekp me
Thanks a bunch.

by Anupam on 18. June 2010 - 13:43  (52399)
by rik on 18. June 2010 - 16:41  (52413)

Further to Anupam's comment, use one of these utilties to erase the drive(s) and assuming you don't intend to sell the PCs remove the drives and smash them to pieces. This is what the US DoD and UK Department of Defense do. It isn't subtle but it does the job :)


by Anonymous on 19. June 2010 - 4:35  (52442)

Hi Anupam
Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. I will take a look there and see what I can find. I just want to wipe everything clean and put new ops on them so I can use them for myself again it's cheeper then buying new hdds other ways I would do what rick said, to smash them. Since you never know what others will do with your info.
Thanks again and have a good one.

by Anupam on 19. June 2010 - 8:50  (52452)

You are welcome. Glad to be of help :). If you wanted to reuse your hard disk for installing a fresh copy of OS, then the format command while installing your OS would do the job well. Since, you only are going to reuse the hard disk, so there is no need to wipe the hard disk clean, as there is no security issue. A format will get rid of all the previous data. But yes, if you want to dispose off the hard disk, then you should make use of the wiping software.

by Anonymous on 19. June 2010 - 19:12  (52475)

Hi again Anupan
Ok now I have real problem. I did not get your replay in time and I think I messed up big time. I used DBN to whipe the hdd but now yt will not let me install the op. It said that it can't format the hdd. Is there anything I can do tto fix that??? I would really appreciate your help
again if ou could.
Thanks a lot

by rik on 20. June 2010 - 7:35  (52505)

Please take this issue over to the forum. No disrespect, but I don't want the comments section taken over by this.

Rik, Category Editor Best Free Windows 7 / Vista 64 bit Software & Site Technical Support Manager

by Anonymous on 20. June 2010 - 14:10  (52531)

Hi rik
Sorry about that. Will not happen again.

by rik on 21. June 2010 - 7:03  (52572)

No need for an apology. We are all here to help each other, it's just a question of where the best place on the site for that is.

Best regards,


by Anonymous on 23. June 2010 - 12:26  (52846)

Note, the latest build of 64 bit Thunderbird 3, codenamed Shredder is 3.0.5 not, 3.0 beta 2. (Works great, too).

by rik on 23. June 2010 - 12:36  (52850)

If it supports the Lightning extension I might be interested. If not, as is most likely, I'll stick with what I have.

Rik - Category Editor

by Anonymous on 24. June 2010 - 1:10  (52922)

Well, I don't use Lightning, but I looked at the Lighning known issues and bug fixes, and it is not a current known issue. And, last bug fix affecting shredder was fixed back in March. So, all I can say is to give it a try. In any case, you should update the article to show the current version of 3.0.5

by rik on 25. June 2010 - 0:49  (53050)

Done as requested, many thanks for pointing this out.

I should perhaps point out that 64 bit Thunderbird 3 is NOT an official project so please don't report problems theres


by Anonymous on 28. June 2010 - 11:57  (53361)

Any good 64bit text editor recommendations?

by rik on 28. June 2010 - 12:35  (53364)

Our article Best Free Text Editor doesn't mention any, but a 64 bit version of notepad2 is available here.


by Anonymous on 28. June 2010 - 13:08  (53365)

I am a regular visitor to your blog, like all your post this post is also very good. I will give 10 out of 10 marks.

by Anonymous on 28. June 2010 - 19:27  (53388)

Have you tried Windows Notepad. It actually comes standard with windows os ?

by rik on 29. June 2010 - 10:38  (53423)

Many thanks!


by Anonymous on 30. June 2010 - 2:51  (53479)

Me also regular visitor as well but i will give it 20 out of 10 !

by Rothy (not verified) on 3. July 2010 - 10:06  (53682)

Thank you for this great information!

I recommend CCleaner. There is a native 64 bit version of the software, which installs out of the combined installation program (at least for my understanding).

by rik on 3. July 2010 - 10:32  (53683)

Sorry, but ccleaner is still pure 32 bit.

Rik, Category Editor

by Tommy123 (not verified) on 5. July 2010 - 21:35  (53799)

I'm currently using Spybot Search & Destroy and Spybot resident, don't really have any idea of how much it covers but i do regular scans and the resident runs constantly, is there anything you would recommend instead or as well as? Don't want too many different protection programs that do the same thing!

Recently my computer keeps restarting itself randomly but spybot isn't finding anything and I don't have a clue what's going on!? Any suggestions? I think someone mentioned about Spybot updates causing computers to crash?
(sorry but not read all the above messages haven't got all day!)

by tushR on 5. July 2010 - 22:43  (53805)

The only security software in your pc is Spybot?
If I was you, I would remove Spybot and use Avast free.

by Tommy123 (not verified) on 6. July 2010 - 0:02  (53808)

Yeah, I did have Avast but read some dodgy reviews about it, thought Spybot sounded like the best. I'll give it another chance ;)

by rik on 6. July 2010 - 5:02  (53820)

Apologies for the delay in replying. Definitely switch from Spybot to AVAST or Avira. Personally I wouldn't touch MSE or Panda 'Cloud' with a barge pole. Best of luck.

Rik, Category Editor

by MidnightCowboy on 6. July 2010 - 8:41  (53831)

I can understand the reservations about Panda but whaddayagot against MSE? :)

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