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Best Free Windows 64-bit Office Suite

It is disappointing to be unable to offer a free 64-bit office suite for Windows.

Kingsoft Office Suite FreeWPS Office previously called KingSoft Free Office Suite

WPS is the original name for this software. It is an acronym for Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet. It also has versions for Linux, Android, and iOS.

"For a freeware equivalent to Microsoft Office and for those who liked the simpler old style 2003 interface then Kingsoft Office Suite Free is the application. There isn't a single feature I found that isn't IDENTICAL to the Microsoft Office 2003 equivalent. The similarities even go far into the styles of WordArt." (Best Free Office Suite)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Word Processor

Just as there is no 64-bit Office Suite, there is no 64-bit word processor. I would stick with an Office Suite but check out the 64-bit compatible word processors in  Best Free Word Processor.


Best Free Desktop Publisher (DTP)


"Scribus is the real thing; a professional quality page layout program capable of producing "press-ready" output. The feature list is impressive, basically everything you want is there including: CMYK color, separations, ICC color management and versatile PDF creation. Graphics manipulation is handled via an interface to the Gimp, another open source program. Scribus can also import from and export to programs in the Open Office suite.

The user interface though highly functional, is not quite as slick as its commercial cousins but it can be skinned to fit in with the look of whatever operating system you are using. The documentation is excellent and there is lots of support from Scribus's enthusiastic user community." (Best Free Desktop Publishing Program)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Non-Adobe PDF Reader

We haven't found a 64-bit PDF reader but there is a good selection of suitable 32-bit readers in Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader.


Best Free Windows 64-bit PDF Writer

We haven't found a 64-bit PDF writer but there is a good selection of 32-bit readers in Best Free PDF Writer.

PDF writers normally create PDF files by printing to a pseudo printer which is also called a virtual printer that means you need to be able to open the original file to be converted. If you can't then there are some website converters that can open many types of file.


Best Free Windows 64-bit PDF Tools

There are several online tools in Best Free PDF Tools as well as the following 64-bit applications.

ToolboxjPDF Tweak

jPDF Tweak

Its interface is not straightforward to use, for example "its merge, split and reorder functions are available under the ‘input’ tab, and a new filename has to be entered in the ‘output’ tab." But it does have a full toolbox as it "allows you to rotate, watermark and format multiple pages", "change page numbers and chapter bookmarks", use "encryption functions", "add attachments",  and "set viewer preferences and document properties, including title, author, subject and keywords." (Best Free PDF Tools)

Reorganize PDF pages


"… well worth trying if you need to visually re-order or recompose multiple pages of PDF files. You can mix, merge or extract, split and rotate pages by specifying the page numbers. However, PDFsam also lets you re-organize PDF pages in a thumbnail view. In this mode, you can easily work with thumbnails to merge, delete, rotate or re-order PDF pages and save the results as another PDF file. Since PDFsam is a Java application, it will run on any operating system that supports Java. The basic version of PDFsam is free for use. The installer is bundled with an advertising program OpenCandy but you can get … a standalone zip file with no such bundle." (Best Free PDF Tools)

Convert images to PDF


"It works even better than the tool "Convert Images to PDF" included in PDFill PDF Tools. Download and unzip i2pdf and run the executable directly (no installation required). This program is portable and user friendly—just drag and drop the images on the program window, click the "Build PDF" button and it's done. When setting the page output, "paperless" format is a helpful option if you'd like to convert portrait or landscape images to the PDF file and view them on the screen without blank paper margins." (Best Free PDF Tools)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Electronic Book (eBook) Reader


Calibre is an "open source eBook library management application" with "extensive file conversions, the ability to convert over thirteen document formats into EPUB, PDF and MOBI formats for use on popular eBook-readers …. You can also set up Calibre to fetch news from websites and RSS feeds and convert it into a compatible format …. There's even a built-in web server so you can access your eBook collection remotely" … and "a cover-flow browsing feature …. However, it tries to sort all your books in its own preferred folder structure, so if you're a person who uses your own folder-hierarchy use this carefully." (Best Free Electronic Book Reader)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Personal Finance

Money Manager EXMoney Manager Ex

"Money Manager Ex is an excellent full-featured budget program that enables users to create multiple accounts, transactions, categories, and reports. The program is fairly easy to use, with a medium-level learning curve, and has an extensive help file to assist users on how to navigate the various features and options.… In general, it is a good program for novices and experts, but is sorely lacking in real-time automatic fiscal tracking and download capabilities. Also, it does not support password encryption" (Best Free Personal Finance Software)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Project Manager

We haven't found a suitable 64-bit program for the desktop so leave us a comment below if you have any suggestions. There are compatible 32-bit programs in Best Free Project Manager but your best options could be web-based. Here are a couple of examples.

dotProject is a web-based service that is well established. It requires an account but no software on your computer.

web2project is a web server application that you host yourself and install to a compatible web host that you have an account with. It works best for workgroups that collaborate on projects and want to share a calendar. It also has a migration path from dotProject


Best Free Windows 64-bit Personal Information Manager (PIM)

You put your life into a PIM so the absence of a native 64-bit PIM will frustrate many. Check out the Best Free Personal Information Manager Software for 32-bit applications will have to do in the interim. I found them useful but none of them exceptional. Evolution was another option, an Outlook replacement ported from Linux, but it crashed under Windows 7 64-bit.


Best Free Windows 64-bit Reminder and To-Do List

We haven't found a suitable 64-bit program. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. There are compatible 32-bit programs in
Best Free Reminder and To-Do Program.


Best Free Windows 64-bit Notes Organizer

We haven't found a suitable 64-bit program. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. There are compatible 32-bit programs in Best Free Notes Organizer.


Best Free Windows 64-bit Outliner

We haven't found a suitable 64-bit program. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. There are compatible 32-bit programs in Best Free Outliner.


Best Free Windows 64-bit Font Manager and Viewer

Crux Technologies Font RunnerFontRunner

Font Runner by Crux Technologies "tries to simplify the interface, has a preview list rather than selecting one font at a time, displays Unicode, has user-defined group by favorite folders or projects, and allows drag'n'drop of files and folders even from Windows Explorer.  You can search by font name, by similarity to the selected font, or for characters in other fonts that match the selected character. The latter is useful for finding Unicode fonts with similar character blocks. A few features initially frustrated me but aren't big problems. For example, you have to specify the default folder for Font Runner to display when it opens - most programs default to the system font folder. Also, Font Runner does not allow you to select the Unicode character block to view." (Best Free Font Manager)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Calculator

Microsoft MathematicsMicrosoft Mathematics

The built-in Windows calculator is pretty good but Microsoft Mathematics is much better. It "has the most features for a scientific calculator. … Many features will help basic users particularly unit conversions, comprehesive help, worksheets that explain the steps to the solution, export to to Microsoft Word, and if you're really keen there is an add-on that allows you to work directly in Word and Onenote." There are "many more cool features like one-click 2D and 3D graphs, the option of pen, touch or mouse input, nerdy stuff like differential calculus, complex numbers and matrices, and some interesting skins for the calculator." (Best Free Calculator)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Unit and Currency Converter

We haven't found a suitable 64-bit program. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. There are compatible 32-bit programs in Best Free Unit and Currency Conversion Program.


Best Free Windows 64-bit Genealogy or Family Tree Software

Microsoft MathematicsGramps

"I liked that I could easily navigate or filter by people or name list, family, relationship, ancestry, events, places, sources, repositories, media, and notes. An undo function allows easy correction of the most recent entries. …

I felt the place entry especially outstanding. … Alternate locations can be entered for each place … Sources, notes, multimedia, and internet links can be linked to each place …

I loved the date support. Dates can be based on several different calendars …

"The installation can be intimidating. There are several required programs which must be installed in a specific order. I highly recommend using the all in one installation or the portable version on the Portable Apps website for Windows installers.." (Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software)


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by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 16:14  (50805)

Unfortunately, windows 7 does not contain or support quite a number of drivers. One which I particularly missed is the extended mouse button driver which is supported by the Intellimouse driver on other systems.

Here is an excellent alternative which not only solves this, but extends the configuration possibilities;

Regards, Mike Connor

by MidnightCowboy on 1. June 2010 - 16:27  (50807)

Thanks Mike :)

by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 16:49  (50808)

De nada........... MC

by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:08  (50809)

Excellent console;

Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:12  (50810)

Personally I prefer I've used it for a long time and it's now available 64 bit where as colorconsole is 32 bit only (type set at the command prompt to verify this.)


by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:19  (50811)

When possible I would encourage people to use drivers provided with the operating system or by the appropriate OEM. Using third party solutions can lead to the famous 'Blue Screen of Death' (BSOD.) I'm not suggesting this will happen with what Mike has identified, merely expressing caution.


by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:22  (50812)

Hmm, I concur that such approaches shouldn't be used unless you are confident in what you are doing. Further, 'well behaved' applications don't leave this sort of mess behind. Enough said.


by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:25  (50813)

There is a specific section devoted to tweaks, here. Please post things related to this there in future.



by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:28  (50814)

Neither the 32 BIT nor the 64 BIT versions work on any of my machines, and on most others I tested. Wont allow copy and paste and a few other bugs, Still in beta, so maybe it will work OK eventually. Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:28  (50815)

These issues should be discussed in the forum. You need to be registered but that only takes a moment.



by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:29  (50816)

These issues should be discussed in the forum. You need to be registered but that only takes a moment.



by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:31  (50817)

Most definitely agreed, but the Microsoft drivers dont support this remapping on win 7. Indeed the ( new and Original Microsoft ) drivers I have wont support the extra buttons on their own mice! Most unfortunate! Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:34  (50818)

Things seem to be clogging up with bits and pieces of information regarding 'hints and tips' or 'off the wall' software. This isn't what the comments section is for, this stuff should be posted in the forum. You need to be registered but that only takes a moment.

Any further stuff of that type posted will be deleted.



by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:39  (50819)

Console2 has been around for several years. Neither the 32 or 64 bit versions are beta and work fine here. Perhaps the problem is at your end?


by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:40  (50820)

Then that is probably for good reason don't you think?


by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:43  (50821)

I prefer this, and although there is a free version, the paid version is a great deal better;


Free version here; Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:45  (50822)

Entirely possible, but I haven't the slightest idea what the problem might be. A number of people I know have the same problems, on XP, and on 7. Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:49  (50823)

Shown as betas here, possibly restricted access? Regards, Mike Connor5

by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 17:57  (50825)

There is no good reason why an OS should not support hardware from the manufacturer of that system. My mice and keyboards etc are all original Microsoft hardware. Why they are not supported is a matter for some conjecture, but I can't see any reason in it. Regards, and farewell, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 4. June 2010 - 14:35  (51164)

HTTrack Website Copier has 64bit version

by Anonymous on 5. June 2010 - 9:04  (51390)

Thanks. I found the 32 bit versions very useful in XP.

by Anonymous on 11. June 2010 - 6:27  (51890)

Thank you for promoting this info. I have been using it in both win7 and vista 32 and 64 for some time now and it works flawlessly. Plus my onecare expired and they discontinued the product.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2010 - 6:24  (51953)

Comodo CIS version 4 is available, and my version 3 x64 installation is nagging me to upgrade. Whenever I "upgrade" a firewall app, it normally ends in tears. Can I ask here if anyone has done this yet, and how did it go?

by rik on 12. June 2010 - 6:46  (51954)

I upgrade mine as a matter of course. No tears here (so far :) )

Rik, Category Editor and Site Technical Support Manager

by Anonymous on 13. June 2010 - 1:58  (52004)

I'm experiencing problems with Firefox too on my Windows 7 (64-bit) system (E6300 dual CPU and 4GB RAM). After I wake the computer from sleep, Firefox turns into a 50% resource hog and lags really badly, necessitating a complete computer restart. Hopeless. Even IE8 works better!
I'm trying out other browsers at this time.

by Anonymous on 14. June 2010 - 7:22  (52080)

This is one hell of an excellent write up. I use just about every freeware app listed here before I even read this. Great selection of freewares.

Here is another great open source app that I highly recommend.
Camstudio Desktop recording.

by Anonymous on 14. June 2010 - 7:25  (52081)

I'm (#52080)

I forgot to mention, I'm using windows 7 x64.

by Anonymous on 14. June 2010 - 14:31  (52093)

SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 represents Microsoft’s continuing commitment to quality. While most updates contained in SP2 are available as individual downloads, the roll-up convenience of SP2 is a major benefit for administrators. This functionality coupled with new advanced deployment features, such as the single installer and the pre-installation analyzer, means SP2 continues to provide ongoing improvements that our customers have grown to expect from Microsoft. For more detail on SP2’s contents, see Hotfixes and Security Updates in Windows Server 2008 SP2 ..............................................
I found the above paragraph in a microsoft forum regarding Vista sp2.
Me being a home user do I need to install sp2 or should I just wait until Microsoft decides to end support for Vista sp1 and then download it. The reason I'm asking is I'm not sure if there is going to be a sp3 for Vista, so I don't know if i should add this extra 350-400 mb download to my computer? What would you do? Thank you!

by rik on 14. June 2010 - 19:49  (52105)

It's probably safe to assume that most of the updates in SP2 have been included in previous 'Patch Tuesday' updates. That said, I've always kept up to date with new service packs, and asked friends and so on to do so. If nothing else, it avoids the 'Are you running service pack x?' type questions if you need to call in professional help.

Anyway, I would suggest that you image your PC and then install SP2. Some might argue that imaging is not required. Unfortunately, 30 years of IT experience would suggest otherwise and it's no joke when your IBM/ICL mainframe won't boot!

Let us know how you get on.


by Anonymous on 14. June 2010 - 20:21  (52108)

Thanks for your reply! Your a gentleman with a capital "G".

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