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Best Free Windows 64-bit Software

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Windows-Programming-64bit-82-58.png 10. Best Free Windows 64-bit Programming



Best Free Windows 64-bit Programming Editor


Notepad++ "is a popular and widely-used editor loaded with features to make the users' programming more productive, including syntax and brace highlighting for many languages, search and replace using regular expressions, macro recording, and playback. It is also highly configurable through plug-ins, has a wide range of themes and offers multi-language support. Other features include color source code printing, auto-completion, multi-document and multi-view, drag and drop, syntax folding, bookmark, ASCII art display and more." (Best Free Programming Editor)


Bluefish "is a lightweight yet powerful editor running … designed for experienced programmers and web designers, and works as a general-purpose editor as well with the IDE. This program provides options to write websites, scripts and programming codes in many programming and markup languages. Its user interface is complete with toolbars, dialogs and user-customized menus to facilitate insertion of markups and codes. … Other useful features include cold folding, customizable syntax highlighting, advanced search and replace, multiple projects support, integration with external programs to handle advanced text processing or error detection, auto tag closing and matched code highlights for HTML and XML documents, in-line spell checker which is programing language aware and so on." (Best Free Programming Editor)


Best Free Windows 64-bit Color Picker

Color Cop

Color Cop "impressed me with its combination of simplicity and effectiveness. It comes with a compact and powerful user interface which takes up very little screen space. A color grabber is provided to drag and drop at any pixel of the screen, and RGB and Hex codes are presented instantly. The front interface provides a built-in magnifier and an active color palette. If you want to adjust a picked color, you can click the ‘custom’ button and call up Windows’ default color mixer. When you right click on the interface a menu pops up with extra features. In this way, the interface is cleverly made small but powerful." (Best Free Color Picker)



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by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:22  (50812)

Hmm, I concur that such approaches shouldn't be used unless you are confident in what you are doing. Further, 'well behaved' applications don't leave this sort of mess behind. Enough said.


by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 15:29  (50801)

Sorry, the Steam/stream is a typo. It should be "Stream".

There is another way to do this if you have CCleaner. Click on
"Tray Notification Cache";

When you click this box you will be notified that you need to restart your explorer , ( or you can simply reboot after using the cleaner). This basically does the same thing while avoiding registry edits.

Regards, Mike Connor

by MidnightCowboy on 1. June 2010 - 16:27  (50807)

Thanks Mike :)

by Anonymous on 1. June 2010 - 16:49  (50808)

De nada........... MC

by Anonymous on 31. May 2010 - 21:18  (50740)

Tweak explorer;

Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:25  (50813)

There is a specific section devoted to tweaks, here. Please post things related to this there in future.



by Anonymous on 31. May 2010 - 21:05  (50732)

This fixes many fairly common problems in win 7 without having to resort to registry tweaks etc. It is well suited to users who cant or dont want to bother with registry stuff etc.

Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:28  (50815)

These issues should be discussed in the forum. You need to be registered but that only takes a moment.



by Anonymous on 31. May 2010 - 17:45  (50717)

Is Eusing registry cleaner any good b4 I download and use it?

by rik on 1. June 2010 - 17:29  (50816)

These issues should be discussed in the forum. You need to be registered but that only takes a moment.



by Anonymous on 31. May 2010 - 19:04  (50720)

Registry cleaners only bring extremely marginal results at best, and most of them can cause serious errors. Unless you have a very specific reason for wanting to "clean" your registry, it is better to leave it alone. Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 30. May 2010 - 16:55  (50627)

Also useful;

( Only trying to keep you busy Rik! :) ) Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 30. May 2010 - 13:55  (50617)

Also extremely useful for presentations, explaining and annotating screen shots etc;


Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 30. May 2010 - 13:32  (50614)

Maybe you don't know about this;

Very useful! Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 30. May 2010 - 13:41  (50615)

To see all the screenshots etc: Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 29. May 2010 - 23:12  (50585)

Thumbs up to this forum! :) Very informative.

by Anonymous on 29. May 2010 - 5:03  (50546)

System activity monitor;

Regards, Mike Connor

by Anonymous on 28. May 2010 - 16:24  (50507)

Once again, still in beta, but I have had no problems at all on windows 7 Ultimate, ( Core i7 Processor ). Useful for those who want to keep explorer as their file manager but with lots of useful options;

Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 29. May 2010 - 2:41  (50538)

Mike, thanks for the information. I've had a quick look and am impressed. Hopefully I have time to look in furher detail next week.

Thanks again,


by Anonymous on 27. May 2010 - 12:15  (50451)

I believe the SuperAntiSpyware 64bit is no longer in beta. You may want to take another look now.

by rik on 27. May 2010 - 12:30  (50453)

Yes the 64 bit version has been released, thanks for the heads up on this.


by Anonymous on 22. May 2010 - 3:09  (50083)

cant read your Webpage buddy. Its white print on a white background in
Internet Explorer 7.0 using Win 7 x86

Nice site from what I can make of it tho'


by rik on 22. May 2010 - 9:23  (50088)

There is a temporary problem with the site. This is being worked on and will be resolved ASAP. Thanks for being understanding.


by Anonymous on 21. May 2010 - 21:12  (50067)

Qttabbar for Windows 7;


Regards, Mike Connor

by rik on 22. May 2010 - 9:26  (50089)

Mike, you and I any perhaps many other readers can cope with alpha releases. They are not, unfortunately, for the average reader, so we need to exercise a degree of caution.

Thanks for your input,


by Anonymous on 24. May 2010 - 0:20  (50164)

Just for info, here it is running on 7 Ultimate;

with a tab group open.

I have had no problems at all with it. Very very good indeed! What explorer should have been..............

( PickPick runs very well on Ultimate as well )

Regards, Mike Connor

by Anupam on 24. May 2010 - 6:28  (50183)

It may be running good for you, but as Rik said... alpha releases are not for general use, and so we do not recommend them. I will repeat what Rik said, please exercise caution.

by rik on 24. May 2010 - 11:30  (50192)

Anupam has correctly echoed my earlier comments. By all means experiment with Alpha software if you are sure you can get yourself out of any situation you get into. I think that says it all.


by HeWhoRocks on 24. May 2010 - 12:26  (50195)

For anyone who is unsure, here is an article about the various release stages of software.

by rik on 19. May 2010 - 14:31  (49938)

I apologise for being out of touch I am in the middle of moving home. All things being equal I should be back on track from Monday.