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Products in this class are among the most useful of all PC utilities because they allow you to complete the common task of filling in web forms and logins by simply clicking a button, as well as allowing you to store program serial numbers and registration details in a secure electronic form.

They work by saving (in encrypted form) user IDs, passwords and other information needed by individual sites for later retrieval.

To login to a site you need only type in a single master password to allow retrieval of the specific password information for that site. This information is then used by the program to automatically login.

This greatly improves security because it allows different passwords to be assigned to individual sites without the need to remember them. And it makes the login process easy and quick.

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LastPass is a one of a kind product. Most password managers are either online or software only.  It is the combination of  both web service and software. With the web service you can access your data anywhere. The software which runs on your computer allows you to view your data even when you're not connected to the Internet. When you install the software, the plugins for IE and Firefox are automatically installed. There is now a plugin for Google Chrome as well. The plugin allows you to automatically fill forms. You will be logged in without even a click. You can always disable it if you don’t like it. One thing I really like about LastPass is the Password Generator. The Bookmarklet is a lifesaver if you’re on Chrome, Opera or just about any browser that supports JavaScript. The Bookmarklet does not have all the features of the plugin though, but it does allow you to fill passwords and forms, which is all you actually need. Did I mention you can store unlimited passwords? I personally have over 100 passwords stored on LastPass.

If you’re worried about security or reliability, then let me tell you LastPass is as safe as it can possibly get. It uses the same encryption algorithm that the US Government uses for top secret data. The key to decrypt the data is only known to you, so the database is meaningless to hackers. All encryption/decryption occurs on your computer, not on the servers. This means that it does not travel over the Internet and it never touches the servers. The entire site is encrypted and verified by Comodo.


There's no doubt that RoboForm is the stand-out product in the category; it's full featured, easy to use, seamlessly integrated into both Internet Explorer, Firefox and even Google Chrome browsers, and is constantly being enhanced by the developer. It also allows your saved passwords to be used on any PC, which is very convenient if you use multiple machines or are upgrading.

I do have a major reservation though: The free version allows only 10 forms or passwords to be stored. This used to be 30 in earlier versions, which was adequate. However, 10 passwords is not enough for most people and that really defeats the purpose of a password manager. What's the point in having a password manager if it cannot manage all of your passwords?

NB: If you use Internet Explorer, there's some good news: the last free version of RoboForm (V5.7.6) that allowed 30 passwords is still available from the RoboForm web site, though it's well hidden in the FAQ. Firefox users are out of luck, because you can't use this version with the current version of Firefox.


KeePassSome alternatives: Firstly (my personal favorite) there is the open source program KeePass. It's not nearly as well integrated into your browser as RoboForm, but it's a very good product that works without any limitations at all. There's also an excellent KeePass plug-in for Internet Explorer that automates web form filling. You can simply drag and drop saved information to password prompts or web forms. Alternatively, you can use the powerful auto-type functionality that allows you to define a sequence of key presses, which KeePass can automatically perform when a global hotkey is pressed – perfect for email logins or entering program serial numbers.


Some alternatives to KeePass include Password Safe and PINS, which are both open-source and free and come with an auto-type system. Yet another possibility is KeyWallet, which allows you drag and drop saved information directly into web forms. Not quite as neat as RoboForm's click-and-fill system, but it's still highly effective. KeyWallet can also automatically save form data and handle difficult Java based forms. It's also skinnable. However, KeyWallet has not been updated since 2001, before the release of XP, and there are still some XP related issues. Access Manger is similar to KeyWallet, but is still being maintained. It doesn't have the skinning capabilities of KeyWallet, and requires the .NET framework to run.


Online Solution?

Finally, if you want to separate password keeping from filling out forms, consider PassPack. Its advantage is that it's entirely online: there's nothing to download and install. This lets you generate and use passwords from any computer that's connected to the Internet. My only concern at this time is the legitimacy of the service, but at present it would seem to be a viable alternative to software password managers.

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Combines a web service with a stand-alone program
Packed with features such as automatically filling in passwords, and accessing your passwords anywhere.
Some users say this product is insecure because it is web based.
9.66 MB
32 and 64 bit versions available
Feature limited freeware
A portable version of this product is available but not from the developer.
Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.0+, Chrome 18+, Opera 11+, Safari 5+

It works on Mac, iPad, Linux, and Windows.
NB Portable versions require portable browsers.
View the revision history here

Combines a web service with a stand-alone program
Easy to use, seamlessly integrated into both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, constantly being enhanced by the developer.
Allows only 10 forms or passwords to be stored in the free version.
12.8 MB
Feature limited freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ Android/ iPhone/ iPad/ Mac (Safari)

The last free version of RoboForm (V5.7.6) that allowed 30 passwords is still available for download from http: //www AiRoboForm-5-7-6.exe (please rebuild the link by removing all spaces).
Compatible with IE but not with the current version of Firefox. 30 day trial of full version then some features disabled.

A Lite version (without an installer) for both Firefox and Chrome is available on the download page.

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Open source, works without any limitations, has a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows automatic web form filling.
Not well integrated into other browsers.
2.5 MB -> Win32.exe
Unrestricted freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / Wine, each 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux, Pocket PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry and Android

Portable version available here.
v2.23 released 20 July, 2013

Password Safe
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Open-source and comes with an auto-type system.
Not well integrated into browsers.
13.30 MB -> Win32.exe
Unrestricted freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows XP, Vista & 7 or PocketPC

Portable version available, installer has a USB option.
v3.31 released 11 May, 2013

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Open-source and comes with an auto-type system.
Not well integrated into browsers.
689 KB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 95 - Vista
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Drag and drop saved information directly into web forms, automatically save form data and handle difficult Java based forms, skinnable.
Not quite as neat as RoboForm's click-and-fill system, not updated since 2001, with some XP related issues.
1.46 MB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 95 - XP

Works on Windows XP, however the support forum notes some bugs under XP.

Access Manager
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Quite similar to KeyWallet, but is still being maintained.
Does not have the skinning capabilities of KeyWallet.
2.3 MB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 98 - Vista

View the version history here


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by TonyM (not verified) on 24. August 2010 - 20:22  (56653)

Freeware is free software without crippling. RoboForm is very crippeled and should be excluded at once. There are other sites for shareware / commercial software.

by MarkSJ (not verified) on 29. September 2011 - 18:46  (80579)

Roboform is not really freeware, the 10 password limit makes it more like trialware.

by Fudgey (not verified) on 20. March 2012 - 14:57  (90875)

what about using it only as a form filler? Thats what I am mainly interested in. I assume its great in that scenario?

by crownedmonkey on 20. March 2012 - 20:20  (90888)

Roboform is a good form filler and I found it especially useful with the different identities I could setup for the different types of information I needed to fill in, i.e.- work, school, home, etc. The only thing you need to watch out for is not all websites are created equally well and it will not always read every field correctly. Check all fields after you use the autofill before submitting and you should be fine.

by Super2cool on 25. August 2010 - 0:34  (56662)

Roboform is free if you have 10 passwords or less.

by jimvandamme (not verified) on 10. November 2010 - 2:35  (60951)

Who has ten passwords?

by ramesh (not verified) on 2. November 2011 - 15:14  (82589)

You should be asking " who has only 10 passwords?" Any sensible security-conscious person will have many many passwords.

by chrisgiz on 11. November 2010 - 2:52  (61014)


This doesn't make any sense at all...

I have used Roboform but LastPass, comparing free versions, is light years ahead.

by Kyle on 23. August 2010 - 9:25  (56556)

I have been using MobileWitch Pass Safe for a couple of years and I think it`s by far the best password manager.
You can even use it on your mobile phone, very convenient and simple to use.

by Jojo Yee on 23. August 2010 - 13:39  (56569)

Thanks. Download a version for Windows and Symbian OS. Will try it out.

by GiantWaffle on 22. August 2010 - 2:59  (56498)

What I have found, is that the subject of "password keepers" gets mixed up with "web form fillers" and the "web form fillers" tend to take over the discussion.

But I need the opposite to be true! I need a localized username/password database, that is stored locally on my system and I don't really care if it does web form filling. My web site logins are automated with Firefox anyway. But I do want to store them locally, in case I need to redo my system or something and have to start from scratch with logging into various web sites.

But I also need it to handle other user name/password entries, such as for my router/NAS and other devices and so forth that I do not save the passwords for in my browser.

So my goal is a locally saved password database and web form filling is an afterthought for me.

In other words, I don't need it to integrate with any browser, for any reason at all. For me, this is just to be a local database, like if you went into MS Access and created a database and saved it on your system (I don't use Access and it would take me months to learn how to create the database in Access and get it exactly the way I want it to be, or I would have gone that route).

I currently have "Flyingbit Password Keeper", which is also free and can be found at: and runs at startup and can be called up with a hotkey combination, etc..

It does web form filling, but focuses on saving passwords the way that I am talking about. And the buttons and stuff are really simply laid out and it divides passwords into categories, such as "Network", "Web Sites", etc., which is really nice! Also, it allows you to select from different types for each "entry" (Login, URL, Password, Card Number, Serial, etc.).

The problem is, that when I go to set up a new entry, it doesn't give me the entry boxes that would seem to make sense to me, such as "User Name" and "Password" and instead calls them, "Field Data", and "Comment", etc. and so, I am not understanding (even after looking through the Help) how to get what I want out of it, even though it states that as its goal.

If someone knows about this software and can help me with it, then great, since the way it is laid out and operates in general (its simplicity) is just awesome!!!

But if not, then can someone suggest something that is geared toward what I want to do and can offer the features of Flyingbit and also give me those named fields? Again, web form filling isn't even a requirement for me. :)

Thanks everybody! :)

by Anupam on 22. August 2010 - 5:58  (56504)

For your needs, I think you can take a look at KeePass. And also the software below it in the list.

I had the similar needs for such a software, that would store my IDs and passwords for different sites in a secure database. I too did not had any needs for auto-filling the web forms. I took a look at some software, and I selected some. I narrowed them down to these.


Era Password Manager :

Sisma Password Manager :

I liked them both besides KeePass because they offered extra fields to store information.

Please note that I have not used the above fully, and these are just suggestions that you may try.

I will try Flyingbit Password Keeper and get back for your query.

Its a request, please post such kind of queries, and comments with longer lengths on our forum, which are suitable for these purpose.

by GiantWaffle on 19. December 2011 - 13:03  (85287)

Just as an update for you "Anupam", I did try out Sisma and I decided it may be the best out a bunch of losing software.


Sisma is a great, free password manager and once I got past the learning curve (which really isn't that bad at all, I'm just impatient when setting up non-utility type software), I found that it is a tremendous little program and I have transferred all of my info to it, of all kinds, even if just keeping a file of links I use and/or have user names and passwords!

It also allows you to copy and paste each of the first three boxes (name/password/link) and has a lot of entries you can use! It even has a "sub-section" in each "account" (which you can create "Groups" for and place the same type of "Accounts" under that type of "Group"), which gives you a few more boxes to use!

For example, for a web site that I shop on, I have a "Group" called "Shopping" and an "Account" for each shopping web site. And in that "Account" (let's say "eBay"), I have four main boxes:

1) Name
2) Password
3) Link (URL)
4) Text Box to put any text you want in there

And then below those four, there is a section that has a few more places to put info in and each one you "Add", brings up two rows that you can type text in.

So, for example, I might put my credit card info in there, so that I never have to look it up again, by getting up (say I'm using my laptop in bed) and getting my credit card. I can just click "Add" and place "VISA" in the top lone and then the account number in the bottom line and then click "Add" again and put in the top line my exp date and in the bottom line the 3 digit sec code on the back of it.

And as I said, there are more entries that you can "Add" there (and later "Edit" if you need to, like if your exp date on your card changes, etc..

That is just one example. You can use them for whatever.

Anyway, I love this little program and it has taken me from a super long text file, to an organized way to manage every single account I have (shopping, forums, bank info, etc.)!

Try it out at "digitalconfidence", click on "Downloads" and you will see an underlined word "Sisma". Click on it.

I give these instructions, because they do not even list the software on their main page. I guess because it's free. :)

As always, I recommend the portable version, so you can also take it with you and the only thing you will ever have to back up, is the one, small database file you create.

I always use portable versions of software when available, even if I only use them on a Desktop PC, because it is less hassle if you ever want to get rid of it (no uninstall/no registry entries are created/etc.), or if you put a new HD on and want to drop it in quick.

Of course, you will have to place it in a folder and create a shortcut to it, but that doesn't take much longer (if any longer) than installing it, right?

Enjoy! :)

by Anupam on 19. December 2011 - 18:35  (85305)

Well, am glad that you like it, and finally found something to meet your needs. I too like Sisma for the points that you mention. However, my choice of password manager is KeePass.

I have kept Sisma with me though, and I may use it as a backup/alternative in near future :).

Thanks for the update.

by GiantWaffle on 22. August 2010 - 9:49  (56514)

Okay, I tried them all.

1) I did figure out what Flyingbit is doing. You have to set up a separate entry for each thing, meaning one for the user name, one for the password, etc..

2) I did not at all like Era or Sisma.

3) KeePass is nice, in that it lets you put everything into one entry and it seems to have enough space for almost everything. However, what it does not do (that Flyingbit does do), is allow me to keep the passwords visible. In other words, it keeps reverting them back to asterisks and you have to go into the entry and then click the button to reveal the password. This is too much work!

I am currently using a text file that has all of my information and I open it and then just use the standard search to find what I'm looking for.

I am trying to get a database together, because a long text file can get confusing, as some entries are repeated and because it's hard to know what you have where and you end up with double entries, etc..

So I definitely do need a simple password manager, but AS ALWAYS, one program will have one NECESSARY thing and another will have the other NECESSARY thing.

I need the simplicity of KeePass, while able to see the passwords as soon as the entry is listed on my screen. I do not want to have to even go into an entry in the first place, let alone have to go into it and then perform another step to reveal the password! (:

KeePass would offer me this, since it lays the info out across the screen, if it didn't hide the passwords on me using asterisks that I can't disable!

As I said, one program will offer.... :)

Any ideas? I looked all through the options of KeePass and I cannot find an option that will let me do this!

Or maybe I am wrong about how it needs to be done in Flyingbit, which btw, does let me see the password without even opening the entry up (into a pop up box)?

Thanks! :)

by Ibn Saeed (not verified) on 4. November 2010 - 11:26  (60764)

To permanently Unhide the passwords in Edit Window in Keepass:

If you want KeePass to always remember your setting of unhiding the password, you should go to
Tools > Options > Advanced and mark the checkbox of

" Remember password hiding setting in 'Edit Entry' window "

which stands at the 5th line from the bottom.

by Ibn Saeed (not verified) on 4. November 2010 - 11:27  (60765)


Easier way: View > Configure Columns... > Asterisks

This lets you change the setting and set a keyboard shortcut.

Or as it is pre-configured, just hit Ctrl+H!

by MoxierApps on 3. September 2010 - 21:34  (57227)

Hi, we have an easy and secure Password Manager with AES-256 encryption that’s free to use on Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPod touches, and Android Smartphones. Plus you can create your own templates to store important information (Credit card, vehicle, & product info, etc.) or use one of the templates provided. We do, however, charge to sync between devices and to back up your data online. Thus, if you just want to create and store passwords and other data on one device, it’s free:

by Anupam on 22. August 2010 - 15:42  (56524)

I just tried out Flybit Password Keeper, and I didn't like it one bit. Its not intuitive to use at all. I created the database, but it does not appear in the list when I start the software. Maybe so because I did not put any entry, but I had created one item. But still, I had created a database and it should have appeared in the list.
Then, for adding an entry, the software is not intuitive at all. After creating an item for entry, I could not figure out for a while how to add entries to it. I found it happened through right clicking the item. After that, its a drop down list to add fields to the item like password, URL, username etc. Its tedious to do that. Even though the number of categories for entries are more, and desirable, but the way they are presented is not good at all.

The software is poorly built. I would avoid it.

Its again a request, please... if you have a lot to write, take it to forum. This discussion would really be better if it were on the forum in a dedicated topic. The forum is specially built for such discussions.

by GiantWaffle on 22. August 2010 - 6:57  (56508)

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for making the suggestions that you did!

I always start a post anywhere, thinking of how I can get to the point quickly, but I always end up writing a long post. You are right, I do tend to get a bit wordy in my posts. Sorry about that. :)

I will look at the other pieces of software that you suggested and if you can try out Flyingbit as you said you would try to do, that would be great! I would like to keep it and am hoping that it's just something that I am missing, ya know?

Thanks again! :)

by syntax_error on 14. June 2010 - 1:56  (52068)

Those using FF may find Sxipper of interest.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2010 - 12:16  (51972)

Thanks for this list, I have been looking for a good password manager. It is hard to find one that integrates with any other browser than IE or Firefox - not great if you use Chrome, K-Meleon etc - unless you use an online one. On a sad note though, I checked out "Blackbox Password Manager" as some use and couldn't get on the site! My hosts file blocked it - upon checking it is a red site rating on WOT 'cause of the ads and 'alleged' malware :o(

by Anonymous on 9. June 2010 - 12:23  (51709)

I've been using Roboform for many years. It's not perfect, but it works. I'm tempted to evaluate LastPass except for concern about one thing. It seems to store your information online. This *really* bothers me. Yes, I'm sure they have quadruple security measures and guarantee that your data is safe, but what if they get hacked? All of your passwords and URLs for banking, health, investing, credit card, SSN, stolen in a flash? Anyone else concerned about this? Also, would appreciate anyone telling me why my fears are unfounded.


Bob N.

by Super2cool on 9. June 2010 - 12:52  (51710)

I can understand your concern as it was a concern that I had to. I have personally used LastPass for well over a year now and not one of my accounts have been hacked. Now, I am not saying that Lastpass will never get hacked, because it is possible.

Roboform is a great password manager and very secure, but you need to pay for it. The free version has a limit on how many passwords you can store. Lastpass is the most full featured and cheapest [free] password manager, but it stores all your info online so there is a security risk. LastPass has a premium version which simply brings LastPass on your mobile devices.

by Anonymous on 10. June 2010 - 9:42  (51814)

Thanks Super2Cool! Apart from the security issue, do you think that LastPass works as well as (or better than) Roboform?

Bob N.

by Anonymous on 10. June 2010 - 12:29  (51824)

Yes. I think LastPass works better than Roboform.

by Anonymous on 8. March 2010 - 4:30  (45183)

Keepass has new Firefox ext called KeeFox

by Super2cool on 8. March 2010 - 4:34  (45184)

yup i have heard about it, but it is currently in beta. I think it will best to test it out and review it when it has a stable version out. I doubt it will be a long wait.

by Terarus on 30. January 2010 - 23:38  (42442)

Lastpass now provides multi-factor authentication protection for free users (was a premium service). It is a double layered protection in case your password gets stolen as it requires you to enter a PIN from a specific grid after entering your master password.

by Anonymous on 10. January 2010 - 12:29  (40771)

I have always used KeePass until I stumbled on S10 Password Vault (which is free for personal use). IMO this works so much better than KeePass as the form filling is much more intuitive as you can just copy/paste a username or password with a shortcut key or both (ideal if websites ask for just your password again). Would be interested to see you review the software?

I have been in contact with the developer too, with some suggestions which should be making it in v3.2. It’s portable too!

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