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       What do you need to write? a pencil and a page. But can you write anything on your PC with these stationary? Of course, answer is a NO!. That's why, text editors are made for.These are tiny programs which provide you thousands of pages; text editor clean interface; & never disposable pencil; your keystrokes on the keyboard.
        Have you ever imagined to see yourself as an ethical hacker, writting thousands lines of text in an alien language of keyboard characters or watched movies of advanced technology, hacking-penetrating into security systems of huge IT industries, with a man working on a strange machine with green columns of keyboard characters moving vertically throughout the whole screen with mysterious dark background. Yes? cool!. It will be interesting then to inform you that they actually are using a form of text editors used in past; terminal text-editors.
        Beside these bad text editors, there are a lot more user friendly and pleasing text editors we see now a days, commonly notepad which is built in Windows text editor and gedit which is more popular among Linux users. If you're more familiar with text editors and know about HTML Text editor which is used for creating web documentation, you should see our If a programming text editor is major requirement then you should see our
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1. Gedit :

        Gedit is a free-ware, easy to use, fast & comprehensive text editor which comes built-in in Ubuntu & other Linux distributions. It's clean yet powerful cross platform text editor with famous slang proverb WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) ideology. But with this famous internet proverb prolonging the introduction, I'm changing this proverb to WYWIWIG (What you want is what it gives) to make people learn that it isGedit's philosophy.

        Gedit makes space for people for relaxing and enjoying more than what it's competitors are letting their users do. In the cube of 1 dm3, prominent 1 cm3 features of the Gedit are distraction free full-screen mode, user defined language settings, auto and manual spell checking, simultaneous text documents tabs, backing up & plug-ins to customize the experience of usage.

        Besides these first class features, it also includes some high level simple text editor features e.g. highlighting mode for source codes, programming scripts & mark-up language source codes, incremental search mechanism over default linear search mechanism & side pane in it's neat GUI for all macros and headings of the source code. I also believe, these preceding words may disturb users because such words are of no interest for a laymen reader, therefore, this text editor is highly focused to be a simple as well as modern text editor.

        Some other good features include navigating to a special line using it's number, date and time insertion, document statistics in terms of lines and words counts, font style and size customization, printing with print preview and auto-save feature in them. Standard features of a text editor include easy and clean writing, create & open, save & replace, clipboard actions (cut, copy & paste), undo/redo and print with preview functions which are unmentioned, unhidden features. To be clear, these good features are also found in almost every program that simple people use for their simple writing purposes.

        Gedit, no doubt, is a rich featured text editor with well entertaining capabilities which makes it number 1 in among it's companions for the technology people, people like you, people like me, simple people like my father and people like every people. It’s the application for all times, hence, it should be used in all time! P.S. I could've said it as must try application but I like saying it this way! :D

        Gedit picks for 4/5 stars ranking over my personal scale & It really worked hard to make through to this position. I believe in one day, more and more people will love "Gedit" and speak of me! I personally use it for daily purposes including writing all my reviews.


1. Software : Gedit – Official website :

2. Size : Windows [32bit] 23MB, Linux 2.7MB on disk, Mac OS X 46MB

3. Platforms : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Linux, Mac OS X [Tiger or above]

4. Good Things : Simple, Clean, Neat, Powerful & Customizable through plug-ins.

5. Bad Things : It completes the standard, there's nothing bad about the software.

6. Website :

7. Download Page :

8. Supported Formats : Text Editing, Mark-up Languages Editing, Programming Languages Editing.


2. Leafpad :

        When it comes to the need of writing a story, an outline of a good novel or a interruptions free free style writing, then there is no match for "leaf-pad". Though competing it's rival "notepad" in Windows operating system, it significantly ends up giving a good match as well as replacement for the "notepad" and it's preceding "notepad2" which is another free-ware Windows plain text application.

        In ancient times, leaf was used for taking messages to one state or group of people to other. People used to write freely anywhere and almost everything on the leafs & thus defined their way of
alphabets. Thus, same concept is reborn in leaf-pad. It provides you modern leaf-pad and with lots of space to put your brilliant ideas in words. Since, it's distraction free, it happened to be clean GUI application.
        Increasing the functionality of full-screen neat interface of leaf-pad also enables user to change fonts' family, style & size. Besides, standards of a text editor, word wrapping, navigating to specific line numbers & auto indentation are also +1 features for Linux platform. It is not for Windows or Mac users. There are, though, good replacements for these platforms.
        Here a question rises - giving simple with powerful features, how good these features actually are? Answer lies in "Testing". No one can make you as much satisfy as you can be from yours testing point of view. Deducing from preceding belief, after downloading & testing leaf-pad for what the application claims, leaf-pad proved to be giving the best experience of free-style writing. If oneself is a writer, then his point of writing is to "just write", he'll probably off the word wrapping. If you & I are testing the application, we would just sit and copy paste the good chunk of paragraphs into the GUI & see if it has auto indentation or not? does it provide navigation to line numbers and what else it can do?. Realising, it does the best in all things, it really become a nice piece of software.
        But wait!.  While testing it and reviewing the software, I personally fall in love with it's clean interface. I very much review text editors and write down over it to test simultaneously. I tested and wrote , again tested and wrote, I did it plenty of times with high volume TV was in my surroundings, amazingly I rarely was distracted. It compelled me to acclaim how good it's for people who love to write. Other features are equally superb & so much room for writing with full-screen ability makes it best of application in the internet world. It has only one deficiency i.e. it's GTK+3 based and is only Linux as well as FreeBSD.
        You must have noticed, I targeted a good noticeable times the people who loves to write? but those who writes occasionally? well! the answer is still yes! they should use it too. It is equally helpful for every kind of people. It is a truth that no one likes, too much annoying interface on their eyes! Simple is the best so the leaf-pad. Old people who knows only how to shut down & open a PC would like leaf-pad more than use. Finally comes the ending line "I'm enough persuaded to end the my review with good points for the leaf-pad & I will be a long time user of the application" to end this a good application review. Good Luck to yourself :)
1. Software : leaf-pad 
2. Size : Less than 1MB.
3. Platfrom : Linux [Official LXDE & xfce] , FreeBSD.
4. Good Things: Free-Style Writing, Auto Indentation, Word-Wrapping.
5. Bad Things : Linux & BSD platform.
6. Official Website : (non-official support) + (official support)
7. Download Page : via terminal or
8. Supported Formats : Plain Text Editng.

03. Notepad :

        Who's not introduced with Windows notepad! Eversince, 1992 Windows came up with personal operating system. Notepad began its essential application tour. Now, it's one of the most installed application all over the world.Windows notepad is good racer in world notepad applications and why & how it made to the best applications is all about it's simplicity of usage. It's a simple text editor.
        It only includes the standard features of a notepad with some extensions. How extensions? I'll justify this word in coming two but first see, it's GUI. Modern Windows 8.1/8 notepad is  a clean interface application with beautiful fonts. I know fonts are operating system dependent not application dependent but Microsoft has really good fonts for it's Windows OS. Such fonts highly integrate with Notepad beauty.
        Besides beauty has scored some marks, there's somthing in which notepad is lagging. Notepad is lagging full-screen feature. I am not saying it's very important feature but still it incompletes the notepad. It would be good if MS had just given some button to wfullscreen on or off. But alas! There's no such thing & there's no reason in saying it's complete.Other good features include, date and time insertion as only default way. It means you can't add date to yours way unless you type it so. Printing is also available with preview button and word wrapping and line numbers navigation are also rising features.
      There's not so much to tell users about a notepad because they already know. I tried to re-tell people of things they knew but in a incomplete manner. Now you know it! There's no one on the planet who has not tried notepad and we all know what it can do for us!.
        With lost of people having it installed, using it since it's birth, it is nonetheless a small and clean text editor. If you're not a Windows user and you've not tried it then you should try it over your machine using Wine on Linux & Mac users know what to do for it ;)
1. Software : Notepad or Windows Notepad.
2. Size : Builtin in Windows operating system.
3. Platfrom : Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1.
4. Good Things: Free-Style Writing, Auto Indentation, Word-Wrapping, Printing.
5. Bad Things : Windows platform only, no officially download path to download it package.
6. Official Website :
7. Download Page : Builtin under Windows OS.
8. Supported Formats : Plain Text Editng.

04. Mousepad :

        In the race of text editors, here I present another marvelous plain text editor application - mousepad. Mousepad irrespective of what name suggests is the home-office application which is simple text editor just like Windows Notepad, Linux's leafpad. It is actually a derivative of Leafpad. Earlier versions of leafpad had printing issues which are now resolved under leafpad newer versions as well as
        Both mousepad & Leafpad are equally same but when it comes to functionailty, Mousepad takes the race over it's ancesstor- Leafpad. It has very good features in which changing lowercase to uppercase characters and vice-versa , multi-tabs, syntax highlighting for various programming & markup languages and moving of chunk of texts to upper or lower position in the document are prominent.
        Mousepad completes the basics of a simple text editor and give rises to advanced level of text editing. It also includes font customization in which font color is a new feature including style, family and size. Besides changing the behaviour of fonts, it also acclaims that it can do big things e.g. auto and maual indentations, tabs customising which includes tab sizes, no of tabs at a time opened and word wrapping switches.
        When I downloaded this piece of software, I personally considered it as an other leafpad and though to replace it with another application which might rise interest but when I reviewed this editor, I felt like, It is more than a simple text editor, it a compact text editor which is plain by heritage, powerful enough to highlight syntax of programming langauges and scientific sourcecodes and modern enough to beat any text editor. I , no doubt, does not wonder why Xfce desktop environment (Linux thing, Xubuntu Linux distribution) has it as default text editor. It makes sense but not so much as the fact that it is just Linux application. It has no Windows version. It's source code is though available and anyone can go and create a Windows version for one self.
        In the end, mousepad shows what it claims, it is a good application. Linux user should taste this application. Windows users, I am sorry but still world is not empty there are some better Windows text editors coming down below.
1. Software : Mousepad.
2. Size : Builtin in Xfce environment under Linux and less than of 1MB.
3. Platfrom : Linux.
4. Good Things: Free-Style Writing, Auto Indentation, Word-Wrapping.
5. Bad Things : Linux only
8. Supported Formats : Plain Text Editng.

05 Notepad++ :

        It's astonishing to know that there are rare softwares which truly supports plain text editing,just like "Windows notepad" and Linux "Leafpad". All organizations and software companies are producing text editors on the purposes of not using them as text editing applications but as programming as well as plain text editing application, with such an example is a Windows "Notepad++" where Notepad++ has proved to be a complex text editor.It is more programming editor. However, reason it has been selected in Text editors article because it has taken programming as well as text editing to a whole new level. One can do two things using one operation. Thus reducing the time taken.

        Since, it's is planned as 'COMPLEX TEXT EDITOR' or 'Programming Editor', it ought to have complex features completing simple features and improving them. One such feature is opening a saved file even if it's already been open somewhere [may be in other text editor] and keeping the previous data of file. Beside, other similiar characteristic features include improved clipboard, indentation, line breaking action, case convertion, auto compeletion of words and commment operations.

        A good thing about this text editor is that it has introduced us with special pasting which is HTML code paste or Binary code paste. Don't worry if you're not a programmer or disliked word 'code paste', you're never going to use it, in future, I guess. EOL (which is feature to convert applicable document to support vaious platforms using only one) and blank file operations are coming along with this editor.

        Find/Replace has been extended to programming level with support of basic level. Multitabs, zooming of text, summary of complete text article and project pane has been introduced in this software which is another reason to make it as programming software. Project pane is a left portion of your screen where one can see what one has written, so you can have always one eye over provious content.

        New tab 'encoding has been introduced' which is a tab of platform dependent.International encoding UTF-8 is supported as well as local encoding which are set according to one's operating system.

        Quite good number of programming languages are supported because of it's tendency to be a programming editor and it's customizable as well through plugins which means we can make it do what it we wants it to do besides what it is doing for us.there comes some setting,run and macro tab for making complex usage of this text editor.

        There's lots of complexity about "Notepad++" which professional feature of a plain text application but once you're into this application you'll fall in love with this application.It has coolest features on the planet of text editors.
1. Software : Notepad++.
2. Size : 7MB.
3. Platfrom : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1.
4. Good Things:  Completes as well as provides time efficient ways to write.
5. Bad Things : Complexity of usage, Windows only, Linux platform using source codes.
6. Official Website :
8. Supported Formats : Plain Text Editng, Programming.

To be reviewed:

  • AEdit SX - 1.37 MB, ultra-fast text editor, with spell checker, print preview and setup.
  • DocPad - 6 MB, a free alternative to Notepad for plain text editing, offering an arsenal of time-saving text editing tools.
  • Writer's D'Lite - 715 KB, a lightweight text editor good for writing short stories and articles without any bells and whistles to distract you.
  • QJot - 607 KB, a small USB portable alternative rich text editor that reads and writes .doc files, inserts images and more.
  • Jovial Notepad - 32 KB, a lightweight Microsoft Notepad replacement program that offers some handy and useful features that are used every day. (Review)
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by muhammad.ahmad.... on 2. July 2014 - 4:37  (117076)

Hello everyone! My name is Muhammad Ahmad Mujtaba and I am the new section manager of the site and I will be controlling the "Best Free Text Editors" section.

But first,how a text editor software is created and used, highly depends upon what and how a user wants from it besides everyone has one's own taste regarding how one uses it's text editor.
If someone is normal user, he might just accept only the builtin platform plain text editor, notepad[Windows], gedit[Ubuntu, Debian = Linux] or SimpleText [Mac OS X].
But if there is an author who is interested in create free writing who will likely to have his hands on gedit, leafpad, notepad -neat, clean & easy to use- text editors.
If anyone of you is either a programmer or a designer, he will definitely look for more than a simple text editor, may be a semi-IDE[Integrated Development Environment], or syntax higlighting and coloring text editors.
There are a lot of uses and lots of users, but there's one thing is common. They all need be single focused and easy to use text editors.No one appreciate complexity for just a simple task of writing.

This introduction ends with that I'll try my best to provide you best text editors out of internet and provide you updated information on how they're best and what else you can know new about a text editor.

Please, stay connected :)

by Panzer on 7. February 2014 - 9:18  (114300)
by ChocolateChip on 13. November 2013 - 12:15  (112205)

Of the various notepad replacements I've tried, I like Notepad++ and Akelpad the best. At the time of writing this, Notepad++ has the most features of the two and is one of the most popular replacements around. However, Akelpad is more customizable. It starts off very basic, but plug-ins can be enabled or disabled, increasing or decreasing functionality and loading times respectively.

I tested the loading times of both of them using AppTimer on different machines. After enabling the features I needed, such as Code Folding, Syntax Highlighting, etc, I found that Akelpad loaded 40-50% faster than Notepad++. That being said, the loading times of Notepad++ aren't particularly slow when compared to other text editors.

I use Akelpad because I want something that loads at a speed similar to that of the operating systems Notepad and lets me make quick edits or write small code. I prefer using a complete IDE instead for medium to large projects. Notepad++ is still an excellent application if you need the extra features though.

Note: I prefer to set the file associations myself, rather than choosing to have Akelpad replace the default windows notepad during the installation.

by sicknero on 3. February 2014 - 17:04  (114217)

Akelpad is always my default text reader/editor, I really like it.

It loads extremely quickly, quicker even than Notepad2 and has a fantastic selection of plug-ins and toolbar buttons.

One of the reasons I like it is that it has a print preview option, something that's missing from the other freebie text editors I've looked at.

by poemmuse on 19. July 2013 - 23:10  (109415)

I want to advise you a new text editor Poet []
It's simple and free, but has powerful capabilities.
There are
- multiple document processing
- floating tabs and windows
- powerful search (regular expression support)
- devide text area
- syntax highlighting (XML, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, C#, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python and others)
- more 100(!) encodings
- beauteful and freandly interface
- other useful features

by MidnightCowboy on 19. July 2013 - 23:17  (109416)

Poet is beta status software and so won't be featured here until after the final release. MC - Site Manager.

by poemmuse on 9. November 2013 - 20:46  (112140)

Poet has been released already. You can try it.
There are many smart and powerful features.
Also editor has a beautiful interface.

by Panzer on 24. June 2013 - 8:51  (108696)

Jovial Notepad:


* Single .exe file
* Small footprint at < 50 kbytes file size
* Encrypting and decrypting of content
* Copy and paste images directly (for saving as .rtf rich text format)
* Colour and font on individual words
* Saving as normal plain text in .txt or rich text format in .rtf
* Context-sensitive quick colour highlight on selected words

by Odinbc on 7. May 2013 - 2:32  (107502)

I will give RJ TextEd a two thumbs up but not in the Best Free Text Editor category but as a Best Free Programming Editor. It's comparable to PSPad and as much as I like PSPad I now prefer RJ TextEd.

by Panzer on 4. March 2013 - 8:46  (105928)



- small (under 2 MB)
- easy-to-use interface
- saves in txt, RTF format
- Spell Checking and Live Spell Checking
- Additional Reading feature

by Panzer on 21. February 2013 - 8:58  (105631)

Two online editors:



by Panzer on 18. February 2013 - 9:17  (105515)

Textroom is a free full screen rich text editor developed with especially writers in mind:

by Panzer on 29. January 2013 - 8:47  (104912)

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