Best Free Streaming Music Sites

As the Internet continues to grow in nature and complexity, more and more people are starting to get their media fix (eg TV, movies, music, videos etc) directly from 'over the top' providers and not from their cable or satellite suppliers. I've written a series of four articles focused on streaming media which are linked below.

This article focuses on the Best Free Streaming Music Sites that you can view.  


  1. - this one is my favorite given the large amount of music channels you can listen to
  2. GrooveShark
  3. Pandora - has become very popular with people who have downloaded their app to their mobile device.  They also have a website
  4. Shoutcast - has a list of > 50k streaming radio stations
  5. Spotify - requires a download to your computer
  6. Playlist
  7. Live365
  8. Audiolizer - very similar to Pandora
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by davy on 7. October 2012 - 9:37  (100420)

I use Radiosure tuned into Di FM stations,I can record the music as mp3.Best thing with Digitally imported is you only get a ad.that lasts a few seconds maybe once an hour.That ads.can be deleted if recorded by mistake as they get recorded separately.And its free.Been using it for years.And it's legal.

by JJD (not verified) on 13. September 2012 - 4:03  (99184)

Spotify does not require you to link a social media site anymore (at least in Australia anyway), though the option is at the bottom of the register screen in small print.

by T B (not verified) on 8. August 2012 - 15:11  (97395)

Any app that requires you to have and interface a social media site should not be on this list - e.g. Spotify.

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