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As the internet continues to grow in nature and complexity, more and more people are starting to get their media fix -- TV, movies, music, videos -- directly from Over The Top providers and not from theri cable or satellite providers.  If you have any suggestions, please reply below.  I've written a series of  four articles focused on streaming media which are linked below.

This article focuses on the Best Streaming Movie sites that you can view.  Also, as I review these sites there may be some questions around definition -- what's the difference between a movie site and video site?  Well, movie sites are a subset of video sites.  For this page, movie sites will focus on movies that are more similar to feature length and typically show in movie theaters.  Unfortunately for movies, they are rarely supported by advertising so you'll end up having to fork over a little dough to see these.

Initially I will list my favorite sites focusing on Streaming Movies here but over time I will continue to provide added descriptions and flair to this article.  Please let me know if you would recommend something that I do not have here or if you agree or disagree on my recommendations.  Thank you, Kerry


  1. Netflix -- Requires a subscriptioin, but its <$10/month for unlimited streaming movies.
  2. Amazon -- My favorite as you get loads of free movies as long as you have Amazon prime.  I imagine this will just increase.
  3. Hulu -- Nice database.
  4. Apple Itunes -- You can download individual movies to your compatible iphone / ipad.
  5. Blockbuster -- offers 24 hour downloadable movies
  6. Crackle -- free movies
  7. XFinity -- offers streaming movies, mainly for people who have subscriptions through their cable service.


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