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A typo is a typographic error that occurs in the typing process. This can happen for various reasons: distraction, lack of concentration, fingers striking the wrong keys, etc.

To help reduce the mistakes, users can install a good spell checker which helps check typos almost completely in a few seconds, and suggest a list of correct words for replacement right on the screen. Quite often the spell checker picks up the mistakes more reliably than the human eye can.

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TinySpelltinySpell is an impressive little utility which checks individual words on a correct-as-you-type basis, from clipboard contents or from a query box. The 110,000 word dictionary is not enormous but more than adequate for normal use, and you can also add words to the dictionary as needed. Resource demands are modest, and the product can be easily enabled/disenabled from the taskbar icon.

It has one odd feature -- the dictionary has both American and English spelling so words like "color" and "colour" both show as correct. Overall, it's quite a solid and excellent product.

tinySpell features include:

  • Checks spelling in any Windows application
  • Checks spelling on-the-fly (alerts if the last typed word was misspelled)
  • Checks spelling of text that is copied to the clipboard
  • Allows you to specify tinySpell disabled or enabled applications
  • Optionally beeps on error (beep sound can be easily set to any wav file)
  • Opens replacements list with a simple mouse click or a hot-key
  • Optionally copies the selected replacement word to the clipboard
  • Optionally inserts the selected replacement word into the document
  • Allows you to add words to the dictionary
  • Easy Enable/Disable
  • Uses little system resources.

Warning: Downloads from Cnet ( now require the use of a proprietary installer.


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Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Check as you type, add words as needed, low resource demands, enable and disable from the taskbar icon.
Combined American and English spelling.
643 KB
Feature limited freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

NB Warning: Downloads from CNET ( now require the use of a proprietary installer.

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by aoapk5776k on 26. March 2014 - 15:41  (115310)

it would be nice if technical articles are checked through it.

by davy on 13. June 2011 - 8:55  (73717)

Great program,just the job as i use DreamMail which does not have a spell checker.Its popping up as i type this.

by D W (not verified) on 13. October 2010 - 10:41  (59457)

TinySpell check is WONDERFUL! I only wish it had a larger repository of alternate words.
Thank you TSC!

Good job.

by Anonymous on 1. May 2010 - 1:21  (48864)

I have been using I-spell works OK but isn't always working have to turn it off and back on sometimes.

by Anonymous on 29. January 2010 - 5:59  (42323)

To me, TinySpell was junk. You can only check one word at a time!! You cannot paste a page or a document into its window, -- only one word! Useless to me.

by Anonymous on 25. February 2010 - 20:46  (44490)

if you're looking for something you could try enso words:
A shame it's not developed any more.

by Anonymous on 15. February 2010 - 5:13  (43648)

You seem to have not caught it, when Nikita said that tinySpell "checks individual words on a correct-as-you-type basis." Please look elsewhere for software that will check an entire page or document.

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on 19. June 2011 - 0:45  (73976)

it doesnt even do that its a complete waste of space and time.

by Anonymous on 7. March 2010 - 23:04  (45174)


This comment is not quite right. If you copy text to the clipboard tinyspell will beep if it finds an error in the text.

Secondly if you splash out and spend $10 for tinyspell+ then the clipboard spell check highlights all the misspelled words and gives you suggestions to correct just as you'd expect.


by Anonymous on 28. March 2010 - 14:46  (46360)

Again, the emphasis was on "correct-as-you-type."

by Louie G on 8. November 2009 - 3:26  (36204)

I think tinySpell is great, but one word of caution - when you hover the mouse over the icon at the bottom right of the screen, tinySpell will reveal the last thing you typed in, even if that was a password! So someone else who uses your computer can have access to sensitive information. So I disabled it in certain applications and keep the icon hidden. But after seeing what tinySpell, SIW and PC Wizard can reveal, I now keep others in my family (or outside the family) from using my computer at all. Oh, there may be other spell checkers (and misc apps) that act similarly.

by Anonymous on 2. October 2009 - 7:00  (33747)

This is good. I have been using the SpellBound Firefox add-on for years and couldn't be happier with it. Can be found here:

Just my 2cents... but you'll love.

by DesElms on 15. August 2009 - 8:15  (27141)

The amazing little freeware TinySpell, when teamed-up with Lingoes (see my comment on the "Best Free Dictionary/Thesaurus Utility" page on this site) is a KILLER combination.

Trust me on this. Everything just has to be set up right.


Gregg L. DesElms

Napa, California


by Anonymous on 6. January 2009 - 11:37  (13228)

The 'odd' feature of allowing US and British spelling isn't odd if you live in the EU.

by Anonymous on 2. March 2009 - 7:48  (17014)

I agree. That sounds like a good feature, why is it odd?

by Bob on 3. March 2009 - 6:14  (17097)

Because one generally needs to check US, British and other spellings separately. As with Word.

by peter on 19. June 2008 - 6:11  (2402)

Thu, 06/19/2008 - 02:14 — Johnboy

I just got EditPadLite 6.4.1 dated 12 March 2008. and tinySpell 1.7 a few minutes later.

Can you tell me how to use it with EditPadLite?

I'm Disabled

by bfish on 27. June 2008 - 18:11  (3209)


Once you install tinyspell it will start checking your spelling as you type. A small yellow box will appear near any word that is misspelled with the word that tinyspell thinks is in error (I think you also get a beep, but I can't remember exactly how tinyspell arrives when it comes out of the box). If you click on the little yellow box, tinyspell will give you suggestions to correct your spelling. To test, I just downloaded and installed EditPadLite, downloaded and installed tinySpell. I then invoked both from the shortcuts that were dropped on my desktop as a side-effect of the install process and confirmed that both appeared in my toolbar. At that point, I started typing into EditPadLite and tinyspell threw up its little boxes as I typed errors. I hope that helps!

by amarillier on 28. May 2008 - 17:31  (1300)

GNU Aspell is definitely worth a serious look -
It has *many* languages available, and is available for Unix, Linux, Windows and more. It is the standard spell checker on Linux, and many Unix systems, and is very good, and fast. Unfortunately I don't think that there is a nice convenient Windows GUI where you can just drag or paste some text for checking, but many apps (Opera comes to mind, and some text editors) support spell checking via DLL calls to Aspell. What you can do, if your file is plain text, is to drag it and drop it onto a shortcut (created at installation time) which simply invokes the aspell.exe file with the single parameter "check". This works well, but opens up a DOS style window with plain text. All spell checking/replacement options are available, but no easy way to change a word in place.

Somebody listed a demo Windows GUI on the home page -, I have not taken a look at it. Since I'm busy learning Python right now, maybe a GUI spell checker interface that calls Aspell would be a good starting project for me to get some experience on.

Maybe Gizmo ... maybe! :-)

by Anonymous on 5. February 2009 - 18:27  (15421)

ASpell is nice, but the windows port of the software (and dictionary) has not been updated since 2002 and unless some resource volunteers to update and maintain it, probably will not be.

I'd look at the opensource alternative hunspell.


by Anonymous on 24. May 2008 - 5:38  (1050)

It would be nice to know about other options, offering support in various languages such as French, Spanish, German.

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