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Software Suites are downloadable programs that contain several utility applications that perform multiple tasks. OpenDisc, Lupo Pen Suite, and Liberkey are examples of programs that provide integrated programs that perform a variety of tasks.

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Office Suites are a subset of software suites, but provide only office type functions such as Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation programs. We maintain a separate category for those programs: Best Free Office Suites.

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Liberkey remains as my top pick yet again. This suite comes in 3 sizes: Basic (13), Standard (85) and Ultimate (146). However you do not have to pick a suite, you can build your suite how you like it from their applications catalog. I have read comments in the past that Liberkey comes incomplete and other suites are more balanced. I would have to disagree.

Liberkey has 293 applications to choose from including some of the most popular ones. If you know what you want I would suggest installing Standard suite and adding other apps to your taste.

Another nice option is automatic updates which are carried out frequently keeping your suite up to date. Also, I have not encountered any threat detections with Avira for a change. Highly recommended.


Lupo PenSuite is a completely free suite of portable programs and games (no need to be installed).

Optimized to be loaded on a pendrive, this suite works perfectly well on any hard disk. It includes over a hundred programs and lots of games, classified into several categories.

Lupo has quite a few additional apps you can add to the suite. Actually the suite is built in a way that you could almost add any portable app in the directory and just drag and drop an executable file in the suite to add to it. Very nice suite but not without a few drawbacks.

First of all there are quite a few apps that are being detected as threats by antiviruses. The ones I have checked proved to be false positives however, it does not strike you with confidence when you encounter a 'virus threat'. Also, it does not auto update like Liberkey.

Every time you try to go to the additional apps page it launches internal portable Firefox asking you to close already running applications, very annoying! On top of that it has failed to connect to the server for 3 days running.


OpenDisc offers for free, a wonderful collection of 39 software products you need to run a PC, including the latest version of OpenOffice. Many of these freebies substitute admirably for expensive commercial products. There is Abi Word as an alternative to MS Word, LibreOffice for MS Office, Thunderbird for Outlook, The Gimp for Adobe Photoshop, 7-zip for WinZip and many, many more.

This is an extraordinary collection of software. Do note, though, that the full ISO download is 1.16GB. (If you have a slow connection they will send you 2 disks for a donation of $20). The downside is that you are stuck with 39 apps which cannot be updated.


WinPenPack is another software suite that comes in numerous and various suites for differing needs. It does have a good amount of applications with some extra ones available for download. A 2Gb suite showed as being clean with an Avira scan.

The downside of WinPenPack is that you have to download additional apps first and apply them manually. Also, there is no update option available and all updates have to be done manually (except for X-software).


Portable Apps is a very light suite that comes with 16 essential applications for day-to-day surfing and office needs. The basic platform is only 2Mb and you have an option of either a light suite (52Mb) or a standard suite (137Mb).

I have also tried to install WinInizio PenSuite 2.1 but have aborted the installation after Avira started screaming during the installation. Yes most likely it is a false positive, but my take on this was that we already have 4 good suites and I am not going to review a software that cannot even be installed without triggering alarms! NB Please be wary before installing.

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Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Hundreds of programs included in 3 sizes. Portable use (installed on USB key, external hard drive, etc.), auto update, clean suite. Very easy to add/remove software.
Limited to 293 applications.
4.36 MB + applications
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
This product is portable.
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Very good website, you can easily see what's in each size.
View the changelog here

Lupo PenSuite
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Lots of software programs. Includes some games.
Very busy website. Some false virus positives.
120 MB lite 300 MB full
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.

Good suite all in all, very hard to connect to additional apps server.
v2013.04 released 19 April, 2013
View the changelog here

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
39 applications included, many on Gizmo's list.
Very large download, but for a $20 donation they'll send you 2 disks. Cannot be updated.
1.7 GB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

You can click on a category and then select specific programs and be directed to their download sites.
v12.09 released 01 September, 2012
View version release notes here

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Lots of software programs. Includes some games.
Additional apps and updates need to be installed manually.
478.09 MB essential 662.64MB full
Unrestricted freeware
This product is portable.

Decent suite but does not live up to above applications.
v4.3 released 29 June, 2013


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by dlwatib (not verified) on 25. November 2012 - 9:36  (102874)

I'm wondering why you didn't rate PortableApps higher. It has a good selection of apps and it updates on demand or on platform startup. You can also add other programs to the launcher. Just put the .exe file in a folder under the \portableapps folder and tell the launcher to "refresh app icons".

by erich2311 on 30. August 2012 - 9:05  (98494)

It seems that the LiberKey project has stopped, though there has been no official announcement. Does anybody know what's going on? Would be nice to know, if it is really discontinued, whether there is just a delay in updating the website, or whether there is kind of a successor project, maybe under a different name, but with same developpers. Anyway, it is a pity that the number one recommendation seems to be discontinued.

by GraveDigger27 (not verified) on 13. October 2012 - 18:23  (100735)

After several months of inactivity some updates have appeared for LiberKey - I noticed that both Firefox and Thunderbird have the last two updates now shown on the LiberKey homepage. Perhaps they're getting their act back together.

So my recommendation is to stay tuned (or switch to

by mediaman13 (not verified) on 4. September 2012 - 23:45  (98776)

Not to worry about Liberkey! Liberkey is a French project and it is common in Europe to have a 1-month summer vacation, usually in August. The project announced Liberkey 5.0 on 3 Sep., so they seem to be back. Although some were concerned on the forums, others pointed out that this seems to have happened in previous summers with Liberkey. Perhaps some will see that summer hiatus as a negative. In any case though, it looks like - to paraphrase Mark Twain - reports of their demise seem to have been greatly exaggerated.

by mediaman13 (not verified) on 4. September 2012 - 23:55  (98777)

It's interesting too that this should - rightly - come up. I just checked and WinPen pack hasn't had an update since July 23. Again, I think that's probably not surprising, either. I believe they're an Italian project, so they're probably coming off vacation, too.

On the other hand, Lupo doesn't seem to have listed any changes since early April, so they may actually be the project that's folded up shop.

by Grunok on 4. February 2010 - 16:07  (42798)

Liberkey allows you to install it without any programs on it yet.
So you can now pick only what you want to be on there.

by Anonymous on 13. July 2009 - 23:52  (25036)

Why are you linking to Softonic for Lupo Pensuite when the actual software page is:

Isn't it more informative to point readers to the actual site of the program where they can read more about it and see the forums rather than a 3rd party download site?

by bodis on 5. September 2010 - 20:44  (57322)

Thanks fot pointing this out, link updated


by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 2:22  (23815)

Liberkey have some good portable software to download, but suite can not compared with LupoPen. Liber have 3 email clients and just one browser, dont have any word processing tool... LupoPen have most used programs in any category of suite, best-balanced suite with all software you need... Last couple of years I used many suites (OpenDisc, WinIzioPen, WinPenPack, OpenCd, LupoPen, LiberKey...)and Lupo is winner in all comparisons. OpenDisc is incomplete and take 3rd place, Liber second and Lupo 1st...

Rašić Slobodan
Zaječar, Serbia

by Anonymous on 2. March 2009 - 23:54  (17074)

Lupo is a good suite but does not update itself like liberkey does (which has program updates auto downloading every other day). Also I used to use AVG Free and now use avast! Free and each one always seems to flag one or two programs in Lupo as viruses. (I appreciate they are 99% likely to be false positives - but it's still really annoying).

I vote Liberkey as: -never had any virus flagging up with it; and
-auto updates keep all the progs current. (Also pretty much all of the best programs on Lupo appear on Liberkey anyway)

by Sea Mac on 1. February 2009 - 12:10  (15062)

WinInizio PenSuite is a collection of free and open source software to be copied onto a USB Pen Drive or to use from Hard Disk. The software included in the PenSuite doesn’t require installation: as a matter of fact all the applications may be launched directly from the Pen Drive. You only have to plug the Pen Drive in a USB port of the PC and it is immediately possible to have at your disposal hundreds of software of all kinds and belonging to all categories, to have the right software in every situation.

by Anonymous on 14. January 2009 - 21:44  (13885)

Really am a huge fan of liberkey, if you enable file associations and go to their site you can download even more software.

I don't even use it on a USB, it's always there on my startup menu with any freeware program i would ever need (and some i dont, just too geeky not to pass up)!

by 7th Hokage on 8. November 2009 - 13:12  (36221)

Yes, absolutely agree with you. With OS and Liberkey (Ultimate) only, we already have an up and running system for general use!

by Anonymous on 2. March 2009 - 23:46  (17073)

Me too.
Its got so many really useful programs (a lot of which are rated highly as independent programs by this site).

by Anonymous on 8. January 2009 - 19:28  (13419)

First, thanks for the great suite of programs.

I may have missed it, but it would be nice to see a list of programs so that only the ones needed can be checked and downloaded.

What I mean it, I have several of the programs already. It would be nice to be able to download a suite without firefox, 7-zip, thunderbird, etc, if I already have these programs.

Thanks again.

by Anonymous on 25. October 2008 - 17:02  (9626)

As far a suites go and in the vein of Lupo this makes sense to be in this category as well its opensource too

by roger on 26. May 2008 - 8:25  (1170)

take note that Lupo PenSuite comes with some overhead: BitDefender identified two viral infections in the download.

by Anonymous on 11. June 2008 - 4:10  (1904)

Lupo Pen Suite contains "Angry Port Scanner' (first Google result for "port scanner"), which is a nice prog., but it causes Norton to flag it as a potential hacker tool. I don't use NAV but they do were I work and it got my PC access pulled during the investigation. ( I still can't log in after a week) I didn't even know that program was included in Lupo, because it is in a folder called "extra". I did not even run the .exe file, the drive was auto scanned soon as it got plugged in. :(
Seems there is an online petition directed to Symantech to have that port scanner program removed from their hit list. Just a word of caution....

by Anonymous on 2. October 2008 - 4:28  (8577)

Just as an update to Lupo Pen Suite on my work PC: I removed a few more apps that the Lupo web site said could cause false positives. After being afraid of plugging in that thumb drive for the past few months, I tried it again today and Norton classified the file shredder (CWS Shredder?) as Adware and quarantined it. The file was removed by Norton on my USB drive and no further action has occured (yet).

No one has locked me out like last time, so I'll continue to use other programs in the suite.


by Anonymous on 9. January 2009 - 0:28  (13443)

Sounds like NAV is trying to prevent you from using competitor's malware removal tools. CWShredder is a free tool for removing the CoolWebSearch malware(adware/hijacking) program. It was acquired by Trend Micro a while back, so now Norton considers it a competitor and is using one of Microsoft's old tricks (anyone remember DR-DOS?). CWShredder is a great tool and was freely available way before Norton had any solution.

From Trend Micro's web site:

"Trend Micro CWShredder is the premier tool to find and remove traces of CoolWebSearch – the name for a wide range of insidious browser hijackers– from your PC.

CWShredder removes these browser hijackers. CoolWebSearch installs dozens of bookmarks–mostly to porn Web sites–on your desktop, changes your home page without asking, and continually changes it back if you attempt to correct it. Furthermore, it significantly slows down the performance of your PC, and introduces modifications which cause Microsoft Windows™ to freeze, crash or randomly reboot."

by peter on 11. June 2008 - 5:36  (1906)

Thank you for the info.
We are always very grateful to our users for this type of feedback.

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