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Best Free Context Menu Extensions list


List of shell menu extensions or right-click context menu add-ons and editors.

A review for this software category has yet to be written.

Proposed editor: Kathryn

Proposed programs to review

Context Menu Additions (add new entries):
FileMenuTools - (reviewed) (another review) ** TOP PICK **
Open++ - (reviewed)
ContextMagic (free edition) - (reviewed)
Shock Bookmark - (reviewed)
CMenuExtender - (reviewed)
Shell Tools 
QwikTulz - (reviewed)

Context Menu Editors (manage previous entries):
Mmm free - (reviewed)
Context Menu Editor - (reviewed)
ShellExView - (reviewed)


Related Products and Links

The programs above add multiple functions to the context menu or allow you to edit the context menu.  The following are "One Trick Ponies", meaning they typically add a single function. These are mostly untested and will not be reviewed, but will be listed here for completeness.

"Send To" Enhancements

Send To Toys - An enhancement of the Send To context menu.
SendTo Commander - Organize and customize the Send To context menu.
Stupid Geek Tricks: Secret Items on the Windows 7 Send To Menu

File/Folder Tools

awxRename - A Windows shell extension to rename files and/or folders by using perl functions and regular expressions.
ClipName - A context menu extension copying the full pathname of the right-clicked file to the clipboard.
Open Command Prompt Shell Extension - Adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus to open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the directory you are viewing.
Unlocker - Deletes locked files. See here for a list of other file deletion programs.
Link Shell Extension - A shell extension that provides for the creation of Hardlinks, Junctions, Volume Mountpoints, and Symbolic Links, and a Folder Cloning process that utilises Hardlinks or Symbolic Links.
StyleFolder- A shell extension that makes changing folder icons quick and easy.
HOBComment - A shell extension that allows users to instantly add a comment to files and folders.
CreateShortcutThere - Rightclick a file and select the contextmenu CreateShortcutThere... to choose where to place the shortcut.



Why not contribute your suggestions by leaving a comment below?

This software category is in need of an editor. If you are interested in taking it over then check out this page for more details.  You can then contact us from that page or by clicking here.


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by Bob on 1. May 2009 - 8:46  (20880)

open++ ?

(great stub btw)

by PsychEroc on 1. May 2009 - 17:46  (20905)

Good one, I'll add it to the list.

by Jojo Yee on 2. May 2009 - 4:26  (20919)

Add to Quick Launch context menu option is available to Vista by default. For XP users, a VB script to add that option is available here.

by Anonymous on 2. May 2009 - 6:08  (20921)

How about GXExplorer on SourceForge? Or at least the GXUtilities add-on for it...

GXUtilities is a shell extension that adds additional menu items to the shell's context menu, including options to change the case of file names, set a file's date and time, register or unregister COM objects and encrypt or decrypt files.

by PsychEroc on 2. May 2009 - 6:40  (20923)

That one hasn't been updated in 7 years! That's not to say that it isn't worth a review, but I probably won't get around to it until I've tackled the more modern ones. But thanks for the lead, I would like to gather as complete a list as possible.

by Anonymous on 22. May 2009 - 14:27  (22147)

How about ContextEdit? It's an oldy, but it's interface is great (functionality wise). It's the most comprehensive context edit program I've found.,2817,1556349,00.asp

by PsychEroc on 24. May 2009 - 16:34  (22248)

Yes it's an oldy, the article (found here:,2817,9879,00.asp) says it runs under Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, and Me. Thanks for the lead.

by Anonymous on 25. May 2009 - 16:44  (22300)

Moo0 RightClicker Free is an excellent context menu enhances AND cleanup/hide utility. I like it better than Mmm Free, and it works with Vista!

I'm looking forward to reading a thorough analysis of Moo vs Mmm! ;-)

by Anonymous on 1. June 2009 - 10:12  (22790)
by PsychEroc on 1. June 2009 - 10:30  (22795)

Thanks, I'll check it out.

by Anonymous on 1. June 2009 - 11:03  (22798)

No problem,, you might also want to check out "TYPES" - Windows file types configurator, not sure if it falls into the right click category.

by Mike Connor on 4. June 2009 - 9:07  (23036)

Tried "Context Menu Editor". Using XP-Pro SP3. Does not show context menu entries properly.

Tried "moo", crashed explorer when "Duplicate Window" was used, this might well be a conflict with QTTABBAR.

Still have not found a suitable context menu editor. I suppose I will just go back to editing the registry! :)


Mike Connor

EDIT: Tried "Fast Explorer" site gives a WOT warning!

by peter on 4. June 2009 - 9:12  (23037)

An Xp-based article explaining the technique with lots of examples would be attractive.
Curiously, on my system, WOT says green to our "Fast Explorer" link.

by Mike Connor on 4. June 2009 - 9:27  (23038)

Just tried the Moon software as well; "Shell Tools",

works fine, but is not what I am looking for. I don't usually want to add anything to the context menu, I usually want to get rid of stuff that various programs put in there!

I have used "File menu Tools" from Lopesoft before, but it is pretty huge ( 7.3 MB ) and has a lot of stuff I don't want. I only want to edit the context menu!

Will see about an article.


Mike Connor

by Mike Connor on 4. June 2009 - 9:57  (23039)

Already an excellent article here;


Mike Connor

by PsychEroc on 4. June 2009 - 15:57  (23059)

Most of the ones you've mentioned are more designed to add rather than remove things from the context menu.
According to their websites, these "editors" should allow you to remove junk:
Context Menu Editor

If no freeware options work out, I use a commercial program that allows me to delete pre-existing entries or move them to a new submenu (i.e. "Rarely Used >"):
However, it also has many other functions which you may not find useful.

by PsychEroc on 4. June 2009 - 16:03  (23060)

In addition to the ones I mention in the comment directly below,
FastExplorer may also do what you want, at least this review seems to suggest so:
I also found no WOT problem.

by Anonymous on 5. June 2009 - 20:48  (23124)

If your so picky maybe you ought to write the program yourself.

by PsychEroc on 9. June 2009 - 3:52  (23381)

Added links to reviews and made 2 subgroups:
Context Menu Additions add new functions to Explorer's right-click context menu.
Context Menu Editors/Managers allow you to delete (and sometimes move) previously installed entries in the context menu.

by peter on 9. June 2009 - 6:32  (23382)

Great work.

by Anonymous on 9. July 2009 - 12:56  (24826)

What about Piky Basket 2.0 (last freeware version). It's really good.

by Anonymous on 10. August 2009 - 0:04  (26715)

Default Programs Editor was recently updated to a new version, and new site, now at: It has full context menu editing as well as other stuff.

by Anonymous on 14. August 2009 - 17:07  (27096)


Right click on any file and create a plain text file with the same file name.

by Anonymous on 8. November 2009 - 5:16  (36207)

Yes, but doesn't work under Windows 7. They no longer work on the development.

by Anupam on 14. November 2009 - 11:05  (36602)

One more is Moo0 RightClicker available from


by Anonymous on 14. November 2009 - 19:42  (36627)

So this is only Explorer context menu? I was actually hoping to find here something for Firefox...

by OpenZero on 16. November 2009 - 15:15  (36726)
by Anonymous on 7. January 2010 - 0:52  (40436)

For those of you looking for a free program mainly to remove stuff from the right click context menu try:

Once you install and run it, click on Optimize & Improve and then click on Context Menu Manager. Then just scroll down and uncheck whatever you don't want appearing. Simple and logical the way it should be. The utility does tonnes of other stuff as well.

by Anonymous on 17. February 2010 - 23:15  (43848)

Another "one trick pony", but a good one;

Adds "Select all" to explorer context menu, also allows one to invert selections.

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 18:32  (46208)