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The registry is what keeps your computer running; it tells the computer what to do when certain events happen. However, as you use your computer, a lot of unwanted and unnecessary information is written into the registry, and this usually occurs because you've installed and uninstalled programs or updated versions of existing programs. This gradual accumulation of unneeded or incorrect information will, over time, slow the speed of your computer.

A registry cleaner tries to get rid of this unwanted data and restore your PC to full speed. The problem is that the cleaning process is less than perfect. In particular, there is always a small risk that the registry cleaner may incorrectly remove data that is actually needed. In the worst case scenario, your PC may become unusable as a result.

That's why it's absolutely essential that you backup your registry before using a registry cleaner. For most users the easiest way to do this is to create a system checkpoint.  An even better way is to use a drive-imaging program to create a snapshot of Windows, which you can use for system recovery if needed. As an added layer of protection, that may actually be more effective than System Restore, consider using the excellent ERUNT utility.

This ever-present risk of problems is why the "best" registry cleaner is the one that causes the fewest problems, rather than the one that finds the greatest number of registry errors.

Thus it is evident, a registry cleaner is - if at all - a tool reserved for the experienced user. The inexperienced may be assured that since the introduction of Windows XP, registry cleaning is no longer a crucial issue for the stability, security and performance of your system. Don't mess around with it!


WRCFWise Registry Cleaner Free  is the recommended software in this category.  Fully featured, and less likely to cause problems due to the way results are displayed.






EusingEusing Free Registry Cleaner is a powerful cleaner with a strong user-base.





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Wise Registry Cleaner Free
Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Full registry backup and registry defrag included. There is also a portable version
Clean with one click option can cause problems
2.07 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
Windows 98 to Windows 7

Other languages avaiable

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Good track record. Support for older systems
Could have more features
959 KB
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 95 to Windows 7

Other languages available


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by Zenegog on 10. September 2013 - 16:19  (110647)

I'd just like to say thanks for recommending Wise Registry Cleaner Free, as I have ran the tools provided with this software and have notice a dramatic increase in the speed in which my Windows 7 laptop starts up.

If anyone has slow start-up speeds, I'd recommend you to take full advantage of the tools in the Wise Registry Cleaner Free software before considering anything else.

Thanks again,

by plasticpig72 on 3. August 2013 - 22:13  (109888)

Wise registry cleaner number one.

The first time I use it I lose the file association with quite important things like control panel. WHat an absolute pile of garbage, the only registry cleaner with which I have ever had a problem.

by judgedredd on 9. May 2013 - 18:53  (107607)

I came here yesterday (8th May, 2013) to find a registry cleaner and downloaded the Wise program. BIG mistake. This piece of junk installed 5 or 6 programs: VeeBee toolbar, Whitesmoke toolbar, Safety Search by Conduit, Default Tab and Solid Sales(?) toolbar. It took me forever to remove them AFTER I had just spent 4 hours on fixing this particular PC from similar rubbish that was installed by ANOTHER program a few weeks before.

As to the Wise registry program? Nowhere to be found! Yes, I clicked on the link as shown above and, yes, the program WAS the Wise Registry Cleaner.

I am not going to come here again if this is what is now happening with these programs.

by MidnightCowboy on 10. May 2013 - 0:49  (107615)

I just followed the link above and no attempt was made to install anything other than Wise Registry Cleaner. There were no alerts from either my AV or WinPatrol, and nothing extra arrived in my program files or registry. MC - Site Manager.

by delray on 16. October 2012 - 19:58  (100857)

The thing I trust most about Wise Registry Cleaner is it doesn't remove anything it considers possibly necessary. I've used it for a few years and it's never messed up my registry when other programs did. It shows and will remove everything possible, but warns you. It also has a "one click" to make things very simple and quick. Great program.

by AJNorth on 1. October 2012 - 21:34  (100065)

Wise Registry Cleaner was updated to v7.51 Build 486 (2012.09.19), with the following changes:

· Fixed a startup read error on Vista x64
· Improved the registry view on Vista x64
· Improved multi language packs.
· Other minor improvements

by mzumbe (not verified) on 18. September 2012 - 23:56  (99449)

I appreciate your programs

by shalin on 9. June 2012 - 13:37  (94603)

I have been using CCleaner for years. No problems at all.

by AJNorth on 5. June 2012 - 19:45  (94458)

Wise Registry Cleaner has been updated to v7.25 (2012.05.28); it weighs-in at 2.26 MB.

by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Phd (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 3:50  (93193)

I was reading your review of best registry cleaners and decided to extract the Wise Cleaner. Within the exe package is a file called "linkhint.exe" which has a digital signature from ZhiQing Soft Ltd. which I think is the company that puts out the series of Wise software.


Since I haven't installed the Wise Cleaner, I'm not sure what linkhint.exe does to the registry or to any browser, but it does something as discussed on this German forum. The translation may be a little off, but I think you can get some idea of the situation:

The file appears clean as per this Virustotal scan:

Does anyone know what "linkhint.exe" is used for? I think it's also in their other freeware programs.

by AJNorth on 1. October 2012 - 22:42  (100067)

The only light I can shed as to the integrity of the Wise software is that the respected download site Softpedia have consistently bestowed their '100% Clean' seal (No Spyware; No Adware; No Viruses) on both the Wise Registry Cleaner - and Wise Disk Cleaner -

by George.J on 5. April 2012 - 6:28  (91659)

wise registry cleaner updated to version 7. Reworked interface and more new features.

by FWHunter (not verified) on 22. February 2012 - 0:15  (89211)

Why not try Argente Utilities. At least worth to be reviewed. I use it quite some time now and seems to be a good regcleaner. Its a suite with lots of other possibilities like spywareremoval and immunization like spywareblaster and found me some uncovered ones. Fully configerable also and very lightweight. It fits in lots of different catagories but i find it nicer than for example eusing rc. wich was my old fav. By the way, they offer all tools as stand alone as well.

by Remah on 24. February 2012 - 20:36  (89401)

As I said in response to the previous comment, I will be reviewing it when I have time to do another round of tests.

by Joe14 (not verified) on 9. February 2012 - 14:32  (88585)

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I'm curious as to what you think of this Cleaner. A big plus I noticed with this is it creates a Log of scan results which makes thing a lot.

by Remah on 10. February 2012 - 7:23  (88617)

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably include it in my next group of RCs for testing.

I've already done a first round with nine free registry cleaners. They'll be the basis of the first update to the article. Those with * are dedicated cleaners whereas the others are cleaning suites:
Auslogics Registry Cleaner*
Comodo System Cleaner
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner*
Glary Utilities
jv16 PowerTools 2011
Wise Registry Cleaner*

Later in the year I'll have look at a further group of up to ten from this list:
AML RC, Argente RC, Chily RC, Handy RC, Little RC, Free Registry Fix, Dedaulus System Cleaner, PCSleek Free Error Cleaner, Privacy & Registry Cleaner, Power Tools Lite, RegCleaner, RC Scantool, Registry Distiller, Registry Repair Wizard, RegSeeker, Spybot, SS Registry Fixer, TweakNow Power Pack, Vit Regisry Fix, Winner Tweak RC, Your Cleaner, Your Free RC.

by billy22taxi on 26. May 2012 - 6:26  (93968)

I have been using Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Auslogics Registry Defrag, and Auslogics Disk Defrag on all my windows PCs for years. I have an old laptop 20gb running Windows XP, a laptop 250gb i5 win7 64bit, and a desktop 2tb i7 win7 64bit. All running perfectly smooth and fast. I use all these FREE Auslogics products together. NO conflicts with different software makers. All the products are FREE, FAST, and RELIABLE. Just remember to uncheck the ASK Toolbar when installing.

by Joe14 (not verified) on 9. February 2012 - 14:36  (88586)

*makes thing a lot easier to research before deleting a RegKey.

by George.J on 1. February 2012 - 9:35  (88129)

Warm welcome Remah

by Remah on 4. February 2012 - 10:28  (88279)

I'll be giving this category a complete overhaul now that I've tested several Registry cleaners.

by George.J on 1. February 2012 - 9:39  (88130)

What do you think about these utilities
1,Tweak now registry cleaner: (very fast, though not deep)

by Anupam on 1. February 2012 - 9:43  (88131)

Have removed second link, since its rated orange on WOT.

by George.J on 1. February 2012 - 9:45  (88132)

Yup checked it now....was about to're speed is comparable to that of a rocket!

by Anupam on 1. February 2012 - 9:46  (88133)

:P :P

by falcon (not verified) on 13. January 2012 - 6:49  (87111)

When you comment on the effectiveness of software (such as Registry Cleaners), you should state the operating system (because it may work differently on Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7 etc.). To say it doesn't work is meaningless unless you state the conditions (ie CCleaner version 2 did not work on Vista - just an example of conditions), because version 3 may work fine.
The effectiveness of Registry cleaners is not the amount but the items (or keys) that it corrects.
hope this helps

by gerryw (not verified) on 5. January 2012 - 21:41  (86647)

I've been looking for a good registry cleaner, so using your advice, I tried Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Unfortunately, it's not free. The scan is free and then they charge $30 to do the repairs.

So, then I tried WinUtilitiesFree, which was free.

2 questions: is the Wise product better enough than Win to justify spending the $30? Would I be better off adding the other free cleaner, Glary Utilities and using it Win?


by George.J on 10. January 2012 - 8:49  (86926)

Go to the link given in the Quick Selection Guide and then download it from there.

by Anonymouslmlmlmlm (not verified) on 5. January 2012 - 21:47  (86648)

How is it not free? I wish people would read a site properly before rushing to contradict on here.
You've obviously downloaded the 'pro' version.

by MidnightCowboy on 6. January 2012 - 5:12  (86666)

Correct observation. I just downloaded and ran Wise Free myself and there were no restrictions imposed. There is a product comparison page on their website.

by Lionhead (not verified) on 1. January 2012 - 15:55  (86339)

After reading the reviews & comments here, it left me somewhat confused. Eight pages of do this, no, don't, never do this. I'm an intermediate level computer user that's looking for clarity. I found it in the review, but not the comments.

Some comments seem to be biased toward points of view, rather than on fact or experience. The 'experts' recommend this, that or the other thing, but add to the chaos of noise. What to do?

Follow the review, add the Wise cleaner, back up the complete registry, notice that it found 320 registry errors on my system, remove them & optimize the system. Result: an immediate increase to operational efficiency of the computer. No crashes, no glitches, no problem, only a good outcome.

For those that never want to touch the registry, fine, do your own thing & don't touch it. Others are looking for solutions to increase efficiency & cleaning the registry does that in my Windows Vista 32 bit system. That is a fact that has been demonstrated to me.

Please folks that make comments, think through what you want to say & please don't add confusion. I didn't come here for that.

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