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All of the PDF writers in this review are programs that function by creating a pseudo printer on your system. When you want to create a PDF document from pretty much any application, you just choose to print it to the PDF printer and it creates a PDF document. The thing that distinguishes one product from another is the number of available options.

One problem with this approach is that you need to have a program that is able to open the file on your system. If someone sends you a file created with a program you do not have, then you won't be able to open that file; therefore, you will not be able to print it. Since you can't print, you can't convert it to a PDF using a pseudo printer technique either.

The two online products in this review do not suffer from this problem, but are limited only by the file formats recognized by the online vendor.

I've selected the best free products in this review by eliminating those PDF writers, suggested by readers, that were either not free or were limited time trials and basically adware (the product was free but forced the user to endure various ads as a punishment for using it).

These are Bullzip PDF Printer, PDF24, PDFCreator and doPDF

Which one of these is the best? Well, that really depends on the options you need.

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Recommending the best product for all users is not always easy because of differing user requirements. For example, most of the recommended writers have many options and while this is a plus for advanced users it is a minus for those who only want a simple PDF writer. Presently, I am most taken with BullZip and PDF24, but all of these programs have their individual strengths and weaknesses.

BullZip in its latest version is a very solid program that has, over time, proven to be a top performer.

Key features of Bullzip PDF Printer include the ability to:

  • Password protect your PDF files (PDFCreator also has this ability)
  • Use either 40 or 128 bit encryption on the file (PDFCreator also has this ability)
  • Add a watermark (PDFCreator has a limited ability to add watermarks)
  • Append or prepend files (PDFCreator also has this ability)
  • Choose different levels of output quality (All but CutePDF has this ability)
  • Add or change metadata (PDFCreator also had this ability).

PDFCreator in its latest version is another strong choice and has all the features of Bullzip with the exception of a 64 bit version and more limited watermark abilities. The help files are available only in English, French and German.

However, it does have one unique feature among these products: it comes with both a standalone and a server installer. In a company setting this gives you the ability to install the printer driver on a server and make it available to all the workstations on the network without doing an install on each one of them. This may make it a preferred choice in business situations if you don't need the other options that products like Bullzip offer. Version 0.9.8 of PDFCreator did a great job printing a web page to a PDF. Warning: The PDFCreator installer is bundled with OpenCandy. See our information page here for more details.

doPDF is comparable to TinyPDF in terms of features. It provides a minimal feature set but does have the ability to choose different levels of output quality.

The most commonly asked question by readers has been about the size of the output file. Please refer to the table shown below:

PDF writer Output from small test file (without graphics) Output from large test file (including graphics) (600 dpi)
Bullzip   48 KB    34 MB
PDF24   83 KB    39 MB
PDFCreator   25 KB     N/A*
doPDF   35 KB    53 MB
Other PDF Writers

These are a number of other free PDF writers which were brought up in comments here or noted from other sources. As they are not rated in this review, I am listing them here with brief descriptions and links to their sites for ease of reference.

  • PrimoPDF, a lag of several seconds from the time I selected the printer until the screen with the Primo interface opened. On my fast computer it worked reasonably well but is still much slower than all other products.
  • NitroPDF Printer has both writer and reader capabilities, supports annotation, text extraction, but full feature set only found in the paid version.
  • PDF Redirect has both writer and reader capabilities, can merge PDFs, offers encryption, multi-language support, no adware, but a full feature set is only available in the paid version.
  • PDFill PDF and Image Writer, many options and stable. Warning: Downloads from Cnet ( now require the use of a proprietary installer. This can install additional components you might not want.
  • PDF XChange comes with a tabbed interface and zoom-in feature, supports notes, annotations and export options. It has several restrictions, ads supported and installs the ASK toolbar unless you opt-out during setup.
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Bullzip PDF Printer
Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Complete set of options and very stable
PDF file created may not be searchable, requires GhostScript 8.64+
7.6 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Built using Visual Studio 2012. Supports both Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0.
v10.1.0.1871 released 8 October, 2013
View the version history here

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Supports document merge, allows scanner input, drop and drag interface, digital signing, selectable quality settings
Limited editing
15.44 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.

v6.0.1 released 28 October, 2013
View the changelog here

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Standalone install and a server install, digital signing and encryption, smart file naming
All versions bundled with OpenCandy installer. Limited watermark abilities
3.7 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7(x32 & x64)

v1.7.1 released 16 July, 2013

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Small, simple, different PDF qualities
Basic PDF writing
7.3 Build 393
4.0 MB
32 bit but 64 bit compatible
Unrestricted freeware
There is no portable version of this product available.
Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8


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by Jojo Yee on 12. December 2014 - 1:54  (120086)

At my end, I get exactly the same number of pages in PDF created with doPDF as in the source file. Can you try other source files if the issue persists Debasish Ghosh?

by Old Mike on 4. January 2015 - 11:58  (120386)

Does anyone have a recommendation for bulk jpg to individual pdfs? I use PEF creator and its great but have to open one file at a time. With more than 300 files at hand, that is not an option. Plus, I am looking for 1:1 conversion instead of many to 1 pdf file. Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.

by BG Davis on 5. February 2015 - 3:23  (120963)

Try free program "FastStone Image Viewer." It is actually a viewer AND converter/editor.

You can Save (Ctrl-S) to various formats including PDF. There is also a bulk processing option (Batch Convert). I use this all the time. Works great.

This is also excellent for many editing functions.

by de37cel on 26. February 2015 - 17:33  (121241)

Hi -- I downloaded Bullzip today on recommendations from this page. I did see that the ASK toolbar would be installed. So I searched their web page and they state that they removed the toolbar. Here's the verbiage and the link:

2014-01-09 (

Toolbar removed from free version.

I have just downloaded and so have not had time to evaluate whether any adware was able to sneak on my machine. Hopefully not!

by yemulss on 7. March 2015 - 14:05  (121327)

I came across a requirement where-in my client wants to send print command to physical printer and they want a pdf file as well created. So instead of issuing print command twice, they want it done in single print command to send print command to two printers.

I am a developer but the software being used for this printing is developed by some other company and they are not responding this requirement. If it was through coding, I would have sent print command to two printers when print is clicked.

I just wanted to know if there is any facility or utility be used to create pdf as well as send print command to printer in a single print command. There is one its commercial. I am searching freeware or opensource.

by bawldiggle on 21. March 2015 - 0:35  (121512)

PDF24 has delivered mixed results.
eMail most PDF results are blank pages.
WebPages: some results are incomplete

Bullzip looks promising.

by bawldiggle on 21. March 2015 - 0:52  (121513)

Free PDF-XChange Editor (and Viewer)
- do not come with adware, in my recent 2013 and 2014 experience.

- I just tried to create a PDF from a DOC file, PDF24 could not find the app
- I only have MS-Word Reader installed, and use other 3rd party word-processors as default DOC reader/editor.

by bawldiggle on 21. March 2015 - 1:30  (121514)

FREE CutePDF does not come with uninstall.exe

Took me about 2 hours to tidy up leftovers after uninstalling with Revouninstaller.
CCleaner did not find any Registry but I did by searching/trawling thru registry.

Found left over files with free "Everything.exe"

by EldonW on 22. March 2015 - 13:38  (121533)

An update on PDFCreator.
The latest is version 2.0 which does support Windows 8.
It no longer supports Windows 98/2000.
The download is 26.5 MB (it includes Ghostscript).
It only supports 'saving' to PDF/JPEG/PNG/TIFF. Previously it save to 13 different formats - including PS/EPS.

by Anupam on 22. March 2015 - 17:28  (121534)

I used to use PdfCreator long ago, because it was open source from Sourceforge. But, in the later years, it started to be bundled with adware, and that too weird one, which used to contact home, and the program took sometime to respond. So I moved on to Bullzip, which I like.

Does PdfCreator still comes with bundled adware?

by EldonW on 23. March 2015 - 2:00  (121537)

Anupam, I just scanned PDFCreator with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Avast Antivirus (I have Avast set to maximum, including PUPs) and both found nothing. The latest version is and the file size is the same at 26.5 MB. That means nothing extra has been bundled.

by EldonW on 23. March 2015 - 13:10  (121541)

You can do that with PDFCreator. I just did a test - saved a document as a PDF and printed the document. Have a look at Profile Settings > Actions.

by Anupam on 23. March 2015 - 14:50  (121545)

Did you install the software yet?

I downloaded and installed the software in Sandboxie. Like other software which are installed with OpenCandy, PdfCreator too, during the installation showed a screen for installing extra software. Checkboxes are available by unchecking which the extra software can be avoided.

Also, during the first installation screen, there is the checkbox for "Expert settings", which is the same as custom installation. You have to check that box, to avoid the extra bundled software, otherwise I don't think there will be any screen shown to avoid the extra software.

Also during the installation, I noticed checkboxes for Image2Pdf and PdfArchitect (costing space around 65MB), which are not necessary for the function of the software from what I guess.

All in all, I will continue to avoid PdfCreator, and keep using Bullzip Pdf Printer.

by EldonW on 24. March 2015 - 4:07  (121553)

I installed PDFCreator on 8 December 2014, and don't remember everything about the install. But, no OpenCandy installed. I always use "Expert Settings". That allows you to not install the extra language files, Image2PDF and PDF Architect. The later is not included in the setup file. I am NOT connected to the internet when installing programs, therefor it didn't install. Image2PDF is less than 1 MB. It allows you to create a PDF of multiple images. The complete install is 30 MB.

What I like about PDFCreator is the "merge documents" feature. You can open a document in Word, a spreadsheet in Excel, a presentation in PowerPoint, etc. and save the lot as a PDF.

Also, it allows you to send the 'print job' to a second printer, or to your email client as an attachment, or both. In a nutshell, you can set PDFCreator to auto-save the document in a pre-selected location without opening it in a PDF reader, print it with your actual printer, and open it as an attachment in your email client. It doesn't get much better than that.

TIP. Do not install a program while connected to the internet. Read everything in every window. Choose advanced/custom install. That's how I avoid the junk.

by Anupam on 24. March 2015 - 5:26  (121554)

You were not connected to the internet while installing and that's why you did not get the screen where they offer extra software. Still, that thing is there, and therefore, PdfCreator remains bundleware, and so will advise people to be careful during installation.

I did not say it was bundled with OpenCandy, but something similar.. which shows software recommendation during install.

by EldonW on 25. March 2015 - 1:30  (121569)

"and so will advise people to be careful during installation."
Agreed. That's part of what I like about Gizmo's Freeware and MajorGeeks. Not everyone is an experienced PC user. Unfortunately, more and more freeware are becoming bundleware. I will continue to use programs like PDFCreator and IZArc, but even I no longer go click-click!

You should give PDFCreator a try and experience the features as per my last post. And, advise users to disconnect from the internet prior to installing a program.

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