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Best Free Entertainment Games

Best Free Music, Dance or Rhythm Game

Denotes a type of action game whose mechanics are based on the player's command of timing and reflexes, and the gameplay environment uses musical/dance rhythm as timing.

  • Frets on Fire X ( Site |  Download)

    Play guitar, bass or drums along with your favorite songs on your computer using either your keyboard or instruments. Coloured square-shaped markers synchronized with the song appear on the player's screen, and are played by holding the fret buttons that correspond with the correct colour and pressing one of the pick button at the correct moment. A set of correct hits increases the score multiplier, which multiplies the points for every hit.. Separated audio tracks will mute when you fail to hit or sustain the required notes correctly resetting the multiplier to simulate a real concert-playing experience.

  • Ultrastar Deluxe( Site| Download | Songs)

    A free OpenSource karaoke game. You sing to the music with the lyrics displayed on the screen. When singing you see the sing bars and you have to hit them by singing properly. The game scores you: the better you sing, the more points you get. Once you finish your song, you can compare your scores with your friends. UltraStar Deluxe allows users to create their own songs. In party mode it allows up to twelve players to sing along to your favorite music in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing. There are more than 10.000+ songs already available.

  • StepMania( Site| Download | Songs)

    StepMania is a free dance and rhythm game for Windows, Mac, and Linux featuring 3D graphics, keyboard and "dance pad" support, and an editor for creating your own steps. Gameplay: when the arrows scrolls upwards and meets stationary target arrows according to the beat of the song, the player presses the corresponding arrows on his or her keyboard or dance mat. Scoring follows by how synchronously player triggers the arrows in time to the beat of the song. The player's efforts are awarded by letter grades and a number score that tell him/her how well they have done.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • PhaseShift: Like Frets on Fire, a rhythm based music game thats in constant development. A great alternataive to FoFx. ( Site| Download)
    • Opera Slinger: A video game designed by a team of 10 students over the course of 10 months. Setting itself apart from with its key mechanic of pitch detection, Opera Slinger combines the singing fun of karoke with elements of classic action platforming. ( Site| Download)
    • Synthesia: A fun way to learn how to play the piano. ( Site| Download)

Best Free Party / LAN Game

LAN party games are multiplayer video games played across a LAN network that's been established between different people with computers in one or different rooms across a floor or building. These games are really fun to play with your friends.

Best Free Programming Game

Games in which the player write short programs that control agents within a game. These agents then compete and react to situations based on the player’s programming. Depending on what the programmed agents do, games may be able to be cross‐listed with other genres.

  • Robocode ( Site |  Download)

    Robocode is a programming game, where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java or .NET. The player is the programmer of the robot, who will have no direct influence on the game. Instead, the player must write the AI of the robot telling it how to behave and react on events occurring in the battle arena. The robot battles are running in real-time and on-screen. Robocode programming attempts to achieve movement and targeting, while top robots may use wave surfing, statistical targeting, guess factor targeting and pattern matching. It can serve as a platform for exploring AI and machine learning techniques. 

  • A.I Wars: The Insect Mind ( Site |  Download)

    A.I. Wars is a game designed for people who receive satisfaction from building something. In this case, you design and build the Artificial Intelligence of a war machine called a Cybug.  The A.I. of this virtual cybernetic insect is the center of the game. The challenge that every player of this game faces, is in their ability to design a winning logical strategy for their Cybug to follow, while prudently managing its resources and system limitations. Every Cybug comes with a complement of ammunition for many weapons along with fuel. A.I. Wars offers many battlefield simulations to choose from along with a way to create your own. 

  • RoboWar ( Site | Download)

    RoboWar is a freeware strategy game. The goal of the game is to make your robot kill all other robots and be the alone survivor. To do this you must program a robot in RoboWar's own language which is easy to learn. The possibilities are endless with 28 different options of hardware for your robot. That is aside from the actual programming which is NEVER the same. There are tournaments held to put your robot(s) to the test.  A smart design will be the last robot standing. The diversity of strategies is fantastic -- stun-streamers, dashers, bruising hesitators, machine-stunners, wall-huggers, corner-hoppers, and wanderers, to name a few.

Best Free Puzzle Game

Requires the player to figure out a solution, which often involves solving enigmas, navigation, learning how to use different tools, and the manipulating or reconfiguring of objects etc. Most often there is a visual or sonic element to the puzzles as well, or at least some verbal description of them.

  • BrainSplode! ( Site | Download)

    BLOCKSUMBrainSplode is all about rockets and busting some alien brains!

    They came to suck the life out of the planet, but they didn’t expect to be BrainSploded!

    As the game progresses, more stages are added to your rocket allowing for complex and exciting manouvers! Then, choose your own configuration to burst the brains!

  • BLOCKSUM ( Site |  Download)

    BLOCKSUMBLOCKSUM is a very new typed action puzzle game for everyone who can add numbers to 20.

    Joining the blocks will create a larger block numbered summation of blocks. There are no limits to the number of blocks you can join, but you can never split them again.

    Gather as many blocks as you can that are numbered the same, and they start to blink until the blinking blocks destructs completely for maximum points.

    The blocks continues to rise up while stacked and the game is over when no more blocks can be placed.

  • Farsh ( Site | Download)

    FarshPlayers must roll a farsh (carpet) along floating and switching platforms to the red box along each level.

    The carpet can unroll if you push it the wrong way. Here, unrolling is just a part of the secret to navigating your way to the exit. Players must plan even more carefully when the game introduces one-time use green platforms.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • Corrypt: An atmospheric exploratory puzzler where players advance by moving boxes, in order to collect mushrooms, help out the local residents, and advance through a colorful dungeon. ( Site | Download)
    • Quadrax Series: With over 100 very hard levels, the objective is to collect all crystals and then to go to the exit by toggling switches, moving stones, opening doors, moving lifts and so on. ( Site |  Download)
    • Brain Workshop: Brain Workshop is a free open-source version of the dual n-back brain training exercise. What if a simple mental exercise could improve your working memory and fluid intelligence? ( Site |  Download)
    • The Sense of Connectedness: Player controls electrical impulses that springs forth from the ego, and by flipping neurons you guide them around the brain, illuminating different areas bit by bit, to push the story forward. ( Site |  Download)
    • Puzzles (increpare): Win the game by reaching the goal without tripping any lasers. ( Site | Download)
  • Related Categories:

Best Free Platformer (Puzzle)

Puzzle platformers doesn't require the quick reflexes or exploration, but challenges the player to manipulate the environment around the character to beat the level. The game is structured into various levels, of increasing difficulty, and by solving each level the player is able to move onto the next level or stage.

  • SuteF( Site |  Download)

    SuteFThe successor to Fetus, this puzzle platformer is both unique as well as bizarre. Aramas, a soggy little man, has 3 measly abilities (jumping, crate pushing and grappling), that you have to use to progress through 5 sets of exceptionally good puzzles, which become increasingly complex. You'll have to save him from this hellish dimension by using his paltry abilities in a plurality of ways, using your brains. You will have to exploit the spatial impossibilities, of the falsified dimension that SuteF brings, to reach your goal.

  • Floating Islands Game( Site | Download)

    Floating Islands GameFIG is a lemmings-like puzzle platformer hybrid.

    With this game, you guide a brainless guy through 35 islands by communicating with the environment around the guy.

    The game comes with a tutorial, so do not worry if you don't understand what to do in the beginning!


  • Karoshi 2.0( Site |  Download)

    Karoshi 2.0The basic idea behind the original Karoshi was completely counter-intuitive to most games: in every level you must FIND A WAY TO KILL YOURSELF, but this time it requires more outside-the-box thinking than ever. It was harder than it seemed! In Karoshi 2.0, creator Jesse Venbrux extends that metaphor across 50 more levels and an epic boss fight. Includes level editor and timed version of the original Karoshi.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • SpAI: Here the player takes control of an Artificially Intelligent infiltration program called Aiva, whose abilities range from hacking systems, cracking fire walls and toying with security protocols.
    • Logi-Gun: The game requires the user to skillfully use it's 6 different guns to proceed through the levels along with some deft platforming, flicking switches, throwing levers, opening doors and generally solving puzzles. (Site |  Download)
    • The Illusionary Persistance of Love: Players can swap Mint and Periwinkle's position who are bound by a rigid link of love, and are destined to forever spin and bounce around each other.
    • Flail: An 80 stage physics-based platformer with two player co-operative gameplay. Also comes with a level editor with meticulous stat-tracking and unlockables. (Site |  Download
    • FinCK: FiNCK (Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer) is a two dimensional platformer inspired by a certain 8-bit Nintendo game. ( Site | Download)

Best Free Sports Game

Sports games are adaptations of existing sports or variations of them. They put the player in control of individual athletes/competitors or sports managers [ managerial simulation.] Most sports games are dedicated to popular team sports and are action-oriented. Sports game may also favor arcade action over realistic simulation non-existing in the real-life sport.

  • FooBillard++( Site| Download)

    FoobilliardAn OpenGL Billard Game based on foobillard 3.0a with patches, new features (hud, jumpshots, correct detection of lost balls, more sound and graphics etc). You can play the game in 2 modes: 2D and 3D. Foobilliard++ improves upon the original in sound, music, jumpshots, re-worked menu's, intuitive controls and adding a statusline in gameplay. The game is optimized for touch and also accepts mouse input. The game has realistic physics and graphics, AI-player and many gametypes like pool carambol or snooker.

  • Neverputt( Site| Download)

    NeverputtNeverputt is a hot-seat multiplayer miniature golf game, built on the physics and graphics engine of Neverball.  The games comes with 3 course packs ranging from Easy to Hard. It comes with over 150 holes across 7 courses of various difficulty levels and play styles. Neverputt also supports mouse, keyboard, gamepad and joystick input. The course takes advantage of all the elements that challenge Neverball players, including moving platforms and barriers, teleporters, ramps, and drop-offs.

  • Fantasy Tennis( Site| Download: Create Account)

    Fantasy TennisThe sports game Fantasy Tennis offers you many exciting characters, all with their strong points and weaknesses to freely choose from. You are able to battel your opponent fair and square in a regular basic match, which resembles a normal tennis game. But Fantasy Tennis also offers several other modes, like the exciting battle mode, where you collect items while trying to hit the ball back and use these to drain your opponent's HP. Or try the epic Guardian Battle, where you need to stand against a mighty godlike beast with your team.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • Jetball: Futuristic basketball game with an Amiga style. Features a multitude of options to customize the game and a ham soundtrack. ( Site | Download)

Best Free Trivia Game

Best Free Card Game

  • PySolFC( Site| Download)

    PySolFCPySolFC is a collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games. It is a fork of PySol Solitaire. There are games that use the 52 card International Pattern deck, games for the 78 card Tarock deck, eight and ten suit Ganjifa games, Hanafuda games, Matrix games, Mahjongg games, and games for an original hexadecimal-based deck. It features a modern look and feel, multiple cardsets and tableau backgrounds, sound, unlimited undo, player statistics, a hint system and more.

  • 123 Free Solitaire( Site| Download)

    123 Free Solitaire123 Free Solitaire is a quality solitaire games collection that includes Spider solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike and many other exciting solitaire games. 123 Free Solitaire features a winning layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, Undo and Redo feature and quality help. Each game has more than nine trillion possible shuffles to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. 123 Free Solitaire is fully customizable with several card backs and backgrounds. 


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"... BreakLock - a hybrid of Mastermind and the Android pattern lock ...":
"... Myst is a compact rogue-lite game where you need to traverse an ever-changing maze. The only part of it that does not change is the part which is not covered by the mist ...": Castlevania remake: MOMODORA II is the second installment in the Momodora series: "... In Anchored you manage a settlement built on top of a floating island hovering above a dangerous jungle. But supplies are scarce up on the island, your settlers must venture down into the jungle to scavenge for food and resources in order to survive ...": "... Totemori is a free-to-play local-multiplayer brawler where you build towers while trying to topple everyone else's ...":
"... Fragments of Euclid is a game about exploring and solving puzzle in a mind-bending environment inspired by M.C. Escher. Enjoy the peaceful mood while trying to understand this strangely connected world ...":
"... Lost In The Deep Space ... In the skin of an astronaut, lost on a small planet, you will be challenged to get as many crystals in a record time. In this game you will be required to move from platforms to platforms using your weapon to activate passages. The goal is to collect as many points as possible before the end of the stopwatch. This game which mixes address and reflex is particularly ideal for fans of speed run ...":

"... Dune Legacy is an effort by a handful of developers to revitalize the first-ever real-time strategy game. It tries to be as similar as possible to the original gameplay but to integrate user interface features most modern realtime-strategy games have like selecting multiple units ...":


"... REX is a digital board game ...":

"... Code Hunt is an educational coding game ...":
"... Armed to the Gears is a 3D/isometric game that combines Real-time Strategy, Capture-the-Flag and Tower Defense genres, all into a simple concept. Set in a dystopic, totalitarian future where the government, under the flag of the Ministry, is using robots to enslave the whole population ...":
"... DRL (D**m, the Roguelike) is a fast and furious coffee-break Roguelike game ...":

"... The Pandoran War is a 2D mission-based space shooter ...":

Nice collection - good updates to many. Here are a couple you need to investigate:

Rigs of Rods - malware
Floating Islands Game - 404 Error File Not Found

Lily - Colors of Santa Luz:


"... Navigate narrow tunnels and bring back the energy core hidden on each of the enemy planets filled with biomechanical weirdness. Gravitus Minus is based on the classic gravity-based shooters from the 1980s and early 90s, such as Thrust, Solar Jetman and Gravitar ...":

"... PaperPlane is a video game where you fly a paper airplane through typical childhood memories ...":


"... Fruits Of A Feather - Fly around an island collecting fruit in this relaxing, dream-like exploration game ...":

"... Consume all life as a serpentine demi-god in Ophidia! A decree has been made: all worlds must be purged so life may begin anew. Play as the legendary Norse Ouroboros, sent down from the heavens to cleanse Yggdrasil - the world tree - of all beings ...":



"... GoldenEye: Source is an online multiplayer arena first-person shooter that aims to provide a faithful recreation of the classic N64 title GoldenEye 007’s multiplayer with refined gameplay, high definition graphics and sound ...":

"... SPECTRUM is a mind-bending first person puzzler that challenges you to switch colours and manipulate gravity in order to escape a digital labyrinth ...":


"... OBSERVER EFFECT is a cryptic, minimalistic episodic first person exploration game ...":

Life Is Strange Episode 1 now free:

With 5 episodes for the same story, I dont' think it still classifies as free. But it is a great game that I loved. 

"... North - apply for asylum in a city filled with strange creatures ...":


"... CAPSULE is a single-player survival game played entirely through a radar interface. Players navigate a hostile landscape, learn about their surroundings, and unravel a classic sci-fi story in the process ...":

"... Portal Stories: Mel is a community made, free modification for Portal 2 based in the Portal universe. It tells the story of Mel, who meets a new personality core and faces an undiscovered threat to the Aperture facility ...":

It requires you to own Portal 2

Mibibli's quest: Magarena is a single-player fantasy card game played against a computer opponent: "... Torn is a text-based online RPG set in Torn City, a dark, murky underworld where only the sharpest survive. In Torn City you can be anyone and do anything. Build your character to infinite strengths and play it your way ...":
Arachne: Cuckoo curling: Trubadurr: "... Tube tycoon - the only game of its kind where you can feel like a real internet celebrity ...":
"... Team Pacman is a multiplayer version of Namco's classic arcade game, Pacman. Released to celebrate Pacman's 35th anniversary, it brings two entertaining new twists to the game. First, up to eight players can play simultaneously on one PC. Second, while up to four of you can join Pacman's team, the other four can play as the ghosts ...":

Can anyone recommend a Joypad that will play these games? Im new to PC Gaming.