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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I couldn't agree more with this wonderful proverb. The first game made on a computer, titled "Tennis for Two", was way back in 1947 and later, in 1962, came the first popular digital game named "Spacewar!". Thereafter, man has been trying to expand the capabilities of gaming on a personal computer. Computer games and gaming engines have come a long way since then.

Passion for developing games had reached another level, and developers started giving out their work for free to people.

I've been asked numerous times whether freeware games are worth it and whether they give the same amount of enjoyment as other big name commercial games. The answer I give them is yes. In fact, I've had the most fun playing freeware games in this list.

The next question, which pops up in the minds of people, is why do developers give away their hard work in creating these games for nothing. The first reason is that game development is their personal hobby or passion, just like each one of us has a hobby. Secondly, they create a name for themselves and get appreciated by people from all walks of life and subsequently have a fan following. Thirdly, they might also get donations from hammer legion gamers and hence, earn quite enough bucks. Fourthly, some of them create games for their project works and get recognized for their work by bigger gaming companies.

Love for gaming has no age boundaries. This section has all the games that will be relished by the kids and the elderly alike. The article lists quality freeware games from many different categories and genres that may suit your interests. Since everyone has their own style of gaming and interests for a particular genre, you'll surely find many games that you might love to the core from this list.

  • Various games have different system requirements. While 3D games have higher requirements over its 2D counter-parts, older games require lower specs than newer games. Nevertheless, most 3D games listed here should run fine on the latest built-in Intel HD graphics and don't require external graphics cards as such. Although, having one would improve the overall experience of the game. 
  • Download managers like FDM should come in handy for managing big downloads and also for numerous small downloads. For downloading torrent files, a Bittorrent client like qBitTorrent is required. 
  • While games usually come as installers (.exe), they may also be packed as archives (.zip, .7zip, .rar etc) and you will require an archiver like 7-zip to extract these games and play. Usually they don't require installation, but certain installers may also be packed. 
  • Few games listed here might require Steam, the gaming and distribution platform from Valve.
  • Games downloaded in the form of image file format (.iso), must be mounted in virtual drives using tools like Winarchiver Virtual Drive
  • Certain games requires Direct X11 which is provided only in Vista and Win 7. Win XP has support only for Direct X9 which is required if you don't have Win 7.
  • It's good to install .Net Framework and Visual C++  from Microsoft as games might require them.
  • While most games listed here will run offline, very few require an internet connection, and others can be played across LAN.

Browser games, MMO games, exclusive mutiplayer-online games won't be featured here.

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This list of Best Free PC Games now includes 224 items in 43 categories.

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Best Free PC Games - Page Index
  • Page 1. What's New / Summary
  • Page 2. Action Games
    Arcade or Shmup Game Focus | Viriax | Super Crate Box | RunMan: Race Around the World | Hydorah | Spelunky | Warning Forever 
    Fighting: Beat 'em Up Game Streets of Rage Remake | Little Fighter 2 | Lugaru | Mortal Kombat Unlimited | Golden Axe Myths | Zombie Smashers X | Marvel First Alliance
    Fighting: Versus Game Super Cosplay War Ultra | The Black Heart | Duel Toys 2 | Super Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes | King of the Streets | Toribash
    Maze Game ***To be Done**
    Pinball Game Future Pinball | Visual Pinball | Pinball FX2
    Platformer (Action) Cave Story | Iji | TAGAP 2 | Hero Core | Gun Girl 2 | I Wanna Be the Guy | Pixel Force Halo | Legend of Princess
    First Person Shooter Black Mesa | Return to Castle Wolfenstein: ET | America's Army: Special Forces | Tribes 2 akaTribesNext | Area51 | Xonotic | Cube 2:Sauerbraten | WG Realms 2: Siege Breaker | Urban Terror | OpenArena
    Third Person Shooter Psi Ops: The Mind Gate Conspiracy | Hidden and Dangeours Deluxe | Crime Life 2 | Dark Ocean | Noxious
    Top Down Shooter Alien Swarm | GTA 2 | Counter Strike 2D | Subvein: Mutant Factions | Notrium | Thesus: Return of the Hero | Killing Engine | Bloodmasters
  • Page 3. Adventure Games
    Horror or Survival Game Cry of Fear | Penumbra | Erie | SCP Containment Breach | Slender: The Eight Pages | Euthanasia | Which | 1213 (Series) | Candles
    Interactive Fiction: Graphic Adventure/Point 'n Click Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die | King's Quest III Redux | Chzo Mythos | Beneath A Steel Sky | Out of Order | The Journey Down: Over the Edge | Ben There, Dan That | The Museum of Broken Memories
    Interactive Fiction: Text Based/Narrative Blue Lacuna | Lost Pig | Violet | Aotearoa | Slouching towards Bedlam | Blue Chairs | Vespers | Suveh Nux
    Interactive Fiction: Visual or Graphic Novels Katawa Shoujo | Narcissu 1 & 2 | True Remembrance | Brass Restoration | Re: Alistair++ | Digital: A Love Story | Red Shift
    Platformer (Adventure) Game An Untitled Story | Treasure Adventure Game | Within a deep forest | Knytt Stories | Eternal Daughter | La-Mulana | Frogatto and Friends | Escape from the Underworld
    Mario Fan Game Super Mario Bros X | New Super Mario Forever 2012 | Mari0
    Stealth Game Stealth Bastard | TRILBY: The Art of Theft | N: The Way of the Ninja | Merry Gear Solid Series | Kleptocracy | Diety
  • Page 4. Entertainment Games
    Music, Dance or Rhythm Frets on Fire X | Ultrastar Deluxe | StepMania | PhaseShift | Opera Slinger | Synthesia
    Party / LAN Game TrackMania Nations Forever | Team Fortress 2 | Soldat | Build and Shoot | Bontago | At A Distance | Counter Strike 2D
    Programming Game Robocode |  A.I Wars: The Insect Mind | RoboWar | Grobots
    Puzzle Game BrainSplode! | BLOCKSUM | Farsh | Corrypt | Quadrax Series | Brain Workshop | The Sense of Connectedness | Puzzles (increpare)
    Platformer (Puzzle) SuteF | Floating Islands Game | Karoshi 2.0 | SpAI | Logi-Gun | The Illusionary Persistance of Love | Flail | FinCK
    Sports Game FooBillard++ | Neverball | Fantasy Tennis | Jet Ball
    Trivia Game **To be Done**
    Card Game PySolFC | 123 Free Solitaire
  • Page 5. Role Playing Games
    Rogue Game Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy | Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup | Dwarf Fortress | King Arthur's Gold | DoomRL | ADOM | AngBand | NetHack: Falcon's Eye | Desktop Dungeons
    Turn Based (Role Playing) Game The Spirit Engine 2 | Runesword I and II | Dark Disciples I and II | Ultima 4 Part 2
    Real Time (Role Playing) Game FreedroidRPG | Holyspirit | FLARE
  • Page 6. Simulation Games
    Construction or Management: City Building Game LinCity-NG | OpenCity | Unknown Horizons
    Construction or Management: Business or Tycoon Game OpenTTD | Ore No Ryomi 2 | Simutrans | Chart Wars 3
    Construction or Management: Life (Sims) Game Cart Life | Another Day In the Life of Bob | Evolites
    Vehicle: Flight Game Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn | Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line | Flight Gear | Orbiter | Babylon 5: I've found Her | Star Wrath 4: Reviction | Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold | No Gravity (Space Girl)
    Vehicle: Racing Game Trackmania Nations Forever | TORCS | VDrift | Generally | Speed Dreams : an Open Motorsport Sim | SuperTuxKart | Ultimate Stunts | ManiaDrive | Dolphinity Racer
  • Page 7. Strategy Games
    4X (Civ) Game FreeCol | FreeCiv | FreeOrion | AnaCreon | C-evo
    Artillery Game Scorched 3D | Hedgewars | WarMUX | Carnage Contest
    Real Time (Strategy) Game WarZone 2100 | MegaGlest | EndGame: Singularity | Command and Conquer | 0 A.D | Glest
    Turn Based (Strategy) Game Battle for Wesnoth | Planet M.U.L.E | Triple A | UFO: Alien Invasion
  • Page 8. Casual Games
    Interactive Art or Experimental Game Facade | De Blob | Mightier | Chalk
    Educational (Math, Typing) Game Food Force 2 | Re-Mission
    Sandbox or Physics Game Rigs of Rods | Numpty Physics | Minetest | The Powder Toy | Bontago | Dismount Games
    Digipen Game TAG: The Power of Paint | Toblo | Nitronic Rush | Perspective | Narbacular Drop | Synaesthete | RumbleBox | Solace
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Potawomi - use your wits and divine power over the element of fire to solve puzzles and defeat malevolent enemies. Retrieve the sacred flame before the world collapses:


Void - explore the crumbling ruins of an ancient manor by manipulating portals into the past in this first-person puzzle game with a unique time-traveling mechanic:


Twisted - play through 10 epic levels in this colorful, 2D platformer - devouring dragonflies, dodging killer bees, and using your color-changing ability to adapt to the hostile alien environment:


Arc is a competitive multi-player racing game set in a mythic SciFi world. Players race through deserts and alien constructs on a distant planet under the blue glow of an alien sky, attempting to out-maneuver their opponents and complete the race. Your driving and shooting skills will be challenged in this beautiful, alien environment:


Flickers is an abstract, atmospheric, timing-based 2D platformer following the journey of the player from the heart of a dying flower through a world blanketed in perpetual twilight. Jump between hovering sparks called "flickers" as you make your way through painterly environments to reach the moon and transform the world around you:


Leshy is a 3D platformer in which you control a sphere with size-changing powers. Shrink and discover worlds within worlds:


Blockhead - overcome a series of increasingly difficult and dangerous trials by manipulating your environment one block at a time:


Base Invaders - use traps to protect your tower from hordes of dim-witted invaders in this cartoony, action-oriented strategy game:

Unturned is a sandbox game in the emerging multiplayer apocalypse survival genre:


AdVenture Capitalist:


Iris is a 2D side-scrolling adventure platformer that tells a story about Iris traveling to an exquisite world, Chromaland to save her sister:

"... Set in the 16th century, Pioneers is an atmospheric turn-based exploration/adventure RPG where you lead a party of travellers in search of treasure-rich temples, new tribes and ways to go down in history - ways to go beyond the horizon. To achieve all that you complete quests building up your reputation to become a sought out explorer by kings and commoners alike ...":


O-Inari Origami is a game about a paper fox in a paper world:




CrossCode - A retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future:



Red Crucible  - first person shooter:


The Knobbly Crook: Chapter I  - The Horse You Sailed In:


Spacejacked (Endless Mode):


WizardWizard is a challenging and addicting platformer with tight controls and simple mechanics:

404Sight is a free game made in support of net neutrality. It’s a 3D playground runner influenced by parkour running with the addition of a special ping ability that reveals areas that can speed the player up or slow them down:

Dust Racing 2D (Dustrac) is a tile-based, cross-platform 2D racing game written in Qt (C++):
"... Voxelands is a sandbox construction game based on Minetest, which was inspired by earlier "voxel world" games such as Infiniminer. Gameplay puts players in a fully destructible 3D game world where they can place and dig numerous types of blocks, items and creatures using a variety of tools. Inside the game world players can build structures, artworks and anything else their creativity can think of on multiplayer servers and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes ...":
Littlewargame is an HTML5 Real-Time-Strategy game with multiplayer mode and a map editor:
"... Against explosive firepower, bitter cold, and dizzying heights, Fork Parker must outwit a group of no-talent game developers ...": Pacapong - Pong + Pacman + Space Invaders:
Aero Chimera - a vertical arcade shoot'em'up with excruciating difficulty level and easy scoring system: Off Peak - a short first-person adventure game:
"... Mibibli's Quest - It's been called "Mega Man + Space Funeral," and that's probably as good of a description as anything I could come up with. It includes over 20 painstakingly-made levels each with their own themes, enemies, bosses, and gimmicks ...":
"... Echoes+ is an intense retro action space shooter created with App Game Kit 2. It will test your reactions and concentration levels to the max ...":
Elevator Saga - the elevator programming game:
"... HabitRPG is a video game to help you improve real life habits. It "gamifies" your life by turning all your tasks (habits, dailies, and to-dos) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game. If you slip up in life, your character starts backsliding in the game ...":
"... Mango Blue is a fusion isometric platformer/point-'n'-click that supplies its own walkthroughs! Should be easy, right? You are Mango the Monkey (orangutan, really), making a break from this lab! ...Or are you? ...":
"... Mecha Trigger is a new first person shooter with a twist: you type all of your commands to control your skyscraper-sized mech. Fight AI and in online multiplayer or compete worldwide in challenge modes. Fully deck out your mech to take on your foes. Oculus compatible ...":!mecha-trigger/c19a7
"... Based on I Wanna be the Guy, I Wanna be the Shrine Maiden 2 is a Touhou spin off ... This game is INCREDIBLY difficult, and INCREDIBLY frustrating. I mean hoenstly, I don't think there is a more frustrating and difficult game than this ...":
"... Riser - Hike up the mountain and gather as much treasure as you can, simple right? Well, the twist is, the more money you have, the faster the screen scrolls, yeah, good luck with that when you have around $15,000 ...":
"... Tales of Middle Earth (ToME) is the first ever fully playable total conversion for AoK based on the works of J.R.R Tolkien. Featuring full 18 realms of Middle-earth including Elves, Men of the West, the Rohirrim, Southrons and the Easterlings, and the evil forces under Mordor and Angmar. Bring to life all your favourite battles and stories from The Lord of the Rings on maps of real Middle-earth locations. From the keen archers of Lórien to the trolls of Mordor; the Rangers of the North to the dreaded giant Mûmakil – as many as 70 new units, with over a hundred new building graphics and wonders from the Middle-Earth ...": Glasshouse:
Adams Drive 32 - a sneaky game about infiltrationg a mansion, looting it and getting out alive: Genetos - evolving Shoot 'Em Up: Tower of heaven: "... Action Fist is a platform shooter that pays massive tribute to the classic Gunstar Heroes. Jump around, upgrade your weapons, shoot around, drive on a motor bike, battle bosses ...": Atomic butcher:
"... Naut - Is there life on Mars? Wander around, drive through the desert, hear what the cosmos has to tell you ...": "... Alchemilla Mod is an attempt to recreate original atmosphere of cult game Silent Hill on the Source Engine. It is not a rebuild of one of the games of series, it is its own history on its own reasons ...:" Astrox:
Nosgoth (open beta) - free-to-play multiplayer action-adventure game: