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Best Free PC Games - Suggestions & Feedback


This is the main page for suggesting Gizmo's Freeware computer games.

In our Games and Diversions, you will find links to various category reviews and separate articles covering a wide variety of online and offline games.  You can use the comments section below to suggest other categories not yet listed, or individual games which you think will be of interest to others.  Better still, if you would like to write your own game review or become a games category editor, please use the become a reviewer link and complete the form.


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by Panzer (not verified) on 8. September 2010 - 8:20  (57444)

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 16:32  (46202)
by HeWhoRocks on 25. March 2010 - 16:36  (46203)

"Transcendence 1.0 finally out:"
That looks interesting is it similar to EVE online?

by Anonymous on 25. March 2010 - 19:07  (46211)

Don't know. I do not play online games. It is small, you can at least try it.

by HeWhoRocks on 25. March 2010 - 23:52  (46222)

Thanks i probably will.

by Anonymous on 26. March 2010 - 20:22  (46254)
by HeWhoRocks on 26. March 2010 - 21:53  (46259)

Thanks for that :)

by Kortantic on 26. March 2010 - 2:13  (46226)

Hey hey, I think i found this around version 0.97 somewhere. I played it again at version 0.99c,and decided that it was inactive when I checked back and nothing had changed in a year. I'm happy to see this thing hit 1.0. I'm gonna go check it out =)

by Anonymous on 11. March 2010 - 1:55  (45346)

Glest - Probably the best free RTS game I have ever played...although O A.D. will probably be better...
It can also be played on Linux and Macs too...but...

Grid Wars.
No link since their isn't really an official one...(there are 2 "unofficial" links/versions...

Yeah, Cave Story is nice too...Spelunky too.


by Kortantic on 11. March 2010 - 6:29  (45359)

Thank you very much, I too enjoy Glest. The only reason it was not on my list is because it lacks extensive units. They havn't elaborated at all (besides multiplayer) in the past 4 years I've been watching it.

by Anonymous on 17. March 2010 - 2:26  (45694)

Yeah I know. The Glest Team hasn't been working on much, but there are lots of good mods, tilesets, etc. ...such as the "megapack" and some other factions.

But the main reason they haven't elaborated the units, is that it was more of a basic faction, and if there were too many units, it would make the gameplay not so least for tech and magic.

For the other factions, they have lots of great units.

Also, something called megaglest has been started. It now includes better multiplayer support, particles, 8 player support, and other improvements.

I mean this is the best 3d free RTS game that I know of, besides 0 A.D. ...
but it is still in development.
Maybe we should have a "best free rts game page"?
Thanks. Good Luck.

by Tom Reynolds (not verified) on 29. July 2011 - 11:02  (76437)

MegaGlest is a fork of Glest. If you like Glest or RTS games in general, then, since Glest is no longer being developed, and because MegaGlest comes with _a lot_ of improvements and new features, I can only recommended you take a look at and give it a try.

by Kortantic on 20. March 2010 - 2:24  (45849)

I agree that this is a great rts game. I have looked into the mods, and I think its great news that the game is still alive.

I know of a couple other free rts games that might interest you:
Ground Control
Mech Commander 2

However these are all futuristic, and I enjoy the medeval/fantasy rts's feal somewat more. In that respect, Glest is the best one out there.

Also, I have been folowing the ever-so-slow progress of Die Verbotene Welt for almost a year now. It looks like it will make a wonderful real time strategy.

Check all these links and more out on the forum:

by Anonymous on 20. March 2010 - 3:15  (45852)

Thank you, I will look at those, but have you tried 0 A.D.? ( It's probably the one that looks the most "professional" like... but it is still in development. I think it is still possible to download it, but it is harder than others...
Thanks. :)

by Kortantic on 22. March 2010 - 2:08  (45976)

Yep I have seen it. Looks very promising. I found it a while back, and have been loosely following it. The site still says its in pre-alpha but I'm 100% positive that I will test this when it is released.

by Anonymous on 27. February 2010 - 7:12  (44613)

You guys ready for this? Heres some links to chew on for a while.
These are my favorites:

Sauerbraten If you like to make maps you'll like this
Hidden and Dagerous Deluxe Single or multiplayer WWII game with a huge campaign.

Dwarf Fortress The most complex game on the face of the earth. Wonderful.
UFO: Alien Invasion A management and turn taking strategy where you protect Earth from aliens.
1nsane The phisics and soft body damage make this a joy to play.
Anamaton Side view shooter with tones of weapons, and several vehicles.
Subvein A top-down online multiplayer shooter with lots of guns and even more skills.

Spelunky Become a treasure hunter in a randomly-generated cave.

Casual games
Bridging the Gap A game wherein you must construct a bridge for a train to cross.
Dogfight A 2D airplane dogfight game with over 200 planes to choose from.

Please reply to this with any additions, we can keep the list growing.

by Anupam on 27. February 2010 - 8:32  (44623)

The links for above games can be found on the forum :

by LordRahl on 7. February 2010 - 7:36  (43040)
by Anonymous on 1. February 2010 - 21:01  (42569)
by Anonymous on 1. February 2010 - 9:09  (42538)
by Anonymous on 17. January 2010 - 17:34  (41324)
by Anonymous on 14. January 2010 - 21:55  (41044)
by ianjrichards (not verified) on 10. January 2010 - 1:36  (40750)
by Anonymous on 9. January 2010 - 9:53  (40685)
by Anonymous on 15. December 2009 - 22:30  (38753)

You can play free online games at

by Anonymous on 8. December 2009 - 8:40  (38061)
by ekadim on 18. August 2009 - 7:36  (31060)

Can anyone help me to find completely free (no demo, no time-limited, no shareware) and offline (requiring no internet connection) SCRABBLE game. Hours of googling yielded no result :(

Thanks in advance.

by Anonymous on 27. February 2010 - 5:33  (44612)

6 months later, someone finnally replies. This should help others too.
Also, if you're into word games I highly recomend this one
LettersFall 100%

by Anonymous on 13. July 2009 - 7:39  (25004)
by Anonymous on 13. July 2009 - 7:43  (25005)

Quadrax 5
Other 4 ones you can find under search at the bottom at