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Best Free Live Wallpapers for Android

"The best collection of free live wallpapers to make your homescreens
alive and interesting on your Android device."


Categories: What's New | Animals | Artistic | Movies | Nature | Season | Space | Sports & Games | Technology

Season Zen Free
Season Zen Free
Enjoy Spring in a peaceful Sakura park surrounded by the blossoming of new life in this awesome 3D live wallpaper.
My Beach Free
My Beach Free
Spend a relaxing summer day when waves frothing up your private beach and clouds floating in the air.
Autumn live wallpaper
Autumn live wallpaper
Enjoy this live wallpaper with leaves falling off the trees, with smooth animation and interaction.
Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper
Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper
Gentle snowflakes fall overtop swaying pine trees and responds when you change homescreens.
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Turn to a festive mode using this wallpaper with sound effects, fully customizable and free.
Snowflakes Live Wallpaper Free
Snowflakes Live Wallpaper Free
Hundreds of clear snowflakes falling in a plain dark landscape to the direction you navigate home screens.
Nightfall Live Wallpaper Free
Nightfall Live Wallpaper Free
An enchanting skyline and silhouetted landscape, with the moon moving, stars twinkling and nebulae floating gracefully.
Starlight Live Wallpaper Free
Starlight Live Wallpaper Free
Wispy clouds drift dreamily across a star-lit landscape while the silver moon glows in the twilight.
Moonlight Live Wallpaper
Moonlight Live Wallpaper
A night sky with the moon, twinkling stars, flying objects and other tools such as a clock or even a torch.
Earth Live Wallpaper
Earth Live Wallpaper
An excellent animated wallpaper showing rotating planets selected by you, plus many other settings.
Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper
Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper
Let this 3D Android icon soar through space of asteroids. Double tap the screen and it says hello or does a barrel roll.
Galactic Core Live Wallpaper
Galactic Core Live Wallpaper
Watch a rotating spiral galaxy and tap the screen to shift its perspective.

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by fefein on 5. July 2013 - 16:09  (108998)

I would recommend this one

:) you have to at least try it!

by vilsonn on 3. April 2013 - 10:48  (106767)

try this one:

Penguin Pet LWP Free

super cute penguin!!

by ngavarta on 27. February 2013 - 23:17  (105807)

Please help to feature our "God Of Fortune" Live Wallpaper, it's free for download, thanks. It's a good theme for Chinese New Year.

by Jessieee on 16. February 2013 - 14:57  (105452)

Great collection, thanks for share! :) I have tried almost all and I think the Pixel Rain is really the best one, simple but beautiful!

by John Wallo on 4. February 2013 - 3:28  (105077)

You have to try this!

Wallo Pinterest Live Wallpaper for Android

by MDGJ on 5. December 2012 - 18:09  (103382)
by Lanaka on 4. December 2012 - 1:54  (103332)


I know this is somewhat off subject, but is there anything like this for use in Windows 7? Been looking for a while and haven't really seen any good one, only wallpaper changers that changes static pictures like a slideshow.

Also, on-subject: anyone knows of any android LIVE wallpaper CHANGER? Something that can automate the switching from one live wallpaper to another? Frequency configurable for change on daily, boot/reboot, hourly, etc. basis? Preferably operate without needing the user's intervention.


by Leonid (not verified) on 23. November 2012 - 8:56  (102767)

Try this
It is awesome! :)

by Dudutsoft (not verified) on 6. November 2012 - 5:10  (101936)

Try this one:

Very cute!!

by Altourus (not verified) on 9. October 2012 - 15:58  (100546)

Have you tried this one? - >

by Kaprilico (not verified) on 9. October 2012 - 5:12  (100519)

Have tried this new one over here:

by nilambar panda (not verified) on 9. October 2012 - 2:14  (100513)

nice themes

by LeeApps (not verified) on 18. September 2012 - 21:42  (99446)

try this one ->

by Kolio (not verified) on 22. August 2012 - 10:17  (98125)

try this one ->

by SkiddMarx on 22. June 2012 - 12:43  (95226)

I assume live wallpapers will decrease a device's battery life - anyone have any experience which how much?


by Jojo Yee on 23. June 2012 - 12:47  (95261)

A good assumption SkiddMarx. In general, the battery power consumed by a live wallpaper is quite minimal but it also depends how an individual wallpaper app is coded. Some good apps specifically allow you to disable certain features to help save battery life.