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Best Free iPad Apps

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2. Best Free Home & Office for iPad

Best Free Office Suite for iPad

Quickoffice (59.8 MB), create and edit Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without the need to convert to Google Docs. You can store the documents in Google Drive for access anywhere online, or save them locally on your mobile device for working offline.


CloudOn (16.8 MB), a free app and online service using your Dropbox account to create, view, edit and save your office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint files in a familiar user interface as your desktop version of the office suite. Pretty good but a bit slow in responsiveness.


Best Free E-Book Reader for iPad

iBooks (43.1 MB), download and read books by flipping through pages with a swipe or tap, bookmark and add notes to your favorite pages. Other features include portrait and landscape modes, search functions, settings for font sizes, screen brightness, white or sepia colored pages. Supports ePub and PDF formats.


Kindle (8.2 MB), best for reading Kindle books on white, black or sepia colored pages in portrait or landscape mode, with adjustable font sizes and brightness, word lookups, Google and Wikipedia links, and syncing your last page read, notes, bookmarks and highlights across devices. No in-app bookstore.


Best Free Comic Book Reader for iPad

Comics (15.0 MB), a comic book reader allows you to zoom in on any panel with Guided View Technology for your reading pleasure. In a large library of comics available from the in-app store, you can download more than 500 comics for free.


ComicFlow (35.9 MB), read comic files in CBR, CBZ or PDF formats in a polished interface, with support for marking a file as read or new by touching and holding a thumbnail. You can import a large collection of comic files easily from your PC using iTunes or a WebDAV client such as BitKinex or Cyberduck.


Best Free Alarm Clock for iPad

Nightstand Central Free (21.9 MB), an easy-to-use alarm clock allows for setting multiple alarms for different days with weather conditions, adjustable snooze time, alarm sounds and wallpaper displays. It works even if the device is sleeping or the screen is locked.


Best Free Notepad and Notebook for iPad

Evernote (38.1 MB), take notes, ideas, pictures and recordings with your iPad, and sync them instantly to your Web, Mac or PC version. Not only can it index all your notes, Evernote recognizes the actual text within the pictures so that you can search them easily.


Bamboo Paper (25.2 MB), sketch your thoughts or share your ideas with your handwritten notes with adjustable pen points and colors on this superb digital paper notebook. You can undo or redo writing, send a page image in PNG format or a notebook in PDF format via email to others.


PaperPort Notes (4.8 MB), an impressive app allows you to take notes using a keyboard, free hand or your voice, add a websnap, or even insert a PDF, Powerpoint, text or image file from your cloud storage account, and combine them into a single document that you can organize and share with your friends and family.


Best Free Reminder /To-Do List for iPad

Astrid Tasks/To-do List (12.2 MB), get stuff done with this easy-to-use reminder and to-do list, with full features such as calendar integration, adding notes, setting priorities, repeating reminders, voice recognition and push notifications. You can also collaborate on projects with friends and sync your tasks automatically across your phone and


Remember The Milk (10.7 MB) allows you to add and complete tasks on the go, organize tasks with priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists and tags, and sync with Remember The Milk online. Some advanced features including unlimited sync and push notifications are for Pro version only.


Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus for iPad (58.1 MB), search words offline with this app that includes nearly 2 million words with definitions, synonyms and antonyms. Extra features include audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search, hyperlinked words, Word and Question of the Day, and the Hot Word blog.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD (25.1 MB), type in a word to look up its definitions, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms accessible offline, or speak a word to search when you're online. Other features include audio pronunciation, hyperlinked words, scrolling index, Word of the Day and recent searches. Ads supported.


Best Free Encyclopedia for iPad

Wikipedia Mobile (5.0 MB), search in your preset language for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively by volunteers around the world with this official app optimized for your iPad, with today's featured article, save pages for offline viewing and other features such as optional font size, copy and share.


Wikipanion for iPad (4.8 MB), searching for useful information from millions of articles in Wikipedia is made faster and easier with Wikipanion. It streamlines your browsing with table of contents, bookmark and history, in-page searching, Wiktionary lookup, font resizing and more.


Fotopedia Heritage (10.8 MB), a photo encyclopedia gives you more than 25,000 high quality images of World Heritage sites with point-of-interest descriptions, slideshow, search and navigation, travel planning and other useful features.


Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree for iPad

Ancestry (16.3 MB), an easy-to-use app to build and update a family tree of yours, or scour the research library by name to trace historical records with individual info, family, photos and evidence.


Best Free Translator for iPad

Google Translate (2.3 MB), instantly translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages with voice input and text-to-speech supports. Other features include offline access to history and favorite items, display translations in full screen mode and more.


iTranslate (13.1 MB), enter text or swipe to paste it from your clipboard and get your translation instantly from one language into another. Support for over 50 languages, Text-to-Speech, history and favorite lists, but voice recognition is excluded from the free version.


Best Free Cooking Tools for iPad

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (33.7 MB), search more than 30,000 delicious recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, renowned chefs and cookbooks, save or email your favorite recipes, compile and share shopping checklists based on the recipes you've selected. A must-have tool for kitchen lovers.


Best Free Calculator for iPad

HiCalc - Calculator for iPad (22.6 MB), a feature-rich calculator in an intuitive interface with no ads, available in Standard, String or RPN mode, supporting precision up to 31 digits with scientific functions, constants library, expression history and more.


PCalc Lite (10.6 MB), a well-designed calculator with multiple undo and redo by swapping the result panel or tapping the buttons. It comes with scientific functions, basic conversions, adjustable theme, digits and key click.


Best Free Unit and Currency Converter for iPad

Units (2.4 MB), convert more than 800 units across 43 different categories, and between 88 different currencies with rates updated daily. You can streamline your workflow by choosing which units to display, and in case you can't find a ruler, it's here as a bonus.


myConvert Lite (4.0 MB), choose a category and tap a unit to convert to other units. It's fast, handy and easy to use, with supports for most common units, selected currencies and user defined units. More units are available for the paid version.


XE Currency (6.2 MB), a fast and efficient currency converter lets you convert every world currency on-the-go at live currency rates or the last updated rates when you work off-line. You can also view charts for the exchange rates fluctuated in the past 24 hours up to one year.


Best Free Voice Recognition for iPad

Dragon Dictation (9.6 MB), save typing and use your voice to text or email your friends, send notes and reminders to yourself, update your Facebook status or tweet to the world, faster and quicker when you are on-the-go. Supports a multitude of global languages.


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by Frankieandme on 3. December 2013 - 6:44  (112727)

Words with friends
Great but have trouble signing in too offen

by Baskarjo on 24. November 2013 - 13:33  (112508)

Coast browser, simply the best...

by picabloo on 31. October 2013 - 15:24  (111914)

I think this should be broken down into more categories. Best iPad apps is too general. There should be top puzzle games, top action games, top utility apps, top fitness apps etc.

by O_m_r_4eva on 31. January 2014 - 23:01  (114111)

I totally agree I got into an online debate of how ipad apps need more vraitey and different catoriges to find stuff like top puzzles and brain teasers it's stupid how the whole thing is set up!

by Jojo Yee on 1. November 2013 - 0:15  (111923)

A good suggestion picabloo. Click a page number and you will find more categories listed on other pages.

by dolan on 11. August 2013 - 18:39  (110066)

Stanza is not currently available for the U.S. market. I couldn't find the app in the App Store. When trying to get to the app through the link above, I was given the message about it not being available in the U.S. Thanks, nonetheless, for the many helpful recommendations.

by cognus on 7. August 2013 - 20:48  (109960)

The review crew might dig a little harder. FileMaster is superior to FileApp in several very obvious ways, one being it needs no special wads of software to be installed on the other devices & its a LITTLE more intuitive and pretty fast. Both are unimaginative vs the best 3 in the Droid field and its not strictly an issue of closed/open. An unrooted 'droid has limitations also. The IOS-centric dev seems to think that users only need very narrowly-limited networking, the default being to a Cloud service. IMHO that's a mistaken view. The 'droid dev community treats "all of the above" as potential sharing partners; LAN, WAN, Cloud, NFC, et al. and uses a term approach to connectivity: if you have credentials, you can drive the action from the handheld

by cognus on 6. August 2013 - 20:09  (109940)

FileApp? you gotta be kidding. compare this pig to ES File Explorer for android. the latter is a useful app.
FileMaster is a little better than FileApp, but neither are very good.

if anyone smarter knows of a REAL file management app, cross-device, cross-platform, for iPAD, please suggest to the Editors!

by Jojo Yee on 7. August 2013 - 1:41  (109942)

Unfortunately Cognus this is restricted by the iOS which is known as a walled garden and doesn't allow complete access to the filesystem like the Android OS. Moreover, the iOS confines each app to working within a restricted sandbox where it has complete control over its files. Due to this, not a file manager for iOS will work the same way as a file manager for Android. See also: Apple and the file system

by ihsxpoys on 3. May 2013 - 14:08  (107444)

I am little surprised that you are missing Wunderlist as a ToDo app. It is fantastic. It is web based and cross platform. Works on all my devices and computers. It also has a beautiful iPad interface.

Another app you seemed to forget about is [edited: commercial app]. This is now my preferred method for blogging.

Oh, yeah and Splashtop for remote control in computers.

Browsers to consider - Mercury Browser is fantastic. Finally Puffin Browser allows flash.

by tejas789 on 7. January 2013 - 1:04  (104282)

I just came across this site and found very useful. Thanks for keeping good work and sharing the apps list categorically.
I am looking for apps to manage the files/apps/cookies on my new ipad. (to keep my ipad clean from the junk files and know which apps is consuming how much space).
Appreciate your support in advance.

by Bearymum (not verified) on 19. November 2012 - 9:45  (102547)

Have tried to find live wallpaper for my iPad. Love the koi one on android but can't find similar one for iPad.

by Viren (not verified) on 5. October 2012 - 18:12  (100342)

There are no email applications listed. I was looking for better email app for ipad.

by Mg (not verified) on 30. September 2012 - 11:47  (99993)

Pocket says its not available in Australia?

by ted smith (not verified) on 17. September 2012 - 15:52  (99388)

I recommend this Timeline Eons app, a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history:

by JohnP (not verified) on 16. September 2012 - 2:48  (99316)

Flex:Player fell over after the latest update a few days ago and now doesn't recognize anything but MP4 files on the iPad even though iTunes will show all the missing video. It might be a good idea to have second best options listed.

by The Stig (not verified) on 15. September 2012 - 4:03  (99282)

Another good app is
It lets you create a jumble word of your facebook friends. Very addictive.

by yashi (not verified) on 21. July 2012 - 7:37  (96468)

Lovely recommendation

by Technogal (not verified) on 13. June 2012 - 2:26  (94768)

I'm really excited about the Dish Remote Access update; released today for the iPad 3. I've been excited to see my HD movies on the beautiful retina display, and it's finally here. I got turned on to some really cool features on the iPad 3 from a high tech buddy of mine who also works with me at Dish. It's amazing how far we've come as a society in such a short amount of time. wyf88, I second your recommendation that Hicalc Calculator is the best out there right now; I’m using it currently and have no plans on changing.

by mirnohti (not verified) on 7. June 2012 - 2:55  (94520)

Wheee! Just found this site and love-love you already! In advance: thanks so much for all you have here. Wonderful. :-)

by Geoff Sams (not verified) on 21. May 2012 - 17:42  (93804)

For RSS I would have to recommend FeedlerRSS as a nicer cleaner RSS reader more akin to Google Reader which is my preferred style. I found that the other readers didn't really support syncing with Google Reader very well, but this one does.

by wyf88 on 11. April 2012 - 6:35  (91892)

Jojo, I majored in mathematics and I highly recommend Hicalc Calculator as the best calculator on iOS, after comparing many other competitors. The free version lacks some features like base converter and statistics, but its scientific calculator is the most powerful I have seen. I have not found another calculator which can calculate differential, integration, evaluation, summation, product, and even find root for a function! It can be very helpful for learners of calculus. It supports complex number as well. It has many finance formulas inside. Well I don't think I can enumerate all of its features... Just give a try.

by Jojo Yee on 14. April 2012 - 5:44  (92073)

Very good suggestion wyf88. It's now added to the list.

by John III (not verified) on 11. April 2012 - 3:52  (91880)

Where is Flipboard? It's great for RSS.

Flipboard is better than Pulse for much persons.

by Jojo Yee on 14. April 2012 - 4:39  (92071)

Thanks for your comment John III. Flipboard was added under the Social Networking category. It's now reclassified.

by Skinnybloke (not verified) on 4. April 2012 - 10:59  (91635)

It appears that 'Secure my Privacy' and 'Omnicalc' are no longer free.

by Jojo Yee on 4. April 2012 - 15:12  (91642)

Thanks and both are now delisted.

by Wolf (not verified) on 3. March 2012 - 19:45  (89867)

The classsic pinball game on your list is not free

by Jojo Yee on 4. March 2012 - 6:23  (89887)

Oops it looks like the app has turned commercial but now we have another choice "Pinball HD Collection" on the list. Thanks for pointing out Wolf.

by JohnP (not verified) on 25. February 2012 - 0:34  (89414)

CloudOn is only available in North America and a couple of other places. Do you have a second choice office suite that is universally available.